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Sunday, 18 August 2019

A Truly Beautiful Moment

Written by Mathew Naismith

If you are not a fan of Sadhguru, reading the rest of this post might not be for you. As I said to a person who is the owner of a group called Spiritual Peaceful Society On Earth on MeWe, "In certain circumstances I can drift into another consciousness. This is like when I use to be able to feel what a perpetrator and the victim of a perpetrator were feeling and thinking while a crime was being committed. In this case, this was beautiful.'     

In this case while watching a video by Sadhguru on the topic of awarding childless women, I became one with a consciousness of a sense of true oneness. I am not talking about talking about oneness, while at the same time not being one with all not of my own. I am talking about a true sense of oneness, where one person's child is of your own and visa-versa. You can go on from this which the consciousness I experienced did just that.

Where one person's child is of your own denotes; that all of what is, is of you as you are of it in the absence of division, but in the presence of union. Instead of, you are black, I am white, or, you are negative, I am positive, you have, you are me as I am of you. The perception of God or of a creative consciousness gives many people the awareness that we are of one source, no matter what our material (physical) differences and material creators might be. The immaterial, no matter what we call it, is what units us as what is material divides us.

I once had an interaction with an Australian aboriginal who had very little to do with white people. He lived in a part of the country where very few white people lived. These people had very little respect or time for white people. After a while, this bloke (man) stated to me that he couldn't believe I was white for two reasons. I treated this bloke like any other bloke, not like what most white people do; treat black people as inferior to whites. Also, being spiritually minded in the way I was, was likened to the spirituality of the Australian aboriginal, all is of you as you are of it. White people lost their spirituality long ago as they lost their connection to Earth and the universe as a whole.

I need not say more in this circumstance.

Friday, 20 July 2018

The Beauty of the Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is important not to simply look at the ego as being negative. Yes, the ego can be destructive and create a reality of chaos and misery, however, the ego can also be highly constructive and creative. Simply labelling the ego negative in anyway isn't the truth of the matter, in truth; the ego can be exceptionally beneficial to all of creation.

Western mind = ego

Eastern mind = egoless

Is the Western mind simply negative? No. Being that the Western mind represents ego in all cultures and its people, labelling the ego simply negative in any expression is only of half truths.

Considering that the Western mind dislikes being questioned about its own behaviour and takes any questing like this as an insult, truths, especially about itself, becomes unacceptable. Basically, half truths and lies become the order of the day, accepted over and above truths.

In truth, the Western mind, void of the balance of the Eastern mind, is a monster (destructive) unto itself and its environment. Considering that the Eastern mind doesn't take questioning about its own mind as an insult, you can see why, especially at present, why the Western mind needs the Eastern mind for balance. In truth, the Western mind needs the truth of the Eastern mind, especially in relation to itself. I have simply lost count how many Western minded people have taken what I say as an insult, while at the same time the Eastern mind seriously considers what is being said.

One simply wants to know of a desired truth; a truth that will enhance its stature, while the other considers all of what is said void of desire. Of course a mind of the balance of ego and egoless, the Western and Eastern mind, will also express desire but in a moderate way. In truth, the Eastern mind is of truth where's the Western mind, void of the balance of an Eastern in an ego reality, is of lies and deceit. It matters not if you are in an Eastern part of the world, if the main dominance is of a Western mind, lies and deceit will be present.

Western mind = lies and deceit + motion

Eastern mind = truth and honesty + motionless

Remember, the Western mind in all of us will naturally take offence to what is being said here, this is unless the Eastern mind in all of us is influential upon the Western mind. Within a reality of ego, the Eastern mind is needed to quell the desires of the Western mind. In actuality, it's the Eastern mind that should be predominant in an ego based reality, not the Western mind.

Having spoken to a number of Hindus from India, it would seem the teachings in relation to the ego are becoming less and less at a young age, in effect, the Western mind is becoming more dominant, even in India!!

