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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Flow of Motion

Written by Mathew Naismith       

I am presently active on a forum and I thought I would share a few replies I gave on the topic of ego and narcissism. I didn't insert other people's replies in this case as I simply didn't want to upset people, I also don't usually insert other people's comments from a forum on my posts. 


An interesting perspective alejo18qd. 

Ego isn't narcissism but can lead to narcissism if the ego is in control. To me, all ego is motion of what is motionless, ego is basically an expression of what Buddhism calls pure awareness or nothingness, meaning, ego is of this motionlessness state expressed as motion.

Motionlessness = egoless

Motion = ego

Narcissism = ego in control. 

Ego is balance because it's neither of what is desired or undesired, only when the ego is in control is the ego of desire to be more than it is or more than what everything else is, for an example, to be more than what a judged old consciousness is, is the ego in control. To desire to be neither is ego and to just be all of what is void of desire is egoless, of motionlessness. 

Pure awareness just doesn't mean being aware of everything, it means being of everything void of bias or desire. Being of everything negates motion therefore ego because once everything is as one, there is no motion because there is no separation, only oneness/motionlessness. Only in separation as in yin and yang is everything of ego, this is until yin and yang become one with each other. 

Yin and yang working together is ego. Yin and yang not working together is egotism/narcissism and yin and yang working as one is egoless/motionless/oneness.


Indeed, the so-called old-consciousness is ego but the new consciousness isn't suppose to be but by having and showing disdain for the old consciousness, one is still being exactly what they have disdain for, not just the ego but the ego in control. 

The ego to me simply represents limitations, the more of the ego we become, the more limited we become consciously, of course the more limited we become, the more destructive (hurtful) we become. I think our present reality shows this quite clearly, look upon what we are doing to the Earth and each other. 

So has our controlling ways got something to do with our limitations? I think so for only the ego desires to change everything to it's own desires thus limiting itself only to it's desires

To me, the soul is of the ego but I suppose one must experience this first hand to acknowledge this.


A good epitome and query to make Tawmeeleus, if it's all an illusion, does it really matter what the ego does?

Speaking from my own perspective I think it does, however, I do realise from other people's/souls perspective it doesn't. I suppose this is why we have different perspectives and perceptions, each person/soul is simply different within it's own motion.

Is the illusion real or not?

Within the very present it's occurring so it's real, it's really not a real illusion that it's fake, it's only an illusion because the ego creates it that way that we are only of the illusion of time/ego, of course people like you and I know different.

Is time measured in day and night an illusion? Day and night obviously exist on planets but not in outer space but this is but one measurement of time. Distance, volume and cycles are also of time for which the universe is governed by.

In my mind is everything of time/ego an illusion as in fake, not real? No, but time/ego can delude us to think this is all we are, this is the illusion.

So does it matter? To people like me, yes. I simply don't have disdain for the ego for the ego is always apart of us as in motion and has always been a part of us. Motion, time and ego have always existed because there is no starting point of time within timelessness for time to start existing, how can time start to exist within nothingness even as an illusion?

I simply look at time/ego as motion that has always existed and has always been apart of us so yes it matters. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Implications of Illusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post isn't for the faint hearted, basically meaning, anyone desiring to stay unaware of our true nature, won't want to comprehend of what their true nature is in fear of losing their identity. Human consciousness of course being based on identity, to intensify oneself as something and anything from perceiving being of nothing. In actuality, we are everything but nothing, of course human consciousness only desires to be of everything that is appealing to it and nothing that isn't appealing to it. Not sure where a true sense of oneness is in this concept/perception though!!

Now I was given a link to a video in response to a reply I gave in reply to a reply in regards to my last post, We Are Not The Soul. I don't comply to everything that is stated in this video but I did relate to certain parts of the content of this video as my following reply to the sender of this video will show. The video in question often refers to Earth being a prison and hell and that everything created is an illusion, I of course don't comply to this as a whole but I do in parts. You see to comply to the existence of an illusion, is being apart of the illusion to begin with, it's basically complying to an illusion of an illusion of an illusion but are we entrapped/imprisoned within illusions?  

Are we imprisoned by a higher consciousness as the video states? No, not by a higher consciousness than ourselves because there isn't one but yes, if we think there is a higher consciousness than ourselves. This clearly implies that we have indeed imprisoned ourselves, the illusion being created by us. The illusion and imprisonment is only real because it's been created by us. The question now is, is there a higher power? Yes, a created one when all we think all we are is human consciousness.

Before I go on, I will insert the video in question and the subsequent replies.        


How curious. Look at this segment of a video. Where an immortal spirit describes motionless state of consciousness. It's very similar. The Original MMORPG

My Reply
Well my friend, thank you for sharing this with me, insightful. I don't usually respond to human perceptions and knowing, it's too much a part of the illusion for me. This is why I am not well liked on the net in regards to spiritually aware people, they want to continue in their ignorance, basically, they are entrapped within their own ignorance.

Illusion; it's only an illusion if we desire to stay ignorant to everything being created otherwise everything created isn't an illusion, it's real because of what it's created from and through. The illusion is believing in the illusion  itself, even stating it's all an illusion is being apart of the illusion, this is one of the created traps.

The reason I like Eastern perceptions, is a lot of it is based on the perception and perspective of balance, balance allowing one to exist within an illusion without becoming the illusion itself.

Boredom; this hits the nail right on the head, anything pertaining to the soul in some way, becomes bored. Boredom again is an illusion because of what it creates and what it creates is illusions, any kind of consciousness that can become bored, has become apart of the illusion, this motion of boredom however is deliberate as well.


We couldn't exist or experience certain conscious realities without being in ignorance, the human experience takes a lot of ignorance to experience such a consciousness. We however need to be aware that only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy, no truly aware consciousness is able to be destructive in any sense. In this case, all it takes to become less destructive is awareness, the awareness that we are deliberately expressing ignorance to have a human experience.       

