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Friday, 15 July 2016

In Conversation With A Volcano

Written by Mathew Naismith

You're probably thinking, "What is Mathew on about now in relation to talking to a volcano,  he couldn't be talking about actually having an intelligent conversation with a volcano, is he for real? He has to be delusional". In actuality, I perceive it being  the other way around, we are, in our so called awaken state, deluding ourselves to what is and isn't real. I do find it interesting that one of the definitions of delusion is of the following, "The act of deluding; deception by creating illusory ideas." I am within this post going to portray that it's our perceived awaken state that is creating illusionary ideas.

3rd Dimensional Intelligence: Yes, I did have a vision of having an intelligent conversation with a volcano and no, it wasn't the 3rd dimensional aspect of the volcano I was actually having a conversation with, it was the consciousness behind the volcano that I was in conversation with, a consciousness not limited and hindered by 3rd dimensional aspects.

First of all I will insert what prompted me to have this vision of talking to a volcano, the following was given to me to read from a very good friend of mine. I should warn you, the word God is used a number of times. The way I see this is that God isn't some biblical representation of this kind of consciousness, it's a consciousness that represents the purity and intelligence of our truer being. The word love is also used on a number of occasions. I think what love represents in this article, isn't the love that we perceive, it's a love that goes beyond the boundaries and limitations of 3rd dimensional perceptions, basically, a purer representation of love, ourselves.  

Look at how man measures intelligence, it's primarily based on 3rd dimensional perspectives void of any influence beyond these aspects. This basically gives us false perception of what is truly what, any perception not primarily based on 3rd dimensional aspects, is usually deemed as being unintelligent and even delusional. The aspects have to be within up down, back and forth, right and left, in other words limited to certain aspects/perspectives.

I see it like this, once a consciousness, collective or not, limits itself to certain perspectives/aspects, it becomes unintelligent, not more intelligent, and the more a consciousness limits itself to certain perspectives/aspects, the less intelligent it becomes. Basically, the consciousness of man is dumbing itself down, in other words its becoming less intelligent, not more. It's part of the false prophet age where people's consciousness become more fake, basically, unreal, an illusion brought about by a consciousness deluding itself that consciousness is limited.

How many people believe that our sleeping state is less real than our awaken state for example? Our sleeping state represents perceptions far beyond 3rd dimensional limitations, however, our sleeping state can become that influenced by 3rd dimensional perspectives, that this unconscious state can also become primarily conditioned to 3rd dimensional perspectives. Basically, we can become fake in our conscious and unconscious states, deluded in thinking to certain limited perspectives, remembering, delusion means to deceive through illusionary ideas and perceptions.

My sleeping state is far more representative of my truer self than my so called awaken state, conscious state, this is because there are no limitations within my dream state unless my sleeping state is influenced by my limited awaken conscious state.                  

Manifesting: What do we most often manifest and what predominantly influences our manifestations? 3rd dimensional perspectives and perceptions, we are most often unable to manifest in a very real state of being, meaning, our manifestations are limited to 3rd dimensional aspects and perspectives. What if I told you that if we were to manifest, absent of any influence from 3rd dimensional perspectives, that we would naturally manifest an existence way beyond our 3rd dimensional perceptions. What would be created is a 3rd dimensional reality but a reality based on perceptions beyond 3rd dimensioanl perspectives.

Human consciousness thinks of itself as being more intelligent than any other form on the planet, within this perception, it is unable to create anything but what perspectives it perceives. Is such a consciousness able to have an intelligent conversation with a volcano for instance? No, because it can't perceive that the consciousness behind a volcano is conscious to start with, it's certainly by no means intelligent especially compared to our own consciousness!!  There is no way that human consciousness, in it's present form,  could ever possibly imagine any other consciousness being more intelligent than itself, certainly not the consciousness behind a volcano for example. I should state this same consciousness is within everything to do with nature, Mother Earth/Gaia.....

Now, if we were to measure intelligence by the level of destruction and egotism, what level would human consciousness intelligence be at? It would be at the lower end of the scale, in actuality, it's hard to imagine any other consciousness of a lower level than human consciousness. We are indeed at the lower end of the scale, not the other way around, we in turn manifest at this level, creating a reality depicted by the level of human consciousness being expressed, of course it's going to be highly destructive and of course any other higher consciousness will in turn react to this destruction with the same.

Don't get the wrong idea here, there is no higher consciousness getting back at us, it's just that we are living within this higher consciousness thus naturally create and manifest what we express. We are indeed existing within a more aware, intelligent and wiser consciousness, it's just that we are asleep dreaming in 3rd dimensional aspects and perspectives. We are certainly not awake in our perceived awoken state and that our sleeping state is imaginary, there are too many limitations to our perceived awoken state to be real, it's indeed but a dream/imaginary.

If we communicated with this higher consciousness, and yes even reasoned with this consciousness, what we would create would be beyond our wildest imagination. Instead, we often manifest for material gain or a gain that is primarily based on 3rd dimensional aspects, the finite instead of the infinite. Try for one moment to imagine what we could create if we manifested using infinite consciousness instead of the usual finite consciousness. Imagine a reality void of deception that creates illusionary ideas and perceptions, magical comes to mind.

I should also state that there is no true higher consciousness, it's just that human consciousness perceives in this way, a consciousness of the perspective of levels, in other words limitations. We are all of this higher consciousness, it's just that we need to awaken to this........