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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Destiny and Free Will

Written by Mathew Naismith

I do indeed love having civil discussions with people, people who you can disagree with on certain points without an uncivil word spoken.  I’m a white Australian, my fellow Australians and people from the US are the worse for uncivil behaviour but in contrary, the discussions I have had with people born in India, and Asia period, are quite different, maybe I’ve just been lucky!!

At present I’m in conversation with a bloke born in India who is presently living in the US, he’s name is Subhendu and his an utter pleasure to be in conversation with.   He has a PhD in electrical engineering but he also has an interest in yogis, he doesn’t seem to practice yoga but he does have an interest in yogic practices and principles.  

I thought I would share our recent conversation, not just because it shows how civil two people in disagreement can be, but I find the topic of conversation itself is worth sharing, it’s about destiny and free will.   

Hi Mat,

Please have patience. I say – destiny is a science and not faith. To prove that assertion, I have to go slowly and show you the reasons.

Let me first copy the coffee example from the book here for quick reference – “Let us say that you believe that you can decide freely to choose to drink coffee or tea. You are sitting on your desk, you pick up your coffee cup and walk the hallway to the coffee room for your cup of coffee. When you go there, you find the coffee pot is empty. So you cannot take coffee now. Instead you decide to take hot water and a tea bag. Thus you have failed to exercise your freewill. This has happened because you are interconnected with other people’s activities in your corporation. We are all sharing our environment in an interactive way and continuously.”

Note that you failed because – “you are interconnected with other people’s activities”. It is not that you spilled the coffee. But someone else finished the coffee.

So the first point is – what you do depends on others – you are not alone. You cannot kill yourself with a knife, because you have wife, daughter, home etc. Your choices and actions depend on others. Therefore you are not free. This is the simultaneity law of nature that we have discussed in the first chapter on truth.


G’day Subhendu

Yes I understand your point about free will Subhendu, once we live by the laws of nature we have little free will because we are always influenced by other people and situations within nature itself, I agree but only to a point. 

Firstly, we have chosen, at the soul level, to live with very little free will, this is the soul’s free will. To me life’s not about the human self but the soul, we are living in ignorance in service to the soul. The more in ignorance we are, the less free will we will have and the more aware we become, the more free will we will have at the human level.

Secondly, in reference to the choice of tea and coffee, the choice still hasn’t been taken away from you, you can still choose to have nothing or water rather than tea, if you have a choice you still have free will. Yes, no matter what destiny you choose it’s still written (preordained) but you still have a choice in which destiny you want to follow.

Let’s say we have a choice of tea, coffee, milk, juice, water, this is how many destinies you can follow in the present moment, we are not fixated to follow one single destiny only.  In relation to my example of the poor and rich man, the poor man would have less of a choice of beverages so he’s free will is somewhat lessoned compared to a rich man, this is the law of nature.  In this case the rich man has more of a free will, now relate being rich to being aware, the more aware we are the more free will we become aware of.

Thirdly, once we become aware, our perceptions become heightened. Before you give yourself a choice of coffee or tea, you know you don’t have that choice to begin with, you just know there is no choice between coffee and tea. In this case free will hasn’t been taken away from you because you had no choice to begin with.        

This goes along with being aware, the more aware we are the less free will is taken away from us mainly because we are more aware. A heightened awareness, like with yogis, gives us more free will, we know, even before we have a choice, that these are our choices, the different destinies we can follow in the present moment.

So many people today think they have no free will, we are continually dictated by various people which takes away our free will to live as we want.  This isn’t entirely true, we have a choice and we can enforce that choice if we believe we have free will. We don’t have to live in a reality controlled by mentalities that are primarily destructive. Jesus and Buddha’s mentality for example, in my mind, weren’t destructive, we had a choice to either take on their constructive mentality or continue to live by a destructive mentality, we of course chose the latter.

Only in ignorance can we proclaim we have no free will, the more aware we are the more free will we realise we have.  The thing about living in ignorance is we believe we don’t have free will only because of our ignorance of not knowing how much free will we actually have.  My quote, “for only in ignorance can we destroy”, is so apt; we continue to destroy because we feel we have no free will to do otherwise.   Yes we have very little free will but only in ignorance can we think this, once you become aware you realise you do indeed have free will and a free will to even live a life without free will.

Much Blessings,

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Spirituality and the Present Moment

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think the following discussion is worth sharing, this is a brilliant bloke who has got me to become a little more aware than I was even of myself.  This is only part of the discussion about God’s consciousness, time and timelessness, fate and various other topics that we are discussing at present.   I hope you enjoy this bloke as much as I do.

My Reply
G’day Subhendu

You might disagree but I think the following is what you and I are doing, please feel free to reply.

Subhendu Reply
The video that you have referred to –
 is very good. Everything he said is correct. I called it the simultaneity law in the first chapter on Truth.

However, there is one catch. He does not believe in destiny. We are all guided by a global destiny, described in the destiny chapter of my book. We do not have freewill.

Destiny comes automatically that he did not realize. When we are simultaneously, globally connected, we automatically lose our freedom. I cannot move, if I do then I will affect everybody else, because we are connected. There is a figure in chapter-1 describing this connection. German philosopher Nietzsche said the same thing. We are completely helpless. This is like our solar system. The earth cannot go anywhere, because it is globally connected with sun and other planets and the galaxy. The same is true for all of us.

There are trillions of stars in the sky, but not a single one can move. They all have souls. Same is true for all the seven billion people on earth. Sometimes this makes me think that there must be one god who controls all of us, who created this global plan. But that cannot be correct; there is no proof of such a concept.

My Reply
I look at past human history as being a must for us to evolve, if our history was different to what it was, we wouldn't evolve as we are, history is predestined but the future isn't until it becomes the past.  This might not make sense, how can the future not be predetermined within it’s fate but the past is?

It’s all to do with the present moment, no other moment but the present determines our destiny making the past predetermined by the present. You would think the past effects our future predetermining our future but it doesn’t; it’s how we react to the past at present that effects our future.  You would think the present moment would predetermine the future making everything predetermined but it doesn’t because it becomes the past in a flash thus no longer predetermining our future.

The present = timelessness + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness)

Past and future = time + man’s consciousness

The question is now, isn’t everything predetermined in timeliness, if this timelessness is always in the present, isn’t everything including the future predetermined by this timelessness? 

In time this present moment of timelessness is fleeting, it’s over in a flash but in timelessness it’s always in the present , it’s never of the past or the future therefore in timeliness nothing is predetermined because there is no past or future.  This doesn’t seem to follow the laws of nature but it does.

Let’s look at the sun, it has a predetermined outcome like we all do, it’s fate has always been predetermined but what are we looking at here when we are looking at the sun, are we seeing it as just as a sun and not just an energy form ? When does the sun cease being an energy form of some kind?  It doesn’t but as an actual sun it does but only in time, the sun was never what we perceived it was in timelessness, it’s just pure conscious energy in timelessness, it has no destiny because it has no form until this energy become a part of time.  

It’s how we look at everything that determines what we perceive.  The sun is just a sun to us, we only see it as a sun and not just an energy form so in this case the sun has a predetermined fate, this is in time. Now look at this in a different way, see the sun as just pure energy nothing else, it has no past and no future because you can’t destroy energy, you can change it but it’s still energy no matter what we change it too.  This is timelessness; this is reprograming our mentality to perceive differently to what we are conditions to think which is just in time.  Once we start changing our mentality to accept timeliness, we will realise nothing is really predetermined. In time it’s predetermined but not in timelessness, God’s consciousness.

Much Blessings,