Before I go on, it's often said that many of my perceptions are based on Buddhism, in actuality, a lot of my perceptions mimic Hinduism and Taoism as well. Being that Buddhism and Taoism can coexist under Hinduism, it's understandable why my perceptions are so vast and varied, in actuality, I have never studied in Buddhism, Hinduism or Taoism.

The video often refers to many God's/Goddess's while refuting the claim of one God, are there many God's and Goddess's or is there one God?

Lets look at the perception of oneness to answer this, oneness refers to one as in one consciousness, one God, however, what is created from this consciousness is only expressed as parts of this one consciousness. Some of these parts do have a better comprehension of their truer being than other parts of this consciousness. Any consciousness that is less aware of this, will often perceive a consciousness that is more aware (powerful) as a God or Goddess. These God's and Goddess's are creator in their own right but so are human being albeit to a far lesser extent.

What creates a God or Goddess is a lesser aware consciousness and quite understandably so. Now the perception of oneness tells us there is only one true God, one consciousness, however,  if consciousness as a whole was aware of it's true self, what then would define a God? In actuality, the question for or against there being a God or God's and Goddess's is irrelevant, all we need to understand is that all consciousness is creative in it's own right. Once again this all comes down to perceiving in levels or not, the question is now, is perceiving in levels the creator of illusions?                        

The video often referred to a higher consciousness, meaning, a higher level of consciousness. This basically refers to the concept of God's and Goddess's, they do exist only because of a consciousness only being able to perceive in levels, being that there has to be a higher consciousness. The existence of a higher and lower consciousness indeed exists as of anything created from this one consciousness, however, this one consciousness can be or not be perceived as a God, either perception is correct and incorrect at the same time. This perception is based on what kind of consciousness one is experiencing at any given time. It's wise to be aware that when perceiving by levels, everything created from this one consciousness is going to be perceived as a higher consciousness in some way, this isn't the only perception one can take. This one consciousness is unable to see itself as a God when it's of everything. If you were everything, including the illusions, what then would define a God?

One creative consciousness exists as does many creative consciousness's, it matters not what level a consciousness creates from until a consciousness perceives in levels. The perception of a God or God's and Goddess's, is purely based on the perception of levels of what a consciousness creates. A creative consciousness exists as does many consciousness's, what then defines on what level these consciousness's are on? The perception of levels of course. Don't get me wrong here though, these levels exist because they have been created to create in their own right.

I will put it this way, this one creative consciousness has created numerous creative consciousness as these numerous creative consciousness have created this one consciousness. This is also the case of illusion and non-illusions!!

Can yin exist without the yang, can the yang exist without the yin?

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Does It Really Matter?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Everything of time is supposed to be an illusion because we often delude ourselves in thinking this is all we are, in all, everything of motion, therefore time,  is an illusion, this is because as soon as we lose the ability to observe, we become primarily a participator but does this really matter?

For it to matter is of motion, to label what is or isn't an illusion is also motion, therefore, as soon as we label what is what, we become a part of what we have perceived as being an  illusion. What we are doing is perceiving an illusion while within an illusion, how credible is this perception going to be in the first place?

A true observer will not label or separate one thing from the other, this is primarily due to such observers not actually observing illusions. What they observe is the bigger picture when all we see mostly is the smaller picture.

Observer = big picture + timelessness + non-perceptional + oneness + no illusions or non- illusions

Participator =  small picture + time + perceptional + separatism + illusions and non-illusions

The big and small picture refers to having no perceptions to having perceptions, the big picture is not about having perceptions, it's about observing perception. The observer will only observe the big picture which denotes an existence void of perceptions. If such an observer was to see the smaller picture, at this point the observer is no longer an observer but a participator.

Does it matter being a participator? If it does, you are no closer to be an observer purely because you are still being expressive of a participator by expressing perceptions or judgments. As soon as we have a perception of what is or isn't an illusion, we are primarily a participator, however, would not an observer who is not worried about participating, therefore perceiving what is what, express themselves in this way? To an observer, it doesn't matter as long as we are also aware of the big picture while participating in the small picture. It basically all comes down to being aware.

To a participator who is also observing, there is seemingly a separation between illusions and non-illusions, time and timeliness, any kind of participation denotes separation, basically, time, therefore perceptions, are of separatism. As soon as we have motion (time), we have perceptions which we call illusions. The thing to remember here, the observer is only observing the big picture void of separatist perceptions and is of course of timelessness. Within this timelessness, when did time become apparent when within this timelessness there is no starting or ending point of origin? The point is, time has always existed within timelessness therefore so have the illusions and delusions, they are indeed real, however, we can, as a participators, become deluded in thinking this is all we are.

"The yin is a part of the yang as illusions are apart of non-illusions, it's wise not to separate the yin from the yang for all this will do is create more illusion than non-illusions thus unbalancing existence".  

Just thought I would mention this. A lot of us have pulled away from being religious or have disdain for religions, it's wise to remember, religions have always had perceptions of there being more to us than we often perceived, in my mind, we owe a lot of our present development to religions. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Yin and Yang of Illusions and Non-Illusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post, as the heading portrays, is a depiction of illusions and non- illusions using the balance of yin and yang, meaning, what I’m simply doing is looking at illusions and non-illusions in a yin and yang way. The question of what is and isn’t an illusion keeps popping up, I hope the following will make this perception of what is and isn’t an illusion clearer.  

Before I go on, I think it’s a good idea to take a look at the following video to understand the principles of yin and yang better, this will in turn give us a much better idea of what is and isn’t an illusion.    

First of all the yin and yang symbol shows no separation from one to the other, they are intertwined and act as one. At times it is hard to perceive which is yin and which is yang because one can act as the other does, this is why there is no true separation, only a perceived separation.

