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Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Immortal Wisdom Within All Things

Written by Mathew Naismith

Everything within it's entirety is of this wisdom, this wisdom is basically the sprit within all things with no exceptions. We might think we become detached from this but we never truly become detached from this spirit, when we say we are becoming reconnected, we are not really reconnecting at all because we are always of the spirit of wisdom, the inner wisdom. In a mortal reality, we are actually only really remembering we are of this wisdom, there is no true reconnection.

A feeling of a reconnection can only be felt through mortal realities, we do indeed feel like we are reconnecting with ourselves, however, this feeling isn't incorrect, in a mortal reality we are reconnecting with this spirit only because we feel we have become disconnected. Saying that we are reconnecting is quite appropriate while existing in a mortal reality, however, it's wise to remember we were never really disconnected. Being disconnected is simply to do with being unaware, once we become aware, we only then realise we were never really disconnected.

It would seem wisdom comes from the immortal self, I had a person point this out just recently as bellow.                     

The immortal self is the source of wisdom. Perhaps that's something we can agree on.

The seven spirits before the throne of God listed in the bible are:

1. The Spirit of the Lord
2. The Spirit of Wisdom.
3. The Spirit of Understanding.
4. The Spirit of Counsel.
5. The Spirit of Might.
6. The Spirit of Knowledge.
7. The Spirit of Fear of the Lord.

I always find it fascinating that there are 7 Chakras within Buddhism and that the number 7 has such special meaning.

My Rely

It is amazing how it all seems to collate. 

The paradox is, in relation to wisdom and knowledge in mortal realities, knowledge and awareness seem to produce wisdom, this is correct, however, in immortal  realities knowledge and awareness come from wisdom. 

Wisdom depicted as being directly under the lord is correct, wisdom is a direct expression of the lord where knowledge isn't. Knowledge and awareness are expressions of mortal beings, this is why knowledge is directly associated with mortal expressions. 

I don't think wisdom can actually be expressed until a conscientiousness is of mortal expressions. The way we express wisdom is through mortal expressions like awareness and knowledge. 

An expression of wisdom in a mortal existence then becomes awareness and knowledge but only in part. By only expressing part of this wisdom, we run the risk of becoming destructive and chaotic. This is why we can't blame God for everything that happens to us, we actually cause this by only expressing wisdom as knowledge and awareness. Trying to gain wisdom from knowledge and awareness is a risky business, it can create a reality hell bent on chaos. How aware and knowledgeable are we today? We are still creating chaos because we  are still not expressive of wisdom itself. 

Wisdom can't be expressed as it's not of mortal realities, it's too high a vibration to be expressed in mortal realities, this wisdom is then only expressed as awareness and knowledge, not wisdom itself. You are already of the immortal being therefore you are already of wisdom, everything else only becomes a part of this wisdom when in mortal realities. 

What would happen if we were of this wisdom? Realities of mortal existence wouldn't and couldn't exist, this wisdom would cancel them out. Imagine if this God's consciousness enveloped us all, we wouldn't be in a mortal reality any longer, this is true wisdom that can only exist in an immortal reality. This is why in a mortal reality we don't actually ever express wisdom, once a true state of wisdom is reached, we would no longer be in a mortal reality. 

There are wise people but they are never expressive of wisdom itself, knowing and being aware of this wisdom is good enough and that is all we can do in a mortal reality of motion.

Wisdom is of the immortal self, it's infinite where awareness and knowledge isn't infinite, actually awareness and knowledge have no direction until directed by wisdom. Awareness and knowledge are mortal, how may times has human knowledge been changed because it wasn't quite correct, you can't say the same about wisdom. Who's awareness and knowledge is absolutely correct? Again you can't say this about wisdom, actually most wisdom put into words collate with each other, how much of atheistic knowledge and awareness collate with religious knowledge and awareness?

Knowledge and awareness, influenced by wisdom, tell us that God exists in certain realities but wisdom also tells us it doesn't exist in other realities, it's neither one or the other. However, knowledge and awareness, expressed without wisdom, tell us there is no paradox only because a certain knowledge and awareness is correct over all other forms of knowledge and awareness. There is however an obvious paradox in a mortal reality, this depends on the reality a consciousness is experiencing, no one form of awareness and knowledge is of absolute truth within a mortal reality.

An immortal reality on the other hand works quite differently, this is  mainly due to there being no infinite amounts of knowledge and awareness telling us of different perspectives, there is only one perspective brought about by wisdom as opposed to knowledge and awareness.

In an atheistic reality, there is no God, this is correct because there is no higher consciousness within an immortal reality, religion however tells us something quite different within a mortal reality, they are both correct.     

