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Monday, 23 February 2015

Spiritual Feelings and Non-duality

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think it’s important that we accept our short falls within our posts/blogs and ourselves to be pointed out to us without taking offence, this is vital if we want to be properly understood by other people and ourselves.  One of my recent posts was obviously not explanatory enough; this is something I do quite often, this is one of the problems of writing on topics that are controversial and complicated at times.  This is going to be hard to believe for some people but I actually don’t choose these topics, they choose me in various ways, some are incited by other people and other topics just come about through me, vary rarely do they come directly from me. It’s very much like going with the flow.

I inserted explanatory annotations in italic text to define what my replies were relating to.

It was pointed out that non-duality isn’t new. 
Non-duality is new to a lot of westerners, this is what I meant.  In the west we are reacting quite differently to non-duality than easterners as most westerners do in regards to eastern views and ideologies.   

It was pointed out we should go by actual experiences and evidence not just feelings.
Experience and evidence:  Some people have a feeling or an attachment to the Pleiades, why?  Past life experiences, as we became aware, we can feel a lot from actual past life experiences without knowing that these feelings come from actual experiences.

There is a difference between feeling from past lives and ego based feelings from this life, however,   some of these feeling from past lives can also be of the ego.  Once you begin to drop the ego, these feelings from past lives tend to have a different feeling to them.   

It was pointed out that non-duality is of the ultimate truth and duality isn’t.
We will have to disagree in regards to non-duality being of ultimate truth, I thought this myself but that’s not totally true in my mind.  In non-duality there is no such thing as truth and non-truths, only in duality is there such a thing, if this was the case, non-duality wouldn’t be of non-duality.

Speaking from a perspective view of non-duality, you can see the ultimate truth within duality, however, when you only have a perspective from a duality view, non-duality is the ultimate in truth which make duality for a lot of people an illusion. There is a big difference between just knowing about non-duality and actually experiencing non-duality, to me it’s obvious most people only know of non-duality, they haven’t actually experienced non-duality.   

I have had certain experiences in this life of non-duality, nothing significant though; most of my non-duality experiences come from past lives especially from lives experienced in ancient Egypt and the antediluvian period.

I have to admit, I did have a few short falls within this post and other posts, its good this is pointed out by people like you, so many people take unnecessary offence to having their short falls pointed out, your bloods worth bottling.


Non-duality; in the west we do indeed react and think differently to non-duality than easterners, this could be due to westerners only knowing about non-duality instead of actually experiencing  non-duality themselves.  I think another factor could also relate to easterners being brought up with the concepts of non-duality where in the west were not as a whole.  

Feelings; are they less worthy than actual experiences and evidence?  If something is less worthy we are again thinking in duality not non-duality, how are we going to experience non-duality if we keep thinking in duality to start with?  I find this to be prominent in western thinking, we know about non-duality but we don’t practice in non-duality.  Within this thinking process, we judge that this that and the other is an illusion, can this judgment be sound?  It’s not because we are again thinking in duality instead of non-duality by making such judgement, I find this quite amusing, it’s something I also do at times myself.

When I said most people haven’t experienced non-duality, that isn’t the case, in this life yes but they will most likely find in past lives they have, take the attraction of the Pleiades for some people, you will find that Pleiadians are quite non-dual within their existence. I think it’s important that we remember who we are as a whole, this takes remembering, to some degree at least, our past lives.

I don’t look at every life lived as a separate lives, to me all my lives experienced is one whole life separated by separate experiences, this helps me to remember my past lives, in other words remembering my separate experiences or roles played out like in a play.  

When becoming spiritually aware, feelings to me take on a different aspect, most often these feelings are from actual experiences from past lives, they can be quite relevant and more relevant than we might possibly know.