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Thursday, 21 May 2015

When Actions Make Sense

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is funny how lessons are learnt. Recently I have been writing about not taking actions because these actions only cause further ripples within the water (consciousness), this is still true, however. We know all actions are expressed through the ego, I know no other way of how actions and intentions are able to be expressed, the way this expression is expressed is determined by how controlling an ego is. The thing is, not all expressions of ego are destructive, this also means not all actions and intentions are destructive.

My lesson learnt is in regards to actual events that took place recently concerning my wife and I. We found out we were both deceptively used to defame another person in court, this resulted in an innocent person being hurt in more than one way. My immediate thought was to not take action for this will only lead to a reaction and so on, why cause ripples upon my wife and I tranquil waters (consciousness)!!

Since then I have been uneasy, I kept getting messages in my head to take action, the question is, is this an indication that my ego is in control or that my inner voice is trying to tell me something?

I was quite happy at first to let this go and take no action, it would just be my ego trying to take further control of me, "how dare people use my wife and I in this way", this is the controlling ego way!!! This inaction of ours became quite questionable as I kept receiving messages to take action, after a certain point you realise it's not the ego but the inner voice telling us to take action.

This inner voice can also be my ego controlled subconscious telling me to take action, however, the big difference between a true inner voice and our subconscious is, one will nag you consistently and the other only when appropriate. In this case I was only given messages to take action at certain times, usually when I was totally relaxed and calm, this to me is a good indication from me to take action. 

Now I know my reaction is going to cause ripples, probably to the extent of turning the water (consciousness) into an utter chaotic mess, but it's not really advisable to ignore these inner voices especially when such actions can help other people.

Our water is tranquil until we take action, any action will cause ripples upon our consciousness, you must realise even though our consciousness is tranquil, consciousness itself isn't, it's already been turned into a chaotic mess by other conscious forms, this eventually will affect us all in some way. 

So do we take action?

Only when we are absolutely sure it's not our controlling ego trying to control us to take action, in other words taking action to feed our egos instead of taking action to quell the chaotic water (consciousness).  In an unenlightened state, we cannot totally avoid taking action, this is because almost everything around us was created  by intentional actions, all these intentional actions influence us in some way so we react. The thing is, is to not react in the same way, through a controlling ego but through a non-controlling ego, this allows us to be less inactive with such an ego.

The recent problem at hand was created by a controlling ego, the thing is to take action by becoming inactive with the ego, in a sense you are still taking action but an action that is less inactive with the ego, this inaction lessons the chaotic affects upon the water (consciousness) when taking any such actions.

At time we need to take action, this is quite unavoidable within such an unenlightened state, what we need to be aware of is how we take action, is it ego controlled or is it for a need as opposed to a desire? I should state  that I believe all desires are ego controlled to one extent or another but needs aren't, in our case it's become a need to help another person. Reacting for a need causes far less ripples upon the water (consciousness), this is due to a need being less controlled by the ego.

In an unenlightened state, we are going to cause ripples upon the water, this is unavoidable unless we become enlightened, the thing we should do in the mean time is try to avoid causing the water to become too chaotic, this is helped by being aware that this chaotic water actually assists us to become unenlightened in the first place. The controlling ego thrives on intentional actions so we should avoid, when possible, such actions.

Could you imagine a reality not predominantly controlled by the ego, the water wouldn't be totally tranquil but it wouldn't be chaotic either  for it's the controlling ego that keeps us unenlightened.