Certain knowledge and awareness (religion) tells us this wisdom is of a God, other forms of knowledge and awareness (spirituality) tell us something quite different, which perspective is correct? Wisdom tells us that both perspectives are correct depending on the consciousness we are experiencing/expressing, there is no true paradox because wisdom tells us it's one of the same. However, knowledge and awareness, used without wisdom, tell us there is a paradox, there is or isn't a God, you can't have a God existing and not have a God existing at the same time but there is, this depends on the perspective. Wisdom tells us we are talking about the same thing but in a different way, depending on the knowledge and awareness we are using and if this knowledge and awareness is being influenced by wisdom.

The many different perspectives of knowledge and awareness certainly complicates the simple, using knowledge and awareness, without wisdom, will complicate life creating chaos, this is obvious. Wisdom is simple, this is why it simplifies these different perspectives and can indeed simplify our reality making it far less chaotic.    

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mayan Connection

Written by Mathew Naismith

We are entering into an age of the feminine from the age of the masculine, was the age of the masculine of mortal expressions and is the feminine of  immortal expressions?

Mortal expressions are all to do with being unaware of our immortal self, you can’t successfully express mortal expressions to the full unless you are unaware of the feminine self. As is the universe, the human species has been expressive of change, nothing in a mortal existence stays the same as it’s influenced by active cycles. These cycles, as is the nature of the universe itself, can be quite destructive within these changes, this is a natural process. The suns for example will end their cycle, when they do, every living thing influenced by these suns will change, in other words die out.

The way humans have behaved is right in line with the universe itself, sometimes the sun reacts and causes harm, humans naturally do the same when in conflict while existing in a mortal existence.

We will however react quite differently in an immortal existence (the age of the feminine), this is because the famine also represents awareness where the masculine represents knowledge.

Age of the feminine = awareness + immortal expressions + passive cycles
Age of the masculine = knowledge + mortal expressions + active cycles

Any massive change like this will have teething problems, this change however is inevitable no matter how much we want to stay with the familiar.

I should say, linking the age of the masculine to knowledge, mortal expressions and active cycles and the age of the feminine to awareness, immortal expressions and passive cycles, is my own idea, it certainly has nothing to do with absolute truth.

Now we might think that knowledge is awareness as knowledge brings on awareness. I wrote a quote a few months ago and it goes like this, “For only in ignorance can we destroy”.  To me, no truly aware consciousness could be destructive especially when being aware that everything is connected, this is like cutting off a hand of ours, being aware of the hand being ours, we wouldn’t cut it off.  If on the other hand we weren’t aware that the hand was ours, we would cut it off as it’s a foreign matter that become attached to us.

Yes, knowledge brings on awareness, this is what this age of the feminine is all about I feel, however, at present we are still not aware enough to desist in being destructive,  it’s actually quite obvious that we have used this knowledge to become even more destructive. The age of the feminine I feel will teach us to use this knowledge more wisely and constructively but only when we also become aware of the immortal self, this will quite automatically happen in the age of the feminine I feel. 

Supplement: This post wasn’t well understood and also after the 2012 fizzer,  people don’t have trust in what the Mayan Calendars say. I hope the following will put more light on this post and make it more credible.

According to the Mayan calendars, we are entering into the age of the feminine, this is a huge conscious change for us because we will now think more passively instead of actively.  In other words we will become more naturally constructive.

The mortal is of the masculine because everything is influenced by cycles, cycles of course mean an eventual end (mortality).

Immortal existences works differently in that we are more about our immortal self rather than our mortal self. We become aware of our immortal self because the cycles within this feminine age are more passive.   

Indeed, 2012 was the start of our change of consciousness, consciousness doesn't change over night as a lot of people thought. The Mayan calendars tell of the start of the change in 2012, not the occurrence of an instant massive change over night.

I think misreading what the calendars actually said, comes from desire rather than awareness, a desire of an immediate more constructive existence.   

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Healing Through Immortality

Written by Mathew Naismith

The healing process: Healing through immortality actually has nothing to do with a healing process, as such, it’s to do with a realization that adjusts the mortal self in accordance with what is being realised, this of course to our mortal self is healing. Once we adjust to this realisation, this in turn automatically adjusts what mortal conditioning has accrued.

This can be tricky, we have so many mortal conditions to be healed from the mind to the body and even to the soul itself, where do we start?

