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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Being One with the Divine Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

I would first like to mention that the following discussion wasn’t altogether friendly, sadly enough, but it did bring forth a few views that I think should be noted. 

This discussion is about power and control but it’s also about how two different perspectives can come up with two totally different answers, how we live is certainly all to do with the way we perceive.  Now a lot of us are becoming spiritually aware, we are using different perspectives, instead of just using a human perspective we are now also using a spiritual perceptive, this at times can give us opposing views to others and even ourselves,  I think we all need to be aware of this. Another thing I think we need to be aware of is, the more aware we become the more we are changing, this can make it quite difficult in relating to others who aren’t changing.  Try to be patient with these people who are obviously finding it hard to change, we must remember, we are the one’s changing and they are the ones who are truly having a hard time of it with the changes and with us changing.  

Mathew - again we will, I suppose, have to agree to disagree. You make many judgments about power. I understand your disagreement with how many use it; but that does not make power itself evil. I understand that you do not like control; however, as Sunil also stated power and control are different things. By your standards the Divine is evil and wrong and controlling - which I do not find to be true; this being because the divine is powerful - by what you are saying then the Divine is controlling and evil because of being powerful. Seeking power is also different than being powerful - most that are seeking power are also not actually seeking power, but they are seeking control. You mention Hitler - he was not powerful; but he was very controlling. He was controlling because he was not powerful. The same with the Middle East - as a matter of fact where we see control there is not power; but the opposite a sense of being powerless. By your definition then I would say most spiritual teachings are also wrong? Repeatedly we find the Divine and Spiritual teachings ask us to stand in true power of the Divine and be powerful Divine beings - be as the Divine which is powerful. However, they also mention that we are not to seek power for the sake of controlling others. Here again it is not the power but the control that would be sought; which again control comes from where people are powerless.

You also mention about chaos not being spiritual; and yet that is exactly how the universe was created, out of chaos. Chaos does have many aspects to it that you associate with power; however, it is different from power. The divine does not see all of these things as "right" or "wrong" but each with it's own value. This is also how I choose to see things. Yes, there are people that use them for things that are not pleasant; but that does not make the particular thing that way. I have not changed things around to "fit" anything.

Sunil - thank you for re-stating my point and expanding on it, that these are different things.

G'day Jesse
I'm not sure why you are putting words in my mouth; I didn't say power was just plain evil. In regards to judging power, I don't have to judge, it's a clear observation that power can be extremely destructive, and as I also said, it can be constructive, power is very ambiguous, for me too ambiguous to be used in conjunction with spirituality, there was no mention of evil.

So I'm saying, within your own personal perception, that the divine has to be evil, again were did I mention that power is plain evil, please point it out. You are using the word evil way too much; I think you better look within and not externally.

Why does the divine have to be powerful or empowered? In a human sense this consciousness is powerful but in a spiritualist sense it's not, the reason for this is simple, once you begin to perceive in a spiritual sense as well, all notions of power and control no longer come into thought, this is due to becoming aware that you are one with the divine rather than being humanly separate to the divine.

The biggest problem between you and I is, you seem to be looking at power in a human sense and I’m looking at power in a spiritual sense. Of cause the human self will perceive that a higher consciousness is all powerful, the reason for this is that humans keep themselves separated from this higher self by thinking this exact way, all other higher consciousness has to be all powerful when in fact we are all a part of that higher self. Because humans find it hard to perceive they are of this divineness, a lower form of consciousness, they perceive this divineness has to be all powerful only because this divine consciousness is more aware. Can you see how it’s only a perception that we are not of this divine nature and by thinking this way we are keeping ourselves ignorant and permanently in chaos?

Jesus never wanted to be idolized, you know why? He saw no separation between himself and the rest of the people of the world, what was in him was also in all of us, he wanted us to stop idolising and see ourselves in our true nature, the divine nature. Idolising any power in any higher consciousness is going to keep us right where we are, ignorant to our true nature and in chaos. How many people who have been all about power and control created even more chaos? Jesus was obviously not about power but about oneness, about the oneness of the divine in all of us.

Yes the universe was created out of chaos but it wasn’t just destructive within this chaos was it?

It is quite clear you don’t want to see where I am coming from, I can see where you are coming from but it is obvious you don’t want to see where I am coming from.

