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Friday, 14 November 2014

Time within Timelessness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This discussion about time and consciousness seems to be coming up where ever I go, like a good internet friend said to me, we can’t discuss this enough because we know so little about time, timelessness and consciousness beyond human concepts.  The funny thing is we agree to disagree on these subjects as we both have our own views, this however doesn’t stop us from voicing our views as it shouldn’t of anyone.

Time: The human concept of time is of a measurement either it be of a 24hr time, a distance between two objects or of a duration of the existence of something like a human being or a universe for instance, this is the concept that humans have of time. This concept of time can’t possibly exist within a consciousness without time, a timeless consciousness, mainly because time can’t exist within a consciousness not influenced by time; it’s a purely timeless consciousness. Now this is where I throw a spanner in the works in regards to time not being able to exist within a timeless consciousness, consciousness is an expression of time no matter what consciousness it is. Yes this includes this timeless consciousness but how?

First of all we need to change our human concept of time; it is no longer a measurement of some kind but a conscious realisation, an awareness of being/existing. Time is basically a consciousness being aware of it’s own existence and at times it needs to express such consciousness in a human concept of time of measurement which gives rise to whatever creation is needed for a consciousness to become aware of itself.  

Real time = all consciousness’s (God’s consciousness) + awareness

Human concept of time = human consciousness + a measurement of a kind + ignorance

Illusions: It has come up that consciousness itself is also an illusion, if this is the case this would make this timeless consciousness unaware and quite ignorant of itself even though when we enter into this timeless consciousness we feel we become awareness itself. This makes sense to why time is an illusion to some people, if consciousness itself is an illusion time would certainly have to be an illusion. This however doesn’t make sense to when we enter into this timeless conscious state of awareness, if consciousness doesn’t exist neither does awareness so what is this awareness we feel, is this not real?

A consciousness can’t exist without it being aware and the more aware we become the more conscious we become, they certainly to me go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other so if one’s an illusion so must the other.  The problem I see is we are confused between the human concept of time and real time. The human concept of time is an illusion if we looked at it from a timeless perspective because there is no distance between anything of consciousness in this conscious state of timelessness; this isn’t the same if we looked at time through a human time perspective. There is certainly a distance between any objects of time within a consciousness of time; this however isn’t the case while in a conscious state of timelessness.

While in a timeless state of consciousness, we are obviously going to be ignorant to time because we are in a timeless state, this is my mind shouldn’t make time an illusion just because we are ignorant to time while in this timeless state.

Now if this timelessness isn’t a consciousness because consciousness is also an illusion, it must be nothingness, a nothingness that is totally unaware, it’s like the Never Ending Story when nothingness destroys all of what is. I cannot see this timeless state of nothingness being of total ignorance when we can feel like we are awareness itself when in this obvious state of timelessness.

You can see what we are doing here; we are taking the human concept of time, not real time, with us into a state of timeless consciousness. The problem is, in this timeless consciousness there is no distance so of course we are going to perceive time and consciousness are an illusion.  

Perceive: It is very hard to get away from the human concept of time even when in a timeless state of consciousness or absolute nothingness, this is because we are conditioned to not just perceive this way but to feel this way especially when we come back from such a timeless state of consciousness.  While in this timeless state of consciousness, we will only remember what we are able to perceive so if we perceive in a human way, that is what we will remember, it is impossible to remember anything past what we can perceive.  Yes while in this timeless state we feel we have remembered everything we have experienced in this state of consciousness but we haven’t.  This is very much like our dreams, how many of us remember every little detail of all our dreams? You know why we can’t; it’s the way we perceive in the first place!! To us everything has got to be of our own perception of normality and reasoning, anything beyond this we won’t remember thus we will most often misinterpret our dreams. Going in a state of timeless consciousness to me is very much the same; it’s just another conscious state we can enter into like our dreams.

What I don’t think we realise is consciousness as a whole is of real time and timelessness. No, this timeless state isn’t of the human perception of time but it’s still of a consciousness of real time. What I am saying is all consciousness, either it be of time or timelessness, is made up out of real time and timelessness. Yes, the more ignorant one is of the other the less we will be able to perceive like the other, this makes sense, but we need in my mind to be aware of this.  

