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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Question of Taking Action or Not

Written by Mathew Naismith

Consciousness is very volatile and is susceptible to movement from other conscious sources, this is because all of what is, is actually consciousness or created from consciousness, this includes everything man has created himself. The universe I believe is a creation of consciousness, that is why the universe and everything within this universe reacts to each other. The more physical the consciousness is, the more volatile and susceptible it becomes from other sources of consciousness, this is due to all physical forms created from pure conscious being unenlightened from an enlightened state of consciousness. The more a consciousness is enlightened, the less volatile and susceptible it is and visa-versa to other sources of consciousness. 

It's virtually impossible for an unenlightened state to not move, in other swords take action, this is due to such unenlightened states being volatile and susceptible to other conscious sources. These other sources of consciousness can quite easily influence an unenlightened state so such an unenlightened state reacts which of course causes further reaction. You drop a pebble in the water and it causes movement in the form of ripples, now in another part of the water drop another pebble, the reaction is instantaneous,  ripples from the second pebble counteract the ripples from the first pebble. To stop such ripples effecting our own ripples, we keep reacting, in other words we keep dropping pebbles in the water to counteract ripples from other pebbles dropped in the water, we soon end up with a lot of chaotic disturbance on the surface of the water.

Now before we dropped these pebbles in the water, the surface of the water was still and tranquil, the water was still moving but under it's own force. An unenlightened source of consciousness unaware of such stillness, disrupts this flow by taking action causing an endless stream of reactions as in the pebbles. I see man as these pebbles, instead of gently placing the stones in the water, we basically plunge ourselves into the water time and time again in reaction, this of cause causes the water to become chaotic. To me this reality is very much like the water, it has become chaotic but if we stopped reacting and plunging ourselves into this water, the water would eventually become still again.

It's very hard for an unenlightened consciousness to stop reacting, this is mainly caused by a controlling ego instead of a non-controlling ego. A controlling ego needs to take action but a consciousness that's not controlled by the ego, doesn't see a reason to change the stillness of the water for any purpose for what better purpose is there than to exist in tranquillity!!

By placing the pebbles in the water instead of dropping them, is this not an action or a reaction still?

When you are causing no or little disturbance to the water, can you still call this an action or reaction, what action is there in this?

An action is defined by a reaction, if there is no reaction, no actual action took place even when we have movement, this is because it's a very passive movement. This is saying that not  all movement is in relation to an action or reaction until it causes a reaction. If I was to react to the water, I would drop the pebble in the water, if I didn't want a reaction I would gently place the stone in the water causing no reaction at all. All consciousness works  the same, if we want a reaction, we drop or throw the stone in the water, if not, we place it in the water. Consciousness reacts very much like the water, it too is volatile and susceptible to active movement, this is because water is also consciousness.

A lot of spiritual practices teach us to quieten the mind, is this an action and/or a reaction?

It's a reaction if we are reacting for a purpose or an intention, an intention to quieten the mind to rid ourselves of undesirability's of some kind, this is likened to dropping the pebble in the water. It's not an action or a reaction if we are just quietening the mind for no purpose or intention, this is likened to placing the pebble in the water.

So many Western spiritual practice these days are about taking firm action to rid ourselves of some kind of undesirability, this is wholly counteractive to quietening the mind. Quietening the mind means taking no actions.

When we quieten the mind, doesn't this cause a reaction, don't we become more passive and understanding, is this not a reaction?

What happens to the water when we no longer drop the pebbles in the water but place them in the water? The water becomes quietened through placing the pebbles in the water, instead of dropping them, which causes no or little reaction, the flow of the water becomes quietened again. Quietening the mind is very much like this. I should point out here, the pebble belongs in the water as we belong in realities like this one. We are consciousness existing in consciousness, we don't belong anywhere else just like the pebbles in the water.

There is no action or reaction taking place when you are aware of where you are supposed to be, a quiet mind is where we are supposed to be as opposed to a noisy mind. An enlightened mind is not noisy, actually it's quite tranquil and still where's an unenlightened mind is noisy and chaotic. We are not meant to drop the pebble in the water but place the pebble in the water causing very little reaction in the process.

By taking firm action, we are not going with the natural flow of the water, the natural process of the subtle movement by consciousness in it's natural form, every action and reaction changes this natural movement of consciousness and turns it into something chaotic.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

An Enlightening Spiritual Release

Written by Mathew Naismith

How do we release ourselves from the push and pull effect which is of old school consciousness? The more we try to release ourselves from this effect, the more we are pulling something in to push something out, it's the samo-samo in that we continually express old school consciousness that isn't evolving. This is fine if we don't want to evolve but many of us just want to go with the flow of an evolving consciousness.