One more thing, I also could use other people on here to prove my point but what would be the point unless I wanted to give the ego even more control over my truer self, seriously think on what you have written here!! Don’t worry, I still at times react in the exact same way which of course only creates even more chaos in our lives.

Peace Jesse…..

PS In a human sense power and control are different things but in a spiritual sense there not, there is no separation of anything within the divine, this is why the divine consciousness doesn't judge. You are humanly separating everything which in a human perspective is quite normal; this is why humans judge so much, they are into separation not oneness with the divine.

There is quite a big difference between a human perspective and a spiritual perspective, the spiritual perspective can’t see power within itself or anything else because it sees no separation but humans do, this is the human perspective which I think keeps us from our connectedness to the divine within. We are indeed going to go through some rough times while becoming spiritually aware, the main reason for this is we are mixing the human perspective with the spiritual perspective, this can be quite daunting to us but it can be even more daunting for others around us, I think this is worth being aware of.  Becoming aware of the differences between humans perspectives and spiritual perspectives will help with the process of becoming spiritually aware I believe, it’s really all to do with becoming awareness itself and this to the human self is quite daunting.  Just be caring and patient with the human self and all will be fine in the long run.  

Friday, 12 July 2013

Living Within Your Divine Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

Finding Oneness: Who wouldn’t want to find one’s truer inner divine self, well hopefully this post will assist in such a venture. Living within your divine self is really just remembering who you really are other than what you think you are or conditioned to believe & even at the soul level through fixated attachments we can forget who we are so in all what we need to do is just  remember who we really are, simple!!!

No of course it’s not simple at all & the more attachments you have from previous lives & consciousness’s the harder it is going to be to remember & most importantly accept who you are as any fixated attachment relates to the negative ego. So what has fixated egotistical attachment got to do with remembering who we are, divine enlightened beings? Fixated attachments give us egotism & individualism; it’s this non-individualism we are not accepting because once you remember who you truly are you become as one with everything, no egotistical person wants to be the same as everybody else. The fear of not being an individual is great in this state of consciousness & awareness.  

There is also another problem that will hinder ourselves knowing about out true selves which has stemmed from the previous old consciousness, idolisation of something higher than oneself. As I have stated in previous posts, to think of something higher or lower of oneself isn’t of true oneness   so if you truly want to experience true oneness one must stop idolising or thinking of yourself & others of being inferior or superior.  Being inferior has stemmed from human conditioning because there is always someone supposedly more higher in stature & power than us in one time or another in our lives while growing up. This of course has nothing to do with oneness so to start with, we must un-condition ourselves from this conditioning; this is of course done by remembering who we truly are.

I would like to state here there is no true oneness as such just a state of being at one, true oneness is of everything being as one with no individualism, we have individualism in existence so we can only be in the state of being at one ourselves which is in itself a great feeling indeed.  We ourselves can feel at one but there is always individualism in existence so not everything is at one at one given time any more.  

Remembering: So how does one remember who they are & to be at one & divine in nature & oneself?  Now this is the simple part, know your fixated attachments exist in the first place at the human & soul level, it is pointless to know of one without the other if one wants to be truly at one & divine in nature so be aware of your whole self not just the human self of having such fixated afflictions/attachments.  Now we need to look at our beliefs, are they conducive to oneness because idolising anything isn’t of true oneness however feeling at one with something else that is divine in nature is conducive towards finding one’s own divine nature & that is what we are trying to do here nothing more or less especially if you are reading this. It is fundamentally important not to idolise or denigrate anything higher or lower than yourself.  It would help a lot if one was to read various past posts of mine & any other material found in the various links supplied in certain posts.

Ridding ourselves of any fixated attachments is difficult which includes idolisation because we are conditioned from birth & right throughout human history to do just that but it becomes a lot easier when we are aware of the difficulties believe it or not because the more difficult it seems the more aware of the problem you have become & in just doing this you will find when you get to a certain point of awareness of your difficulties you will become enlightened of your truer self & yes believe it or not it is that simple however what isn’t simple is dragging out becoming aware of our difficulties, we drag it out because of our attachments & as soon as we realise this to start with you realise you are no longer dragging out becoming aware of our difficulties, you have instantly become aware & knowing of your truer self is but a stone’s throw away from this.  What we really need to do is take on a totally different way of thinking to what we have been conditioned too in the old consciousness, my whole blog is on thinking outside the square & if we can do this & start thinking for ourselves again this process of finding one’s truer inner divine self will be a lot easier.