You have got to wonder, why have so many spiritual and scientific teachings taught us to separate one from the other when there is no true separation to begin with? Of cause only through a controlling ego do we perceive separation.

This brings us to perceptions of illusions and non-illusions, to ask what is and isn’t an illusion in the first place, is to separate one from the other thus losing the principles of yin and yang of there being no true separation of any energy or non-energy source.

As of human perceptions, any inner perceptions that are different to human perceptions is judged as being more real. We think less in such inner states and in these states we perceive anything else is an illusion. At the same time other people's perceptions state that anything else but a logically thinking mind is an illusion. Of course the ego self tells us that one or the other is real over and above the other, within this perception, we have separation when nothing is truly separated. The real  illusion is thinking one perception has to be more real over and above another!!

When we invert the yin and yang symbol, does this change the principles of yin and yang, does separation occur between yin and yang? No, for the simple reason that yin and yang are entwined, they are existing as one even though yin is depicted as one perspective and yang as another perspective.

Now look at how most western thinking people perceive, we have to admit we do separate everything within our perceptions. Separating illusion from non-illusion is the same as separating yin and yang which is impossible to do without creating an actual illusion. Basically what I am saying is, as soon as we separate one from the other, we have created an actual illusion without perceiving that an actual illusion exists. When we perceive there is a separation of illusions and non-illusions, what are we doing? We are once again separating one from the other when no separation can possibly occur, within this, we have created an illusion.

When you go into a really deep state of consciousness, you realise there is no true sense of what is or isn’t real or what is or isn’t who you truly are because there is no separation of one from the other. We most often mistakenly perceive a thoughtless consciousness is the real consciousness or that any other consciousness is an illusion, within this perception, and that is all it truly is, we have created separation which creates our illusions. As soon as we separate one from the other by perceiving one is real and the other isn’t, we have at that point created an actual illusion as opposed to a perceived illusion.

So in whose perception is something real and everything separated from this perception isn’t real? Be honest, all we are talking about here is fixated perceptions, so is one fixated perception more of the real world than other perceptions? If you said yes, you have once again fallen into the trap of separating one energy source from the other making one of the energy sources an illusion, of course this is but a perceived illusion brought about by separation.

Let’s now perceive a pink flying elephant, within our perception influenced by gravity, we perceive that no elephant is able to fly to begin with, especially a pink flying elephant. Now put yourself into a reality not influenced by gravity, is now an elephant able to fly? You take away the perception of gravity, you give the ability for everything being able to take flight, even a pink elephant!!

To most of us, gravity is real, to some of us that have experienced zero gravity in various conscious states, zero gravity is real which often mistakenly makes anything of gravity unreal or an illusion, this of course includes the mind and anything the mind perceives.

What do we have with both of these perceptions? Separation, both of these perceptions are into separating one from the other which most often includes one perception perceiving that all other perceptions are an illusion. What do we create when we separate one from the other? Illusions…..the real illusions are not about one perception being right above all other perceptions, it’s about separating one from the other when no true separation exists and never could exist.

So what is real and what isn’t, what is wrong and what isn’t, what is an illusion and what isn’t? This is silly, as soon as we ask such questions, we have immediately created an illusion because we have once again separated one from the other by asking such questions to begin with. It is indeed all within the questions we ask, to ask such questions in the first place denotes a perception of separation. Try asking questions not influenced by separation and then see what answers come up, you will be surprised…..

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Worthiness of the Finite and Infinite

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've been receiving some interesting responses to my last two posts on my blog, the finite and infinite perspectives are certainly giving us different perceptions. On one side, we have the consciousness of science stating that infinite consciousness is a consciousness in delusion. On the other side we have consciousness of spirituality stating that finite consciousness is a consciousness in an illusion......Science minded and spiritually aware people are stating that each other is in a delusional or an illusional state of consciousness!!  

In actuality, both illusions and the delusions exist but not to the extent of the obvious bias being expressed by either side, both the infinite and the finite has it's place, to me this is obvious.          

The following is an interesting reply to my last post.....  

Hi Mathew I read the blog but still find myself confused at your understanding of truer self and the deception of science and the spiritual nature of the truer self as you put it. I'm not sure what it is you are trying to get across. Do you have a special different understanding of everything compared to the two mentioned above? If so can you explain it so that clarity can be given to that theory. I'm not trying to criticise just would love to see where your thoughts are taking you as it feels a bit off the mark if I'm honest.

My Reply
Finding other people's perceptions questionable, is all about trying to be  aware beyond your own perceptions, this can also include being aware beyond human perceptions at times.  Trying to perceive beyond your own perceptions isn't, to me, being critical Damon, it's quite cool.

Truer Self: Look at your truer self being everything that is infinite, it's a state of being that has no boundaries of the finite, in other words a starting and ending point, it's basically a state of eternalness. In most religions this was portrayed through the knowing of a God and/or Goddesses or anything portraying an eternal aspect. We have always had a connection with our eternal self  through spirituality in one sense or another. It's obvious to me there is something to the infinite self, why would so many people express such  an interest in the infinite if it didn't have some kind of truth about it?  We have obviously felt a connection to the infinite self, our truer or inner self/being.

Science: If I at all portrayed science being of deception, I'm sorry for that, this was not my intentions. Science is of the finite awareness, an awareness based on finite perspectives where's spirituality is based on infinite perspectives. Within any ideology or concept, it's not the ideology or concept that becomes deceptive, it's the people behind such conscious perceptions.

Spirituality = infinite + eternal states of consciousness + infinite awareness 

Science = finite + transitory states of consciousness + finite awareness

It's interesting how general science preconceives that consciousness also dies when the human self dies!!   

Don't be mistaken that these two quite different perspectives don't come together, they often do when a consciousness using such perceptions has no biases/boundaries to contend with. Some of the newer sciences of today use both finite and infinite perspectives as they did before modern day science. I think using both perspectives certainly seems to give us wisdom. This wisdom comes about by perceiving that there are no true boundaries, therefore, there are no preconceptions.

