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Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Collective Healing Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

The collective, family: Our direct family is a collective as the human species is, would a caring parent turn their backs on the illness of the rest of their family if they too are ill?  No, you can heal yourself from your own illness but will this heal the rest of your family, the collective? The point is we are all in this together, we are all family, a collective, if we keep ignoring the illnesses within the rest of the family, such illnesses will again infect or affect us in some way. OK, we have selfishly healed ourselves while ignoring the rest of the collective, this just isn’t going to work and obviously isn’t working.

There is an emphasis on healing yourself first and obviously foremost, you can’t heal the world so you heal yourself, where has the oneness gone in this, there isn’t any, it’s  still about me above all else. This mentality is only adding to the illness the collective is being infected with.

To heal properly, we obviously need to firstly become aware of what causes such illness within the collective. The answer is always ignorance or an unawareness of how diseases occur and spread throughout the collective, lack of hygiene is certainly a major contributing factor here. I’m however not talking about physical diseases here but diseases of the mind that effect the mentality.

Now to heal, one must be aware and caring otherwise the healing process just won’t work, this includes being aware and caring of oneself. The main emphasis at the moment seems to on oneself, especially in Western cultures, a lot of spiritual aware people are even using this for financial gain. Tricking people into healing themselves over and above the collective seems to be the main drawing card here, this is basically like teaching parents to heal themselves over and above all other family members, like I said, what caring parent would do such a thing?  The problem is, we are taught not to care by staying ignorant to other people’s illnesses within the collective, in the family. Don’t make the mistake in thinking we are not all family, we are, we are all in this together.

It’s however wise to keep yourself free of these diseases as much as possible, how is a seriously ill parent going to heal their family? You must try to keep yourself healthy but not at the cost of your family, we need to all heal together or not at all for the healing process to be sustainable.

Signs of illness: Any unbecoming behaviour is always a sign of an illness within the collective, the family, this is easily recognisable by observing the kind of tendency being expressed, either it be destructive or constructive. Blowing up innocent people and beheading them is a certain sign of a serious illness within the family, it’s highly destructive. Now it’s too easy to judge these people as being just bad in some way while ignoring a serious illness within them and the collective, it’s also too easy to just focus on oneself and ignore the rest of the plight within the family. By just focusing on ourselves is allowing these diseases to spread to epidemic proportions. We are only seeing these disease within the collective as something bad to be ignored for our own sakes, I’m good, they are bad, this kind of attitude isn’t obviously helping. What we need to do is treat everyone of the collective as a family member, not just something bad. Start looking at these people as being ill instead of bad is a good start to a healing process that is sustainable.

Individually we can’t heal these people, don’t even try, as a collective we can heal these people but how? Again, stop judging these people as just being bad as opposed to you being good, this kind of judgmental segregation isn’t going to help anyone including yourself, certainly not in the long run.

Healing process: The main healing process take one to be aware, by voicing your own awareness as much as possible will assist in this collective healing process. It only takes ignorance to become ill,  it makes sense it will take simple awareness to heal such illnesses like physically being more hygienic, but most importantly, without going to the extreme.

What’s the best way to stop illnesses?  The physical immune system needs a certain amount of infection to stay healthy, the collective immune system is no different. To me, we have had centuries of building up on our collective immune system, the problem is now is our ignorance to this immune system that actually does exist within the collective as it does within our own physical bodies, we are basically overdosing on these inflections, we are over doing a good thing I feel.

The healing process basically takes us to be aware, sticking our heads in the sand (ignoring) the plight of the rest of our family isn’t going to be sustainable because the immune system, over all, is obviously failing. Yes, we can strengthen our own personal immune system but don’t be fooled, this is not going to help the collective, this is obvious, we need to be more aware of this. 

Where has the oneness in the world gone?  When you go into other more aware  realities, each entity treats the other as family, we don’t do this within this reality, we treat each other as something undesirable and ignore their illnesses, we actually deserve what we get for doing this. This kind of mentality is a part of the illness, remembering, illness is always brought about by being ignorant, unaware.

Being aware of true oneness, our truer whole family, will help us to heal. This is funny however, I have parted ways with certain family members of mine, I realise I can’t individually heal them on my own, especially when there unaware of their own illness. I was also aware I needed to stay reasonably healthy. You must realise, if one person is ill, this illness will effect us in some way, basically we are all sick with the same illness to one degree or another, the worse thing you can  do is try to separate yourself from this as this only leads to segregation not oneness. The funny thing is, if we were all aware of our true nature, our true oneness to each other, illnesses wouldn’t and couldn’t exist within such an aware collective state. Awareness is certainly the key to healing the collective so speak out and share.