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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Human Perspective vs Spiritual Perspectives

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an awkward discussion to share which will, I think, show how different perspectives look at fear, love, hate heaven and hell quite on a different level of understanding.

Actually I decided not to share such a discussion as this discussion
became too inept/tactless in my mind, it would seem others can express their perspectives but as soon as anyone else points out different perspectives, this isn't taken well by certain people, it would seem only their own perspectives speak the truth. It would be nice if some people could see past their own fixations to their own belief systems at times, how else will we take on new conscious changes!!
Some people believe fear is the opposite to love not hate, this is one perspective, other people like myself believe fear can't be the opposite of love. The main argument against love being the opposite of hate is you cannot express love and fear at the same time, but what about a partner who has their partner, they love dearly, about to depart this life, are they not expressive of love and fear when fearing of losing there beloved partner?

The following was stated to me as another argument for fear being the opposite of love, I imagine a place that must contain all the love that could exist in any space .... perhaps 'heaven' or perhaps a divine spiritual realm ... would such a place contain any 'fear' ? Why is that ?”

Such a place would not contain fear because fear isn't a tool that is needed in such an aware conscious state, we don't exist in such an aware state of consciousness so fear is a tool we can use to become aware but only if we face our fears.

Now what happens when we don't face our fears? Fear becomes the opposite of love mainly because fear becomes something negative instead of something positive or neutral.

It would seem the only time fear is the opposite of love, is when we only look at fear as something negative instead of something positive or neutral,however, this view relates wholly to the human perspective of fear, not the spiritual aspect of fear.

If love is positive and fear is negative, fear has to be the opposite of love, to me this is a human perspective, what if you now looked at fear as something positive or neutral, it instantly changes the aspect of fear altogether because fear is no longer the opposite of love. Try changing hate in the same manner, it doesn't work for a very good reason, to me this is a spiritual perspective.

I find the human perspective on fear quite funny actually, as usual the human perspective blinds one to the truth that fear can be what ever we want it to be.

One more example; I love my wife to bits, could I not also at the exact same time feel fear in losing her? Now can I hate and love my wife at the same time? No because you cannot mix fire and water together as you cannot mix hate and love together, yes at times fear doesn't or can't mix with love, this doesn't make fear eternally the opposite of love.

If it wasn't for conquering my fears, what would I be aware of at present? Very little so fear isn't altogether negative but it can be when we don't face them, when I don't face them, this is when love can become the opposite of love. Only through human perspectives can fear become the opposite of love.

To give a different twist to this topic the following statement was made in this discussion,Fear of the unknown is, what I believe, we experience when we think about Heaven, if there is such a thing, and/or Hell, if there is such a thing. It is my belief, that heaven and hell is what we experience here on Earth. Just my 2 cents worth.
Come on guys, make something of that belief. Please. I am bored”

Heaven and hell are a perspective either created through human perspectives or spiritual aspects, heaven in a human perspective illustrates love and fearlessness and hell is illustrated as hate and fear. You can in this human perspective see how love is eternally seen as the opposite of fear.

The spiritual aspect to this is quite different, there is no true separation, all of what is, is pure consciousness until we bring in human perspectives in our case, this is when we start fearing fear through the separation of consciousness. In this conscious state we start separating love from hate, fear from love.

In a true spiritual sense, heaven and hell don't exist but because of our human perspectives, they do exist and through this perspective we do indeed truly create a heaven and hell on Earth and beyond.
Another perspective to look at, how many people within themselves have created hate in opposition to love? Too many to count, how many people have created fear in opposition to love? I might be a little presumptuous here but I would say zilch.

We create what we perceive, if we perceive fear is the opposite to love, that is what we will create and that is exactly what some people have created. This is exactly the same for hate and love, in a true spiritual aspect, there are no opposites, however, because we all live within an ignorant state of consciousness, we have created opposites.

Within this conscious state I will never accept hate as a state of consciousness to exist by in this lifetime, there is enough of that around anyway, I don't need to add to it. This however doesn't mean that other people shouldn't experience such states of consciousness and I accept that.

Let's now look at the words fear, love and hate in a vibrational sense of the word, words don't sound the way they do for no reason.

Say the word love, now say the word hate, the vibrations you get from saying these words are quite different to each other, now say the word fear, it's neither a pleasant vibration as love nor an unpleasant vibration as hate so where does this leave fear? To me this denotes a neutral vibration until we use it in a negative or positive way which is all down to how our perspectives, either it be human, spiritual or both, perceives such vibrations.

We need to detach ourselves from old teachings from an old consciousness to take on any new consciousness's, this I'm afraid does take one to let go of a lot of the old teachings that no longer serve a new consciousness. Like the Earth, we must keep evolving by riding ourselves or changing our old consciousness to see the new consciousness more clearly.