To me, it is obvious why we are lacking wisdom today, we have set up boundaries and biases between infinite and finite conscious perceptions and being. A truly wise person never preconceives what is and isn't, they always stay open to any possibility beyond their own perceptions.

Damon, you yourself have expressed this through querying a perception different to your own......It's not easy staying open to perceptions we have no idea of , only in the wise will we observe this.           

Note: The discussion between Damon and myself is still in progress, I will update this post in accordance with our discussion.

Actually that helped thank you I agree with your explanation   

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Life's an Apparition

Written by Mathew Naismith

Apparition is usually used in reference to ghostly figures, spirits or even souls, in this case, an apparition is a life like image of a 3rd dimensional physical aspect. Also in this case, an apparition has an appearance of a 3rd dimensional physical aspect without actually being of a solid form. It's very much like thought, we most often imagine a physical form or creation expressing itself as if it was already physically created and alive. Our dreams are another good example of these kinds of apparitions
which at times feel very much alive, even after we have awoken from a life like dream.

The trick with apportions is they take on a 3rd dimensional appearance without actually being of a true 3rd dimensional solid form. To me, apparitions are like our dreams and imaginations, I don't actually separate apparitions from our dreams and imaginations, to me they all represent an expression  of consciousness of some kind. Because I also believe all of creation was created from a consciousness, all of creation can also appear as an apparition. This is like what I have called a blue print plan or what is known to some people as a holograph image of 3rd dimensional solid form. What is being said here is that the apparition of all creation came before  actual physical creation occurred, this is very much like an invention, it takes form in the imagination before it's created in solid form. Basically, when an apportion takes on a solid form, it becomes denser and more solid.

Is this solid form who we truly are? If the expression of solid form created apparitions, yes, 3rd dimensional realities are who we are but I truly don't think this is the case. How would solid form create an apportion to start? Solid form doesn't even create our roads and houses, this is purely imagined by a consciousness before hand, solid form is therefore only an expression of consciousness, this also means the 3rd dimension is also only an expression of consciousness!!

What are houses and roads built from? Plans, these houses and roads are not in physical from until expressed, plans are basically an apparition of what is going to be created, they are not in solid form but they are of a 3rd dimensional aspect. Like an apparition, they are not yet expressed as something solid but they are not unsolid either as they are of  thought depicted as a plan.

In a sense, everything we create in a 3rd dimensional reality comes from apparitions,  it's something we can see on a plan but it's not something we can physically detect with our five sense until it's created in solid form. Yes, by looking at a plan we can imagine it but we can't as yet physically detect it before it's created. In actuality, ghostly apparitions are more alive and physically existing than everything we create in a 3rd dimensional reality, you have got to wonder then how real 3rd dimensional realities are!!!

Nothing we create can be seen like we see ghostly apparition, everything we create within a 3rd dimension has to be imagined and planed to one extent or another to come to fruition without actually seeing it as an apparition. This is basically inferring that 3rd dimensional realities are less real than ghostly apparitions, no wonder we perceive realities like this as an illusion!! 

In actuality, 3rd dimensions are real but they are obviously less real than apparitions. We are an apparition before we are of solid form but this doesn't mean when we express this apparition in a denser form this is when all 3rd dimensional expressions become an illusion, it just means consciousness is being expressed in a denser form, that is all.

Everything that is existing is an apparition, all what an apparition is though is  an expression of consciousness itself. Some people also call this an illusion which means all expressions of this consciousness is an illusion, the only true self is consciousness itself void of expression. I don't myself go a long with this, in a sense, all expressions are an expression of the lesser self of consciousness itself, it's basically different parts of consciousness itself expressing some form of consciousness or another.

Is a consciousness more whole not expressing itself than when it expresses itself? Some people would say yes, so when a consciousness expresses itself, this is when it becomes an illusion, I don't think so myself.

In the 3rd dimension, we are not whole until we express ourselves, is this the same with a consciousness that doesn't express itself in another dimension?  Again I don't think so, being whole actually means being expressive and non-expressive of consciousness, not one or the other. The illusion/delusion is, if we think we are only whole if we are either expressive or non-expressive of consciousness itself.

Now we might think, how can we be expressive and non-expressive of consciousness at the same time and be whole? You were never non-expressive of consciousness, however, you were never not expressive of consciousness either. It's handy not to look at this in a 3rd dimensional way, it's either got to be one or the other, you can't be non-expressive and expressive of consciousness at the same time. It's handy to drop this 3rd dimensional perception to truly understand  this. The point is time, we exist in time and timelessness at the same time, it's just the realities of time obscure our existence within timelessness. If we think we are only expressing consciousness in time, this is an illusion in my mind.

3rd dimensional perception might also influence us to think there is separation between time and timelessness, a separation between an expression of consciousness and a non-expression of consciousness which creates an illusion and a non-illusion. I couldn't think of anything more that represents separation than a perception of a non-illusion and an illusion. The point is, we are never just non-expressional nor expressional of consciousness, we are and have always been of both aspects, the illusion is thinking we are only of one or the other aspect in my mind.

Apparitions are the same, apparitions are of neither one or the other, they are not just of a conscious aspect or a physical aspect, they are however a depiction of both aspects. I think in the 3rd dimension we underestimate the importance of apparitions in our daily lives, they are indeed very significant in more than one way.     

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Written by Mathew Naismith

I'm going to try relate how love, motion, awareness, wisdom, God's consciousness, energy period etc. fit's within these twelve dimensions that in a sense don't exist. I will also hopefully show how religion/spirituality has tried to keep us in touch with the twelfth dimension, a dimension of timelessness therefore a state of motionlessness.

