Sunday, 16 September 2018

Experiencing the Zone

Written by Mathew Naismith

Being in the zone, to me, refers to an enlightened state where your focus allows you to perform physical and mental tasks way beyond your normal boundaries. Simply, your awareness has focus in this state on a particular task, not on many tasks at the same time. Boundaries by the way are a creation of the controlling ego, a separation of energy into negatives and positive, good and bad, wrong and right. How often are these separation thought of when in the zone? There simply not for all energy within this state becomes neutral, as if you are one with all the energy around you without separation. Imagine being at one with all the energy of the universe or even all of creation as a whole, this is the zone.

Focus on your awareness has focus, meaning that your awareness has focus on one thing instead of being partially focused on many things. Too often our awareness, when controlled by a controlling ego, will only partially focus on one thing, or, focus all energy, for example, on materialism or of what we desire. How many people put all their focus on their income and their job to fulfil their desires? When people focus like this, this is not the zone for energy used in this way is simply being abused. Often this kind of focus will create a destructive reality, not a constructive reality. If you feel at one with the energy around you, this is the zone, a state where you work in unison with energy without abusing energy. The zone isn't about fulfilling a desire; it's simply about working in unison with energy.

Do the people who experience the zone focus at anytime on their desires while experiencing the zone? Your focus isn't on positives and negatives, rights and wrongs, bad and good; your focus is simply on energy as a whole, there is simply no perception of separation of energy within this state. Be aware though, the ego in control will most often use this state to serve its own desires. This is often the case when the zone is perceived to be of a positive or is only obtained through positive thinking. Let's be honest here, this is the same mentality in that white people are more of a positive entity than black people. Never perceive that the zone is of and only gained through positive thinking, all this is a sign of is the abuse of energy, usually created by ignorance than awareness!!      

Consider this, perceptions of negatives and positives, wrong and rights, bad and good, black and white, are simply perceptions where the zone is an actual state of consciousness and oneness. This is where energy is used harmoniously. You at no time have to be of a positive mind to experience this state; just don't be negative or even positive. Imagine not having to be positive because there were no perceived negatives!! Remember, positives and negatives are simply perceptions. How often is an occurrence perceived to be negative but then turns out to be a positive? Also, what is positive or negative to one person isn't to another.

I have had to do a lot of focusing in my life because of my predicament, at times outperforming people with no disabling abilities. I always remember a time when working at a National Park, barrowing wet gravel stone up a steep narrow hillside. A semi-professional footballer had a hard time keeping up with me. He never knew that I had a fully dislocated elbow and that my shoulder was weaker than my dislocated elbow.  Simply, my ego never took control of me because of my focus. Yes, pain can also teach us to focus but only if the ego in control is not in control of you.

There are a number of spiritual practices that condition us to focus better as well, meditation, singing hymns, chanting, praying and many other practices teach us to condition our mind to focus without abusing energy. Yes, playing a musical instrument or singing can also help us to focus in this way, often have performers gone into the zone. In actuality, anywhere where we are focusing, while working at one with energy around us, can lead us to experience this state called the zone. How many people have experienced enlightening experiences while going through some kind of trauma? What is no doubt perceived to be a negative experience by some people, can be one of our most enlightening experiences in our lives.                                                   

You will find the following actually refers to being in the zone to our alter ego, an alternate personality to your normal everyday self.  It would certainly seem that being in the zone can be used by the controlling ego to gain more control and self-satisfaction, even though while being in the zone itself isn't about a controlling ego. The zone is simply neutral and a natural state of existence. I don't actually concur with the findings of the following two inserted articles but some people might find them interesting.           

Even though I rely on psychology to give me some of the answers to life, in the case of the zone, psychology for me really doesn't have the answers or the answers that are true to me. I instead agree with the following.

Happiness (enlightenment) isn't something you seek. You instead allow happiness to seek you, however, the act of seeking happiness (enlightenment) creates motion that leads one to the light when of the perception of being of the dark. The ego, when detaching itself from the control of the ego, will need to seek to then find out it must no longer seek what the ego seeks. You are simply seeking not to seek happiness, a state where the zone (enlightenment) is common place......           

Thursday, 13 September 2018

In the Zone

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's occurred again, a light bulb just went on Raghunath in reference to my interaction with people like you.

