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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Let The Children Be

Written by Mathew Naismith

This came over very strong this morning, leave the children be, stop teaching them our dramas, once this occurs, the reality we are presently experiencing will just vanish as if it never existed.

The strange thing is, adults want what these children can create but because they are caught up in their own dramas, they are unable to create what these children can create. This however can only occur if we leave them alone and stop teaching them to enact and react to these drams adults have created. 

Adults want to make a difference so they react to the dramas of life by counteracting what these dramas have created, the only thing this is doing however is we are still enacting with these dramas by responding to them in counteractive way, in other words we are still playing the game of drama. All I can think of is conditioning, stop right now conditioning these children to respond to the dramas of life that we have created and repeatedly enact with and against.

I'm at the moment picking up, in a huge way, to let the children be, stop teaching them to enact and react to the dramas we have created, this means don't teach the children to rely on workshops and other teachings that teach us to counteract against these created dramas, they don't need them if we just let them be. But of course our egos can't do that, we know best, because we needed to counteract against these dramas, so do these children but they don't. If you took all adults out of this reality, this reality would virtually instantly change, this is due to taking out what has created these dramas that adults felt they needed to counteract against in the first place.

A better existence can't be obtained in continuing  enacting with and against these created dramas, all this is going to do is condition the children to continue with the these dramas instead of abolishing them all together. To abolish these dramas is simple, don't enact with or against these dramas in the first place, basically learn to be motionless and an observer rather than a participator.

It's an incredible reality that these children want to create at the soul/spirit  level, I'm feeling it big time at the moment, it's nothing like this reality of dramas that adults have created, it's some how purer in essence. I suppose when you take out the dramas of life, you also take out the controlling influences of the ego, all you are then left with is ego. This is quite unimaginable to a lot of adults as part of our conditioning incorporated a controlling ego, these children, if we let them be, would create a reality totally void of any kind of controlling ego.

I find it quite hilarious that so many adults are chasing their own tail, we must counteract what is occurring to us and the world, all this is doing however is exactly what a controlling ego wants you to do, react to it. These children, if we let them be, wouldn't have to counteract anything because there would be nothing to counteract against. Take away the continuing conditioning of creating dramas, what would you have to counteract against to create a better reality for ourselves?  When you create a reality of bliss, what is there to counteract against??  This is exactly the reality these  children want to create and allow their own children to grow up in.

Adults of today didn't have much of a choice, we were conditioned to creating and interacting with dramas in our infancy, adolescent and adulthood stages, we didn't have much of a chance to create any other reality unless we awoken to our own interaction with these dramas. We now, as adults, have a chance to correct the way the collective is conditioned, all it would take is to just let the children be, this doesn't mean letting the children have their own way, it means stop conditioning them with what we have been conditioned with ourselves, a continuing interaction with dramas.

Could you imagine living in a reality void of any real dramas, this means no conflicts what so ever, have we the right to stop these children in creating a reality void of these dramas?  This is exactly what we are doing if we teach these children to counteract what a reality built upon dramas and a controlling ego have created. We as adults need to become a little more responsible and stop teaching our children, it's as simple as that. Yes, our egos think we know it all so we pass this on to these children but it's obvious to me we don't, not if we continue to teach them to counteract against all this drama.

These children already know how to create a much more blissful reality, drop the conditioning that the adults seem to be fixated to due to their own conditioning. Once adults drop these ego controlling conditioning's, these children will naturally create a far more blissful reality, if we truly want a more blissful reality, just let the children be and stop teaching them to become interactive with realities based purely on dramas and a controlling ego.

Sorry to hurt adults egos but you know nothing, yes, we know how to create and continue a reality based on dramas but we don't know how to create a reality based on pure bliss, this is obvious, but trust me, the children do.