Simplifying this while experiencing 3rd dimensional mentalities is never easy, simplifying this so that 3rd dimensional mentalities understand what I am saying is even harder. Once a conscious energy form or source has seemingly separated itself from the twelfth dimension, understanding the twelfth dimension becomes awkward, and the more a consciousness has separated itself from this twelfth dimension, the harder it is for a consciousness to comprehend the twelfth dimension. This is where religion/spirituality has tried to keep us connected.

Understanding Dimensions: The following illustration will hopefully make understanding these dimensions a little easier, we are at present in the 3rd entering the 4th and 5th dimensions. I will also explain the twelfth dimension as God's consciousness, you can replace this with the source, pure wisdom, the void or what ever way you want to explain this state, it really doesn't matter.

1st dimension = lust + egotism + time + motion + highly expressive + void of God's consciousness + void of wisdom + finite (transitory)
2nd dimension =
3rd dimension = egotism + time + motion + expressive + a vagueness of God's consciousness + some awareness of wisdom
4th dimension =
5th dimension = ego + more sense of timelessness + less expressive + a better awareness of God's consciousness + wiser
6th dimension =
7th dimension =
8th dimension =
9th dimension =
10th dimensions =
11th dimension =
12 dimension = love + egoless, timelessness + motionless + expressionless + God's consciousness + pure wisdom +infinite

First of all, I don't think we, as a conscious energy source, went from the motionless and timeless state of the twelfth dimension to the first and then progressed up from the 1st dimension the twelfth. If you understand how consciousness works, this is utterly impossible for any consciousness to do this, for a consciousness to become this unaware would have to take a progression of steps like from the twelfth to the 1st dimension, not the other way around.

How could a consciousness of the  twelfth dimension of pure wisdom, timelessness and motionlessness, go into a 1st dimension state of extremes expressions of time and motion, a consciousness completely void of wisdom?  It wouldn't, and in my mind, couldn't occur without doing this regression step by step. We are talking about a consciousness of pure wisdom becoming instantly void of wisdom altogether here, it just doesn't happen like that.

What I think this God's consciousness has done, from it's twelfth dimensional state, is regress step by step from the twelfth right through to the 1st dimension. You might ask why would God's consciousness do this, regress from a pure state of consciousness to a state of total anarchy and chaos!! There is no expression of consciousness that is not worthy to express, also, only egotism would keep a consciousness from expressing itself in it's less pure states.

The twelfth dimension is also totally egoless, why then would such a consciousness not humble itself before itself?  Don't however get the idea the 1st dimension, which is utterly hellish to an unaware consciousness, is of God's expressions, once a consciousness forms a mentality, it becomes other than God's consciousness. God's consciousness is pure wisdom, anything other than this isn't an expression of God's consciousness but a part of that is usually used as something else, however, it's still consciousness no matter how it's expressed or isn't expressed.

As a consciousness regress's from the 12th to the 1st, it forms more of a mentality, the forming of a mentality, as a consciousness regress's, is wholly due to motion, the more we regress through the dimensions, the more motion we express. Of course, the more a consciousness is expressed, the more destructive the consciousness becomes. Take war for example, would we go to war in the first place if we expressed ourselves less? War takes a huge amount of expressions and a mentality based on destruction. You should now become aware of what the 1st dimension would be like to experience.

Are we then all going to regress to the 2nd and then 1st dimension? No, some consciousness (souls/people)  will progress from here from the 3rd dimension, other will indeed regress further to the 2nd and possibly 1st dimension.

Illusions: To me, the 3rd dimension is magical and is one of the most versatile dimensions for a consciousness to experience, you can literally experience, to some extent, any dimensional mentality between the 11th to the 1st dimension. The twelfth dimension on the other hand can't be expressed in any other dimension, this is because it's motionless therefore has no mentality that can be experienced in any other dimension. All other dimensions are of an expression of one kind or another , the twelfth on the other hand has no need of expressions, it's more of a feeling that is infinite. All motion is finite, it's transitory, this is wholly due to energy always changing, the more energy (a consciousness) is expressed, the more it changes. This kind of energy is always going to be transitory (finite), the only energy  that isn't finite is the twelfth dimension which is wholly due to it's inactiveness, it's motionless state.                 

We come now to the point of dimensions being an illusion, the only true state of existence is represented by the twelfth dimension, everything is an illusion!!

The thing about illusion is you have to have time to create an illusion in the first place,  an illusion needs a starting point of origin otherwise illusions can't exist. The twelfth dimension, God's consciousness,  isn't governed (determined) by time so if there is no time, at what point in time did an illusion begin if there is only God's consciousness , the twelfth dimension?

We also have no motion, it's just pure feeling within this twelfth dimension (God's consciousness) which is completely void of motion. For us to feel in the 3rd dimension we need some kind of a motional expression, this isn't the same in the twelfth dimension, this is wholly due to a state of timelessness. In this timeless state everything has always existed, including feelings but feelings void of expressions.

Now everything has always existed, this must also mean illusions?  Yes, but again not as an expression, an actual illusion can't take place until expressed in motion. This means motion, therefore dimensions, have also always existed, how then can something exist and be an illusion? The illusion is we are not just the expressions of conscious motion, we are also the non-expressions of God's consciousness as well.       

So are all the other dimensions, other than the twelfth dimension, an illusion?  To many people, their is only the 3rd dimension, this makes all other dimension, including the twelfth, an illusion, this is atheism. To others, only the void or God's consciousness exists, all else is an illusion and to other people there is no illusion, however,  God's consciousness does represents our truer self.  To answer the question, it really depends on what dimension you are perceiving through. Would God's conscious judged all else but he's own consciousness as being an illusion? Only a consciousness controlled by the ego would judge this to be so in my mind.    

To me, dimensions exist but we can delude ourselves to think this dimension is all we are. I also don't think we are more of one dimension than another either, only a controlling ego would judge this to be so in my mind. We are all of what is of all dimensions, but of course, the ego will deny this.        