All we need to do is be aware that real time represents consciousness itself not just a measurement of a kind and that to be truly conscious, one needs to perceive in both time and a timeless state of consciousness without judging the other an illusion. Judging anything as an illusion is very much a human concept of understanding which only allows us to perceive in a human way. Consciousness as a whole has no such boundaries therefore no set concepts and perceptions, nothing can ever be a true illusion in one sense or another.   

One more thing, you cannot imagine anything that is not a part of this whole consciousness in one way or another so perceiving something is an illusion isn’t altogether incorrect either, it can only be incorrect or correct within a certain perception. The trick is to perceive past your own perception and don’t ever think this perception is it; this God’s consciousness is far vaster than that!! 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Something to Be Aware of Spiritually part 2

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve had some interesting responses to my recent post titled Something to Be Aware of Spiritually on other internet sites so I thought I would share them here on my blog.

Mike Holm
For every truely enlightened person how many others are not? The very systems of gov we live in go against enlightenment

My reply:
This is the fundamental problem Mike, we think there’s a problem so we try to fix it & inadvertently manifest more of what we are trying to fix. The more we try to counteract something the more real & extreme that reality is going to be, we are actually creating more of what we are trying to rid ourselves of & the world the way it is today reflects this.

By seeing a problem in the first place we are actually creating a problem or opposing force, be accepting thus less conflictive & believe it or not things will change automatically. We create through our perception; our perception has created this world the way it is at this moment because we can’t, while in this 3rd dimensional thinking process, perceive anything more like the ego for example. We see the ego as being negative in some way so that is all we will perceive thus create.

There are very few truly enlightened people Mike, to be truly enlightened one would have to accept all for what it is, not many spiritually aware people are doing this as they are either trying to denounce the ego & escape the so called illusion or both.  This world isn’t or doesn’t have to be as bad as we perceive believe it or not!!  

Matthew T.
My, my, I love your perception in the holographic mind of ours, all what we think and observe is based on what we can accept as sensible or reasonable, this says that a lot because what we see as something that is there and us needing to fix it it will continue giving us the idea we need to fix something, when we realize, we are understanding it is all that we accept and therefore we end doing things that are not there because we are trying to accomplish something but we are doing them because we know the goal is already there we just know it is more important to live out through the achievement than try to achieve it, or we will always have a reason as to why some one has to do this or must understand this.  Anyways, I love your post, also tell me if you understood all that I written just now?  Have a nice time naw! ~:-)

Mathew Naismith
+Matthew T. The more we try to fix it the more it becomes reality which is quite obvious in my mind & yes you make perfect sense, obviously I did as well to some extent.

It's not easy putting quite different thoughts/feelings & perspectives into words.

I preach/tutor acceptance but a lot of people don't read all what I have to say on this matter because they think I'm actually talking about accepting the world for what it is, to a point I am but acceptance is the key to true harmony & eventually the world will change without forcing it to change through disdain.

In acceptance we have no disdain or opposites opposing & everything levels out automatically. :-)   

I feel because of the 3rd dimensional thinking we are still looking at things in disdain & expecting a positive outcome, this is an illusion because it won’t happen, for ourselves as individual’s yes we will feel better but where there is one reaction another opposing reaction is created which is quite evident in the way the world is going today so what is the answer? Look at everything as a perception or how we imagine it to be, now for a positive thinking person you will automatically see a different perception to what we are brought up or conditioned to perceive. We will no longer look at the ego as just a negative human trait or this reality an illusion that we must escape from but look at everything in a totally more accepting way, acceptance doesn’t mean we should accept all the chaos & mayhem but at least we are no longer opposing it & believe it or not our reality will change according to our newly found perception, it is that easy!!

I go too far with acceptance as I love acting out the ego in many ways as it’s all a part of consciousness to be experienced however I also am aware we can’t keep going the way we are because it’s obviously going to end up quite bad for this species. Acceptance changes things from within where’s an opposing force only adds to these things causing more chaos not less!!