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Sunday, 30 June 2019

This Is What I Am Seeing

Written by Mathew Naismith

Yes, how many different and numerous desires are out there at present, from materialism to spirituality? So which ones should control and replace all other desires? Of course the answer is my desire should....!!

What we desire the reality to be at present and in the future, is often in contradiction to the natural cycles at play. Basically, our desires represent the small picture and natural cycles depict the big picture. It is natural for a consciousness that lives in ignorance, especially in deliberate ignorance, to be destructive and chaotic in the absence of love. This simply depicts the abuse of energy. 

In saying this, it is also natural for a consciousness that is aware to be constructive and harmonious in the presence of love. Within this, one works in harmony with all energy, be it perceived as negative or positive. Certainly not in deliberate ignorance of one undesired energy in favour of a desired energy.

Even though there are a lot of people still primarily focusing on their own desires, probably more so than ever in human history, there are a lot of people who are aware how to work in harmony with all energies in the absence of bias (desire). I predict the next evolutionary human conscious cycle will be of working in harmony with all energy. Often at the end of each cycle, parts of the next cycle are present at the end of the previous cycle.

Yes, we often desire positive energy to negative energy, which is like and in line with separating parts of consciousness we desire to be of, while discarding parts of consciousness we don't desire to be of. The division of consciousness simply serves to control and replace undesired through domination of the desired. This doesn't sound too much like the next predicted cycle that human consciousness is suppose to evolve into. Look at how Iran and Russia are being singled out, deliberately separated from the rest of the world controlled and dominated by lustful desiring people. I think if Russia in particular can hold out against such lustful desires, evil if you like, the next evolutionary cycle of human consciousness will occur.

We often look at Russia as being evil, when they are not the one's trying to dominate the rest of the world based purely on self-serving lustful desires. So it is less evil allowing the people of Yemen to be purposely starved to death, or, allowing the harsh persecution of Palestinians under a Zionist controlled regime. I find it far more evil when people deliberately ignore the negatives in the world to become and stay positive, especially to simply fulfil their desires.

We will in the end enter into the next cycle, be it at a much later date in time it would seem.  

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Bending to the New Winds of Change

Written by Mathew Naismith
When the wind becomes a tree, is when the wind has to bend to the new wind blowing. As all things are governed by natural cycles, so are winds, one day a wind that the trees have to bend to or perish, the next day a tree that has to bend with a new wind blowing. Human existence is no different to the wind and the trees, it's all governed by natural cycles.
Once upon a time the Roman Empire was the wind that everything had to bend to or perish, now it's no more the wind or the trees. Of course we could say that the Catholic Church is the new wind from the Roman Empire era but it still had to bend like a tree to become the wind again as all things do.
Today, China is bending to the winds of the western mind, on the other hand North Korea isn't bending to this wind. Once it was the eastern mind within us all that was the wind, today it's the western mind. All must bend like a tree to this wind to once again become the wind. In regards to the present wind, it too will in the end become a tree or perish, of course if the wind becomes too strong, all will perish including the wind itself.          
The western minded coalition forces are today the wind, it's dominance over all else is felt throughout the world, as of any wind though, it too will have it's day to either bend to the new wind or perish. 
So is the new winds of change going to be of the western or eastern mind? Neither and simultaneously both. Once the eastern and western mind becomes one within us all, neither the western nor eastern mind will predominately dominate over the other, it's as though the yin and yang within us all will become one, whole, with no variations. This doesn't mean that the western mind (yang) and the eastern mind (yin) will no longer exist, it simply means they will be as one.
The strongest and wisest wind isn't the wind that blows everything down, the strongest and wisest wind is the wind that works in unison with the trees......Mathew G  
I thought anyone of the Christian and non-Christian faith might find the following interesting, the article links Christianity with Taoism to some degree.
There is something formlessly created
Born before Heaven and Earth
So silent! So ethereal!
Independent and changeless
Circulating and ceaseless
It can be regarded as the mother of the world
I do not know its name
Identifying it, I call it “Tao”
– Tao Te Ching Chapter 25
I just thought I would end this post with the following. It is wise to treat everything as being governed by a natural cycle as the wise are aware that one can't possibly overcome these natural cycles in the end, flow with the water, bend with the wind. This is probably why I try to stay away from judging anything negative or positive, what I call a black and white mentality; neither perception is flowing with the water, bending with the wind.    
A man is born gentle and weak.
At his death he is hard and stiff.
Green plants are tender and filled with sap.
At their death they are withered and dry.

Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death.
The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life.

Thus an army without flexibility never wins a battle.
A tree that is unbending is easily broken.

The hard and strong will fall.
The soft and weak will overcome.

- Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 76

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Finding Spiritual Deliverance-Our Chosen Path

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have a feeling I’m going to like writing about this topic on a personal level, this is due to our paths being  personal within themselves, they tell us about ourselves as we venture along such chosen paths. Our paths are of course influenced by the cycles we live within. Now you might have noticed that I have been referring to living within these cycles as opposed to  living under these cycles, this is because we don’t live under these cycles but within them. We actually determine how these cycles are going to reflect onto us and our chosen path, these cycles don’t determine exactly what path we are going to follow but they can influence them.

Cycles: Why am I at present going on about the cycles we live within so much?

In my early stage of my life, I was informed to not read anything on spirituality, this latter on became apparent to me, instead of being influenced by certain external influences, I allowed the natural flow of my own path to flow without any preconceptions, this in turn allowed me to have experiences with minimal predetermination. This actually allowed me to perceive beyond human perceptions I feel.

I was however allowed to study up on numerology which allowed me to delve into my inner human self  and my immediate environment. To me, numerology is totally based on cycles, it was important for me to understand  these cycles at the time, this also allowed me to better understand the path I was to tread. It might not have been important for everyone  to become aware of these cycles, and the influence these cycles have on our path, but it was to me. Some people study up on spirituality to become aware, I studied up on numerology, well, to some extent anyway.

You could infer this also gave me a factor of predetermination thus became an influence on my chosen path. The studying of cycles doesn’t predetermine nothing as nothing is predetermined until these cycles are acted upon, this is due to cycles being of numerous possibilities, nothing is predetermined within a cycle until we, through our reactions to these cycles, predetermine a destination or an outcome.

Spiritual deliverance: This is different to studying up on spirituality, we are highly influenced by other people’s paths experiences thus giving us a predetermination. How many people take up mediation without reading any material on this practice? Reading about someone else’s experiences, has predetermined our path, in other words it’s influenced our path. We will be influenced by other peoples path trod, this is inevitable, some  people’s path are even purely predetermined by other people’s path, this is their path. It is however wise to be aware that other people’s path can and do indeed influence our own, in reading up on meditation, are we then supposed to take up meditating? No, this is only predetermined if we act upon such influences.

Finding spiritual deliverance is to me delivering myself from other people’s path, many spiritually aware people today are focused on love, this delivers them from a world of hate and chaos, the funny thing is here, this hate and chaos influenced them in the first place to follow such a path. It’s basically a counteraction to try to give balance within one’s life, this is of course much needed, we do indeed need to collectively heal, this counteraction is all about a healing process and deliverance from an obvious existence of hate an chaos.

People like myself are on a slightly different path, we are basically drifters, in other word we just go with the flow of what ever the flow is at any given time. This doesn’t mean we don’t influence such flows, for example hate and chaos, it just means we don’t judge the flow of other people’s paths therefore react to such flows, we are basically fence sitters until activated by the influence of other people’s paths at a certain point in time. While living within the influence of any cycle, you cannot get away without being influenced by other people’s path but you can certainly lesson these influences on your own path. This awareness of your own path, takes you to become aware of these cycles like through numerology and astronomy and even psychology at times. This in turn allows you to be aware of other people’s influence upon you, upon your own path. We can and do go off of our chosen path, this however can also be a part of our chosen path to do so, this reality to me is a good example of this.

Personal deliverance: I write about some strange topics in a real strange way at times, this is my deliverance  from other people’s influential paths upon my own even though a lot of what I write about is channelled through me. The funny thing here is, I’m being influenced by certain influences that are not existing within the cycles I am presently experiencing, you can’t get away, when living within cycles, from the influence of other people’s/entities paths but you can be aware of such influences. Like reading about mediation, you don’t have to allow these influences to influence your own path, you can indeed deliver yourself from such influences but only if you are aware.

Many spiritually aware people are aware of the imbalance in the world so they counteract this by delivering themselves from such influences, this in turn gives them balance back into their lives. Yes, to do this we are influenced to react in this way but that also has to do with the way these cycles influence us. Instead of allowing these cycles to influence our paths in a chaotic way, we have delivered ourselves from the path of others within our environment by using these cycles in a more constructive way. 

