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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Spirituality - A Perspective Void of Perfections!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

Is spirituality about perfection, do we not practice in various spiritual practices to become more aligned and in tune with our truer inner being?  In actuality no, this would be like saying able people are more of perfection than disabled people, having the opportunity to work with disabled people, this couldn't be further from the truth. What actually defines what is and isn't a depiction of perfection or a true connection to the inner self? The answer to this question is simple, only a consciousness controlled by a controlling ego could perceive and judge what is and isn't a true depiction of perfection.

Consider this, how many people have experienced a true inner connection when in trauma, a state of anything but being aligned? You certainly don't have to sit, eat, drink, sleep  and exercise in the right way to experience an inner connection, and in actuality,  anyone who judges anyone else of being of a lesser value in anyway because their not, in their own perception, doing the right thing, can actually become disconnected, not more connected. The reason for this is simple, control, they inadvertently use the controlling ego to take control, it's all about control like the churches were in the Dark Ages, it's same mentality believe it or not!!

I am good friends with an 80 year old yoga teacher who is into the science, spirituality and exercises of yoga, at times I have to earth her, meaning, her ego can also get away from her, at times quite excessively. This is quite understandable as any ideology that makes us feel more superior and/or better within oneself, can, at times, become dominated by a controlling ego, this can occur unbeknown to ourselves. As human history quite plainly shows us, any spiritual ideology perceived and enacted in a certain way, will actually encourage the ego to become more controlling, not less controlling. Of course any sense of control is a sign of the ego being in control, not our truer being, this is because our truer being is anything but controlling, if it was controlling, we wouldn't be here experiencing such a chaotic existence for starters!!

I actually surround myself with what certain spiritually aware people would judge as being imperfect in some way because they don't, in their own perception, do the right thing to become truly spiritual, in other words, perfect, in some sense, over and above other people. The reason I surround myself, with what is judged as being imperfections,  is to become less judgmental of what is and isn't a depiction of perfection. I'm not allowing my controlling ego to control my perceptions of what is and isn't a depiction of a perfect spiritual aware person, in actuality, a perfect spiritually aware persons just doesn't exist.

Some people might say that God's consciousness or people like Jesus and Buddha were perfect, if such consciousness were to be in this way, would  they not  judge an able person being more worthy than a disabled person!!

Having to sit, eat, drink, sleep  and exercise in the right way, gives us a sense of what is and isn't a more worthy way to exist and become connected to our truer self, in other words a perception of a more perfect existence. However, a perception of perfection is always a sign of the ego in control for only an ego would judge what is and isn't a depiction of perfection!! Jesus and Buddha weren't about perfection, yes I know, the ego tells us otherwise, this is something we need to all become aware of if we want to exist in a more harmonious existence.

Earthing: Earthing ourselves is important if we want a truer sense of awareness, if our perception isn't earthed, it then becomes the domain of the controlling ego so it's important to earth ourselves. I actually have a natural tendency to earth, not just myself but others around me, this can even occur unknowingly to myself hence natural..... 

This of course doesn't always go down well, the controlling ego often repels or disregards any sense off earthing mainly because the ego then losses control through the earthing process, this is the last thing a controlling ego wants to occur.

At first, my yoga friend most always repels my earthing of her until she reawakens the aspects of the ego in control. It matters not how connected and infallible to the controlling ego you think you are, it's wise to know that the controlling ego is always waiting right outside the door to once again take control in such a reality. Don't get the wrong idea about my yoga friend, I actually brew a particular beer for her and she also drinks wine, to a number of other yoga people, this would be taboo and not a sign of a true person heavily into yoga. Of course only an ego in control would judge so!!

I don't know of anyone who doesn't love or like my yoga friend in some way, she certainly has away about her probably because she earths herself. I of course also help with this earthing but if she wasn't also earthed in some way, she would totally and always repel my natural earthing abilities. We can so easily lose ourselves in the ego while heavily involved in any ideology, once again, human history quite plainly shows this.

Most spiritual ideologies tell us to refrain from certain practices not conductive to becoming spiritually connected, these practices are often linked to the ego in control. For example, any drinking of alcohol is a sign of weakness in regards to the ego, if you have to drink alcohol for any reason, this is a sign of the ego being in control, you also have no self-empowerment/control. This of course pertains more to excessive drinking than social drinking, believe it or not, social and even excessive drinking can be earthing. The reason for this is simple, as we become more connected to our truer self through various spiritual practices, the more earthing we need, no one earthing process is more or less worthy than another. Your present environment will tell you what is the best earthing process for you, it's wise to try to not  strictly go by what certain spiritual ideologies tells you to do, in other word go with the flow of the environment you are presently in is my advice.

Enlightening Experiences: Consider this, how much control do you have while going through excessive trauma? Most often none, if you did, you wouldn't' be going through such traumas in the first place.