You have to realise that the Western mind in all of us is all about separation, especially separating itself from the truths of the Eastern mind. Yes, the Western mind can take on the teachings and influence of the Eastern mind. Sadly, most often this is done under the complete dominance of the Western mind, turning the Eastern teachings into a Western ideology in Western cultures. I have lost count how often I have come across this.

Considering all this, it's difficult to realise that the ego, the Western mind, can be beautiful and highly constructive. In its glory and in balance with the Eastern mind in all of us, the Western mind is simply spectacular within an ego based reality, a reality of motion as all motion relates to a form of ego. The more motion expressed, the more the ego is present.

The question is now, should we all simply become of the Eastern mind within an ego reality, especially a reality dominated by the Western mind? No, to desire this is to be just as much of the ego, the Western mind. Also, to replace the Western mind with the Eastern mind represents separation therefore of the Western mind. As Hinduism clearly shows how a true Eastern mind works, the ego and egolessness, the Western and Eastern mind, is never separated from each other in an ego based existence, an existence of a high degree of motion. The Eastern mind is simply made aware of the Western minds traits, of course this can't occur if the Western mind is predominant over the Eastern mind within an ego based reality.

It's sad to realise this but as always, the Western mind will take offence of all this, it's wise to be aware of this within all of us. In truth, there is no separation between the Western and Eastern mind, the ego and egolessness, only a perceived separation. Yes, you can go into states of pure ego and egolessness, in truth, at no time are they truly separated.

We, as humans, are yet to learn how beautiful and constructive the ego can be when in balance with egolessnss. Such a mind has no boundaries to it; it's simply infinite in nature, meaning, a consciousness like this will not kill itself off, unlike the Western mind is doing today........

Is it easy for a Western mind in a Western culture to realise its own shortcomings? The answer is obviously no but it's certainly worth the effort, only if one prefers to live in truth instead of live in lies!! As of usual, the Western mind will not take kindly to all that is said here, in my mind, it's wise to be aware of this.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Oh....To Just Experience The Beauty Of Motion

Written by Mathew Naismith

Finding balance: To just experience the beauty of conscious motion in pure balance within itself, could you imagine experiencing this in a physical reality that is balanced within it's own consciousness?  Within such a consciousness, there is no spikes of excessive motion that creates chaotic realities, it's conscious motion expressed in it's most subtlest form.

All this beauty is based on balance, a balance of different conscious motional expressions interacting with each other without creating a chaotic existence. Yes indeed, different conscious expressions can come together in balance to create a chaotic free reality, but it must come together in balance to create such realities.

This balance isn't obtained through positive thinking nor negative thinking, it's obtained through living our lives void of lies. I know of someone personally who desires to look at everything as being beautiful, to do this however one must become ignorant of the ugliness and/or destructiveness in the world, everything is positive and everything is beautiful when in actuality it's not. You can't live a lie and expect true balance, yes, these lies make us feel good but being a lie it's transitory as all lies are.

The truth of the matter is, we do live in a reality of beauty/constructiveness and ugliness/destructiveness, the reason we lie to ourselves is because once we observe ugliness and/or destructiveness, we instantly judge an unworthy, we are actually conditioned to think like this. So instead of judging or feeling an unworthy, we live a lie that everything is beautiful when it's obviously not, within this lie there is only worthiness. This isn't balance and it certainly doesn't create a  balanced reality, you can't create a balanced reality on lies.

Living a lie: Lies create chaos, this is due to the motion that lies create, the bigger the lie, the more motion we create within consciousness itself. How many industrialists lie about what they are doing to the environment? The bigger the lies, the more chaos this creates by destroying the very consciousness we rely on for our existence, the Earth itself. 