I’m a fence sitter, a drifter who just goes with however the flow is flowing, I have many times been told off for being a fence sitter, I’m not helping with giving balance back into the world. This isn’t true, imagine if everyone was a fence sitter, no motion no intentions to react and counteract and no judging what is or isn’t wrong, this is pure balance because there is no motion, this is very much in line to quietening the mind, once you quieten the mind, you give balance back to your thoughts. Motion is only due to a reaction to other motions, once you stop your own motion, your own reaction, you find balance, in other words deliverance from an obvious imbalance.

We all have our own path to follow and we should try to understand, and even respect, each others people’s paths trod, what we need to be aware of is the influence these paths have upon our own. We have all been influenced by a world wide global path influenced by certain cycles, we should be aware we can deliver ourselves from such influences but only if we are aware of such influences upon ourselves.     

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Influencing the Cycles of Life

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’m impelled to write about cycles again as I received some interesting responses from my last post in relation to cycles. 

Cycles only have an influential impact on us, they don’t define the extent of experience we will experience, yes, they define how we will think and act but they don’t define the level of experience we will have, this is defined in how we react to such cycles. Why don’t all people react the same when influenced by the same cycles, for example,  spiritually aware people react quite differently to the same situations than non-spiritually aware people. This isn’t just because they use certain practices, like meditation and chanting for example, it’s more to do with the awareness than anything. If you are unaware to any situation at hand, you will react quite differently compared to being aware. Dying is a good example of this, spiritually aware people are aware that there is an after life, people who are unaware of  this will react quite differently death.

We all live in a cycle of life and death but people aware to an after life, react quite differently to these cycles of life and death. Anyone aware of an after life has in fact influenced how a cycle is going to affect them, in this case of death, quite dramatically.

Cycles don’t mean this is the way we will think and behave, this is because they don’t define the actual level of influence they have on us, this level of influence is determined basically on how aware we are. Take an experienced soldier to an inexperienced soldier, which one is going to handle going into battle better?  The experience soldier of course only because he is more aware through various experiences.

Take the affects of the moon on people, if you are unaware of such affects, you will react according to the situation you are in, either it be passive or aggressive. An aware person in an aggressive situation will react differently to an unaware person, in turn change the way moon cycles has on them.

Cycles are only an influence upon us, they do not determine an outcome, in other words these cycles do not preordain future events, this is determined in how we react to these cycles in the first place. According to the Mayans, the next cycle is influenced by the feminine as opposed to the masculine, this kind of conscious change does not determine an unchangeable outcome, a preordained outcome, all it does is give us an influence to express consciousness in a certain way.

Does this mean nothing is written until it is written? Not exactly in my mind, everything is written except each time we are influenced by a cycle, we have a choice of how we are going to react to such cycles. The reason I say everything is written is due to consciousness itself not being determined by time, if consciousness isn’t determined by time, each experience from this consciousness, God if you like, is prewritten, this means every experience is predetermined. If this consciousness is not determined by time, everything has always existed therefore written.

All what is, is of this consciousness (God), this is why God does not determine how you will use this consciousness under these cycles, we ourselves determine this.  

It would seem I’m saying, “the more aware you are  of the way these cycles influence us the less they will affect us”, this is true, any kind of awareness will detract from such influences. Once you are aware, you can also use these cycles to enhance an  influence of any said cycle, remembering, no cycle defines on what level we will be influenced too, cycles only define a certain influence, they don’t define on what level we will be influenced too.

One thing we can’t do is influence a said cycle, a cycle of events yes but not the cycle itself, we can however lesson the affects of cycles on ourselves by just being aware and accepting of what each cycle helps us and consciousness itself to express. Of course the more expressive we are the more aware we become, this stands to reason.

Can you exist under the influence of cycles and not be affected by such cycles in any way?

Yes and no, if you were conceived within  these cycles, you will always be influenced by these cycles, the only way to not be influenced by such cycles would be to do what occurred to the Mayans, you just disappear. Once you change your vibrations to the extent that these cycles, you were conceived within, no longer affect you, you no longer belong within such cycles. The Mayans no longer belonged within these cycles, once they changed their vibrations to something quite different to the cycles vibrations they were conceived within in the first place, they no longer belonged within such vibrations. In a sense, you can change your vibration that much that you no longer resonate with the current vibrations, you are basically out of tune with these influencing cycles. Basically, you can’t exist within a reality that you are not in tune with.

Many people are going to say I’m not in tune with these cycles, well, it’s possibly more like I don’t want to be in tune, this doesn’t mean your not in tune. Many people still express the ego,  just by deeming the ego being this that or the other, is an expression of ego so once you judge so, you still resonate with the current vibrations.

