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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Conceived from Sparks of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

“We have all been created from dust particles however we were all conceived through consciousness!!” This is my latest quote and it has so much relevance within how aware we are becoming, dust created who we are but consciousness is what we are.  Our evolutionary body & mind was created from dust, the reason I say evolutionary is because our mind & body have evolved in time which has given us man made conscious awareness of who we are, mainly through various science’s but of course religion/spirituality had a hand in this as well through time.

As any species evolve, it becomes more and more consciously aware of itself and it’s surroundings, this is consciousness brought on by evolutionarily evolving but of course this takes time. It’s funny to think that man’s consciousness evolved from specs of dust and gases but it has. Why has man evolved and a rock and a tree or other biological species haven’t, especially in conscious awareness?  Man was created through time from specs of dust but how does a speck of dust become aware and continues to evolve in conscious awareness?

This sounds awfully loony to think man’s conscious awareness is due to being created from dust, I could pick up a handful of dust and no matter what I do to this dust it will not become aware of itself. The theory of evolution has given us some idea in how man’s consciousness has come about, it took many thousands of years to evolve but I still to this day wonder how a speck of dust becomes aware of itself!!   

As usual to answer such queries we look at ourselves & our own evolution which is influenced by our outer environment. In one life time our awareness can grow quite dramatically from birth to adulthood, this is how evolution works on a small scale, it also works this way on a larger scale as human history proves, this is saying time is needed for evolution to work. It is obvious how evolution, by just looking at one life time, has given us consciousness of man. So if we look at the creation of the universe itself we can see how evolution works.

Wait a minute, what are we doing!! We have compared ourselves to the rest of the known universe and came up with how evolution has created our conscious awareness, man seems to only be able to make deductions on what man himself has become. However the rest of the universe isn’t reliant on man to make such deductions, it’s not built upon man’s evolution, man is built upon the evolution of the universe.  Man and his consciousness came sometime after the creation of the universe so how can we make such deductions from our own consciousness about how everything else evolved in the universe. Yes science has proven to a point in how the universe was created but how was it conceived.  Conceived doesn’t just mean created, it also means envisioned and perceived. Man, in his wisdom, doesn’t or can’t look at the universe as being conceived as in envisioned or perceived because his too busy relating the rest of the universe upon what he knows not what is actually known. There couldn’t possibly be a consciousness before man’s consciousness, it would have had to be conceived even before the universe was created and this is impossible because it takes time to create conscious awareness obviously or so man thinks!!

It’s funny how we compare the rest of creation on man’s limited understanding; he seems to only know of what time has given him to know, mainly through evolution and the following experiences of evolving. The thing is, man doesn’t know that everything he needs to know is right in front of him. Science has only looked at the universe as being created but has never, to my knowing, looked seriously at the universe as being conceived. We humans conceive all the times through being consciously aware either it be giving birth (creating) or conceiving new ideas, this is all a part of evolution & evolving, why can’t we see the universe as being conceived? Are our egos that inflated??

We have our own consciousness that has evolved through time but there is in my mind a higher conscious, it’s only higher because it’s far more aware than human consciousness. We try so desperately to look outwardly beyond the stars for answers when all the time the answers were right there in front of us. This is like an individual looking for something out from oneself that has always been within.  Man’s consciousness has come from outside of oneself mainly from experiences throughout history however universal consciousness comes from within, a consciousness that is right in front of us.