First of all, you must realise that you don’t actually start anywhere, this is due to there being no starting or ending point of your immortal self, remembering, your immortal self isn’t governed by time. It’s actually this time that accrues conditions that need healing, why continue to use time to rid ourselves of what has been accrued when it’s this time, this mortal state of consciousness, that has given us these conditions in the first place?

Time = mortal existence + added conditions + healing needed
Timelessness = immortal existence + no conditions + no healing needed

The realisation is all to do with realising your immortal self and that the mortal self will accrued conditions in accordance with our unawareness of our immortal self. Yes, all our conditions are due to an unawareness, it’s as simple as that, or is it?

To a consciousness that is predominantly conditioned to mortal existence, being aware isn’t going to be simple to do, how is a consciousness unconditioned to  immortal existence going to comprehend this  immortal existence?  So in turn, we continue to use mortal healing processes to heal ourselves, this kind of healing process of course isn’t sustainable, this is all due to using the same existence that is the cause of the conditions in the first place, time (mortal existence).

Many posts ago I wrote about perceiving past time into timelessness, which denotes our immortal self, if there’s no time, there is no mortality, an ending of a consciousness. This is all due to there being no starting or ending point of existence, if there I no starting or ending point, how would a condition that needs healing exist in the first place?  The thing is it wouldn’t and this is the point in the realisation of  immortal existence. Mortal existence isn’t actually normal because it’s rarely experienced by consciousness itself, in other words mortality isn’t our usual state of consciousness, it’s an anomaly from our usual state of existence, this however in my mind doesn’t make it an illusion, just an expression of consciousness itself.

We are basically deluded in thinking mortal existence is who we are and that mortal existence is our normal state of consciousness, this mentality will of course accrued insurmountable conditions that need healing. I do myself find it strange though that we use what is causing our condition in the first place in the healing process, again this of course isn’t going to be sustainable. This would be like taking rat poison to rid ourselves of toxic arsenic poisoning, this action will of course kill us in the end. I suppose once we are dead, we have healed the condition but isn’t there a better way to rid ourselves of these condition in the first place? 

Let’s look at how people like Jesus healed, all they do is touch someone or even connect themselves in someway without touching them to heal these conditions, to a mortal thinking person, this healing process would seem totally absurd and rightfully so, if we can’t comprehend something, how could it exist?  To people like Jesus, this kind of healing process indeed existed only because they comprehended (became aware of) their own immortal existence.

Yes, it can take time to condition ourselves to comprehending immortal existence, only because we are conditioned to think we are predominantly mortal. It’s wise to read up on anything that tells us about our immortality, this will start the reconditioning process of knowing we are truly immortal.

The soul: Yes, the soul can also accrue conditions that need healing, this of course seems daunting to the mortal thinking self, “we need to heal our human selves and our soul, it’s too much”, the usual question is, “where do I start?” Again, you don’t start anywhere, a soon as you have done this, you have started a healing process that accrued these conditions in the first place. Just become aware of  immortal existence, you might say this is a starting point but it’s not, it’s just an awareness nothing more. What you need to do is forget about starting and ending points to begin with, become aware of your immortal self. Again it comes down to simple awareness.

Human self = time + mortal existence
The soul = time and timelessness + mortal and immortal existence
Spirit = timelessness + immortal existence

The soul is indeed unique, it’s a balance of  time and timeliness, mortal and immortal existence until it’s predominately governed by mortal or immortal existence. When the soul is governed by mortal existence, it can accrue conditions that need healing, this isn’t the same when the soul is predominately governed by the spirit itself (consciousness itself), this is due to the spirit not accruing conditions that need to be healed.

The strange thing about the soul is it’s not governed by boundaries like mortal existence is until the soul becomes governed by time. The soul has a starting point but not in the same sense as mortal existences do, the soul has always existed as pure consciousness but it’s not until it expresses this consciousness does it have a starting point of origin. You might think that if the soul has a starting point, the soul has to have an ending point as well, this isn’t the case but can be the case, this depends on if the soul is governed by mortal or immortal existence (time or timelessness). I did say the soul was unique.

I actually came across souls that were very disruptive and destructive on a couple of occasions, their whole being was influenced by mortality, only through this mortality were they able to be so disruptive and destructive, this was all due to mortal  thinking consciousnesses existing in a reality of mortal existence. They themselves were aware of their own mortality, for once they became aware of immortal existence, their own existence would cease to exist even at the soul level. They didn’t take too kindly to me, I was too aware of immortal existence. 

Mortal existence exists only because of the existence of mortal existences, if we were to all become the spirit itself, all mortal existence would cease to exist. This is were the soul gives the spirit balance and an existence to were this spirit can express it’s own consciousness in it’s various ways.