Love: Where does love fit within all this? Love really doesn't have to be expressed to be felt, actually, the less love is expressed, the less likely love will be expressed as lust. 

Love is at it's purest when it's expressed less not more. The twelfth dimension is motionless because it's not determined by time, the more of motion an energy becomes, the more this energy is determined by time. Is the purest form of love determined by time? It's infinite so it's not determined by time but by timelessness, a state of motionlessness which is what is called by some people God's consciousness. 

This God's consciousness is the purest form of love and wisdom within the twelfth dimension, this is because it's untainted or influenced by time and motion. In the 3rd dimension we need to express love for it to take affect, this is why so many times love turns into lust. In the 5th dimension, we will learn to express love in quite a different way thus avoiding the possibility of creating a world of pure lust.

In other dimensions, you don't have to express love for love to exist, unlike in the 3rd dimension, this is wholly due to love being already a part of a dimension without having to express it.            

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Written by Mathew Naismith

WOW (Wholly and Overly Wonderful), what can I say, the further I allow myself to open up to consciousness in an unbiased way,  the more magnificent this consciousness seems to be. Yes, I'm allowing my emotions to take flight but this is at this moment helping me to delve even deeper into the magnificence of consciousness. This is wholly due to emotions being a big part of consciousness, emotions are one of the main reasons we are so expressive of consciousness itself.

Emotion; allow us to experience consciousness in every way possible, emotions are one of the biggest reasons consciousness itself is so expressive, could you imagine how consciousness would express itself without emotions? It's actually inconceivable, how would any consciousness period express itself without emotions? Emotions are obviously one of the primary reasons why consciousness can express itself so much, just think how many emotions humans can express and this is just at the human scale of things.

How many different languages are there? This is how many different ways we can be emotionally expressive but all we are doing is talking about the various languages here, what about the cultures that go with such languages and the climate they are in. Everything influence us to be a little different in our expressions of consciousness, as individuals we are being expressive of conciseness, as a culture or a nationality we are being even more expressive, as a species even more so, now what about the collective as a whole. It's utterly infinite in how expressive we can be of consciousness, consciousness itself is certainly WOW within it's own expressions.

Take how the moon, and astrology period, influences us to express consciousness, this is over and above other influences like language, culture, the country and climate we live in and so on. Everything around us and everything we are, influences us to express consciousness in a slightly different way to others. Now take in consideration of DNA, no one's DNA is the same, all this isn't just a different expression of consciousness itself, this difference also influences us to express consciousness differently to other conscious forms and formless energy sources. 

Take living on a planet with more than one moon, how differently expressive would such conscious forms be to our own? Consciousness is infinite within it's own expression of itself, it has no boundaries or limits to how expressive it can be.

Oneness and illusions: An unbiased view isn't about judging certain consciousness states as being an illusion or not, wrong or right, it's about becoming aware of how expansive consciousness is within it's own expression of itself. To me, we are all an expression of consciousness no matter how infinite consciousness is expressive of it's own consciousness,  to us, all these numerous expressions of consciousness are an indication of a fragmented consciousness, a consciousness that has many different parts to itself. This of course to us seemingly has nothing to do with oneness.

What's actually being expressed, is it something other than consciousness? No, no matter how fragmented this consciousness seems within it's expressions of itself, it's still just an expression of consciousness. We could also say it's an expression of consciousness's, more than one consciousness which means a consciousness that is fragmented, not whole. This would be true but we are still only expressing a consciousness none the less.

We can express so many different kinds of emotions, they are certainly not all the same to us even though they are only an expression of a consciousness. Within our various ways of expressing emotions, we have created a reality of duality, this in turn influences us to be expressive of consciousness in numerous other ways, there seems to be  absolutely no oneness within such dualistic reality. Even though we are only expressive of a consciousness, each conciseness expresses itself differently, this seemingly has nothing to do with oneness.

Some people say that all physical realities are an illusion, others say all realities are an illusion and there are even people who say consciousness itself is an illusion, which perspective is correct here?  This is of course depends on what perspective we are looking from, in other words  in what direction are we perceiving what is and isn't an illusion? We of course are looking at what is and isn't an illusion through what is judged as an illusion in the first place. Look at this way, we are judging certain expressive forms of consciousness or consciousness period as an illusion, could we judged any part of consciousness being an illusion if we weren't expressing this consciousness in the first place?  We are relying on an illusionary expression to judge what is or isn't an illusion, we are doing the same with oneness, you can only truly judged what is and isn't oneness if you are in a true oneness state.

We can experience form and formlessness at the same moment, OBE's are a good example of this, we can also experience oneness and fragmentation at the same moment as we can be the observer observing our own interactions. We have deemed ourselves being only in a fragmented duality state of consciousness when at the same moment we are in a true oneness state. It all comes down to the illusion being the illusion itself, once you judge what is and isn't an  illusion, you have created the illusion when  illusions don't exist in the first place.

You could easily say that having illusions of illusion are an expression of an illusion, in other words thinking that physicality is all we are is an illusion. It is to us in our present perspective, however, in a more holistic perspective it's not, this is due to consciousness itself being expressive of it's whole self within it's entirety. In realities like this one, we are expressive of consciousness, in other realities they are also expressive of consciousness, when you look at all these expressions of this one consciousness as a whole, you become aware that each individual expression of this consciousness makes up a whole consciousness. This means no matter what we experience in any given reality, consciousness is whole because each expression makes consciousness itself whole.

Now look at what is and isn't an illusion and what is and isn't oneness?  As soon as you judged what is and isn't an illusion and oneness, you are being entrapped within your own illusions of illusions. No matter how you express consciousness, each singular expression makes up a whole consciousness. Could you imagine a true oneness consciousness judging one part of it's expressive self as an illusion, once it did this. it's no longer of this oneness, however, judging what is and isn't an illusion is also another expression of consciousness that gives this consciousness it's wholeness, it's oneness, go figure!! 

