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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Learning to be Unintentionally Humble

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had an interesting request recently from a very good internet friend of mine:  Hi Matthew,
I was wondering if you had any posts about Intention, something that would answer questions for beginners. Like, what is it and how can one use it to better one’s life. Is there a prerequisite concept needed before one can understand Intention?
If you can, can you share with me and ThunderBearVoice via a post?
Thank you.

Any explanation about intentions is going to be a little complicated especially when we take in spirituality into the equation; this is mainly due to various practices used within spirituality, some use intentions other don’t.  In the main however most spiritual practices, especially eastern practices, take us to think less, meditation is but one of these practices and so is chanting as they both make you mentally focus on one factor. This allows the mind to stop thinking about everything else by focusing on one factor only, in this case our breathing or our focus on certain words spoken.

Intentions = thinking process + planed goals + future and past + purpose +control + empowerment

Intentions take a thinking process to bring to fruition, intentions cannot exist without thinking, in other words we cannot think without having intentions, this is due to the thinking process being all about intentions.  If we are all about intentions within our spiritual practices, we are not into practices that try to get us to think less, intentions are also all about a past and future so practicing in intentions also discounts spiritual practices like living in the now.

Intentions however have their places within spirituality, usually to do with the psychological issues, for example, if one finds this reality to be unsavoury in some way, they will need to first use intentions to meditate or chant more often, “I have all intentions to meditate more often every day to dispel any unsavouriness in my life”. Intentions are about us taking control of our psyche so we can seriously begin to meditate or chant, it’s basically to do with empowering ourselves.    

Un-intentions = thoughtlessness + goalless + only the now + purposeless + humbleness   

Spiritual practices like being only in the now and thinking less are without intentions, you can’t have intentions and seriously practice in these spiritual practices, the less intentions you have in life, the better you can seriously live just in the now. However, the more intentions we have, the less likely we will be able to live in the now and of course intentions mean thinking more and the more intentions we have, the more we are thinking. Obviously intentions totally negate spiritual practices that teach us to think less and live in the now. I do feel a  life of un-intentions can only be spiritually practiced successfully if one doesn’t have a problem with the world or life itself or whatever, in other words one needs to have a psyche that is well balanced that allows one to focus better.

Let’s us now use examples of how we all use un-intentions and intentions in our lives. Let’s use going to bed for an example, we are tired so we go to bed, this action is quite unintentional because our tiredness automatically says to us we need to go to bed, this is done without thought. Now what if we need to be somewhere early the next day, we then have an intention to go to bed to get up early the next day.  

The interesting point in this example of going to bed is, one is controlled by a thinking process and the other isn’t.  What is making us go to bed when we have an early start in the morning?  It’s all to do with thinking processes and a future event because the future event that we need to go to bed for was firstly created by a thinking process.    

Let’s say the future event was a job interview,  this job interview is all about thinking processes, so from the start we are being controlled by thinking processes that is making us think of going to bed instead of waiting for us to get tired and go to bed.  You could say one is a natural process and the other isn’t as it’s controlled by a thinking process from the start.

Now if we look at what intentions represents, (Intentions = thinking process + planed goals + future and past + purpose +control + empowerment), we can see it’s all about control either being controlling or controlled, this is the same with being empowered within oneself or other people being empowering over us.   

Now let’s look at un-intentions, (Un-intentions = thoughtlessness + goalless + only the now + purposeless + humbleness), humbleness replaces both control and empowerment in regards to intentions.  What have we done by replacing control and empowerment with humbleness?  We have taken away any control that control and empowerment has over us, we are actually in a sense more in control in being humble than being in control and empowered.  This is mainly due to being controlled by controlling factors and empowerment, and most importantly, various thinking processes in the first place, humbleness actually takes away controlling factors within our lives.        

You might think by being humble we are being more controlled because we are not being controlling and empowering within ourselves, this isn’t true, for the main reason it takes far more control to be humble than to be dominating through controlling factors. Try just sitting there while someone is being empowering and controlling over you, it can take a huge amount of self-control and empowerment to not react. Yes we are still talking about control and empowerment but quite un-intentionally through just being humble, in this case humbleness really replaces being controlling and empowering.   

Intentional control and empowerment has a different effect upon us and everyone else, it’s still about control where humbleness is about releasing control even though it can at times take more control to be humble than to be controlling. This is all due to being un-intentionally controlling through simple humbleness. Through learning to be humble, we are also thinking less as well also through this humbleness we are focused on ourselves through self-control, not focused on what is trying to control us, this actually takes a lot less thought.

Learning to be humble automatically teaches us to be more in control, we don’t have to have intentions to be in control mainly because we know we should never be controlling of any situation.  This is where intentional control and un-intentional control differ the greatest, intentional control wants to be controlling of situations where’s un-intentional control doesn’t have a need to be in control of a situation mainly due to being humble.

If everyone was empowered and tried to take control of a situation, what would occur? Total chaos, what is our reality dominated by? Total chaos, would this be the same if everyone was humble? I feel we would all work together for the betterment of all, there is a huge deference in the outcome of being intentionally controlling and empowering to just being un-intentionally humble. To be humble doesn’t take intentions, being humble actually takes away our intentions of reacting either to ourselves or the rest of the world because it’s unsavoury to us in some way.  Just be accepting and humbleness will come ever so easily as the following will further explain.                 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Pure Simple Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith

The name Rupert Spira came into discussion recently, just be awareness, no more no less. I don't agree with all his views in totality but yes he is brilliant. Just being simple awareness, how do you get people to acknowledge this? 

Actually you don't, just being in this simple awareness is intentions enough, actually there are no intentions in being this simple awareness that Rupert relays onto others.

The reason most of us don't understand this simple concept is we are being too intentional I believe instead of just being aware without intentions.

Why do we have intentions, what is their purpose then?  I think it’s to be expressive of awareness instead of just being awareness, it takes intentions to create from this pure awareness, pure consciousness.  You and I have been created from such intentions and so has the universe, we are therefore being the expressions of this pure awareness/consciousness, nothing else.  

I think being this expressive of this pure awareness/conciseness is just as important as being aware of pure awareness/consciousness, why would this pure awareness be so expressive of itself in realities like this one if it wasn’t a part of what it is? It all has merit in my way of thinking, how do you judge one part of consciousness having merit and another part not? The answer is you don’t but if we do we are just again being expressive of this pure awareness through intentions.

We were born (created) from intentions caused by an interaction of vibrational energy; this means intentions are just as important to us as being unintentional which this pure awareness/consciousness is. What I feel is causing us chaos and destruction is we have become too intentional without balancing this high level of intentions with being aware also of our unintentional state, this pure awareness.  This I feel is due to us being ignorant to our unintentional self while existing as an intentional being.  

I think it just takes us to be aware of our intentional state of consciousness as much as our unintentional state of consciousness, it also takes us to realise one is no less or no more important than the other while in an intentional state of existence.  This is due to it all being of this pure awareness, this pure consciousness.

Pure awareness (consciousness) = un-intentions + our spirit self

Ignorance = intentions + physical self

So where does the soul come into it?

I believe the soul  can be a mix of both our unintentional self and our intentional self, the reason I think this is the experiences I had with actual ghosts in the past, they were still interacting and reacting to physical life, which refers to intentions,  but they were also obviously not totally of this intentional (physical)existence either.

The soul to me has a sole purpose; it’s a vessel or an energy source that allows us to be expressive of this pure awareness either as ghosts or totally in physical form.  To me there is no mistake in us being here, what is the mistake is us being unaware of our pure awareness state while being expressive of this awareness.