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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Breaching 3rd Dimensional Boundaries

Written by Mathew Naismith

I find this quite hilarious, everything that man has created comes from anything but a 3rd dimensional expression, you can't physically see, hear, smell, touch or taste consciousness until it's expressed. Our 3rd dimensional five senses are unable to detect conscious thinking until it's expressed in physical form, the only reason we know it exists is because most of our thinking is in 3D.

It's strange to think that we have become attached to a 3rd dimensional reality that our five senses are unable to detect until expressed, everything within our 3rd dimensional reality is reliant on our five senses that tells us if something exists or not.

Now conscious thinking can imagine a living breathing pink flying elephant and a bridge spanning a river, we however  know that the pink flying elephant doesn't exist and that the bridge could exist. We have consciously 3rd dimensionally visualised the bridge and the elephant, the only difference is, is the bridge can be detected by our five senses but it's impossible for the five senses to detect the elephant. We have mentally visualised in 3D both the elephant and the bridge existing but only the bridge exists only because of our five senses. The strange thing is, our five senses that tell us if something exists or not, is totally reliant on a consciousness our five senses are unable to detect, in actuality, our five senses just wouldn't exist if it wasn't for consciousness which is undetectable to our five senses until physically expressed!!

Another thing to consider is, our 3rd dimensional five senses can't exist without consciousness but consciousness can exist without these five senses. Our five senses didn't create consciousness but you would think they did, all what our five senses do is detect the existence of something but only in a 3rd dimensional perspective. Can a pink flying elephant then exist in a dimension not hindered by 3rd dimensional boundaries?  Most definitely in my mind only because I perceive beyond 3rd dimensional boundaries.

I find it funny how our five senses have tricked us to think nothing can exist without these five senses, the strange thing is, our five senses are not infallible, they are known within the science community to deceive us at times. For example, the way we perceive colours isn't true, our eyes have tricked us to perceive colours in the way we do, also, most often is thunder mistaken for a truck and so on. Even when we are able to use all our five senses to detect the existence of something, our five senses can still trick us. When our consciousness becomes mentally unbalanced, our five senses often deceives us.

I find it so strange that we have totally relied on these five senses, that are only of a 3rd dimensional perception, to tell us what exists and what doesn't exist. Our five senses even tell us that consciousness was created from our five senses, I find this totally incredible and of course totally unbelievable. 

Now the big question is, are we unbalanced as this is why the five senses are able to deceive us so often? 

Being predominantly influenced by 3rd dimensional perceptions is a sign of an imbalance to me, a true balance would be something like a balance of 3rd dimensional perceptions coupled with a perception that is totally intangible, in other words a perception purely based on the nonphysical aspects of existence. At the moment, our 3rd dimensional perception has a problem with the intangible aspects of existence. The 3rd dimensional ego just can't handle sharing it's perceptions with an intangible perception, so it once again deceives us and tells us this intangible existence just doesn't exist in accordance with the five senses.

I think what has accrued is that we have change the non-physical spiritual aspects to something more physical, to something more recognisable within a reality based on 3rd dimensional perceptions. As soon as we did this,  this is when our own consciousness became imbalanced. It's advisable not to change a nonphysical aspect into a 3rd dimensional perception but that is what I think we have done, we should have tried to stay aware of the spiritual aspects of our existence without also turning this nonphysical aspect into something more physical.

The problem is, once we become too conditioned to 3rd dimensional perceptions, every other nonphysical perception becomes non-existing for us, so what do we do, we change this nonphysical non-3rd dimensional perception into something more recognisable, we change it into a 3rd dimensional perceptions. Once we do this however, we become too much of  physical perceptions and not enough of other nonphysical perceptions, it's quite obvious this is going to cause an imbalance.

To a lot of people it seems quite loony that I perceive our whole existence as an apparition, including all of what man has created himself. The point is, everything that man himself has created, was created from something that is nonphysical in the first place, consciousness. Now this consciousness that man has created everything from is imagined as a 3rd dimensional aspect, this is very much like a ghostly apparition, it's not physical but it does have a 3rd dimensional aspect to it. This actually helps me stay aware of my own spirit, and the spirit of all things, which isn't of a 3rd dimensional aspect. Yes, I could put wings or horns on this aspect to make it more recognisable to my 3rd dimensional conditioning but it's quite unnecessary for me to do that, however, at times I do loose myself within 3rd dimensional conditioning, so seeing everything as an apparition certainly helps me keep a balanced perception.

Once we give spiritually too much of a 3rd dimensional aspect, we become more unaware of our nonphysical non-3rd dimensional aspects of ourselves, we become seemingly disconnected to the spirit of all things.