Consider this Raghunath. People talk about unconditional love and oneness at the same time avoiding, what they have judged, negative people and situations at all cost. There conditions in life are insurmountable. Get this. I personally know of Catholics who have helped various people of all walks of life including atheists in a big way. Who, between love and light people and Catholics, express fewer conditions?  Who is then able to truly comprehend and understand unconditional love and oneness the most?

I know of Buddhist and Hindus who express far fewer conditions than people of love, light and positivity. I have experienced this first hand, having been on a number of spiritual forums, their conditions to life overall are insurmountable. Look at what group is trying to switch the light bulb off of what they have conditions to the most. What group is trying to separate itself the most from the present reality? You could not become more of the dark if you tried; this is in fear of anything remotely critically judged as being negative and toxic or different to yourself. Being truly of the light is being aware of everything while of the absence of conditions as much a possible. You will notice a lot of these people also criticise religions!!

Conditions are usually created from perceptions of what is judged to be negative and positive, a division in consciousness, therefore energy, in fear of what isn't presently of ourselves. There is of course no true sense of oneness or unconditional love to be had in this. I am simply trying to awaken people to their own darkness, how many people today desire to stay unaware of themselves being of this darkness? People like you make a difference, for you are for turning on the light, not turning it off.  

It's the seeker of light, of awareness, who turns on the light switch, not the person who guides you to that light switch. A true seeker simply refers to a person who seeks to express as fewer conditions as possible, most often seeking to do this unbeknownst to themselves. Less motion expressed is always preferable spiritually.

I do live in a cave, as such. I live within my own existence by going in, so so beautiful and harmonious. I created this cave, my own reality, by accepting everything for what it is, a consciousness lost within its own creation. Its nobodies fault and no one is to blame, it's simple conditioning over many years. We truly know not what we do, if we did, we couldn't have created such a reality.

When I face up to the worst of it, all I can do is smile but smile in bewilderment, not glee.

You didn't ramble on jim my, you simply expressed the truth within. Be you.


I am at times asked how I cope with this reality the way it is in the way I do. My wife and I haven't watched TV (television) for around ten years now; we have simply stopped the endless conditioning of television, the conditioning to what is positive and negative. We are simply being told or conditioned to what is and what isn't negative and positive. We are therefore often conditioned to express more motion, not less. What is a depiction of love? Lust and desire. What is positivity? Control, manipulation and the ostracisation of everything that doesn't give us control. Being in control is positive; not being in control is therefore negative. We are the good guys, they are the bad guys, it's a continuos separation (division) of consciousness. Of course television is but one media outlet that conditions us to express more motion, not less.

I am also asked how I coped and cope with the type of injuries I incurred in my childhood. People, who have incurred an injury half way through their lives, wonder how I copped with my injuries and also coped with my injuries without taking painkillers. Also, some of the work I did in my life was too hard to do for fully able people, people without serious injury.

If I tried to be positive all my life, I simply could not have done what I did; all my energy would have gone into trying to be positive instead of trying to be neutral. Being positive takes an endless amount of energy, it's something that has to be continually fed to stay positive. It takes very little energy to be neutral as there are no conditions to be neutral other than staying away from conditions in the first place. People excessively positive have to feed off of each other, this is why they ostracise anyone who is remotely judged as being negative, now imagine for a moment not having to do this.

You can see how I cope with this reality is simular to how I cope with my injuries and many other challengers in my life; I try to stay away from anything that conditions us to certain conditions. My own life experiences, which are often perceived as being negative by positive thinking people, is enlightening only because of the lack of conditions I put on my life. Now do the same with this reality. Look at this reality as a person trying to cope with a disability instead of a person who is simply negative. When you take away the conditions of negative and positive, you take away the need of excessive counteractive motions.         

I ask myself, what is there to be so excessively positive if the same opposing excess doesn't exist? One excessive naturally creates the other; now imagine a reality of the absence of excesses. Perceptions of negatives and positives are simply perceptions and conditions we have created no more. Only through these perceptions can we create excesses. Don't be deceived for one moment, you don't have to be excessively positive to cope with life as it is, in fact, excessive positiveness doesn't cope, it simply ignores or stays in the dark to cope.......!!

Think on this, are sports people, who experience the zone where everything seems to slow down and they are at their optimum, think they are negative or positive at the time of their experience? They are simply neutral to all around them. 

