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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Infinite Conscious States

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’m going to start this post off with a very important question, remembering the answer always formulates the questions not the other way around within a reality of duality.

Is it the ideological concepts and beliefs that create conscious states or is it the conscious states that create the ideological concepts and beliefs? This is an important question for us to know remembering there is only one true conscious state; all other conscious states are created from ideological concepts and beliefs.

Non-duality = timelessness + stillness +answers + dharma +one conscious state

Duality = time + action reaction +questions + karma + various conscious states

Let’s use meditation as an example here, to meditate we have to focus to quieten our mind and to focus we use certain concepts and beliefs, depending on the ideology used, to meditate. These concepts and beliefs used determine the type of meditation we will experience; this seems to be obviously saying that conscious states like meditation are brought about by certain concepts and beliefs depending on the ideology!!!

This is interesting, why doesn’t everyone have the exact same experiences while meditating? This is simple; the ideology/thoughts/philosophy we use determines our experiences, this produces a unique conscious state so it would certainly seem that concepts and beliefs create conscious states!!

Meditation is a certain conscious state which is determined by the ideology we use, this works quite fine in a reality of duality but what about non-duality?  

It of course doesn’t work, there is no various conscious states produced because there is only one conscious state, within this state, it’s (this) conscious state that creates concepts and beliefs within realities of duality. Concepts and beliefs don’t actually create conscious states; all they do is influence (the) conscious state to produce various experiences, they don’t actually create them.



Fig,1 is a good illustration of our consciousness, like a jigsaw, it’s made up of various pieces and each piece represents different concepts and beliefs, for example, Buddhism and science, these all come together to form a bigger picture. Now you might think this bigger picture is non-duality because it’s complete, it’s whole and is as one but it’s never complete because this bigger picture is always only one part of an even bigger picture as explained in a previous post, so what actually represents non-duality?  Fig, 2 is representative of non-duality, note there are no actual definable jigsaw pieces, this is because non-duality isn’t made up of various pieces, it’s whole.

Now in duality if we keep thinking it’s the concepts and beliefs that create conscious states, we will stay in a reality of duality even after our demise, however there is absolutely nothing wrong with this for within this we experience all of what consciousness is or what we have deemed God is. If on the other hand you at the soul level wish to no longer experience conciseness in this way, all you have to do is truly realise that it’s conscious states that create concepts and beliefs, not the other way around. Take Jesus and Buddha for example, they represented a conscious state not concepts and beliefs, these concepts and beliefs of religion where created from this conscious state. It is quite clear here why religion hasn’t worked the way it should have, religion works on concepts and beliefs not a conscious state as Jesus and Buddha exemplified.

Where does this leave meditation for example within a reality of duality, is it truly created by a conscious state or is it the concepts and beliefs that create the conscious state of meditation? In truth it’s never the concepts and beliefs that create a conscious state, this perception of concepts and beliefs creating conscious states are only brought about by thinking in duality, this isn’t truly what is happening. There is truly only one conscious state; every other conscious state is created from this one conscious state in reality of duality. You can see why so many people see realities of duality as an illusion; there is truly only one state of consciousness!!

Well not really, because non-duality isn’t defined by time, it’s of timelessness, everything has always existed and if everything has always existed, realities of duality can’t be true illusions but we can be delusional mainly because of our lack of awareness of this one conscious state always creates concepts and beliefs not the other way around.  The delusion is we think concepts and beliefs create conscious states in other words when they don’t.  

So what’s the significant of knowing this other than consciousness creates concepts and beliefs?

You can exist in a reality of duality but at the same time realise that all concepts and beliefs come from one consciousness, this allows one to realise that every concept and belief is really of one consciousness not individual conscious states. The significants of this is you become a lot more accepting of all other concepts and beliefs other than your own; this in turn will obviously give us more harmony and peace.  It all comes down to our mentality either it be egotistically controlled or not, remembering every different concept and belief was egotistically created, what other trait would separate consciousness into small jigsaw pieces?