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Sunday, 21 April 2019

Free Will!!

Mathew Naismith
We must remember, non-material evidence, like faith or intuition, is not going to be accepted as evidence of existence by a material consciousness. I often produce material evidence to consciousnesses of materialism, but I have more faith in non-material evidence that is from a consciousness of infinite consciousness, not finite consciousness like material consciousness. However, in a material reality, non-material evidence can become distorted, like our faith or intuition can become overly influenced by materialism.
I have recently been asked to supply evidence or give an example of free will. Giving material evidence to free will is easy. Giving non-material evidence of free will is not easy, not if you want a material mind to comprehend this as evidence.  I did find an interesting article on this which I passed on to the person who asked for evidence of free will.
"Over the years I have revisited this paradox many times. In my mid-twenties I wrote a magazine article entitled “And the Opposite is Also True.”   There I argued that it was not a question of whether free will or determinism was correct. I postulated that they were like two sides of a coin; two very different perspectives of the same reality. From one perspective determinism is true; from the other free will is true. But as to what these two complementary perspectives might be, I wasn’t clear.
Then last year, in one of those moments of insight, it all fell into place. I realized that the two fundamentally different perspectives stemmed from two fundamentally different states of consciousness."

Two fundamentally different states of consciousness, not one. One consciousness driven by ego (motion), the other by egoless (motionless) but all the same, still of consciousness. You cannot define that there is no free will by deriving at this fact while only considering one type of consciousness, a consciousness of motion (soul) as opposed to motionless, a consciousness in the absence of a soul to start with.  
"They find that what we take to be a sense of an omnipresent “I” is simply consciousness itself. There is no separate experiencer; there is simply a quality of being, a sense of presence, an awareness that is always there whatever our experience. They conclude that what we experience to be an independent self is a construct in the mind—very real in its appearance but of no intrinsic substance. It, like the choices it appears to make, is a consequence of processes in the brain. It has no free will of its own."
There is no separate experiencer which gives us the perception there is no free will, however, when many consciousnesses become one, which creates a state of motionlessness, free will is evident. You probably need to experience this to know this. This is like giving birth, how many blokes exactly know what it is like giving birth? When you have not yourself experienced a motionless state, you will of course never know or even want to know that this state is of free will.
"Free will and determinism are no longer paradoxical in the sense of being mutually exclusive. Both are correct, depending upon the consciousness from which they are considered. The paradox only appears when we consider both sides from the same state of consciousness, i.e, the everyday waking state."
"I remember hearing a statement Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said something like: ” We can choose whatever we like, eg plant an orange seed or an apple seed, but once the choice is made, the result is already determined by that choice”. This to me resolved the paradox and made both sides compatible as you suggested."

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Unlimiting Consciousness

 Written by Mathew Naismith

I was asked recently about my thoughts on Buddhism, the following was my reply.  

There are different variants of Buddhism. I don't hold to that one ideology is the answer for everyone for there is never one answer to anything.

Buddhism has its boundaries or doctrines as of any ideology or ism, I am not myself into limiting my consciousness like this. "All else other than the ultimate state of pure awareness or nothingness is an illusion", I don't myself limit my consciousness to these perspectives or perceptions. In saying this, Buddhism teaches one to cope better in an ego created reality, as a lot of ideologies do. 

I find that Taoism and Hinduism are far less limiting, of course this depends on how you use these ideologies. I prefer Buddhism to materialism or westernized atheism myself. I should also say that materialism and atheism have their place as well. How many people would have starved to death if it wasn't for materialism? Materialism has given us more soul experiences to be experienced, however, when materialism is abused and misused, it becomes too destructive when not balanced out with the likes of Buddhism or spirituality as a whole. 

You see, to me there is never one answer or absolute state.

I wrote the following to someone in relation to the year being an emotional rollercoaster.

It is only as bad as we make it, why give it any more energy that it's worth? Learn from it and move on, of course at times easier said that done. I often look at it this way these days, it is what it is, nothing more, nothing less. As soon as we get into the negatives and positives, it's always more that it should be.

How often do we allow ideologies and isms to limit our consciousness? Probably the same amount we limit our own consciousness to certain specifics like positives and negatives, or, what is real and what is an illusion. Is Buddhism limiting consciousness to certain specifics? As of any ideology or ism, it is the way we use Buddhism that is limiting. As soon as we limit ideologies or isms to certain specifics, we are abusing energy as energy itself is of unlimited potentiality. It is like constricting energy to a certain space where motion is restricted to certain motions only. Often any motion outside these restricted boundaries is usually referred to as something negative and subsequently dealt with. Materialism, like religion or any other ideology, is fine when in balance within the environment that supports materialism. When used out of balance with the natural environment, abuse of energy is created and often accepted by the abusers, in other words we become conditioned to abusing energy through limiting it's potentiality to certain specifics, often to primarily serve the ego.