You can at the human level wise your soul to it’s own immortality thus giving back a soul it’s balance, once you obtain a balance between mortal and immortal existences, you will find you won’t need to be healed. I’m not actually doing this myself, only because I don’t judge or mind being also expressive of an imbalance which accrues conditions that need to be healed. The funny thing is, the majority of people existing in this mortal existence are doing the same, they are just not aware of this at the human level, trust me, you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

It is however noticeable that a lot of people want to change this existence to a more constructive existence, void of these accrued conditions. To me, becoming aware of your immortal self is a good start, however, do try to stay away from healing processes that incorporate using healing processes that use mortal conditioning, this would be like a dog chasing it’s tail. 


Monday, 3 August 2015

Seeing Within – The Enlightened Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

Seeing our truer or whole self isn’t easy for us to do, this is because we usually only see ourselves as a mortal being and that all other immortal beings being of a higher stature to ourselves. This is actually an odd assumption to make, this is all due to mortality denoting motion, the more motion (consciousness) we express, the more like a mortal we think and act, in other words mortality = motion. All this motion is, is an expression of consciousness itself , an expression of what we call God’s consciousness. The more expressive we are of this consciousness, or consciousness period, the more mortal we will feel, of course at this stage we are going to praise any other consciousness more aware than ours as being of a higher stature.

The enlightened self here is really referring to the self that is more aware or more connected to consciousness itself, thinking only in a mortal way, gives us the idea that being enlightened is a heightened state of consciousness when it’s really only a state of consciousness that isn’t being as expressive of consciousness itself, in other words an enlightened state is more aware only because it’s more motionless. You might think this is strange, wouldn’t a consciousness state be more aware while being expressive  of consciousness itself, therefore, the more motion you express, the more aware you become?  The thing is, the more motionless a conscious state is, the more of an observer it becomes and of course the more aware. Being enveloped and involved in expressing this consciousness, hinders our capabilities of being an observer, we have basically become fixated to expressing this consciousness through motion, forgetting how to be an observer in the meantime.

Everyone, without question, in realities like this one, are being expressive of consciousness itself in one way or another, they are expressing some form of motion, however, some people are able to be expressive of this motion and still stay an observer to some extent. Spiritual awareness teaches us this to one extent or another, a good example of this is meditation. You might think praying must also do the same but it doesn’t,  this is because while we are praying, we are  praying to a higher consciousness higher than ourselves in some way, within this action alone, we are demonstrating we are mortal. Yes, while meditating, you can meditate as a mortal but you can also meditate as an immortal, on the other hand, praying only denotes a state of mortality.

This however doesn’t make praying useless, praying teaches us to focus and gives thanks to all the motions we are able to experience, this might not sound important but it is. Praying allows us to be appreciative  of what we experience and allows one to focus on the good things in life when experiencing trauma, chanting works in a similar way. By praying to a higher consciousness, we also become more connected to this consciousness, but in doing so, we most often believe we are less worthy, this couldn’t be further from the truth because all you are doing is expressing this God’s consciousness, is it unworthy expressing this God’s consciousness?  Yes, we become too much about the motion of consciousness itself and neglect the motionlessness state of this consciousness, this doesn’t however make us unworthy, it just make us unaware. By being unaware, does this make these consciousness’s  unworthy? No, it just makes a consciousness unaware of itself and it’s connection to consciousness itself.  

To use an example of how we have become, what is called fallen from grace, I will use Greek mythology. Fallen from grace first of all, to me, means being unaware through too much motion while not being aware of our motionless self. Motionless of course means being expressive of consciousness itself through observation, we on the other hand, while existing in a reality of motion, have neglected keeping in touch with our enlightened self (consciousness itself) in it’s motionless state. 

So often through Greek mythology is it mentioned about God’s and Goddesses becoming expressive of being mortal, so much so that at times that they forget their place, their truer enlightened self. To me, the God’s and Goddesses refer to ourselves falling from grace, from a state of enlightenment to a state of ignorance, and in turn, usually causing chaos in doing so. Chaos is of course caused by a consciousness falling from grace, from a state of awareness to a state of being unaware.

Like anything written for mortals by mortals, there is a higher entity, a higher consciousness, in Greek mythology it’s Zeus, in Christianity it’s a God of man and so on. This mentality of there being a higher stature of consciousness, allows us to stay connected to our motionless self while experiencing and being expressive of motion in a reality of motion, this sadly enough in my mind takes us away from being an observer. A lot of religions do this through their doctrines while forgetting their own true place within consciousness itself, in other words their too focused on the doctrines and not enough on their own connection to consciousness itself.

