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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Visualised Mentalities - An Amphoteric

Written by Mathew Naismith

The collective human consciousness is able to express a mentality like Buddha and Jesus or Adolf Hitler and what I call a Trump mentality, a typical multinational mentality purely based on transitory states of control and dominance. The huge difference between these two quite different types of mentalities  is obvious, one kind of mentality is based on the eternal self and the other the ephemeral self. Basically, one is based on the true self and  the other isn't.

In knowing this through clear observation void of bias judgement, what kind of mentality is spiritually conducive towards? I think the answer to this is obvious, it shouldn't have anything to do with a Hitler or Trump mentality but a mentality based on people of a truer expression of wisdom. No mentality based purely on transitory states is a depiction of wisdom in my mind, a true expression of wisdom can only be expressed through an eternal mentality, a mentality aware of the whole self as opposed to the human self. To me, people like Jesus and Buddha are a depiction of our whole self, our whole eternal self.  I should also state, this goes for anyone who expresses a truer form of wisdom like Rumi or Confucius etc.

I recently met up with a very good spiritually aware friend of mine, we don't communicate with each other all that much but when we do we connect, the thing is, when we connect, we connect  through very little expression. Our expression was simple, we both expressed a mentality based on the vision of Buddha with his right hand erect and facing outward. neither of us are into Buddhism by the way, it's just we have both been expressing the mentality of Buddha in recent times.

I also have friends who wanted me to go into business with them, one of their mentors was Mr Trump, their expressive mentality was of a Trump mentality. Don't get me wrong here, these friends who praise Mr Trump are very nice sincere people, both of these people were my bosses at one time or another when working in the disability field. To a lot of people, Mr Trump is probably a nice sincere person as well, this is obvious as he is receiving a lot of support from people in the US, it's just Mr Trump isn't a vision of myself at present.

Would have Adolf Hitler been a depiction of myself prior to WWII? To a lot of German people he was, he certainly helped Germany out of it's decay in more than one way, this of course was transitory as any mentality purely based on transitory expressions is going to be. To answer the question, no, unlikely anyway. If I'm not in tune with the Trump mentality of today, I'm certainly wasn't going to be in tune with Hitler's mentality. I would have probably been a victim of the night of the long knives, this is when Hitler disposed of he's detractors and opposition through murdering them.  

Now the reason for not being possibly in tune with the Hitler mentality is simple, I base my own mentality on the wise instead of the unwise based purely on observation. Instead of visualising myself as a  heroic Hitler or Trump, I visualise myself as a Rumi or Buddha for example. One set of mentalities is based purely on control, the other isn't!!

We might think that all wise people such as Rumi and Buddha, for example, are about control, this couldn't be further from the truth, in actuality, they released control by disallowing the ego to always be controlling. All they did is become aware, it's this simple, and by disallowing the ego to be controlling, this gave them wisdom. Anyone who is unable to stop the ego being in control, isn't of wisdom in my mind. The reason for this is simple, it's the ego in control, not the person themselves, in actuality you don't want to take control, all you need to do is become aware that any controlling expressions is of the ego, not your truer whole self.

Any kind of control denotes an ego in control, an ego in control is always going to create a transitory mentality and a state of existence and being. The reason again for this is simple, the ego in control never represents our truer self but a transitory self that is usually naturally destructive. The destruction in the world is quite natural for mentalities purely based on a transitory controlling egos. No one is actually in control of anything in this world, no matter how much the ego has duped them into believing so, this expression alone denotes a transitory state and all transitory states are of a controlling ego. Within this, there is no depiction of our truer eternal selves being a part of our existence.  It's really strange living in an existence purely based on transitory states......I'm amazed to say the least.

Visualisation can be quite influential towards what kind of mentality you will express, whatever visualisation you choose has no wrong or rights attached to it, only a controlling ego would judge so. I think it all comes down to, do we need more Hitler and Trump expressive mentalities in the world or do we need more expressions of wisdom in the world!!  What would a truly wise person become expressive of? Again, the answer to this is obvious......well, to me anyway.  

Note: I use the Australian way of spelling, I also at times express a form of Australian bush grammar, sorry but this is who I am.