Now if you weren’t conceived within these cycles of influence, you can exist within these cycles without them having an influence upon you, this is done through taking on the vibrations of these cycles without existing within these cycles. All you are doing is taking on the vibrations of these cycles, this doesn’t mean you are influenced by these cycles. This means you are not expressive of the influence of these cycles, you are only vibrating at the same rate to exist here.

How does physical form exist?

It’s through cycles that influence consciousness to take form, in our case it’s physical form. How does a human being evolve/grow?  Through cycles, each cycle changes our vibration otherwise we would all have whiskers when we were born for example or greying hair.

If you were conceived within a universe, physical or non-physical, you are influenced, to one degree or another, by these cycles within the said universe a universes denote cycles.

Saying, while conceived under the influence of these cycles,  that you can’t just take on the vibrations of these cycles without existing within the influence of the cycles, isn’t altogether true, you can get to a state of consciousness that you only take on the vibration of these cycles. This however is virtually impossible for most people to do, you would have to stop expressing the ego altogether, not  judging that the ego itself is this that or the other is a good start. It’s worth noting that the various expressions of the ego is of our cycles/reality, this however doesn’t mean the ego is apart of all cycles experienced in all realities, each reality has it’s own influential cycles.  

It truly just comes down to being aware…….   

Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Natural Process of Ascension

Written by Mathew Naismith

What dose ascension mean, is it going onto a higher level of understanding? To me there should be no indication of levels within spirituality, this is due to oneness itself, you can’t be of one if we have levels as levels mean separation, not oneness or a unity of all of what consciousness is. Ascension to me within spirituality is an indication of self awareness, the more aware one is of their truer nature, the more ascended (aware) one is, there are no actual levels even when one becomes more heightened (aware) of their truer nature.

Truer nature I feel refers to oneness, the more aware we become of our truer nature, the closer we are to oneness, we are in fact becoming more aware of how of oneness we really are. There are no levels to this oneness so there is no levels to ascension, this is only the case if we go along with the natural process of ascension, if we react against this flow, we will cause this flow to flow unnaturally. This unnatural flow then tells us there are levels to the way the flow flows, for example, fast or slow, smoothly or roughly. When we allow this flow to flow naturally, there are no levels, there is only oneness within the natural flow of ascension.

Ascension also refers to a cycle, one cycle isn’t above or below another for each cycle needs the other cycles to exist, could man have evolved without going through various cycles from the Stone Age to the Space Age?  We needed the Stone Age to begin the cycle of events as each cycle off event made us more aware, are these cycles from the Stone Age an indication of levels rather than ascension? Levels actually mean one level is greater than the other, how can this be when each level needs other levels to exist in the first place?  The natural process of ascension works quite differently to this, this is due to  each cycle being just as important than the next cycle. One is never greater than the other no matter how aware we become in the process.

I recently wrote a couple of things in relation to ascension symptoms that I will share with you in this post as follow.                      

WHO IS REALLY FEELING THESE ASCENSION SYMPTOMS MORE; is the aware or the unaware, the people fixated to old cycles? Anyone fixated to old cycles, will most likely react quite unbecomingly to any such changes, these people are going through hell even if  they are unaware of this. To me, the way this reality is at present shows this quite clearly, we are in fact experiencing the effects of such changes from the unaware.    

Allow the flow to flow freely for it’s within this flow will we ever truly know ourselves. The more we react, the more this flow flows un-freely, in turn, all this will do is take us away from ourselves. The more unaware any energy source is of itself, the more destructive/disruptive this energy becomes, this is but another natural process we could avoid. 

If we were all aware of our truer nature, would we be experiencing, at times, such traumatising ascension symptoms? I don’t think so, this is do to all of us going with the flow and not against it, because we are not going with the next cycle, the natural flow, such flow is going to flow unnaturally. This in turn gives us the perception of levels as the flow is unnaturally flowing fast/slow, smooth/roughly, in other words this flow has  become chaotic.

As you become aware, (ascend) you can become quite sensitive to other energy sources that are not of your own,  certain other energy sources (vibrations) that you never felt  before become more heightened to you, in other words you have become more aware of these other vibrations by becoming more aware of your truer self. This seems like a huge amount of separation, the more aware we become, the more separated we become from other energy sources fixated to older cycles.