A lot of people who are into, what is called new age spirituality, focus more on the connection rather than doctrines, well to some extent. I know a number of people who religiously meditate, their doctrine s in this case become meditation practices, this practice however allows them to focus on the connection rather than just the doctrines that were written by mortals themselves for mortal mentalities. Religious doctrines can work in the same manner but only if used in conjunction with this connection, however, I feel his connection can only be obtained if we see ourselves as being immortal as well. This is like someone meditating, if they meditate as a mortal, they won’t become as connected than if they meditate as an immortal, it’s really all got to do with how we perceive ourselves, as mortals or immortals or both.

It’s important to see yourself as a God or Goddess fallen from grace to become better connected to consciousness itself I feel, however within this mentality, we will most often  perceive through a mortal mentality and see this God and Goddess status as being of a higher status, this is quite normal. We perceive this because we are only seeing ourselves as being mortal, try truly seeing yourself as immortal. Once you truly obtain this perception, you become aware that there is no higher or lower stature, just different expressions of motions of consciousness.

Immortal = motionless self + egoless self + awareness +God’s consciousness + timelessness
Mortal = motion + ego self + unaware + expressive of God’s consciousness + time

I should also say here, just because you are immortal, doesn’t mean you won’t express motion, we are a good example of this, we are truly immortal within our truer selves, but in realities of motion, we are expressive of consciousness itself through motion. Being truly immortal is being aware that you are truly immortal before expressing yourself as a mortal, in other words you are an enlightened consciousness before you became unenlightened, unaware of your immortal self.

Now I denoted being immortal to timelessness, this is due to timelessness being of motionless, there is not starting or ending point so there is no movement, no motion therefore no creation. In this case, how could being immortal come before expressing yourself in motion when there is no starting or ending point of origin?

I also mentioned there is no creation in timelessness, how could there be when there is no starting point of creation? You can’t create anything unless you have a starting point and to have a stating point you need time, this means everything was created through time, through motion and a mortal mentality, not this motionless God’s consciousness. We mustn’t forget here that everything is expressed from God’s consciousness, this means everything either it be of motion or motionless is of this God’s consciousness.

In this motionless timeless state, everything has always existed but only as pure consciousness including our mortal selves. Time allows this motionless consciousness to be expressed, once this consciousness is expressed, we have creation, this means before this consciousness is expressed we are immortal before expressing ourselves as mortals. You can only express yourself in time and it’s this time that gives us motion. Pure consciousness on the other hand is of timelessness therefore motionless until it’s expressed in time. Time has also always existed but not the expressing of consciousness itself in time, this is new only because it has a starting point within time itself. The thing with time is it’s mortal, it’s governed by cycles of motion that have a starting and ending point, this is why we think we are only mortal expressions of consciousness, you can easily see why we perceive there has to always be a higher status when there isn’t.                      

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Spirituality- Immortality and Mortality

Written by Mathew Naismith

This certainly isn’t going to be a post for everyone especially for those who don’t believe in folklores, fables, mythology or anything that is written in the bible or other religious texts. I’m not saying these so called mythical recounts are as factual as they claim but they certainly, in my mind, worth noting.  The problem is we read these recounts in the way we perceive today, these accounts were written when we perceived quite differently to what we do today so of course they are going to seem mythical to us today.  What this post is really about however is immortality and mortality as the title depicts.

First of all, what makes one immortal as opposed to mortal? Being immortal is being God like or divine in some manner where’s mortality denotes a being that is mortal/human however what makes one actually different between being immortal and mortal?  

To answer this question we need to ask another question. What’s the difference between the awareness of an immortal to a mortal? It’s the lack of awareness that makes a mortal mortal however because the immortals are far more aware than a mortal, mythology depicts them as being divine/God like.  What this is saying, to be mortal one has to live in ignorance as opposed to being aware past the thought of just being mortal, so to answer the first question the difference between being mortal and mortal is how ignorant one is of their true selves.   

Mythology depicts quite often God and Goddess like beings over lording over mortal beings mainly because of the mortal’s ignorance of who they are.  There are also many other characters depicted in mythology and alike who over lord mortal beings even though they are mortal themselves.  In this case they are unaware of their own total immortality however they have enough awareness to over lord others who are totally ignorant of their true selves.

Overlording over less unaware being /entities isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you mean harm. An overlord can protect the innocent and ignorant from harm from those who are more aware, that is why many people believe in a God like person overlording/overseeing them.  This seems to be saying only the ignorant will believe in an overlord like a God being a protector!!

