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Monday, 2 December 2013

Repaying Karmic Debt

Written by Mathew Naismith

Who helps others repay their own debt?  If we are repaying our debt in this or the next life one cannot repay a debt without other people/souls assisting in this because usually a debt has occurred through other people/souls involvement in the first place.  For a scenario let’s say all of us became unconditional loving people, how would a debt be re-payed in this case? The problem is it wouldn’t because to repay a debt one needs others to either do the same onto them or chastise them in a way that they repay their debt, someone who’s unconditionally loving at the human level isn’t going to be able to help others in this way. You could also look at the people helping others repay their debt in this case as accumulating bad karma themselves thus adding to the collective debt however that’s not the case.

So in all people still paying their debt need others to help them repay their debt otherwise the cycle is just going to keep going on & on. This would seem it would take people/souls who aren’t unconditional loving to help with this however that really isn’t the case at all, why? What is more unconditionally loving, at the soul level, than to help others repay their debt even though at the human level this would mean not being unconditionally loving?  This is why when helping others repay their debt you yourself are not accumulating debt at the soul or human level unless you take on attachments of being wrong in some way.  One must be aware of this.

The reason I wrote this post up is recently I came across someone who is accumulating bad debt in this life, it’s pretty obvious she’s not helping to repay someone else’s debt because this lass has hurt a number of people for her own personal gain. Harassing disabled people until they leave their homes & most of their belongings isn’t what I would call accumulating dharma.

Anyway I stood back because realizing what was going on for the main fact I wasn’t called upon plus these people being hassled were making their own plans & thought they had everything under control. I soon stepped in realizing they were playing right into her hands. You can’t fraudulently hassle the average person out of their belongings & abode as this lass has done in the past as well but to behave in this manner towards people with disabilities isn’t tolerated at all. I soon contacted the appropriate authorities within the disability field of such mannerism towards these disabled people by able people & yes she will have to repay her karmic debt.  You would just have to think how many life times this soul has been doing this!!  The possibility of her going to jail is great because she was also fraudulent to the government while working as a supposed carer.  

In my human states of unconditional love I know I wouldn’t have acted because humanly it’s doesn’t feel unconditionally loving helping to send someone off to jail however at the soul level I wouldn’t be unconditionally loving towards the perpetrator & victims if I didn’t.