It is the same old story, if energy doesn't serve the elite, the ego in control, it is dealt with, usually discarded as something negative or illusionary. The elite can be a multinational but it can also be of people who try to be only of an elite or absolute state of being. An elite state of being in Buddhism is egoless, a state of pure awareness or nothingness, the funny thing is, once of this state, perceptions of negatives and positives, what is real and what is not real are absent, everything becomes what it is, nothing more, nothing less.

In a state in the absence of the ego, there is no negative and positive, what is an illusion and what is real, because there is no separation of energy in an egoless state, only through the ego can separation be perceived and put into motion. Look at it like this, as soon as you separate energy, energy becomes of motion, of the ego, of course separation of energy can only be implemented through the ego. This means the separation of energy to what is positive and negative, what is real and what is an illusion, is of the state of ego but a state that has always existed as well.

Once you get an imbalance of ego and egolessness, motion and motionlessness, through separation of energy is when an abuse of energy is often created. How many of us only desire to be of an elite state or status, where all else is discarded in one way or another thus creating a reality of abuse of energy? Who desires to be subservient or inferior to an elite status? The ego in control always desires to be of an elite status thus creating an imbalance in energy as of any separation of energy can. Yes, separate energy but be wise in how you separate energy, try to avoid abusing energy when separating energy. Balance is indeed the key here.  

I am subservient to the environment that is presently supporting my being, I would not have it any other way, accept to balance out my existence with the environment my existence is existing in and my ego (soul) is experiencing. As there is nothing wrong or negative with the ego or even the ego in control, there is nothing wrong with materialism. However, as it is of the way we use ideologies and isms, as soon as we become abusive to energy, we create a reality in line with this abuse. Try to remember, the only part of us that can see a wrong or negative in the ego and materialism, is the ego in control. There isn't even a wrong in being abusive, it's just being excessively abusive in the way we manipulate energy isn't a wise thing to do, not if we want to live in peace and harmony.

In all, it is what it is when we choose to abuse energy, nothing more, nothing less.......               

Monday, 13 August 2018

Materialistic Extremism Unveiled

Written by Mathew Naismith

 Note: This is quite a long post, sorry for this.

Is materialism of lies and deceit and spirituality of truth and honesty? The more expressive of materialism we become, the more of lies and deceit we become!!

Materialism is based on how we feel. Spirituality is based on how we are. Unlike materialism, spirituality is not based on bad or good, wrong and right, negative or positive, spirituality is actually based on fewer motions, not more motions.

What is desire? A desire to feel good all the time materialistically; the more we desire to feel good, the more motion we are expressive of. Does it always feel good to guide the child you adore through chastising them? Spirituality is not about how good we feel but about what we constructively do. This is probably why a lot of children are not chastised, guided, these days, we have become far too materialistic.

This was in reply to, "Spiritual vision is given to those who live in truth", by Phil Good.

Imagine a reality void of materialistic desires, what then would determine what is and isn't negative or positive? The more motion we express, the more separation we will experience and the more we focus on feeling good. Seen as spirituality, especially Eastern spirituality, is about expressing less motions through practices like meditation and the realisation of oneness, expressing any kind of extreme motion, especially to feel good, isn't of spirituality, it's materialism.  

Don't be tricked by materialistic desires, materialistic desires often deceive us in thinking they are one thing when they are another. Of course if it feels good, it must be good, this could not be further from the truth.

I also love interacting with people who have experienced actual life experiences instead of simply expressing plagiarised life experiences. A life experience copied from books, studies and workshops and recited as a life experience experienced by the presenter. My interaction with Heather, who is a police officer, is always a pleasurable experience for me. So much comes from me with this kind of interaction.

Heather's Reply
Yes, being a Police Officer, I have to support all information with evidence. This has become standard for me and it is interesting to observe how it is not standard for others.
I have been caught out twice recently for posting information on FB that does not have supporting evidence, lazy on my side and poor reporting on the others.            

My Reply
Most often it's the atheists that don't give supporting evidence to their claims, this may seem strange but it's not.

I was once an atheist myself, this was until the rest of my family and I experienced ghostly occurrences on numerous occasions. Everyone, bar my dad, accepted what the experiences were in relation to. My dad to this day is still in total denial of these occurrences. Hard line atheists, as my dad, will never accept the obvious no matter what evidence was forthcoming. 

Giving evidence to their own claims is like accepting the obvious they want to ignore at all cost. Anyone presenting anything that they want to ignore as being factual in any sense, is usually defamed in some way, within this, they are able to continue to ignore what they detest the most, most often the obvious, the truth.

