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Friday, 19 June 2015

Existing Beyond the Blues

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is quite a difficult post to write, I will be writing about a topic that will be difficult for others to accept. I should point out that my main forte is channelling, this is made difficult as the sources I channel from are not of my linguistic comprehension, it’s also not easy channelling from sources not of my own culture and understanding. This infers there is room for error within my channelling, don’t take what I’m about to say as being gospel in anyway even though my recent channelling is confirmed by various ancient predictions.

Reality creating: This is utterly mind blowing to me, I thought we could resurrect centuries of degradation but I was not entirely correct in this. Centuries of  degradation has manifested a state that is only going to end in one way, this is very much like a person who has been negative (destructive) most of their lives, this kind of mentality will in time create a manifestation in accordance with the mentality being expressed. This seems to also be happening on a collective human scale,  you can’t continually keep expressing this kind of expression without creating a reality in accordance with what is being expressed on such a huge scale. However, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom, in fact quite the opposite but only if we are willing to release ourselves from the present reality.

Using each cycle of influence the way we continually have as a species, has manifested/created a reality based on the way we have, as a collective, used these cycles of influence. If we were wised up to the way these cycles worked, we could have used them to create quite a different reality but we didn’t. Instead we created a reality based on chaos and destruction/degradation, any long term use of cycles like this will result in creating a reality in accordance with the mentality being expressed. You can only create a destructive mentality through ignorance, no matter what cycle we are existing within for only in ignorance can we destroy. You can’t be destructive if you are aware.

This seems to have contradicted what humans have done, the more aware humans  have become, the more destruction humans have caused. This is due to human awareness usually being based on bias/ego which only gives us a certain perception, not an over all perception. In this case it probably would have been better if we stayed ignorant, this is due to knowing just enough to be self destructive but not knowing enough not to be self destructive. In this scenario ignorance would have been better.

True spiritual awareness; to me is about being aware without judgement, it’s about expanding on our perception, at times, beyond human perceptions, however,  humans on a collective scale have not done this. We have had numerous opportunities to become aware beyond human perceptions, what we haven’t done is accepted these perceptions beyond our own limited human perceptions. This basically lead us to abuse these cycles that we chose to exist within instead of physically benefiting from such cycles. We should however be aware that our souls have indeed benefitted from experiencing such a reality in the way we have, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom that is for sure.

Spiritual  awareness is about being aware of our souls and the benefits to our soul in the way we experience these cycles. The soul chose to exist within a universe knowing that each universe is of a certain cycle as is every galaxy, solar system, planet and even our individual selves. We have many ways to experience these various cycles we exist within, consciousness is indeed infinite within it’s expressions of itself. You can experience these various cycles in numerous ways, we as a collective, chose to experience these cycles in the way we have, there is no wrong or right way to experience these cycles of influence, this means humans weren’t wrong in the way they expressed such consciousness even though our ego tells us otherwise.

Now for my channelling; which was endorsed by the dreams I had, like my dreams, the channelling wasn’t about doom and gloom but a transformation of consciousness for some people and not others. Not everybody’s soul has chosen to transform, or if you like ascend, this might seem sad at a human level of understanding but it’s not at the soul level. Once you understand the purpose of the human self in relation to the soul, your perception of human experiences changes, the human is serving the soul as the soul is serving consciousness itself. In other words, the human self is an expression of the soul as the soul is an expression of consciousness itself, however,  don’t get the idea that the human self is subservient to the soul, the human self is serving the soul quite merrily at the soul level of understanding, it’s assisting the soul and consciousness itself to be as expressive as it is. It helps to look at the human self as being an assistant to the soul as the soul is to consciousness itself. 

What I channelled was a simple channel, we are not going to be able to resurrect or redeem ourselves within this consciousness, in other words this consciousness has run it’s course, it has nowhere else to go. This means the people who are fixated to this present consciousness, will not transform into the next cycle of influence, we must accept and respect that there souls have chosen not to transform.

Like the Mayans, anyone not fixated to this, or any other particular consciousness, will transform into another reality conductive to there vibrations, this means you will most probably, but not definitely, physically transform into another reality. Many of us will, at the soul level, make this transformation, this will take some of us to pass on, die, while others will physically transform. You will of course get many other people who won't transform even after there demise, their journey will take them on a completely different path at the soul level.

We are going to resurrect centuries of degradation through transformation to a different consciousness, it would seem we are not going to resurrect this present consciousness as it is, it certainly seems it’s run it’s course going by what was channelled through me, however, what I channel isn’t gospel, it’ just one of many perceptions.

There is darkness but there is more light than darkness now, we seem to have indeed evolved.