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Monday, 8 August 2016

Are People Like Me Wrong or Wronged!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all to all my readers of my blog, please do not defend my views and perceptions to my detractors, I think my posts speak for themselves and so do the adverse reactions I get from my detractors. I would not like to think that anyone is being abused or attacked in some way because of what I write, please don't put yourselves in harms way.     

Going by my detractors of course, I am plainly wrong and I do have a number of detractors that have indeed labelled me into a certain level, a level that is below my detractors of course. My writings have certainly upset a number of people, or more precisely, certain people who don't like what I write, have upset themselves.

It is widely said by my destructors, that I don't like my own perceptions and perspectives questioned, I also don't make the effort to understand other people's perceptions and perspectives. My blog is full of posts relating to lengthy discussions with people who don't like what I write, actually, the longest discussions I have are with people queering my writings. It is also obvious that I have a varied perceptions that seems to be unlimited, I suppose so it should be too.

Quite a number of people have become upset with me when in conversation with me and have consequently become my detractors, the reason for this isn't the reasons they give like, I don't like my perceptions and perspectives questioned, but something else.

- I quite often have a reasonable answer to support my perceptions, this doesn't go down well with anyone trying to prove me wrong in some way

- I am often clinical and often support my views with some kind of supporting evidence, this too doesn't go down well

- I usually don't stoop to name calling or attacking the other persons character like they do mine, this often infuriates people trying to prove me wrong

- Most often my perceptions question other people's ideologies that they are trying to sell to people in some way. If these people are trying to make money from there ideologies, it is obvious that this too will infuriate these people

- I have also, to a degree, stopped answering questions from people who are obvious within their bias, especially people with extreme biases, what is the point. I have had numerous discussions with people like this to no avail, these people usually end up being my detractor in the end, as if I need that!!

- I have also put into question the validity of love being primarily used to heal the world, this too infuriated some people. What would the devil won't you to do, hate or love more? Love, because love often creates huge amounts of pain as well. Love has a huge association to pain, how could love be yet another new be and end all when so much pain is also associated to love, love is too ambiguous to be the new be and end all, also, what reaction are we seeing from this love today in the world? It's not helping for a very good reason.

My wife is a trained natural therapist, her teacher told her never use the word love with her clients as the word love is too ambiguous and is often related to pain by many people. Yes, I'm often attacked for views like this, it is after all the age of false prophets/people!!  

My blog has also been tapered with on more than one occasion, obviously one of my detractors didn't like my posts being liked so much, vary few of the likes from Google appear on my posts these days. This doesn't worry me, all these people are doing is hurting themselves and showing who they really are.

This post came about because of two separate exchanges I had with two different people recently.
It's true that it's important to embrace attempts to understand other perspectives and perceptions... But an important reminder is that the same applies for you. If someone disagrees with your perception/perspective, can you try to comprehend from their point of view too?

My Reply
I often do myself and the proof is in the pudding, the proof being that it is obvious I perceive in a huge variant/spectrum, my numerous posts clearly show this. I can clearly understand that most people are unable, or more likely unwilling, to comprehend my various perceptions and perspectives, we do become too attached to our be and end all's. 

Do I like my perceptions questioned by bias perspectives/persons? No, what is the point when people who are obvious within their bias, questioning anything that doesn't fit within their be and end all? The world is full of these no points, I'm certainly not going to add to this. 

Do I understand this rigid stance? I think it's obvious I do but do these same people try to understand my flexible stance? It is obvious they don't but this too is understandable. 

My writings are certainly not for everyone, they are too variant and of the spectrum as opposed to levels, labels and scales. It is obvious I perceive more openly therefore different to most people.

Am I full of myself? No, this way of perceiving comes too naturally for me to be full of myself, it's a natural ability we all have but this natural ability is often stifled because of our fixations to various levels, labels and scales. 

In saying all this, is it wrong in being this attached to levels, labels and scales, in other words limited? No but their is another less destructive and limiting way to exist. 

Do you think I am dogmatic within my perceptions and perspectives Heather? Try me....


The following exchange is obviously from a different person altogether.


Mathew--you have such an enlightened and progressive outlook and viewpoint--it is refreshing to see this. I admire your insight and compassion

My Reply
Good to hear from you Terri as always. I put myself out there so that the people who want to listen, have something to listen to that they can relate to, I'm concerned......

yea--You are a prince Mathew--truly; very few people like you, esp men, in this day and age. I read all of your posts, so i can see what kind of trouble you are getting into

My Reply
This is exactly why people like myself love people like you and you talk about me being a prince!!

You are honest, faithful, true and beloved, I truly mean beloved by God, I know you won't take offence of myself using the word God.

If I didn't get a rebuff of some kind, I wouldn't be doing what I am supposed to, this is the way of the wind. Human consciousness is obviously lost/imbalanced, through this imbalance, people like you and I will often receive a rebuff, this to be expected in such an imbalanced consciousness, a consciousness that is furthermost from God's consciousness. The further away from God's consciousness we become, the more imbalanced we become and the more chaotic the reality becomes we exist in.

Terri, don't ever defend people like myself in such a reality, this is very important, people like me are expendable, people like you aren't for you are the core of true faith where's people like me are but a servant of that faith, this is true. 

I tell it how it truly is said, not the way people would like it to be said or even how I would like it to be said.....I didn't use proper English here for a very good reason.

You are not expendable at all Mathew--you are very important in establishing and maintaining that elusive Balance. It is thru hardship and overcoming obstacles that we grow--I know you know this, and I know you live by that principle. I am grateful to have you as a true friend and a loving spirit-guide who stays sane in an insane world.

My Reply
You too are a blessing Terri in an insane imbalanced world, much blessing to you and yours.


To my reader again, please do not put yourself in harms way in any sense, I certainly appreciate your support but please see it from my view, it's just not worth it......each to their own.