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Friday, 1 February 2019

Human Conscious Evolution

What is needed right now is
evolving human consciousness.
Without that, science, technology,
development, everything will
go waste.
~Jaggi Vasudev~

                                                         Written by Mathew Naismith

As our ability to communicate with each other has evolved, so has our consciousness!!

Very questionable as the more we came in contact with each to communicate in our various ways; we also came into conflict with each other more. There are over 6,500 spoken languages at present which means 6,500 differences in human consciousness. We off course always create conflict to what is different to ourselves, the more differences we have, the more conflicts eventuate from these differences. Of course if we all spoke the same language, it would seem that we would find other differences to each other that would cause conflict.

Our own culture has determined what language or languages we will communicate through, it is also our culture that determines our conscious conditioning. Why is it easier for some people to learn new languages than other people? As you learn the language, you also become conscious of the culture behind the language. Of course if you are not interested in learning about the culture behind the language, it is most likely you won't remember the language in question. I have observed this occurring quite a number of times with people learning a new language.

How many wealthy people are interested in knowing about the poor? Being poor to the wealthy is like being of another culture, in actuality another species in certain circumstances. The multinationals simply see the commoners, the poorer people to themselves, as sheep or cattle, to be used and abused at will. They are simply seen as another species by the wealthy. How many New Age spiritually aware people look at our present human consciousness as being of a different species than their own species? They are of a positive consciousness, all else from this is of a negative/toxic consciousness. Do not a lot of atheists/materialists see religious/spiritual people as another species/culture to their own and visa-versa? To be self-honest here, of course they do, even while speaking the same language but a language of conscious dissimilarities.

You see, even while speaking the same language there is a difference of cultural values and understandings.

Can you see what is occurring here? It is not the differences in our languages that is causing us to conflict with each other, it is the unwillingness to learn about the culture behind the language. Because I have experienced number of interactions with people from India, I found the Indian people, at most, have the willingness to learn about the culture behind the language they are learning to communicate in. How many wealthy people want to learn about the poor man's culture? How many New Age spiritual people want to learn about the very same culture they have critically judged negative/toxic? And a lot of New Age spiritually people think they are the new evolved consciousness, this is while critically separating one consciousness from another!!

When you sit back and observe the differences in consciousness therefore culture in the absence of bias or disdain, you start to see the big picture. Observing the big picture simply means the observation of as many cultures as plausible or possible, no matter of the linguistic disparities.

This is the new conscious change, bypassing the language barriers and conflicts to focus on the culture. It is of course a lot easier these days to bypass language barriers. Try to remember, the language used was created from the culture we follow, how different did we find the language associated with the computer age/culture? It is a different language because it is a different cultural change. Simply, the computer age, as of the numerous ages the human species has experienced, has its own language and consciousness. How many languages or ways to express oneself was around during the age of the Neanderthals? This relates to how many cultures were evident during that age.

What I am saying is that our numerous cultures have created various and numerous languages, a sign that human consciousness was evolving, however, instead of these differences presently being a sign of an evolving consciousness, we see a regression of consciousness. Conflict is always a sign of a regressive consciousness no mater how technologically we have advance through conflict. Yes, a lot of our technological advancements have been through wars and conflicts, a sign that a consciousness is in regression in my mind.

The new conscious change isn't to follow the same old consciousness mentality of one against the other, like with positive against negative, wealthy against poor or spiritual people against all else. It is the union of all of what is, not what we would, in accordance with our own culture, desire it to be. To be self- honest here, we all, as well as myself, follow a particular culture, at no time, within my own consciousness, does this mean all other cultures are irrelevant or something to be disdained or avoided because it is negative. Yes, a certain culture will appear, a culture that accepts all cultures to be worthy within their own right for without our differences, human consciousness would have stagnated or simply withered away.

By all means, embrace our differences.

In regards to the following, I simply liked what was stated, at no time am I promoting this particular kind of schooling.