Extract: According to Csikszentmihalyi, the secret to getting “in the zone” is the Goldilocks principle: not too hot, not too cold. You want to feel inspired, but not overwhelmed. We can apply this to anything (everything!). Your squat weight, your career path, and your sex life: not so much challenge that you burn out, not so little that you get bored.

Note: It's also worth reading what different people feel when in the zone in this article. Imagine a reality where all that exists in this reality is in the zone......!!   

Monday, 10 September 2018

What Have I Done!!

Written by Mathew Naismith 

As I have found in today's society, if you tell the actual truth to telling a desired truth, most of what you will get back is a show of disdain. I of course have no problem with this; otherwise I would desist in what I am doing, which I am clearly not going to do. I also express myself through an Eastern mind as well as a Western mind; this is obviously way too confusing for the Western mind to comprehend thinking in this way.

People, I am not attacking Western culture in favour of Eastern culture, all I am doing is trying to influence an obvious imbalanced Western mind, in all of us and in all cultures, to become aware of it's own imbalances in the way the Western mind uses and abuses energy as a whole. In my mind, everything is energy, of course going by certain ideologies, this is the same as everything being of God. Of course mentioning God also offends certain Western minds, being that the Western mind is in all of us as of the Eastern mind. This simply gets back to yin and yang. Yang is prominently yang with a bit of yin and visa-versa. A Western culture is predominantly of the Western mind and visa-versa, however, the Western mind, in all cultures, seem to be presently predominant thus depicting an imbalance in the collective.  

My motives have been put to the question and fair enough too. The following are an example of the replies I gave to the questioning of my motives and views by some people.

1: You seem to be defending Western cultures by demonising certain Eastern cultures when all I am doing is mentioning the Western mind in all cultures. I am not attacking Western culture or its people, the Easterners have shown in human history how they can be just as badly behaved and destructive. 

I am not joking; it would seem only the Eastern mind knows what I am talking about here.  It's not about Western and Eastern cultures but about the Eastern and Western mind, in all of us.

You're not the only one XXXXX who doesn't quite get where I am coming from. They do say that the Western mind is easily offended. I am not attacking Western cultures but their obvious imbalanced Western minds.

The Western mind is hard to bring back into balance because this kind of mind often separates itself from all else, especially the Eastern mind. This is at present occurring in Eastern countries as well.

2: True, however, just because one is from an Eastern culture, doesn't mean one is not of or influenced by a Western mind. Easterners have always expressed a Western mind; it's just that in an Eastern culture it's easier to balance out the Western mind it would seem.

Please don't take offence but it seems that only the Eastern mind knows what I am talking about here. It matters not of what culture or country you come from, we need to be aware of how the Western mind works, in all of us, especially at present.

Actually, the multinationals that are hurting us mostly through control and manipulation are not from China, Japan or South Korea. China, Japan and South Korea are but puppets, so is the US to some degree. I can't at present go into this, I am censored. :-)


Extract: It is becoming apparent that we are all capable of thinking both holistically and analytically - and we are starting to understand what makes individuals flip between the two modes of thought.

Just for fun: It was determined that I was more of a Western mind in the following test, however, if I could have, I would have chosen both examples. The culture we are mostly influenced by often influences how we will think, no matter where we live.  

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Energy Wise

Written by Mathew Naismith

My own personal relationship with my wife isn't about control; it's about a mutual interaction between two energy forms. The absence of control therefore manipulation is apparent. This absence of control and manipulation automatically brings about a harmonious interaction between two energy forms. The question is now, is the relationship between humans and Mother Nature/Earth/Gaia harmonious? Are even our relationships with other life forms harmonious? The answer is of course no, as we are still trying to control and manipulate energy as a whole.

I know the Western mind is no doubt going to be once again offended but it's the Western mind that is about control and manipulation. The Eastern mind works in harmony with energy as a whole, therefore is of the absence of control and manipulation, the Western mind doesn't. Yes, Eastern cultures have been expressive of materialism to a great degree in human history therefore expressive of the Western mind as well. At times in the human, Eastern cultures have shown an imbalance of Eastern and Western expressions, being more expressive of the Western mind than the Eastern mind. Presently in Eastern cultures, this is occurring again it would seem.

