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Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Kingdom of God? –Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was asked recently about my idea about the Kingdom of God? The following was my reply.  

G'day Ali

The kingdom of God, in a religious sense I have no idea, what the kingdom of God means for one religion isn't accepted by another religion.

 What does it mean to me? I believe we are in the kingdom of God, where not aware of this & some of us don't want to be aware of this. As soon as we become spiritually aware enough to know we have always been in the kingdom of God we realise all it took to know this was awareness. Religion has tried to make us aware but at times people within a certain religious order have gone astray, we are but human after all. Some people say religion is dying a slow death mainly because of people with flaws within these religious orders but I don't think so, religious people like anything else will evolve & become aware of their errors within these religious orders in time. We must be aware of the past & learn from it.

 I had an experience a few months ago with the souls of entities who were set on evil intent, they utterly fear awareness beyond what they know, they just don't want to know. I felt a real kindred to them because I could see within their souls they too were of the light, they just didn't want to know this.

How & why become set on evil intent? The controlling factors of the ego I believe has a lot to do with it, once one becomes totally fixated to these controlling factors, especially at the soul level, the soul no longer wants anything that will take this control away. Imagine fearing to your utter depth of your soul in losing control!!

 Spirituality is about awareness & releasing control not gaining it & this is where people within these religious orders have gone off mark. The kingdom of God to me represents awareness to the max.

Sorry if the above has offended anyone as that was not my intention, my intention is to be honest & straight forward within my views & beliefs to anyone who reads my posts. I am not what you would call a religious person however I do realise the importance of religion within human society remembering the word religion actually refers to a belief, creed or a conviction of any kind however religious more or less refers to actual religious (spiritual) practices.  In saying this I do however practice in sitting within my own quietness which of course you could call a religious practice.  

In all I call all of what is the kingdom of God or the source or consciousness itself & I believe the more aware you are, differentiated from knowledge,   the closer you are to the kingdom of God or the more connected you are to the source itself. All this I believe comes from being aware & to do this we need to beware of the controlling factors of the ego remembering this is where people in certain religious orders have gone astray. Spirituality isn’t about control but releasing control, we must be aware of this if we want things to change for the better.   

One more thing, the reason I mentioned awareness being differentiated from knowledge is knowledge can be controlling as opposed to spiritual awareness releasing control!!