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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Liberating Ourselves from Inner Turmoil

Written by Mathew Naismith

The cause of turmoil: First of all we need to become aware of these turmoils before we can liberate ourselves form them, this isn’t easy mostly because of where our main focus is on most of the times. Focus is the key here, but to focus, one must know what they need to focus on in the first place, this seems so simple to do but it’s not, this is due to factors that are hidden from our main focus.

For an enlightened person to be in turmoil, this would take them to be unaware for only in ignorance can turmoil exist in one’s life, actually all our dilemmas and tumultuous experiences can only be experienced through being unaware, for example, would we still be warring if we were truly aware, would we be able to express destructive traits period?  No, this is due to, “for only in ignorance can we destroy”.  We now know what to focus on here, our unawareness which brings on the turmoil in one’s life, however,  we still don’t exactly know what kind of unawareness that is bringing on the turmoil in our lives, this indeed can be tricky.

Is man, as a whole, aware that all tumultuous expressions in the world are brought about by ignorance?  We are still warring and bickering which is brought about by our differences in our  ideologies and belief systems. You have to wonder how aware are these ideologies and belief systems, that we are still warring over, made us!!  The thing is, these ideologies and belief systems are only as aware as the people who are following them, any ideology or belief system that endorses (creates) turmoil in anyway, would have to be ignored by people who are more aware because these people are showing how unaware they are through creating turmoil of any kind. Anything that creates turmoil period is unaware, however , this doesn’t mean when one expresses an ideology that upsets others, that such an ideology is being expressed through ignorance, it could also be that the people who are upset by such expressions are unaware within there own ideological beliefs.

This might sound strange, but it matters not which ideological belief systems is causing the turmoil, it’s that the turmoil exists in the first place through being unaware. Could a person into oneness be expressive within there oneness to an atheist and not create some kind of turmoil, on the other hand, could an atheist express their ideological beliefs to a person into oneness without creating some kind of turmoil?  This is why it matters not to which ideological belief system is causing the turmoil, if any ideological belief system is expressed in ignorance, turmoil will always be created. Could a truly enlightened atheist create turmoil?  The answer of cause is no, no one who is this aware would be able to create turmoil, only in our unawareness can turmoil exist. It just shows you how unaware humans are, as a whole, today, we are still creating chaos in the world which creates a lot of turmoil for a lot of people.

The point is, you only have to be aware that turmoil can only exist through being unaware, if we were to point the finger at certain ideological belief systems, we would only create more turmoil in the process. A truly aware person wouldn’t point the finger at any one thing being at fault even though they are aware that certain ideological beliefs are creating the turmoil, if they were to do so, they would be adding to the turmoil.

We do the same within ourselves, I see this happening so often with people becoming spiritual aware, the ego is at fault or a certain ideology are at fault, yes, certain ways an ideology is being used can cause turmoil, however, all we are doing is adding to the turmoil that already exists if we lay fault, in other words judge, when it’s the ignorance within how any ideology is being used that creates such turmoil.
Turmoil, awareness building: Actually it’s a good thing to go through turmoil, only as long as we are aware that all turmoil can only be created through ignorance especially our own ignorance. Going through turmoil in this case is awareness building, you become aware of your own inner turmoil which makes you aware of your own unawareness,  it’s obviously constructive to be aware of our own unawareness.

This is the point, we miss this because we are usually fully focused on our own awareness, not on our unawareness, can we then say that we are truly aware if we are not also aware of our own unawareness?  Being aware of what causes turmoil in our lives is to me obviously worth being aware of.

It’s interesting what brought this post to bare, it’s an inner turmoil I have been battling with for most of my life, I love my human expressions ,but to become truly one,  I need to humanly become more aware, this however would change the way I express myself. The thing is, if  I don’t judged my human expressions as being less unworthy than being at one, why become more humanly aware? True oneness isn’t about being in one state of awareness above all else, it’s about accepting all expressions of conciseness as worthy, in other words all states of consciousness are seen as equal either it be of oneness or otherwise. Could you imagine stating that white people are more worthy than black people, this is what we would be saying if one state of consciousness is more worthy than another within  it’s expression in my mind.

True enlightenment; is a combination of awareness and a state of oneness, not one over and above the other. True, awareness brings forth one’s enlightenment but this doesn’t make awareness more worthy than a state of oneness, actually, the act of becoming aware tells us how unaware we are in the first place, this is because once you are in a oneness state, there is nothing more to become aware of, however, in an unaware state, you have a lot to become aware of. Sadly enough, this awareness becomes our main focus which takes away the oneness within awareness itself, in other words awareness just becomes knowledge, nothing more. 

Yes, to become aware one has to know what they are unaware of, so at this point we are focused on our unawareness , this is until we use this awareness as knowledge. Once this awareness is defined and used as knowledge, we are then mainly focused on what we know, not what we don't know. Enlightenment isn't about knowledge or the use of knowledge, it's about an understanding and acceptance that everything is one no matter how it's being expressed. Knowledge actually separates everything where's an enlightened awareness brings everything together.     

Think on this, why would consciousness itself, within it’s fully enlightened state, choose to become unenlightened, unaware of itself in it’s various forms if being unaware is unworthy?  Yes, being unaware creates turmoil and the less aware we are the more turmoil we create, human history shows this quite clearly however, once we can express all of what consciousness is, without any part of it being any less worthy to express than another, is a good indication of being in a true oneness state. Oneness is only brought on by awareness if we don’t think this awareness is just of knowledge , in other words use awareness just to gain knowledge. True awareness is also about being unaware as well through only this unawareness can all of consciousness be expressed and accepted as one.    

A true enlightened  state is like unconditional love, nothing is more or less worthy to love no matter how it’s expressed. The way humans perceive awareness to me seems way off the mark, this kind of perceptions has nothing to do with a true oneness state, with this perception, you can see why many white people today still see black people as being less worthy.

Become aware of what creates the inner turmoil but also become aware of the way we use and focus our awareness,  is it just for higher knowledge or is it for true oneness? There is a difference, one creates even more turmoil, the other less. Become aware but appreciate your unawareness with the same passion and worthiness. Becoming aware isn’t about using awareness to gain knowledge, it’s about being aware and accepting all of what is no matter how it’s expressed. This acceptance becomes easy once you get away from the human perception of black and white, oneness non-oneness, aware and unaware. The way humans perceive oneness is black and white, it’s not a true expression of oneness until we accept all expressions of consciousness itself.  

I thought I would add something to this post that I think important to be aware of, everything around us tells us exactly who we are. Consider how many nationalities there are and how many languages are spoken, this tells us how vast and varied consciousness is, if we can't accept each other, how are we going to accept ourselves as a whole, as this one consciousness, it's the same thing. Each culture represents an expression of consciousness itself , all the answers are right in front of our face but we can't see them or don't want to see them. If we think one part of an expression of consciousness is better than another, all we will see is what we have judged as being better. Its' worth being aware of this.