It is obvious that the Western mind has taken offence to me making reference to the Western mind being anything less than above the Eastern mind. One of the known traits of the Western mind is the ability to be easily offended. Anything said that is not favourable towards the Western mind is taken critically. This of course means that anything that I have stated in regards to the Western mind, even if it's true, is of critical judgment even when it's not. If you are honest with yourself, you can see where self-deception in all of us comes from in this reaction. This has nothing to do with what Western culture or country we come from, it's to do with the difference between the Western and Eastern mind in all of us, this is all.

It is wise to completely forget what culture or country you come from when becoming aware of the Eastern and Western mind in all of us. The Western mind is too easily offended and will take any truth towards the Western mind as being a critical attack on their sovereignty, their state/country. I have lost count how many times this has occurred in regards to what I write, especially when referring to the Western mind as anything less than favourably.

Getting back to personal relationships, there are many relationships that one person controls and manipulates the other person. Control is all about separation making manipulation easier. Seen as the Eastern mind isn't about the separation of different energy forms but the union of energy forms, it is obvious it's the Western mind in all of us that is about control and manipulation. Of course people into control and manipulation will find what I say here as offensive, this is how the Western mind, not balanced by the Eastern mind, works.

Look at everything being energy and forget the difference in energy flows like from black and white, dark and light, negative and positive and so on. Look at every energy flow being of a personal relationship. For the Eastern mind this is easy to do but it's not easy to do for the Western mind. The Western mind even has a hard time comprehending this union, understanding this kind of union is going to be impossible without the balance of the Eastern mind. Union simply refers to a oneness with all energy absent of conditions. Imagine countries having no borders, no separation of one energy flow from another!! Country borders are a lunacy (foolish) to someone like me as is all seperation of energy flows are.

Imagine for a moment not trying to control and manipulate Earths natural resources, its energy, would we be in the predicament we are today if we didn't do this? Now imagine working with Earths energy in unison to Earths energy, a completely different scenario or out come would have materialised. Energy working in harmony and as one naturally creates a harmonious reality; of course energy working in disharmony with all other energy flows will create the opposite. This is probably why people like me don't separate every into dark and light, negative and positive, black and white and so on, we simply see everything being of one entity, energy. I can see countries like Russia, China and India leading the way in this not so new way of utilising energy wisely, I am not alone in this thought.

Lemuria and Atlantis: Even if you don't consort to the existence of Lemuria and Atlantis, you can clearly see the difference in mentality between Lemuria and Atlantis in this so-called fable. Which people do you think expressed a predominant Western mind to a balance of the Western and Eastern mind?  This is obvious, the people of Atlantis, who controlled and manipulated energy, to the people of Lemuria, who simply influenced energy in unison with energy as a whole. At first, the Lemurians were not about controlling energy but about influencing energy in unison with energy, all energy without conditions. What I believe occurred is that the Lemurians started seeing themselves as light and love, this was in opposition to the Atlantean's energy flow. Once you divide energy up into separate groups, especially if your group is perceived to be far more superior in some way by your own energy flow, you start to automatically control and manipulate energy.

What if I said that all multinationals would give up their power, wealth and control, to working in unison with energy as a whole if they knew what they would get from this union!! The Western mind would instantly think I was delusional but the Eastern mind knows better. As I experienced in my early years of my life, any energy expressive of control and manipulation is very easily influenced by an energy flow that works in unison with all energy flows.

So why hasn't this occurred? Why didn't the Lemurians influence the Atlantean's energy flow?

You never go against a collective flow of energy, if that energy wishes to go down a certain path, you can only try to influence this energy away from its chosen path, anything else is of control and manipulation. Also, it is too obvious human consciousness is not ready to be influenced in this way. From materialism to new age spirituality, there is talk and expressions of control and manipulation, there is also a huge shift in separation from light and dark, love and hate, negative and positive and so on. I call this a black and white mentality, where we separate one from the other, usually to fulfil our own desires. Human consciousness is simply not ready and may never be ready. Believe me, it's no big deal....

So why didn't the Lemurian energy flow influence Atlantean energy flow from controlling and dominating Lemurian energy flows? Once a collective consciousness starts to perceive a separation of energy, for example from light and dark, negative and positive, yin and yang, it loses its influence and becomes more controlling. Lemurians were not good at controlling energy, only working in unison with energy. Once they started separating one energy flow from another, they became controlling of energy, not harmoniously influential on energy.