Now we can quite easily think this is because we are on a higher level of awareness, of course we are going to feel certain symptoms of such ascensions, we are after all at a higher level of awareness. This actually isn’t the case, the reason we are feeling these symptoms of our own ascension is due to other vibrations not going along with the flow of cycles, just because we are going with the flow, doesn’t mean we are on a higher level of awareness, it just means we are going with the natural flow, not against it.

Each cycle isn’t separated from the other even though each progressive cycle teaches us to become more aware, they are still cycles as awareness is still awareness as consciousness is still consciousness no matter how it’s expressed. The unnatural flow has given us a perception of levels rather than just cycles of ascension, one cycle needing the other to make the flow flow freely.

It’s a natural process to go with the flow allowing each cycle to run it’s course, it’s also natural to go against the flow as well, the choice is really ours, do we go with the flow and smoothly experience each cycle, or do we go against the flow and unnecessarily roughly/chaotically experience each cycle? This of course all comes down to how aware we are.  

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Why We Are Here??

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wasn’t going to turn this post on another spiritual forum site into another post but I have just become aware why we all see our purpose in realities like this one so differently so I feel it’s important for me to relay this on. The following response of mine is in relation to why we are here not saying it answers it but producing yet another possibility of why we are here which a lot of my blog relates too. This post is in reference to my previous post titled Soul connection & religion.

G’day Schwanke

Most people denote religion to being just of faith which is usually connected to church doctrines of one kind or another however religion can also denote to being of logic not just faith as a scientist will have certain theories they will follow which is a religion or creed for them to follow usually right through their lives.

Certain eastern based religions teach free will & I can’t see them dying in the near future however like western based religion it will have to change with the time or new consciousness as everything does in realities of time & space I believe. While living in realities of time & space boundaries are always set to guide us however realities of no time & space have no such set boundaries, there is no need. I think what is happening now is we are trying to replace time & space with no time & space, in my mind that is not what we came here to do.  I think what we are supposed to be doing is assimilating no time & space within time & space only to give it balance again however of course I could be wrong.
By the sounds of it this is where we differ greatly, I feel our souls need time & space to experience our knowing which is infinite because time & space will always renew itself however it would seem you think we are here to just connect with the source ( true love) thus change this reality into another reality of no time & space.  We were all created from light, yes some souls will decide to reunite with the light, the source, after ones soul has a certain understanding & awareness but I think most souls will decide to keep on experiencing the knowing for this expands the sources conscious awareness of itself even further, you could say that all souls are serving God however we too are that God (consciousness).

What I think what has happened here is certain people have experienced certain states of consciousness to a point where they have formulated a conclusion to what is happening without going further thus we only have the understanding of being here to become what we were in the first place light/love, I feel there is much much more to it than that Schwanke.   


Thinking With the Cycle Not Against It: We need to think past the 3rd dimension or previous consciousness as nothing stays the same including knowledge & wisdom in realties of never ending cycles which are realities of no time & space, if we don’t start thinking past this point or last point I should say we are either going to change this reality into a reality of no time & space while becoming one with the source again or we are going to continue on a life of fixated attachments which will end sooner or later in catastrophe. I feel quite strongly we haven’t come to do either but serve thy lord so to speak which is in turn serving ourselves.

I’ve written in previous posts about the soul being of more important than the human vessel self & that we should focus on the soul more to bring balance however the soul has no real precedence on the creative source so what our souls are doing is serving the source (God). The problem with knowing that we are serving the lord (source) we are focusing on the lord primarily not our soul, yes some will say by serving the lord that we are in fact serving our souls but the problem with this is we are putting one above the other by idolising one above the other, where is the oneness in this? We are of the source itself so in fact we are serving ourselves through the soul & human vessel & the reason the soul & human vessel are just as important as the source itself is the human self & the soul are teacher of the source like the human vessel is the teacher of the soul, nothing has less importance or precedence than the other.  

By focusing on the soul we are bringing balance again because the soul is of both realities of time & space & realities of no time & space, if we focus on either the human self or the source we are actually not bringing balance to this reality but unbalancing it even more. The old teaching especially eastern teachings taught us balance for the main reason they had the understanding of balance within this reality, tilting to the extreme either way would give us unbalance & turn this world into something else usually something unbecoming, consumerist materialism is a good example of this & so were the dark ages as both these ideologies gave us an unbalanced world.  So old teachings are still relevant then!!! Yes & no because they too like anything in a cycle of time & space are forever changing so they too must take on change, go with the flow not against it for in this comes true awareness!! 

 “The soul is the key to balance I believe”…Love Mathew