Put up your hands if you are mortal? All mortal beings are ignorant however our ignorance is determined in how aware we are.  How many people who a more aware than most abuse this privilege? 
This is portrayed in many mythical recounts how a more aware being/entity abused this privilege instead of complimenting this awareness with kindness.  If we didn’t have the records we have today people like Hitler could have been visually depicted as some sort of demon in another thousand years time. People like Hitler have enough awareness to take control over others but aren’t aware enough to become a protector for the good of all especially of the collective and this is where God’s and Goddesses come into mythology and alike.

This brings us to being immortal, through furthering our awareness are we able to be God like, immortal? I believe most definitely, how does one heal without touching someone? This is a part of our immortality that most of us are ignorant too. This is the difference between a God like person/entity and a person who only thinks mortally.

This brings us to why aren’t we all mortal? We are at the soul level however because of our present state of human consciousness we can’t see ourselves being physically immortal mainly because of our ignorance of such occurrences actually being a reality.  There is a problem in being immortal however, who wants to live forever? This is an important question believe it or not.

No being who is truly aware wants to live forever for the main reason a fully aware person has no ego to enforce such a desire, Buddha is a good example of this. The paradox is, if you did want to become immortal to physically live forever you couldn’t because if the ego is enforcing such desires you are not aware enough to become physically immortal in the first place.  Only full awareness, without any of the controlling factors of the ego controlling our desires, can give one eternal physical life but once you become egoless you no longer desire to live forever, this is the paradox of living forever!!  

At the spirit/soul level we are all immortal however at the human physical level where mortal but only at the physical level so why have we all chosen to become ignorant of our true immortal selves?

There are numerous ways of staying ignorant and unaware of our true nature, physical pain is a good one and so is blatant ignorance.  Science is a very good way to become aware without becoming aware enough of one’s true nature of being immortal. We have all got our own way in staying mortal but why stay mortal and ignorant of our true nature, what’s the point?

In my mind we are all God’s and Goddesses in a sense because we are all truly aware and enlightened and it’s only our ignorance within realities like this one we no longer see ourselves any more than just mortal beings, well most of us anyway.  Now think of yourself as a selfless egoless God like energy source, what would you endure to experience the essence of all of what God/consciousness is especially in physical form? That is why we are all here I believe!! 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Living in the Quietness of Timelessness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is sort of going on from my last post titled Inspiring Confirmative Video as this lovely published video depicted quite a contrasting existence between being in time to being in timelessness. Allowing time to influence us without the awareness of timelessness has indeed given us the illusion that this is all we are however I don’t believe time itself is an illusion for the main reason nothing can be created in timelessness. There is no starting or ending point of creation so we wouldn’t be able to even experience illusions as illusions also need to be created.

So what are we talking about here in relation to illusions, what are illusions of time? Visualise consciousness within it’s totality, a rock for instance, now for example visualise human beings being a grain of sand within this colossal consciousness (rock). Every grain of sand within this consciousness (rock) is a minute part of consciousness within time because time fragments consciousness by breaking up the rock into individual pieces so each grain of rock/sand is able to experience it’s own consciousness. Time gives us the illusion that the rock is fragmented into individual parts but in timelessness it’s still a rock within it’s totality.

Spiritual awareness gives a more collective view of ourselves, we are now a larger part of consciousness/of the rock than we were before becoming spiritually aware & the more aware we become the bigger the grain of sand or portion of the rock/consciousness we become. It’s important here not to think of consciousness as being physical in form in anyway; we are after all just a vibrative mass. We are made up of a collective mass of vibrational frequencies that is all!! If we can perceive ourselves not being just this crude matter but an intertwined mass of vibrational frequencies understanding what is being portrayed here will be a lot easier.

As explained in older posts of mine, different vibrative frequencies are able to influence other vibrational frequencies like with cancer for instance. Cancer influences our own vibrative frequencies causing a disruption to our own frequencies. Each cancer has it’s own vibrative signature which of course is going to affect a different part of our body because each portion of our body is vibrating at a different frequency which gives it it’s form. This is a very good reason why we have always looked at vibrations to help us heal like with praying, chanting, herbs, meditating & even using musical instruments & now modern science is looking at vibrational frequencies in the healing process. In physical form we are always influenced by other vibrative frequencies around us no matter what, consciousness itself is no different when fragmented within time. By becoming spiritually aware we are forming together & influencing a greater mass of vibrative frequencies, we are becoming less individualised by fusing parts of the rock/consciousness back together again.