We indeed still have a choice; actually, that choice is never taken away even at our most desperate hours.

Please, take what I have stated here as story telling if you like, of course if you don't see it like this, you may get something from it, who knows.            

Friday, 7 September 2018

Using Energy Wisely

Written by Mathew Naismith

Look around you, everything is energy and can be both controlled and manipulated or you can work with and in unison with this energy, there is a huge difference. A martial artist, with the knowledge of Prana or Chi energy, is working with and in unison or as one with their own and their environments energy. There is no sense of control or manipulation of energy. All that one is doing is influencing energy, in harmony with this energy, with Chi and Prana energy, working as one energy source instead of separate energy sources. In martial arts, you often influence another person's energy to work against them. It's their own energy that is disharmonious to themselves!!  

Man, especially at present, is still trying to control and manipulate energy, look at how the race to control and manipulate the Earths natural energy resources is occurring at present. Of course the race to control and manipulate man made energy resources is also occurring. Will we ever evolve from a state of control and manipulation of energy? If humans survive their control and manipulation of energy, abuse of energy, human consciousness will most certainly evolve in my mind. The strangest thing is, working in harmony and unison with energy will give humans an existence they can only dream about at present.

We are not talking about being more powerful here, even though through our present perceptions this would seem the case. What we are talking about is being at one and being as one with energy as a whole. Imagine all energy in existence acting and being as one in unison and in harmony!! In regards to our present perceptions, you couldn't imagine anything more powerful. There is simply no true power to be had from controlling and manipulating energy though. The reason for this is that you have to keep drawing energy in to keep up the level of energy, otherwise the energy level drop. This is very unstable way to use (abuse) energy. When working with and in unison and harmony with energy as a whole, one doesn't need to keep the levels up by drawing in more and more energy. There are simply no levels to maintain as you become the energy you are expressing in motion. Imagine not expelling or using up energy while of and in motion!! I do believe certain martial artists are or have been of this state. 

To be powerful is to separate energy to be powerful over the environment through control and manipulation of energy. Where would the perception of power come from if we become one with energy as a whole, even though we would be able to influence our environment a lot more wisely and constructively? Within this state, the perception of power is absent only because the perception of control and manipulation of energy as a whole is absent. Now, how is a consciousness, conditioned to control and manipulations (power) over its environment, going to evolve further in consciousness?

What you need to do is imagine not separating energy or consciousness. Imagine all energy or consciousness working in unison and in harmony. Now imagine that we are not alone in the universe, that other far more aware entities exist than ourselves. Now imagine that we are at one with this energy, there is no separation of human consciousness from alien consciousness. This, I believe through my own experiences and other people's experiences, is occurring.
It is understandable that a mind conditioned to three dimensional aspects and spheres, will deny the existence of aliens or anything that can't be explained by a Westernised three dimensionally controlled mind. However, it's the Eastern mind in all of us that comprehends beyond three dimensional aspects and spheres, and the existence of any other entities far more aware and consciously advanced that our own. I believe Hinduism is a prime example of this. Awareness and advancements in consciousness are defined in how we use energy. Is it really wise to use up and abuse energy like we are doing? We can influence our environment in huge ways if we were only aware in how to use energy as a whole.

If the following video is of a true event or not has no bearing on the way we use energy. Going by my own experiences and knowledge of energy, it is very possible that our environment can be influenced to behave in a certain way. My advice is to stay away from trying to control and manipulate energy. Learn to work in unison and in harmony with energy is my best advice.           

My reply to this video and others people's replies to this video.

Amazing how the Western mind thinks, especially while being limited to and by three dimensional aspects and spheres. No amount of evidence will be enough to convince a limited mind like this, this is because all evidence has to be of three dimensional aspects and spheres.

It's a good thing that a lot of quantum physicists don't limit their mind to Dark Age perceptions and perspectives like this. The science of tomorrow will have evolved further as it has always done, beyond the present Dark Age mentality, beyond third dimensional aspects and spheres. Of course like in the Religious Dark Ages, you will have your devout followers who will fight evolution to the bitter end, sticking to their Dark Age doctrines/concepts.

