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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Benefits of Being Spiritually Aware

Written by Mathew Naismith

Recently I had a sort of scary life threatening moment and when I realised I could die, and even die quite painfully, a total sereneness came over me, my awareness has never been tested to this extent before. This incident was quite confirming, it’s always nice to get confirmation in what we are doing and thinking at times.  

The realisation of possibly dying and dying in pain, brought about a sereneness I get when I’m only totally within my own space, a point when I’m connected to my inner self away from my human self.  I knew I didn’t fear dying but, because I have had a few of my own friend’s die of cancer, I didn’t quite know how I was going to handle dying in pain, recent events confirms how I would react and be within myself.  

Because I go along with the flow, I go along with whatever is happening around me, I’m not always in a serine state of consciousness, for example, we have an annual pub crawl (fest) in the town I’m living in, I attend this function and yes I drink alcohol. I don’t try to judge one action being above or below another either it be spiritually orientated or not, I’m happy going along with the flow, to a certain extent anyway. When you are automatically, without any intention what so ever, impelled into such serene states of consciousness from a non-serene state of consciousness, it’s quite noticeable, your attitude and thinking changes quite dramatically.  

Depending on the moment, I can go into a serene moment at a flick of a switch, this of course depends on my intentions or if I have any intentions at all. This is because intentions can hinder one going into these serene moments mainly because we are usually thinking when having intentions, it’s best to put all human thoughts in standby, if possible, as all thoughts are produced by having intentions, in other words don’t have in intentions of having intentions!!  

Once again while going through recent events, this sereneness came quite unintentionally, it’s like it’s inbuilt into me to automatically react, or more precisely, be quite nonreactive to certain events in one’s life no matter how life threatening these events seem. The reason I said nonreactive is because that is what an nonreactive (unintentional) state of consciousness feels like, it’s a state of total sereneness without any intentional reaction what so ever.

Why does a life threatening event in one’s life bring about certain serene moments with certain people, why do we react differently and why do some people go into deep depression and anxiety?

It’s pure and simple fear but what makes us fear?  Intentions, I had no intentions of living any longer and I obviously had no intentions of fearing to physically suffer in pain, there were no intentions of anything but to just go with the flow of the present moment, in other words there was no other moment in my life but of dying. Death luckily enough to me always signals a new beginning not an end, we never truly die, death is a delusion brought about by intentions of living as opposed to dying.  Death isn’t an illusion, however, it is a sign of transition but because we think life is living and death isn’t, we have intentions of always trying to live; we have deluded ourselves to think life is in opposition to death when all what death is, is a transition to what we have judged as living.

Are there any benefits of being spiritually aware? Well to me that is obviously a very silly question as it would be for a lot of us……