Observe what it is for what it is no matter what it is without judging an unworthy. If it's ugly or destructive, does this mean it's unworthy? We are naturally conditioned to think so but what if we reconditioned ourselves to think otherwise, that just because it's destructive doesn't mean it's unworthy. Take a look at the universe, it's utterly beautiful and magnificent within it's motions, remembering we too are a part of this universe. It was created through destruction as our own planet was, does this make this planet unworthy? No, so why judge another person, who is obviously destructive, unworthy? 

Look at black wholes within the universe, are they unworthy because they are highly destructive to matter?  They are a part of the process of motion within the universe, as of any person being destructive towards other conscious motions (people) are, each conscious motion is apart of the process if we like it or not. But of course we don't like it, so like the industrialists, we live our lives as a lie which unbalances consciousness creating even more chaos.

Living a lie makes us feel good within ourselves, industrialists do the same, they ignore what they have deemed unworthy like a pristine environment, this makes them feel good within themselves no matter how destructive they become. How many people who think everything is beautiful ignore the seriousness of slavery in the world for example. Like an industrialist who ignores the beauty in the world, ignoring the seriousness of slavery is highly destructive, actually, ignoring destructiveness and/or the ugliness in the world is highly destructive and disruptive. It doesn't take an Einstein to work out how we have created so much chaos in this reality, living our lives as a lie just isn't conductive to a balanced existence.

This post was brought about by a discussion I had with an atheist recently, to an atheist, athe-ISM isn't a belief system even though it's an ism. The definition of ism is as follow: A belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school. No belief system and ideological principle is the be and end all, when anyone becomes fixated to an ism, this ism becomes the only truth. You can see again how we live a lie through our ism's, again it doesn't take an Einstein to work out how we have created so much chaos in this reality.

Once we become fixated to an ism, or to any ideological principle, we often express huge amounts of motion and of course emotions. This highly charged motion can only be destructive to any other motion, the funny thing is, this highly charged motion is created through lies which are highly transitory (short lived).  As of the universe itself, all expressions of consciousness are worthy, we don't have to lie to ourselves and try to look at everything as being just beautiful, or, only acknowledge what we have ourselves judge as being beautiful. 

After my conversation, I was walking down the side of our purple house with our beautiful garden on the other side of me, and a feeling of, ' just experience the beauty of motion".

The beauty of motion: The experience of the beauty of motion can only occur through balance, to obtain balance, we need to stop living our lives as a lie. How accepting was Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Rumi etc. of other motions around them? They observed the different conscious motions around them without judging what is and isn't worthy, in other words they didn't ignore the ugliness and/or the destructiveness in the world. Yes, they reacted but in a most passive way, creating very little motion in doing so, they  didn't live their lives as a lie, they became aware of everything they could for what it was.

A true balanced existence doesn't mean there is a worthy or unworthy or even beauty or ugliness,  just because we haven't judged what is beautiful, doesn't mean there is no peace and harmony, actually the opposite it true. the less we judge what is and isn't, the more balance we will experience. To get to true balance, we first need to go through a process of observing what is and isn't destructive/ugly but without judging what is and isn't unworthy. I do believe Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Rumi etc. tried to show us this through their wisdom. Once we can observe without judging an unworthy in any expression of motion, we will be well and truly on our way to a truly balanced existence. All expressions of motion are worthy, yes, some expressions are obviously highly destructive to other motions, this shouldn't mean they are unworthy.

Try going into an environment that is most deplorable (unbecoming) to you and see if you can observe without judging an unworthy. The more you can sustain from judging like this, the more balanced your life will become, you will instantly find peace and harmony within yourself. Yes, you will still observe what is and isn't destructive but it won't unbalance your own consciousness. Confucius to me was very good at this, this was obvious for, "Only through  balance will you find wisdom for only through this balance can true wisdom be obtained"....Mathew        

Monday, 16 September 2013

Beautiful Souls-A New Beginning

Written by Mathew Naismith

I recently attended one of my nieces weddings & directly seated opposite of me at the reception was a lesbian couple, one of the women was a teacher & the other a psychologist & of course we hit it off quite well because I once had a job tutoring people with all sorts of disabilities from anxiety/depression to total physical inabilities & I love psychiatry so we had a fair bit to talk about. Later on in the night their child awoke & they brought him over to meet me, well he flawed me, you could literally see the inner beauty immediately. This wasn’t a normal child because I’ve experienced this once before in my life with another person. So the question is, was he expressing this inner beauty because he was with a lesbian couple or was it because he could express he’s own feminine self? You would have to in this case answer yes to both these question however!!