It is obvious to people like me we need to evolve from the present Dark Age mentality. Of course if a mind has not experienced this kind of occurrence itself, especially a Western mind limited to three dimensional aspects and spheres, denial is always going to exist within such a mind.

There is a difference in how the Western and Eastern mind works in all of us.        

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

All Living Entities

Written by Mathew Naismith

Imagine for a moment that all physical life is but a reflection of a non-physical entity. Now imagine that Gaia or the physical universe as a whole is but a tiny reflection of a non-physical source of creation. Sounds silly doesn't it!! Where does all of what man creates come from? Yes, a physical brain but of thought or consciousness that is not physical until put into motion physically. Now imagine a consciousness that isn't limited to a physical brain or to three dimensional aspects and spheres.

Not easy for the Western part of our mind or consciousness to comprehend, especially if the Western mind is also limited to three dimensional aspects and spheres. If an actual occurrence occurred but no evidence of the occurrence could be three dimensionally produced, the occurrence didn't occur!! This is how the Western mind thinks in all of us, the Eastern mind doesn't think like this. The reason for this is that the Eastern mind doesn't separate one from the other, separate man from nature/Gaia or three dimensional aspects and spheres from all other dimensions. The separation through evidence of three dimensional aspects and spheres is of the Western mind.   

The Western mind often thinks that I am separating the Eastern and Western mind, the Eastern mind in all of us doesn't think like this. The Eastern mind thinks of two spheres of the same mind or consciousness expressed in different ways, there is no true separation, only a difference in motion. Just because man has perceived his separation from the rest of his natural environment, doesn't mean man is a separate entity to the rest of the natural environment. Man is at present simply of a different motion or expression of the whole. It is understandable why man is at present so destructive to his natural environment, he has simply perceived a separation from the whole, from the source of everything.  

To me, all physical entities are seen as a life form and are all a part and connected to the same source of energy. It does not matter if it's physical or non-physical; it's all a part of the same source of energy. To people like me it matters not what you call this source, an awareness or acknowledgment is all that is needed. Note; a true sense of awareness, without bias, naturally and automatically creates a sense of wisdom within a consciousness. 

Imagine being able to influence our environment and the weather. Take note, I purposely stated influence instead of control. Control simply denotes a perception of separation in taking control of another entity, even within ourselves. For example, the perception of taking control of our temper becomes separate to not taking control of our temper. It is then perceived that taking control and not taking control of our temper are completely separate entities when there not. Is the weather or our environment separate to us at any time that it doesn't influence us? This is why the Western mind tries to take control of everything; it separates everything from everything else, most often to excess. It is quite understandable why man is so destructive and self-centred at present.

Yes, we can influence our entire environment, including the weather, by working with it; all we have to do is desist in the perception of separation of ourselves to everything else. Become aware and acknowledge that everything is a living entity of the same source. Remember, it has nothing to do with taking control but influencing our environment in unison with the environment. Yes, you work with the environment as if it's a living entity, no less and no more alive than you are.........

All I can do is smile, while remembering my wife's actions this morning, my wife apologised to an ant for nearly stepping on it. To the Western mind this is a sign of lunacy, to the Eastern mind it's simply a sign of oneness and connectedness to our environment, one could not be saner. We do kill ants when they infringe on our space, it's the way it is of our present environment/reality. A balance between you and the environment, as a whole, needs to be implemented and sustained as much as possible, otherwise we create a reality we are presently experiencing.   

Further reference.

Extract: This has profound consequences. It would mean that consciousness is spread throughout space like a cosmic web of experience. Of course awareness is greatest where there is significant information integration, but in essence, “mind” (or “psyche”) is everywhere. IIT turns out to be a modern twist on an ancient philosophical view known as “panpsychism”. But before you go dismissing the concept because of its name, you should know that intellectual heavy hitters such as Baruch Spinoza, Gottfried Leibniz, and William James are all considered panpsychists. Its central tenant is that all matter has a mental aspect, which makes consciousness universal.             

Monday, 3 September 2018

A Split in Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

As I most often do, before I start writing about a particular subject, I try to research in material that is on a subject that I am about to write about. I also rely on actual experiences either it being my own and/or someone else's.

The following material I came across in my research is as follow. The external material I have presented here is worth reading through, even if you come to sections you don't agree with.   