Why do so many people expedience their most enlightening times while going through such excessive trauma? Excessive trauma takes away our control, I think this is why we can experience these enlightening moments, you can however also experience an enlightenment (an awakening) while excessively in control. It would seem it takes extremes to experience an awakening experience, this is because any extremes will bring on an extreme experience!!

Any extreme however has a down side which is usually created through a controlling ego, the down side to extremes is of course a controlling ego controlling you. All of a sudden you are enlightened and know it all, this enlightening experience is the be and end all but in reality it's not, not for everyone. The ideology that has also brought on such an experience, also becomes the be and end all for everyone, this again is not the case. We see the light, we perceive perfection, yes, even the light we experience isn't perfection as an actual form of perfection just doesn't exist within spirituality. Yes, to a controlling ego there is perfection, this means able people are more worthy or white people are more worthy than black people!!

To perceive perfection in spirituality is a sign the ego is still in control, its truly this simple.      

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Accepting Imperfections

Written by Mathew Naismith

When we get to a certain level of understanding we become accepting quite automatically even of the imperfections of life, it’s a totally exhilarating experience of benevolent oneness.  This is the acceptance of all imperfections because we no longer see imperfections; we then feel they really never truly existed but is this the be & end all?  Infinite comes to mind when this question is asked & the answer of course is no this isn’t the be & end all however it will do fine especially when we are living in such a chaotic reality.

Some people like myself realise there is no be & end all even when it feels that way because consciousness itself is infinite, so what else is there after experiencing benevolent oneness & acceptance of all? While in this state of benevolence it is nearly impossible to become non-accepting again even at the human level of understanding & in actual fact it seems to be impossible once you have experienced this state of benevolence oneness to become non-accepting again, who would want too anyway?

While in this benevolent oneness state of conscious understanding are we accepting within the totality of all? To answer this question we need to ask another question, why is it seemingly nearly if not totally impossible for people to become non-accepting again while in this state of consciousness?   We can’t accept ourselves being that way again so are we accepting within the totality of all when we can’t accept ourselves being this way again?  Being in a state of benevolent oneness can take many lifetimes to accomplish but to become accepting within the totality of all of course would take many more lifetimes to accomplish but what if you could accept, once again, in one lifetime to become accepting within the totality of all by accepting within yourself to become non-accepting again while knowing you are actually all accepting!!

The big question is now, did existence within it’s totality come from benevolent oneness? Our egos would love to think so but how could it when consciousness itself isn’t of time therefore all has always existed from perfections to imperfections, existence itself has come from all of what is not what we would have liked it to come from!!  

If you don’t understand what I am saying here you’re not meant too so don’t try however for those who do understand you would know there is no be & end all, only infinite realities.  It is interesting being consciously aware of living within more than one reality at a time I have to admit.     

Recently on IONS I got message telling me of my imperfections which was justly deserved & appreciated by me. This same person knows me from other discussion boards & was being quite concerned within my actions towards others who are unbecoming towards me & others.  


I'm new to this discussion board, but have commented on many others. mrmathew1963, your frustration with personal attacks, defamation and topic focus are prevalent on all discussion boards. You have to understand that some enjoy antagonism and arguing just for the sake of it. The more you protest, the more the antagonist engages in this behavior. Like a restrictor knot, the more you struggle the tighter the knot becomes.

Laughing at your own misgivings as portrayed by others, accepting constructive criticism and forgiveness in lieu of hate and resentment are some of the toughest psychological barriers to overcome, but once realized creates open acceptance by others and a sense of inner calm and an increased knowledge source and base for you.

G'day SeekingUnderstanding

The problem is Dusty has chased a number of people away by doing what he is doing to me, I'm bringing this forth to be noticed by people who don't realise what Dusty is actually doing & it has worked I believe.

RE:"Laughing at your own misgivings as portrayed by others, accepting constructive criticism and forgiveness in lieu of hate and resentment are some of the toughest psychological barriers to overcome, but once realized creates open acceptance by others and a sense of inner calm and an increased knowledge source and base for you.'

I do understand where you are coming from with this believe it or not but I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, letting my ego ride the waves without it becoming too controlling.

Believe me SU I don't take what people say on these discussion sites personally, well maybe a little at the human level of understanding as this is just part of riding the waves.

Sorry for being too disruptive SU, thanks for your valued advice. -:)

There is absolutely nothing wrong for a spiritually aware person to be imperfect actually it’s more spiritual to be accepting of all imperfections & what better way to do this than be imperfect yourself.  SU was meant to show me my own imperfections because these kinds of imperfections are hard to tolerate from people trying desperately hard to become perfect. Don’t try to be perfect, consciousness itself is infinite meaning there is no real perfection or imperfections only what we perceive to be perfect & imperfect, all what one needs to do is be yourself.  Being spiritually aware has nothing at all to do with perfection or imperfection just being aware of infinite realities & accepting of all of them at the same time if possible.