Some years ago I was living in a caravan park & a straight couple arrived at the park, being a small park I met up with them quite quickly. I got 10ft of the bloke & immediately had to take a couple of steps back, he blew me away. I immediately recognised he’s soul as being very beautiful just like the child of the lesbian couple. Latter on I found out he was a male nurse. Don’t get me wrong these people aren’t particularly drop dead gorgeous but they had that feeling about them plus there expression oozed feminine, they were allowed to be expressive of their feminine self which a lot of males aren’t allowed to do.  The problem, which I also had to contend with at times, is if you expressed any form of femininity especially at a certain age you were accused of being gay in some way. The other problem is for the bloke expressing such feminine tendencies, they usually query themselves of being gay or not because they are so expressive of such feminine tendencies. The answer of course is not necessarily so & believe me this is a very hard time for blokes who want to be more expressive of their feminine selves in such a mescaline run world. We live in a society, especially when I was growing up, that blokes are blokes & should act accordingly & of course this stifles one’s own expressive will to express the feminine self by other who are more expressive of their mescaline selves. I should mention here that mescaline denotes dominance & aggression, feminine denotes love & nurturing.

According to the Mayans & a few other cultures & belief systems we are now entering into the feminine cycle of mankind & leaving the more dominant aggressive masculine cycle behind us, could you imagine being brought up in a loving nurturing society like this? That I believe is what is happening. We have more gay men being more expressive of their femininity because of this shift & eventually I predict we will actually see less gay men about in years to come because women won’t expect their men to be like macho mescaline men but expressive of their own free will.  We are conditioned from birth to be & act in a certain ways & anything that expresses anything away from this is labelled as something untoward or unsavoury in some way, that I believe is changing. Men will be able to freely express themselves without being labelled as a gay & inturn these men won’t label themselves as being gay either but just a feminine male person being expressive of their feminine self which we all have in us, what a world that will build.

As the dominant mescaline self of man becomes less & less dominant the famine self of mankind will………No not become dominant but loving & nurturing!! This might sound like it’ a play on wards, anything that dominates another thing has to be dominant but only because we are brought up to believe this to be so.  Mescaline is the opposite of feminine so the outcome of such influences would also have to be of the opposite; mescaline denotes dominance so therefore the opposite meaning of dominance is weakness & weakness means being meek, the meek shall inherit the Earth.

What seems like weakness in some isn’t in others like to be other than a mucho man is seen to some as a weakness but once you take or lesson these mucho mescaline aggressive human dominating tendencies what does meek then pertain to? Meek becomes but another human tendency that’s all, it’s neither no longer pertains to weakness. There is another way of looking at this, is it weak for a male person in particular to express their gay &/or feminine tendencies in an aggressive intolerant macho world? To express any part of oneself that is not tolerated in such an aggressive world isn’t weak to me but courageous not weak or meek at all  so when the bible says the meek shall inherit the world it didn’t mean it literally. We must remember here that the bible was written in the masculine human cycle of man so meekness is going to pertain to weakness however now we are entering into the feminine cycle of mankind weakness or meekness won’t have the same meanings because of the conscious change within this feminine cycle so this mean this little boy I first mentioned in this post will be able to express his feminine self how he freely wills. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit if the soul of this little boy didn’t purposely choose a lesbian couple so he can be as expressive of himself as he wants not what someone else wants unlike we have had in the last mescaline dominated cycle of mankind.