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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Heaven for the Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

Why has a divine light, such as our souls, chosen to be in a seemingly hell like reality? There are of course many answers for this depending on what ideology we follow but the point is all our souls chose to be here to experience whatever comes otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Physical realities have always been a turmoil-ish place to live, even before man surfaced upon this Earth there were earthquakes, volcanos, fires, ice ages & so forth to contend with so life, to begin with, has a lot to contend with & this is without human intervention. The big question is, have humans made things better?

Action-Reaction: We have had centuries of war but we have also had centuries of religious & spiritual groups trying to envision peace, harmony & love over as many centauries than we have been warring with each other, has this envisioning worked?  No so why would it work now? There are as many people per populous who have in the past wanted & worked for peace, harmony & love than there is now believe it or not so no it doesn’t look like it works. We are basically using the same old spiritual teachings with the same old emotions urging us to bring on this peace, harmony & love into our lives. We are still trying to run away from something to something better. Is this act by seeing a problem in the first place & responding to this by running away from it or denouncing it in some way actually helping to manifest more of what we are trying to escape from? Any vibrative action will cause a reaction somewhere somehow, action-reaction.

It didn’t seem to matter how we envision peace, harmony & love we still get a reaction of our initial action which can be anything, we just don’t have control over the reaction when we act against anything unbecoming to us like warring for instance or of anything to do with the ego. Is this because we are reacting which causes another reaction? This is like a snow ball effect, are we any less at war in the world even with the threat of mass inhalation? Action causes reaction which causes another reaction & so on. In actual fact it would seem we are more at war than ever & if it wasn’t for the threat of mass inhalation we would probably be more at war than any other time in human history. So after all these centuries of envisioning peace, harmony & love it still hasn’t worked.

If we as spiritually aware people see therefore judged that there is a problem within ourselves & others isn’t this acknowledging there is a problem & the more we envision there being a problem like the ego  & associated judgment won’t we manifest what we are trying to escape from, action reaction? Of course we will manifest more of what we are trying to escape from, so what’s the answer? Don’t react for starters by not seeing a problem, only see a difference. Within seeing a difference only we will then become more accepting because that’s what true spiritualism is all about, acceptance!! So what difference are we looking for to do with the ego for instance instead of a problem or flaw within ourselves & everybody else? Look at the ego as being only a different part of ourselves not something that seems like a flaw.  

Heaven for the Soul: A lot of humans look at life in the reality as being hellish but the soul looks upon this reality more like heaven because only in realities like this one can the soul be expressive of every part of itself. Imagine at the human level what it would be like not being able to be expressive of your whole self in any way?  The soul is very emotional & like us at the human level it has a need to be expressive of these emotions, it’s just at the human level we see faults & flaws which causes conflicts. What causes wars usually, seeing a fault or a flaw in others in some way, what are spiritually aware people doing, seeing faults & flaws like anything to do with the ego for instance in themselves & everybody else. No wonder envisioning peace, harmony & love hasn’t worked, we are still seeing faults & flaws instead of just differences within ourselves & everybody else.   

Monday, 2 September 2013

Dealing with Judgment Better

Written By Mathew Naismith

Judgment is a bit of a dirty word in spirituality & rightfully so because it can be quite destructive & disruptive & it would seem it’s one human attribute that seems to stick & for a human very hard not to act out in some way. We look at judgment as being in judgment of others because we can see a difference between ourselves & others & it’s this difference that gives us judgment, if there was no difference we wouldn’t & couldn’t judge so judgment is defined primarily of differences, what if it was a presumed difference not an actual difference?

Firstly before answering this question I would like to point out that there are two primary sources of judgment, one is being in judgment of another person’s wrong or inconsistent in comparison to ourselves which denotes a disagreement & the other is being in judgment of another person’s being right  or consistent in comparison to ourselves which denotes an agreement.  Both a disagreement & agreement represents judgment but of course one is constructive the other destructive so should we all be just in agreement to each other? The answer of course is no because we would be lying to ourselves & others so the only recourse we have then is to be in neither agreement or disagreement which solves the problem of being in judgment but is this the answer? Again no because this is like a half lies.  “A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies”, Alfred Lord Tennyson.

So obviously the only real recourse we have is to force ourselves to not be in judgment period for in this we are neither telling a lie or half lies but is this really the answer? If we can’t agree with someone, which is constructive, because we are afraid of being in judgment is this constructive? It’s neither because we haven’t committed ourselves so how are we supposed to be constructive because it’s obvious being consecutive is also being of the ego?  We can’t so what happens is we stagnate in our awareness because if we can’t constructively improve ourselves in becoming further aware because of the fear of displaying ego tendencies we stagnate in our awareness.  

This brings us back to the original question, “what if the difference between ourselves was a presumed difference not an actual difference? There is a trick with accepting judgment within our lives & it all comes down to not seeing each other as an opposing opposite or a difference in some way judging/comparing ourselves positively or negatively  to others which denotes a difference between each other. There is an obvious difference between people not just one on one but culturally as well at the human level but as we become spiritually aware we realise we are not what we presume we are, separate entities fighting it out but one entity judging itself in comparison to itself not other individual entities.

This all brings us back to differences & constructiveness as opposed to differences destructiveness. I didn’t say indifference in relation to constructiveness because it is obvious we are different but there is a purpose to this difference between our human selves & it’s called judgment in determining what the rest of ourselves as one entity is all about & made of at the human level however the problem with this is we have been judging ourselves without knowing we are but one entity instead we judged ourselves as being separate entities & within this chaos & mayhem is sure to follow.

Being spiritually aware people, if we really don’t know but only think we are one entity we should avoid making judgment because all we are doing is judging others as separate entities however we shouldn’t stay in this frame of mind too long because this stagnates our awareness as mentioned before but if we know we are one entity we can go back to being in judgment because we know we are only judging ourselves & in knowing we are only judging ourselves we become automatically more accepting & far less judgmental especially destructively. In this frame of mind & only in this frame of mind knowing that we are but one entity is judgment totally constructive. I should mention here, in knowing we are one entity judgment is constructive in being awareness building for without judgment we wouldn’t learn from each parts of ourselves, we would again stagnate within our present awareness not knowing to accept or not to accept, to display the ego or not to display the ego.   

What this is all saying is once you truly know you are one entity even in judgment of yourself judgement will soon cease to exist because in knowing we are one entity we become more accepting of ourselves as one entity. Acceptance has always been the key in furthering our awareness in harmony.