Giving evidence to claims to these people is like accepting someone as an equal. As I have found out myself through various interactions, the last thing these people want to do is look at you in respect and as an equal. Psychologically, most often these people have no idea what they are doing; they are oblivious to their own actions. Having worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, these kinds of behavioural patterns are way too obvious.

Heather's Reply
Very interesting observations. I guess you could say that by avoiding fact so that one does not have to admit the truth, is really about fear.

We know that every 'reality' and emotion we experience is created from within by ourselves, so being intentionally blinkered to what is fact, is all about how you feel about yourself

My Reply
Indeed Heather, fear. How many criminals work on the emotion fear, they often use this emotion against people for some kind of gain on purpose. Are atheists in fear of being wrong and living the fantasy? They often rebuke, in any way they can, any science or other evidence that slightly hints at this, I have witnessed this numerous times in my interactions with hard core atheists.

Do excessively positive thinking people fear being negative? Considering a true positive person sees very little negative in anything, what they call true positive thinking today isn't true. Anything expressed in excess or in an extreme way is not true to the program, it's a virus. Could you imagine the existence of computer viruses without the existence of viruses with our own programs within our minds? Computer viruses would not exist in our computer systems unless they firstly existed in our minds, within our own minds programs and programming.

There is nothing wrong with anything from atheism to religion, science to spirituality, black to white, dark to light, love to hate, etc. Only when viruses are present within these programs do programs become corrupt and destructive. How many people fear the emotion hate? It's all based on fear and what is fear based on? Attachments and the inability to let go of these conditions of attachments. To many people, the condition of love is not to hate in a huge way!!

Do I hate, especially the people in my life who have abused me physically and mentally? What would have occurred if a lot of people loved Nazism or didn't hate Nazism? The thought isn't very constructive. Hate has to be a part of our program in our present situation. Of course we have created this reality that we need to hate at times even though hate is more of a bug than a virus. Hate being a glitch in the system program rather than a virus. Hate within itself is not destructive; it's the program that hate is bugged with that is. All excessive motions indicate a virus, for example, religious fanaticism/extremism is a prime example of a virus to the program of religion. 

I don't express hate within my own program but I am aware. I am simply aware avoid of as many labels as I can be. Mentioning viruses and bugs by the way are not labels, they are simply an awareness of a difference between having conditions and not having conditions. Is the condition of being aware not experiencing and expressing viruses? No, as being truly aware takes one to be expressive of fewer conditions, not expressive or more conditions.  A pure state of awareness simply has no conditions, the more conditions our programs are expressive of, the less aware we become.

Sorry for this Heather, I love expressing myself to people who have had actual life experiences. Too often do I come across people who plagiarise their experiences. Study and read from literature and then express this as a life experience. Actually, I might write up our interaction here in a post on my blog if that is alright with you.

Heather's Reply

Matthew, really interesting words that I am getting my head around. 

I understand totally when you say that the more conditioned we are, the less aware we are. Fear undoubtedly sits at the root of conditioning, whether it is new or generational. Perhaps an Atheist feels uncomfortable at the thought of bearing the consequence of their actions over a lifetime. 

I see your analogy of viruses and bugs as that, a tool for illustrating your view, not conditioning. Ultimately we both express the same point, that the good and bad that occur in life are a reflection of our state of awareness.

Of course you can use this interaction, always a pleasure Matthew   

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Faultless Reality

Written by Mathew Naismith

Fault Finding: First we should ask, what would a faultless reality be like? This of course depends on one’s own perspective; to a spiritually aware person it would have to be a reality full of unconditional love, understanding, contentment & acceptance however to a materialist for example what we have right now is perfect as it has all the right ingredients to manifest materialism for our desires.  Materialism isn’t of unconditional love, understanding, contentment & acceptance, it’s more self-serving & needs none of these attributes that spiritually aware people try to obtain so is a materialistic reality faulty to a spiritually aware person?

The answer of course is a big fat yes however if we asked, let’s say, a spiritualists as opposed to a spiritually aware person from India, what would their answer be if asked,” is this reality faulty’?  You most probably won’t get a direct answer but an answer like this, “If you perceive it to be faulty then it’s faulty”, so what is this answer actually portraying? By the act of seeing a fault in the first place we are inadvertently manifesting the said fault into existence & by persisting with this fault finding we are enhancing such manifestations most of the times unbeknownst to us.  Spirituality isn’t the only form of existence that does this, materialism works in the same way.  