We see that there is a problem in the world or with ourselves so we pull something in to push something out, the old school consciousness just can't let go of this pushing and pulling effect, boy this sounds awfully like we are being controlled by the ego. The ego just doesn't want to let go so it continues with the pushing and pulling effect, we can make ourselves and the world better if we continue along this path says the ego. This isn't the case as this reality shows, this reality has always been about the pushing and pulling effect, pull something seemingly better in to push something seemingly bad out, this is endless until we become aware of what pushing and pulling effects actually create. 

I wrote the following in relation to this topic on a Google community post: Instead of not reacting and going with the flow, we react and cause further reactions which causes the flow to falter, this reality is a good example of this.

The reaction in our case is not wanting to evolve and let go of a proven practice either that be spiritual, material or scientific. The problem with this proven practice is it's based on a reaction which causes the flow to falter. This is basically saying we react too much, a silent mind does not react but let's it be but the ego of the old consciousness says otherwise.   

So what is this old consciousness?

To me it's a state of consciousness that is unenlightened and any unenlightened state will use the push and pull effect to become more enlightened (aware), to pull something judged as better in to push something judged as bad out. This sounds like a reaction from an overly controlling ego to me, we still haven't woken up that the ego doesn't have to be in control thus we continue the old school consciousness that isn't evolving, it's stagnating. You can easily observe today how this stagnation is rotting away this reality.

Old school consciousness also include using various practices in science and spirituality to pull something in to push something out, it's the way we use such practices that stop such practices from ever evolving. These practices are only of old school consciousness because it's the way we use them, these practices worked in old school consciousness but they don't in a newer ever evolving consciousness.

How do we stop using these practices in an old school conscious way?

For starters we don't pull new consciousness in to push old consciousness out, what we do is just become aware without a pushing and pulling effect, just by becoming aware or less unenlightened, allows consciousness to evolve without this pushing and pulling effect which only causes further reactions. Believe it or not, we don't want to cause a reaction, the controlling ego does but we shouldn't if we want a lasting change that will continually evolve instead of stagnating.

The reason I stated less unenlightened instead of becoming enlightened is to pull an enlightened state in is to push an unenlightened state out, this reaction is still expressing old school consciousness. This worked quite fine in an old school consciousness but it won't work in a ever evolving consciousness, this is because such reactions causes consciousness to falter which causes any reality created by this consciousness to falter. We can't half witness this today within our own reality.

To use mediation for example to pull something better in to push something bad out, is of old school consciousness so how do we better ourselves?  Actually you don't see it as bettering ourselves for starters, only the controlling ego judges what is wrong and right, good or bad, better and worse, and the controlling ego is certainly of old school consciousness. We see it as evolving instead, that is all and yes it is that simple. With this kind of mentality, you have taken control away from the ego, you have allowed consciousness to freely evolve.

What will happen with old school teachings is they will no longer serve a purpose, this isn't a bad thing at all even though our controlling ego will judge otherwise. Now the reason they will no longer serve us is they will no longer be needed, only in this old school consciousness have they been warranted/needed. Could you imagine not needing to meditate or practice in yoga for balance and healing, in fact you will always be within this state without reacting thus causing further reactions, faltering the flow of an evolving consciousness.

It's this simple, stop reacting and allow consciousness to evolve without falter.        

Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Positive Reaction

Written by Mathew Naismith 

I received the above after I posted my last post titled Recreating a Sterile Environment, the following is my reaction to this. 

Reprogramming consciousness.

The problem I see with individualising our own programs is an even more fragmented consciousness than what we have now. Each culture now runs on their own program, splitting this up into smaller more individualised portions is only going to cause more problems.

People like Hitler have tried to force people to their own individual programs since the dawn of man, individual reprogramming isn't to me the answer, people like Hitler proved this.

Personal empowerment is of the controlling factors of the ego however collective empowerment is another matter. One is of desire the other of a need.

What I think we need to do is reprogram ourselves from thinking in modes of thoughts of desire to thinking for our needs which are much greater than they were when we lived in a more sterile environment.   This now means our needs will produce a lot more than our desires have, producing a more sterile environment at the same time.

What would we need to just clean up our physical environment, do you know what this alone would create? We didn’t mess up the world & ourselves for no reason.  What’s about to happen we couldn’t have possibly imagined through living by desires, in other words our desires couldn’t have possibly imagined such a positive reaction to our initial action of impurity.  

This brings us to action reaction, we have created an unsterile environment which is action but the reaction will be quite astounding to most people if we are aware enough to reprogram ourselves for living for a need of the collective again I believe.  This doesn’t mean we have to live in shanties which of course wouldn’t worry me because my ego doesn’t control me entirely.  This means when we sterilise our mess we will in turn create an amazing existence for all, action reaction.

In all, we really do need to be aware in how destructive desire can be!!