This is normally achieved through realising we are immortal first of all which means we are not just of time & of this fragmented rock/consciousness but of something immortal & of timelessness but most of all we are the collective consciousness itself within it’s totality.  Within this collective consciousness lies serine quietness mainly because there are no conflicting vibrational frequencies influencing each other to be something different to what they are for the main reason the rock is whole again within it’s totality even though the rock is built upon with different frequencies like our human body. The rock itself has no other rock/consciousness to influence or be influenced by thus pure serine quietness befalls upon the rock/the consciousness of man. This is pure unadulterated oneness brought on by living in the quietness of timelessness.   

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Control v Releasing Control

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve personally written this post for my avid readers of my blog hoping you might understand better than most what I’m about here; the totality of acceptance is accepting non-acceptance in oneself so one can accept this in others as well & releasing control as opposed to taking or keeping control which this particular post is more about. Non-acceptance you could say denotes control & acceptance of all denotes releasing control but like I have written up in previous posts it’s really all to do with desires as opposed to needs if non-acceptance is of control or not.

Let’s look at the human traits we don’t like about ourselves, do we just keep acting out traits we don’t like because they are unbecoming to us & others or do we just accept them & continue them even if these traits hurt others in some way? We discontinue them which seem to denote control would it not? Actually not necessarily because it all depends on if we are doing it for a desire or a need keeping in mind the controlling ego will nearly always try to tell us it’s for a need when it’s of desire. Desire is more of control & a need is more of survival. Releasing control however is not being even concerned if we survive or not, this is not easy for a human to do mainly because of he’s ego. The ego is telling him he must survive no matter what & that is exactly what we are doing today. This is where my recent posts about thinking immoral instead of thinking mortal could help with releasing control. Yes this all sounds daunting so that is why I’ve added a few links that might hopefully explain how simple it really is to let go of being controlling or of being controlled.     

Extract: I’m bossy. Have been since I was a kid. I like to direct things. I keep a clean house, tight schedule, and clear objectives. But, this isn’t necessarily something to brag about. Too often, when we are moving with a mission in mind, we move out of the moment and begin to micro-manage people and things tweaking the details to control outcomes. Not smart. In fact, it’s not even possible. To think that we can control things, means we are rooted in an illusion. Instead of seeing life as it actually is, we get caught up in how it ought to be.

Extract: By allowing everyone and everything in your life to be exactly the way they are, you allow yourself freedom from the chaos inside you. You don’t have to be super spiritual to make this change in your life.

Is this saying we should accept everything the way it is & not be non-accepting of anything? Being non-accepting doesn’t mean you’re going to change anything it just means one has a need to be non-accepting of circumstances that are unbecoming to ourselves & others around us however when change is needed, as opposed to desire, need represents survival in some way either mentally or physically. Living for a need instead of a desire is sort of between control & releasing control all together, you could say this represents a balance between the two. Living for a need is releasing control of the controlling factors of the ego which is what this post is about; all we are living for then is survival which implies that the ego is no longer in control. Some probably have a need or desire of going further to release control altogether, this can’t be done in time because to release control altogether we first need to stop desiring or needing to release control altogether, it’s a paradox because of time.  

This is where being accepting within its totality comes into it which also includes being accepting of our non-acceptance at times as well. I am accepting of my controlling ego, at times, of living for a desire instead of a need, this isn’t about releasing control so I’m contradicting myself here? No not exactly for the main reason I am aware of the controlling factors of the ego & I don’t see a wrong or right because in timelessness there is no right or wrong. In actual fact I’m not contradicting myself at all because there is no right or wrong however in time there is. Is it wrong to be expressive of the controlling factors of the ego? In time it doesn’t seem so for many & it can’t be wrong in timelessness either because timelessness has no wrong or rights so why not just be egotistically controlled altogether if there is no wrong in this?

Some of us in time have a will not to be so expressive of these ego traits & to do this we should become aware of the controlling factors of the ego to release this control within us. So what about everybody else who wishes to express such egoist controlling traits? In time they seem wrong to us who wish not to be so expressive of these traits but there is no right or wrong, only in time is there a right & wrong which again is ego controlled. It’s a paradox because of time once again.

If we thought immortally would we have these paradoxes? The answer of course is no because we wouldn’t think in time which gives us judgement therefore there would be no right or wrong & no paradoxes. To be in timeless thought would also mean far less control quite automatically, if there is no right or wrong what is there to control?  You become totally accepting within its totality only because you have become non-accepting of thinking in time remembering being non-accepting is also accepted. You can’t be totally accepting if you don’t accept being non-accepting as well.

