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Friday, 21 August 2015

Why Are We Expressing More Love?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think it's to do with balancing, the balancing out between our minds and our hearts. I wrote the following on a Google community recently in relation to this important balance between our heart and our head. 

The heart allows us to focus on the collective where's the head allows us to focus on ourselves, both are important.  

The heart allows us to love where the head allows us to think, balance is certainly the key. 

When the head is in control, love is left out in the cold, all hell breaks loose. When the heart controls the head,  we loose growth through awareness and stagnate.  

Love is on the cards for a very good reason, it will give us back our balance.  

I think it's important not to get love confused with lust because lust is of the head, not the heart, for example, when a women or child is raped, this is lust, this is wholly driven by the mind not the heart. No one who truly loves could even think of raping  what they lust after, this is due to lustful thoughts being balanced out by love.  

Heart = love + collective + expressive of love + feelings + impulse + ego
Head/mind = lust + individual + expressive of thought +awareness + logics + egotism

The collective/individual: Now it's interesting to see the difference between the head and the heart in relation to the collective and the individual, the heart is of the collective and the head is of the individual. If you have noticed, people who are truly expressive of love, express this to the collective, not themselves, however, when a person is mainly expressive of love of  themselves, this is the head not the heart. In this case it's more about lust, for example, "People just can't help  lusting after me because I'm so beautiful and/or powerful". 

Now the head is of individualism, the reason for this lies in the way the ego is used by the mind. The mind, without the balance of the heart, becomes egotistical because the mind is about the individual, not the collective. When we become knowledgeable and aware, it's about the individual mind becoming knowledgeable and aware, it's not about the collective mind. This is even the case when the mind shares such knowing,  it's, "Look at what I know". However, when we balance out this knowing with love, we then start to share this knowing in a different way, it's then expressed as, "Look at what I'm sharing with you". With the heart balancing out the head, the expressions of the mind becomes about the collective instead of the individual, actually, there are people out there who become aware just to serve the collective mind.

Expressions of love and thought:  The expression of love has everything to do with feelings as expressions of thought is to do with awareness. Yes, feelings can bring on awareness but feelings are more about impulses rather than a thought, this is why at times we will become aware of something out of the blue for no reason. This is why impulses are all to do with the heart and logics has everything to do with the head/mind. 

If we were to primarily use the heart over and above the mind, our awareness would stagnate, it wouldn't progress or evolve, this is because the only things we would want to become aware of, would be love orientated, everything else not of love, would be ignored. 

If we were to primarily use the head over and above the heart, our awareness would evolve but our wisdom in knowing how to use this knowledge would founder (collapse) in on itself, basically destroy itself if not balanced out with the heart. This sounds like a reality I know of........!!!!!  

If you noticed I didn't primarily relate wisdom to the heart nor the head, this is because it's of neither but both when the heart and head are used in balance with each other. In today's society, this makes true wisdom scarce therefore very valuable to the collective, this is due to most people being either of the head or the heart.

Balance: This reality is primarily influenced by the head, it's too easy to counteract this by using the heart, the consensus is, the more heart, the better but it's not. By primarily counteracting the head with the heart, we are still lacking wisdom, wisdom can only be gained through balance, a good example of this was Confucius.  

The middle Confucius quote above I feel relates to evolving, to do this successfully however takes balance between the heart and the head as the last quote above denotes. This came from a man who used his mind but used his mind in balance with  his heart it would seem, we can certainly all do this.