Ego: Yes, the ego is but an expression of consciousness, however this isn't saying that consciousness is controlled by the ego, this is saying expressing the ego is but another expression of consciousness. Most of us are expressive of the controlling factors of the ego, this means the ego controls us, this is but an expression of consciousness that we have chosen to express. Yes, all emotions are of the ego but not all emotions are controlled by the ego, the controlling factors of the ego change how we express this consciousness. This is why we need to be aware of what we judge as being wrong or right, positive or negative, after all, it's all but an expression of consciousness.

Now at any point should we control the ego to stop the ego being in control off us?

When we become too destructive, it's probably wise to become less controlled by the ego, in other words less expressive of the controlling factors of the ego, at this point we feel we need to take control of the ego instead of the ego taking control of us. We should consider here what control denotes, what expression of consciousness needs to always have control?  A controlling ego of course, by trying to take control of the ego is being expressive of the controlling ego. Try instead of letting go of control, trust me, most of us will have problems with this only because of the controlling factors of the ego. If you have to have control over anything, you are still expressive of a controlling ego, most of us are including myself at times, this is due to influencing factors within our environment as explained earlier on in this post.

One of the main influencing expressions of consciousness is a controlling ego in this reality, it's a part of this reality, the trick is when to completely let go of control all together. This is difficult to do because everything around us influences us, mainly to be controlling, we want to control instead of being controlled, the funny thing is, the more control we think we have, the less control we actually have, this is due to being controlled by a singular expression of consciousness like a controlling ego, we are still being controlled in this case.

Consciousness is certainly WOW (Wholly and Overly Wonderful) without a doubt but only when you become aware of what consciousness actually is. It's not this that and the other, no matter how we express it, it's still just consciousness.                       

Monday, 18 May 2015

Reawakening from Sleep

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a good internet friend of mine bring forth some interesting queries and questions in relation to my last post, I thought I would share them with you with my reply and follow up response.     

Mathew, thanks for such a great post -  profound and thought provoking . So many things have popped into my head! I find the idea of going with the flow appealing  as a way of continually evolving without reacting to the friction of everyday setbacks. I'm also wondering if going with the flow can be compatible with manifesting desires . . and are reactions our teachers . . .? It would be nice to have that serenity though!

Thanks Carolyn, any kind of awakening is certainly thought provoking.

Desires and manifesting are tricky, usually there reactions to a circumstance which in turn creates further reactions. Have you seen the movie the fifth element with Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. When this dark matter appeared, humans reacted to it and the more they reacted, the bigger the mass got, this was pure consciousness and this is how consciousness itself works. 

When we see a threat to our serenity, what do we do? We react which causes the threat to expand even more, the trick is to not react, this is not easy to do. 

We actually don't have to manifest or desire anything as it's already there, it's just we are unaware of this. Serenity has always been there, we are just unaware of this. 

"Are reactions our teacher", a very good thought, yes but only if we are going to learn from them, otherwise they just become a continuous nightmare. An unenlightened consciousness can become entrapped within this nightmare but this can only happen if we are asleep, in other words not awakened (enlightened). 

What if man met this dark mass with love in the movie the fifth element instead of aggression, you might like to think this dark mass would just go away but consciousness doesn't work like this, any kind of reaction/ recognition actually endorses such dark consciousness, this dark mass would continue to consume Earth. 

A true enlightened state, an awakened consciousness, is another matter, this consciousness doesn't see a dark mass but only consciousness. This dark mass only becomes consciousness because there is no right or wrong, dark or light, only the ego sees it as this. 

We humans only see serenity as opposed to chaos, an enlightened consciousness only sees a consciousness being expressed. Basically everything becomes light only because of the extent of our awareness in a true enlightened state from an unenlightened state. This is the same when we turn the light on in a dark room, we become aware of everything the light shines on, however, a true enlightened state actually negates light and dark, everything is known without a reaction, like turning on a light, mainly because nothing is being obscured from such awareness.

When we get to this stage of enlightenment, there is no chaos or serenity, only consciousness reacting with itself creating a light and dark, right and wrong, serenity and chaos. This can only happen when a consciousness is in an unenlightened state, asleep in other words.

We have come to the point now, is this unenlightened, asleep state, an illusion, is time and the species man an illusion? It is very easy to perceive so, our own dreams are not real when excluding OBE's and foretelling dreams, they are illusion dreamt up by our subconscious or are they?

Excluding OBE's and foretelling dreams, what creates our dreams? The subconscious, an unawakened state of consciousness, what controls  this state of consciousness? The subconscious, is the subconscious real? You might think not but it is, our dreams are physically induced by real circumstances in our every day lives, this makes our dream very real in a psychological sense.

Now let's look at the dream we are all experiencing in this unenlightened state, this reality, because it's a dream it's an illusion to a lot of people when in fact it's not, it works similarly to our own dreams, we are basically experiencing the psychological effects from our enlightened self except it's more an imagination from the enlightened self  rather than dreams brought on by psychological trauma for example.

Which state of consciousness is more real, a consciousness that is also physical or a completely nonphysical consciousness? In an enlightened state, there is only consciousness no matter how this consciousness is being expressed or experienced, again there is no right or wrong, dark or light. Which expression of consciousness is an illusion again?  Once again there is no illusion and non-illusion, all there is, is consciousness.

There is only one truly enlightened consciousness, does this make the presumed separation of different unenlightened consciousness's an illusion when there can only be one consciousness? 

Again this is like the dreams we have, they are mostly psychologically educed by actual experiences but it's still an expression of consciousness, just because we are an expression of our enlightened self, doesn't mean such imaginary expressions are an illusion. No matter how consciousness expresses itself, it's still consciousness and if it's consciousness it's real but not in the sense we perceive real. Real to us is the perception of dark and light, wrong and right, illusion and non-illusion, one or the other has to be real or right, this is how an unenlightened state of consciousness thinks, this isn't the same when in an enlightened state for there is no separation of consciousness, there is only consciousness even when it expresses itself in a physical way. 

