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Monday, 24 March 2014

Awareness- Protectors and the Protectorates

Written by Mathew Naismith

A strange post to write even though it’s sort of a continuation from my last post. This post is more about our own awareness and how I feel we are not just letting ourselves down but also the protectorate itself down and all that abides on this protectorate we call Earth.

Being able to be so more aware from other forms of consciousness makes us quite automatically protectors of everything that abides on this protectorate and the protectorate itself. We are letting all others less aware forms down by staying ignorant of our true value or truer selves however we also have our own protectors who protect us but only if we allow them too.  By becoming further aware allows our own protectors to protect us otherwise all they will protect is the lesser aware forms bypassing us altogether I believe.

Other forms around us that are unable to become aware past their own nature are actually more aware than we are through their animal instinctiveness for example but this sort of awareness has it’s limits. We on the other hand are only limited by our actions and thoughts; we are obviously acting as Gods and Goddesses to these forms doing onto them as we will when we should be protecting them not destroying them.

By becoming more aware allows us to see who we really are, a creation from consciousness/God/the source, we are God or this consciousness but in a far lesser aware form.  The more aware we become the closer to God we become. Like I inferred in my last post, thinking all we are is mortal only gives us enough awareness to cause harm however if we were to think of ourselves as immortal we would then have enough awareness to know we are protectors of all lesser aware forms.

However when we go back into history we will find many leaders proclaiming themselves Gods or Goddesses, Nero is a famous one for this. This infers anyone who thinks of themselves as Gods can be extremely destructive not constructive however there is a big difference to thinking one is a God to being aware of one is of God.  Being God like takes an infinite amount of awareness but the funny thing is the more aware you become the less you can see yourself as a God so this is portraying that people like Nero where highly unaware not more aware.

Once the ego takes control our awareness, or the furthering of our awareness, diminishes mainly because we now have a fixation and any fixation deters further awareness, Nero was a good example of this.  On the opposite end of the scale Buddha and Jesus, especially Jesus, didn’t even have a fixation to their physical life.  Jesus and Buddha were aware they were of God/a higher consciousness and not a God and by determining this they complimented their stature and became constructive instead of destructive. This shows you how unaware our leaders are today and this is why a lot of people around the world clutch/clutched onto the wise and aware which were/are usually spiritually inclined.    

However, especially in the western thinking communities, we clutch onto leaders who promise to give us something if we elect them into office and of course this relates to the controlling ego. Yes awareness to an extent is needed to fool people into electing them however these people  fall far short of true awareness to the people we don’t elect into an office, the people we see as wise and aware within our community.  

Being truly aware allows us to become aware that the controlling factors of the ego demure our abilities to a limited, usually destructive awareness point. This sort of awareness allows us to see we are the protectors of such protectorates. I know I’m obviously na├»ve but I just can’t see why we don’t see that we are protectors of the protectorate and all that abides under this protectorate including each other.  This isn’t like being a lord or a senator as a lords and senators are obviously quite unaware, this is being aware that everyone is a protector not just the leaders of any said community.