Extract: What is wrong with modern man – and woman? Particularly in the West, we are constantly dissatisfied, striving, looking for more, whether it is consumer goods, fame, fortune, power, a longer lifespan or spiritual kicks. As Anne Wilson Schaef (1987) has pointed out, we are living in an addictive society. Morris Berman is a cultural historian who has attempted to make sense of our malaise in a remarkable trilogy about the evolution of Western consciousness.

The person accepts the world as it presents itself, including the split between Self and World. Spirit is not separate, but is immanent within the world: it is ‘the smell of the forest after rain, the warm blood of the deer’ (ibid:11). In this way of being, the secular is the sacred.

And yet, I don’t share Berman’s disquiet about out-of-body experiences or altered states of consciousness. Can we not work against some of the unacceptable faces of the ascent model of consciousness while retaining transcendent religion? If I was graced with the experience of ecstatic fusion with God, I certainly wouldn’t say no. At the same time, I have got the message from Berman that it is time to stop searching above, behind and beyond and value what is here.

Actual Experience: After watching most of the James Bond (007) movies, as I have found in just about all media, sensationalism is becoming more and more extreme. The violence and brutality within the James Bond movies escalated, nothing was left to the imagination. This reminds me of the Roman arenas, where violence and brutality escalated over many years to the point of outright butchery. The senses of the people needed to be entertained to a greater extent each time, are we any different today?

Yes, we deceive ourselves more, people are not being brutalised in the movies therefore the media today is nothing like the Roman arenas!! This is after knowing that just about all the brutality that is depicted in the media today has and is occurring, most often to a greater degree than what is depicted in the media. Think of it like this, if you hear that people are being tortured in a certain way or children are being used a sex slaves, it's like a fungus, what you see growing above ground is nothing like what is bellow the ground.
Has, what I call the feel good industry, escalated to this point that we need to be entertained and/or made to feel good in some way on other people's suffering? If it doesn't tantalise our senses or makes us feel good it's negative!!

It is obvious to people like me that we don't want to sacrifice our security in feeling good. Any truth that threatens this is often simply judged as a negative, therefore subsequently ignored, or accepted as being an everyday part of life and ignored.

So what do we do to secure our feel good tantalisations? Create more media sensualism and/or create ideologies that ignore the negatives, like child abuse and torture, to feel good on a more regular basis. Being excessively positive takes ignoring the negatives, of course like the media and the Roman arenas, we need our senses tantalised more and more. It gets to the point that anything that doesn't tantalise our senses is judged as a negative.

So what are we manifesting? Materialism is manifesting what ideologies like love and light are manifesting, more suffering, not less. Think of it like this, what occurs when your child's disrespectful and rude behaviour is ignored? The act of ignoring this kind of behaviour just to feel good manifests worse behaviour, are we any different on a collective scale? There are a number of Western ideologies that are quite obvious in how unaware they are in what they are actually manifesting within their own actions and inactions.

As the inserted article implies, we are separating one from the other to simply tantalise our senses more and more. Separating the negatives, like what doesn't tantalise our senses, and judging them negative to just feel good is the deliberate act of splitting consciousness into what does and doesn't tantalise our senses. We then deceptively talk about being of oneness and unconditional love in the West!!

However, what seems to be occurring is that a number of people are awakening to what we are doing on a collective scale by observing what is presently occurring, of course this does take a lot of self-honesty and honest self-observation. It is wise to look at the collective consciousness as the self, no matter how many parts this consciousness desires to split itself into just to feel good. 

What would occur in my own relationship with my wife if I demanded that my wife makes me feel good on a regular basis? Probably the same with what occurs in a number of failed and/or discordant relationships!! If you have to use external sources to feel good, what does this say about the way you are leading your life? Look at the collective consciousness in the same way as personal relationship is my advice. The relationship isn't there to just make you feel good is it? Neither is the collective consciousness or existence as a whole, of course there are some people who demand that their relationships fulfil their desires to feel good on a regular basis, as they do media, the modern day Roman arena. It's simply a gift when a relationship makes you feel good, abusing this relationship in demanding more and more from this relationship is only going to end up creating more suffering, not less, as is being observed at present.

It is wise in life not to expect your immediate environment to be just there to fulfil your pleasurable desires on a constant basis. Think of it like love, love is not present to make you feel good, feeling good from love is a special gift that love can often create at times.......