There is only one consciousness but no matter how this one consciousness is expressed, it's still consciousness. It's funny to think all these expressions of consciousness in unenlightened states are from one consciousness, this means when we become truly enlightened, awakened, we become this one consciousness. This is very difficult for an obvious separate expression of consciousness to comprehend and quite understandably so, this is because we feel we are expressions of separate consciousness, not various expressions from one consciousness.

The best way to comprehend this is to think of your own dreams, how many expressions of consciousness can you imagine or create within your own dreams, how many people appear in your dreams? This is no different from this one single truly enlightened consciousness, no matter what this consciousness creates, it's still an expression of it's own consciousness, it's still consciousness no matter what.

The question is, are we one consciousness or separate consciousness's and the answer is yes, just like our own dreams, every single expression of consciousness within our dreams is who we are, the expression of our enlightened self is exactly the same. There is only one consciousness, but, this one consciousness expresses itself in many different ways just like we do in relation to our own dreams.   

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Vibrational Energy Flows

Written by Mathew Naismith

Bugger, I wanted to add Sal C’s reply but this would make this post a little too long. This post was brought about by my interactions with Sal C so you can blame Sal C for what I wrote here, only joking J.  

Actually your reply Sal C is just a slightly different perception than what I have of what reality is, am I right, are either of us right???

In a human perspective it's real because we think this is all we are. As we become aware we realise it's not all we are, does this make our existence in this reality an illusion?  Yes and no.  In a human perspective, because we have now become aware of a much greater aware part of ourselves, this is what we want to be in totality, to me it’s psychologically based, we want to psychologically believe we are this more wondrous and aware self, full stop, however I believe there is another reason why we perceive that realities are illusions.  

The simplest way I can put this is that this pure consciousness in it’s total motionless state dreams, in turn we and realities are only a process of this dream state, this goes along with what is above is also blow, this makes perfect sense to me.  

There is a problem with this, I don’t believe our own dream states are an illusion, no there not real as such but there not illusions either, many of my dreams are telling or teaching me something. You could in this case look at dreams from this pure consciousness as doing the same, dreams are trying to tell this conciseness something  about itself and if it’s about itself is it a true illusion?

There is something else to consider, to me everything is energy, to exist this energy vibrates and the more this energy vibrated the more it creates, we and realities are a process of this vibrations of energy, the less we vibrate within ourselves the more in tune we are with this pure awareness. People have totally disappeared because they changed their vibrations that much they no longer resonated with realities like this one.  You could say they became a higher vibration through vibrating less, the disappearance of the Mayans are a prime example of this. There are also people out there that can disappear and appear at will just by changing their vibrational energy flow, this is also how healers heal, through vibrations.

The way I look at it is we are this pure consciousness but this consciousness is also energy, everything is energy including you and I and everything to do with realties, this in my view doesn’t truly make everything of realities an illusion. Yes the energy flow changes vibration, for example, being born and dying is a change of this energy flow, just because this energy flow changes it’s vibrations does this change make everything of realities an illusion?

To me no because no matter what this energy changes into it’s still energy, yes it’s vibrating at a different rate but it’s still none the less energy.
Let’s look at this in another way, you burn a tree, does this then make the tree an illusion because you changed it’s energy flow to another vibrational rate?  

What is accruing is we can become delusional in thinking this is all we are or thinking this pure motionless consciousness is all we are, we seem to be in my mind replacing one delusion with another as we become aware but this is only my perspective, don’t take this seriously.

There is also another perspective to consider which a lot of people acknowledge, this pure consciousness is nothingness, it isn’t energy it isn’t consciousness it’s nothingness, however,  this view/concept isn’t in line with the saying, “What is above is also below”, this is important because most other view/concept fall in line with what is above is also below.  How can you produce energy and consciousness out of nothingness?

Why I believe some of us perceive this pure consciousness is actually nothingness is because it is very motionless, in this state it’s as if, to a human, it is nothingness. I think taking on this view is due to ourselves perceiving from a highly vibrative state of vibratory flow to a seemingly totally motionless state that doesn’t seemingly vibrate.  Now if we looked at this from this pure consciousness to a highly vibrative state such as realities, would we perceive this pure consciousness as being nothingness?  I don’t think we would, because we can only perceive through a high vibratory flow rate, anything with a much lower vibration like this pure awareness is going to seem psychologically totally still, nothingness.   

To me everything was created through vibrations and the faster these energy vibrations are vibrating, the more they create, for example you and I and this reality in my mind were created form energy vibrations vibrating at a higher rate.  Take healing for an example; healers heal through vibrations by changing the energy flow of the vibrational rate of what is being healed.  

Vibration denote energy, is this saying that this pure consciousness energy flow isn’t very powerful through not vibrating at a higher rate?  Yes and no, it’s not really that powerful until it vibrates at a higher rate, you and I and this reality are prime examples of this power or greatness, this is why I think psychologically we  get hooked on power .  The strange thing is, this pure consciousness or pure energy isn’t that powerful within itself but through us and this reality it is. 

This is why I believe true spiritualists let go of all intentions of power or otherwise, it brings them closer to this pure seemingly totally motionless energy flow, pure consciousness or awareness.  To me all this pure consciousness or awareness is, is energy either vibrating at an extremely low rate or a high rate or something in between, it’s still energy, this is why I don’t think you and I and this reality are an illusion it’s all energy no matter what it changes into. We just can't perceive ourselves as just being conscious  energy no matter what creation we take on.   

Please don’t take what I have stated as being absolute, how would anything vibrating at such a high rate perceive anything, to any extent, that is vibrating at a very low rate such as this pure consciousness?  We in this state of a high vibrational rate can only presume/speculate.