The following link is quite interesting as well only because I relate to it so much like, “The ego in you will almost always deceives you by creating the feeling within that, if you let go, life will'll lose control...even great and terrible things could occur”. Fear unravels us & to take some sort of control of fear we rely on knowledge for an example which seemingly gives us control over fear, the fear of knowing less than others or not knowing enough to support ourselves financially. Is this saying anyone gaining knowledge is fearful & controlling? To an extent yes however this is where a need comes into compared to a desire, if we are gaining knowledge for a need that far less denotes control & fear than if we gain knowledge for desire I believe because fear is controlling, a need isn’t .       

This post also explains about faith, “What it does do is reveal a lot about the lack of faith...what really is the driven-ness of fear within that person who mistakenly thinks they are being faithful when all they're really doing is disguising their fear with platitudes that sound faithful”.

Attaining faith can also be of a controlling thing or not again depending on what’s the driving force behind us attaining faith either it be of desire or of an actual need remembering if we are in a place we don’t want to be in & we see faith as an escape from this that is more to do with desire than a need.

Recently I came across yet another new age spiritual concept mixed with old religious concepts & beliefs that is more about control than releasing control because it was all about escaping from a prison. I would like to inform my readers here today that any concept or belief that entails fear in anyway is of control in my mind as fear denotes a lack of control so all we are trying to do with this kind of faith is take back this control.

This post also tells the story of monkeys caught in traps that wouldn’t let go of bowls full of rice, if they did they would no longer be entrapped. It describes how we are the same & all we have to do is let go of the goodies to become no longer entrapped. I think if we, while meditating, spraying, chanting or whatever, think about releasing control before & during these spiritual practices releasing from being controlling will become a lot easier.  

Is this post urging us to become detached from our attachments? No & yes because again we should ask ourselves honestly is our attachments of desire or need? This doesn’t mean a desire or need for ourselves either but of others & everything around our whole environment, for example we are destroying the environment at an alarming rate because of desire, it’s not an actual need but we lie to ourselves & say it’s for a need. Lying is but one of many attributes control has given us, all we need to do to correct this, if we want too, is just release the controlling factors of the ego & this is why I have added three links to other posts/sites that will hopefully allow you to do this. Happy releasing.   

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Immortal Free Will

Written by Mathew Naismith

This seems dumb, how can free will exist when we can’t seemingly choose the way we want to live?  When asking this question, are we talking about at the human level of understanding here or are we talking about the God within? When we seemingly have no choice in the way we want to live we are actually only understanding at the human level of understanding or probably more precisely at the mortal level of understanding. Thinking we are just mortal beings is of judgment  however as always I’m not saying judgement is bad or good it just gives us an illusion that we are only mortal beings. If we are truly aware of more than our mortal selves we would realise we have free will, this knowing within oneself is inevitable. 

What’s judgement got to do with making ourselves believe we are just mortal beings? We judge we are alive, we judge we are a physical entity & we judge that we are brainier than all other creatures, this is mortality we are talking about here not anything else beyond mortal being so actually judgment has given us fixations which of course includes our beliefs.  It is nearly impossible for some of us to think or became aware of anything else past these beliefs thus we have become fixated  so of course we are going to think we have no free will unless we enforce our own free will onto others, warring is a good example of this & religion at times is another.  What would happen if we all truly realised & truly believed we are not just mortal beings? I predict we would no longer force our own will onto others & yes it has everything to do with forcing our own free will onto others because we think we don’t have free will to start with.

Being immortal we have chosen freely to live lives as mortal beings thinking that we have no free will & to express any kind of free will we must enforce it, this is expressing our free will at the immortal level of understanding.  It all comes down to, we are actually living in the way we are because we can. This sounds dumb only because we have fixations on mortal life, we can't see past this reality & once again it comes down to why not live within these fixations!!  We must remember here to understand this we are immortal not mortal energy forms, we are actually expressing our free will but only known to our immortal selves because we can. 

This comes down to realising we are immortal & realising we can change things in the world if at the immortal level of understanding we willed it so. At the moment we can’t will it unless we enforce it at the mortal level of understanding however for real change to take effect we must become aware of our immortality which of course give us more awareness.  Any enforcement denotes judgement & fixations thus obscures any further awareness. I'm really thinking though that it would be a super human effort to reverse what we have done all these centuries & actually live within peace itself, why not? That can only be delivered by the God's /realised by the God within I believe.  If we are immortal why not choose, at the immortal level of our understanding, to amend our ways, what a monumental effort that would take & what a monumental ending to a seemingly calamitous existence.  We would indeed prove ourselves to be immortal & God like or of God if we could accomplish this but do we have the will??