Materialism is all about fault finding, how else can we improve on materialistic objects & the way we sell these materialistic objects to people if it wasn’t for fault finding but what does fault finding portray?  Pure & simple judgment however if materialism is all about judgement what is spirituality portraying when it finds faults like with this reality for example? Judgment of course even after we have convinced ourselves we are no longer in judgement. To improve on anything judgement is first needed so if spiritually aware people like myself see that we can improve on this reality what are we doing? Judging of course, we just don’t seem to be able to get away from judgment but that’s not quite true.  An actual spiritualist doesn’t first of all see a fault with this reality so therefore no judgement has been made so what do they see? First of all true spirituality is about acceptance, it’s pointless becoming spiritually aware without being accepting straight up otherwise you will most probably be chasing your tail around for some time.  To a true spiritualist there can be only a difference at most because a true spiritualist is foremost accepting of any circumstance they find themselves in & this is why acceptance is so important straight up.

Need & Desire: So does this all mean we just sit back & let it all happen & do nothing? No, this is why we have human form to make changes & be non-accepting therefore judgmental & fault finding on the things we need, not desire, to change.  The big difference between a materialist & a spiritually aware person should be one is of desire the other of need & it’s the difference between these two that makes the difference here in regard to judgement & fault finding.  A true spiritually aware person will have a need to amend our ways however spiritually aware people must be aware of the difference between need & desire here as to desire to amend our ways can be far more destructive & disruptive & more about  being judgemental  instead of just being in judgment.

Let’s go back to a spiritually aware person being non-accepting so they may help amend our ways, does a true spiritualist look down at this kind of behaviour?  To a true spiritualist it is also accepted to be non-accepting even of themselves at times displaying non-acceptance, they accept that this non-acceptance is human & we are human so of course we will all portray such human tendencies as being non-accepting however once again it is wiser & more spiritual to be accepting than to judge.  This brings us back to the dilemma, to do anything one must be in judgement to act however this also comes back to making judgement on a need compared to a desire.  It is far more desirable for a spiritually aware person to make judgement on a need & the need in this case for a spiritually aware person is to amend our ways & allow the Earth & ourselves collectively as a species to heal however we must realise we are still in judgement otherwise we wouldn’t lift a finger without judgement but judgement for our need not desire.

Faultless Reality:  To me there are no faultless realities because there are no realities with faults to start with. An average spiritually aware person will see faults like with the ego for example or the chaos & mayhem that is going on in the world because to a spiritually aware person this is disruptive to their newly found feelings of oneness, enlightenment, unconditional love, acceptance & the big one, contentment for without contentment you really can’t truly attain any of the other experiences mentioned here.   If we are not content we can’t obtain these attributes mentioned so spiritually aware people find themselves in a materialistic reality that is quite disruptive to them so they judge this reality as being faulty in some way but what are we really doing here, is this of a need or is it of desire?  

It would seem like a need but before I answer this question we should ask here, why do we feel discontent when becoming spiritually aware? It’s mainly because of the disruptions to our spiritual lives but it goes much deeper than that.  What we do is compare this reality to our newly found realties because we do, while becoming aware, find ourselves experiencing different realities & some of them are far less chaotic than ours. Now we can see desire come into the picture here. We desire to keep feeling good & positive as opposed to what this reality is mainly because we have found faults in it in comparison to our newly found realities.  This isn’t a need but a desire, if we are at all discontent it is of desire but if we are content it’s of a need obviously.

Using myself as an example; I have had a chronic disability since I was six years old, I am now fifty years old & with this chronic injury comes never ending chronic pain. I do to this day I can’t see any faults within this reality at the spiritual level & my disability is only the tip of the iceberg in what I have experienced throughout my life. I should also mention here I don’t take pain killers of any kind so how do I cope so well? I just don’t see a fault just an experience that is different to most people. I did mention I don’t see faults at the spiritual level so does this mean I see faults at the human level? Most definitely however it’s more about fault finding as a need than a desire most of the times however  I love expressing my human self so yes I do at times judge through my desires but I do notice the discord in this as opposed to my judging through a need these days.

This reality is one big WOW for me, I wish I could do this feeling justice & explain it better but WOW will have to do. How could I feel this about such a disruptive & destructive reality?  We spiritually aware people keep focusing on the disruptive & destructive parts of this reality but it’s much much more than that. Every conceivable emotion & experience can be encountered here; this is not a common thing in realities. I don’t just feel disruptiveness & destructiveness but all of what we are able to experience in this reality when I get the big WOW feeling all at the same time; it’s a very special reality believe it or not.   So should we all be this content with this reality the way it is? Not on your nelly (life) because that is what makes this reality such a big WOW, we see a fault & then we see a need as opposed to a desire to change it however non-spiritually aware people will display more of a desire than a need which adds to the flow of things within this reality. Trust me this is a very special reality indeed so in all to me it’s a faultless reality.