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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Why So Much Separation?

Written by Mathew Naismith

A state of separation simply means a lack of unity, where any energy fields or entities are not working together as one but as separate entities of energy. The reason for this separation is interesting and bewildering. Interesting but also bewildering in that we still today express a sense of separation and even division. Separation is simply an acknowledgement that there is a difference in energy fields. Division goes further; it's the labelling to individualise energy fields into their separate groups such as coloured people and white people, one culture from another and so on.

Let's go further with division. I am materially wealthy person, your not, I am therefore positive, good and right, you are therefore negative, bad and wrong. I am a spiritual person, you are a materialist, I am therefore a positive, good, and right person, your obviously not. Separation is simply an acknowledgment of a difference between obvious differences, while at the same time knowing you are of the same species. How many people divide other people into a lesser species? Multinationals certainly don't treat the average common person as being of the same species as them, how many spiritually aware people do the same? "You are far more negative compared to me." As soon as we separate ourselves like this is when we create divisions, the division of separate energy fields or entities. The controlling ego simply desires to be of something greater so it just doesn't separate energy fields, it divides them.

I feel like a fraud at times. I often talk about an awareness beyond 3rd dimensional aspects, while at the same time being more of a 3rd dimensional entity than anything else that I speak of. I don't try to be anything that I am not of within the very present even if this takes a certain amount of being unaware. I am simply content in being within and experiencing the present consciousness no matter how unaware it is. Yes, I am aware of certain aspects beyond 3rd dimensional aspects but I don't try to excel in this. I really do live within the very present consciousness the way it is, at the same time being aware that we are a part of something more. Being aware that we are something more shouldn't mean we are positive, therefore good and right, and everything compared to this is negative, therefore bad and wrong, but it most often does to a lot of people. How bad and wrong is materialism to a lot of people, therefore negative? 

I look at it this way for me, only a controlling ego desires to be more than what it is within the present, the present being that the collective consciousness is not as aware as it could be. How many people are content in existing in the present like this? I don't divide myself from the present collective consciousness, while at the same time being aware that there is a separation between the present collective consciousness's awareness and other forms of awareness beyond 3rd dimensional aspects. I simply don't perceive some higher consciousness as being positive, good and right compared to our present collective consciousness, I simply can't. Yes, like anyone else I did at times think like this, that some higher consciousness is some kind of separate entity to our present consciousness.

I was told from an early age not to read or study up on certain subjects. The reason for this was not clear at the time, only latter on in my life did it become clear. Everything you become aware of or experience conditions you to a certain way of existing and perceiving. How many subjects are based on separation and division? Noticing a difference in energy fields is simply an observation of separate energy fields. Dividing energy fields often takes labels like negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right, etc. Try observing a difference in energy fields, especially to your own, without judging a negative or positive for starters. This is virtually impossible while the ego is in control of us. Of course the ego doesn't have to be in control of us, we can simply release ourselves of the control of the ego. How many people say about taking control of the ego instead of simply releasing ourselves of the egos control? Simply let go as everything else is to do with divisions, in actuality the controlling ego wants you to try to control it. To take control of anything takes the separation and division of energy fields, otherwise how would control be implemented upon another separate energy field!!  

Within a state of only observing a difference of separate energy fields, as opposed to participating in dividing energy fields, you are unable to control anything. Now, how scary is this going to be to an ego in control? It's like being expressive of fewer fixations to conditions in the presence of a consciousness fixated to conditions; the reaction isn't going to be favourable. How do most atheists act in the presence of a person preaching their religious faith and visa-versa? Because human consciousness is conditioned to separation and division, any other kind of awareness that seems to be of some kind of higher realm will create more division at first, not less division.

Try this in your dreams, let go of 3rd dimensional desires, attachments and perceptions and see what occurs. Have a feeling of letting go of everything especially of being controlling and of being controlled. Simply have a feeling of letting go of your life long conditioned conditions. Our dream state is simply a gateway to other dimensions and realities but only if we are willing to let go of 3rd dimensional aspects. I don't do this a lot myself as I simply have no desire to do so, even when it feels so good to let go like this. With me, it's not about me feeling good or not, it's about experiencing the present no matter what the present is judged to be.

Taking control through separation and division is simply a sign that the ego is in control, not you in the absence of a controlling ego. Once you experience a state of the absence of control, separation and division, you will never again desire to take control of anything. However, if you have to take control, try not to take control to avoid taking control, accept taking control when the need arrises. Yes, you even allow the controlling ego to be controlling, knowing you can release yourself at any time from this control. This present reality is a prime example of how we have let the ego become controlling, however, we have simply forgotten how to release ourselves from this kind of conscious reality of control, separation and division.    

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Progression, Not Division

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a personal good friend of mine read my latest post on primary existence and envelopment, my friend was confused in exactly what I meant in relation to a primary existence. I will within this post explain what I mean about primary existence in a different format as below.

Primary Existence = God, zero point, nothingness, oneness, truer self, Tao, higher self + egoless + undivided

Secondary Existence = Soul consciousness (reality), human consciousness (reality) + ego + divided

Primary Existence: It would seem strange to a lot of people that I made reference here to a primary existence in relation to, for example, a Christian God and a Buddhist principle of nothingness. It is most likely that people from each of these ideologies, would state there is nothing in common with a God and nothingness. To a Buddhist, the representation of a God is ego, nothingness is egoless, consequently, a Christian might state that God is nothingness, how in this case can the perception of God and nothingness relate to a primary existence but they do?

Primary existence relates to our whole self before it's divided into secondary existences,  each soul has it's own path so therefore is divided by individual paths. This division relates to secondary existences, actually, the motion of dividing automatically creates secondary existences. Basically, a primary existence is an existence that is undivided, it's all of everything or nothing of anything.

The relation to everything, as a perception of God or oneness for example, in a primary existence denotes an undivided existence, a whole or collective that is undivided. God represents everything therefore is undivided within itself. This is the same with nothingness, there is no division in nothingness. The Tao is exactly the same, there is no division, it's all and nothing, not all or nothing.

This is how we perceive, we perceive through the ego so it has to be one or the other. The ego in control can only comprehend anything if it's one or the other, so to the ego, everything can't be the same as nothing, even though everything and nothing represent an undivided existence. Of course to various ideologies, it has to be one or the other, everything being of the ego, nothing being of egoless in some cases.

The division or difference between Christianity and Buddhism for example, is an obvious illusion brought on by perceiving through the ego self for only the ego itself will divide. Christianity makes reference to a God, an undivided existence, Buddhism makes reference to nothingness, again an undivided existence. What about nothingness not even being an existence!! Only an ego in control would argue what is and isn't determined to be an existence or not, so I'm not going down this path to try to find a division for obvious reasons, I will leave this to the secondary existence ego control mind to sort this out. Of course it never truly will because all it would be doing is chasing it own tail to judging what is and isn't real, an illusion.

Being that the secondary existences are ego based, but not  necessarily egotistical based, the secondary perception is focused on division, this of course stands to reason because ego and souls represent division. Basically, anything that is obvious within it's division, is ego based, this in turn creates an ego based perceptions of divisions, not wholeness or oneness unlike a primary existence. The primary existence mind focuses on wholeness and oneness of everything as well as nothing, there are no divisions between one or the other, actually, there is no one or the other, just wholeness, oneness.

Yes, everything and nothing are exactly the same thing, it's just in a secondary existence mind, there has to be division, one or the other...!!

Primary Existence = (and)

Secondary Existence = (or)

Progressions: We might now think that there is a huge difference (division) between primary and secondary existences, they are obvious within their differences as I have clearly pointed out.

There is only a perceived difference, a division, in a secondary existence. When observing from a primary perspective, there are no divisions, only progressions. The secondary existence mind always puts limitations on everything, there has to be a division between one and the other, not a progression void of divisions and this is the point. How often do we focus on division instead of progressions void of actual divisions? There is an endless progression between primary and secondary existences, this motion is infinite. The motion between primary and secondary existences have always existed, what hasn't always existed is what these motion between the two existences create. The universe and human consciousness are prime examples of what this motion physically creates which are of course finite in nature.

Primary Existence= motionlessness + non-creative + infinite

Secondary Existence = motion + creative + finite

The perception of the Tao or the perception of God, actually relate to both the primary and secondary existences as being a whole, basically, the perception of God represents primary and secondary existences. As I have displayed earlier on, that God is of primary existence and not of secondary existence isn't quite correct, the perception of God relates directly to oneness, a whole. This means the perception of God relates to both primary and secondary existences. You can now see how Christians have the idea that God created everything and rightfully so in my mind.

Primary Existence = God + non-creative

Secondary Existence = God + creative

This is how we create in our own right while existing in a secondary existence, only in a secondary existence can creation begin, and yes, end. The strange thing in all this is, neither the secondary or primary is above or higher in stature than other, only an ego in control would be able to perceive this in this way, in other words, divide......!!