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Sunday, 20 September 2015

3D v 5D Mentalities

Written by Mathew Naismith

I recently wrote a post about 5th dimensional (5D) mentality, I of course received 3rd dimensional rebuttals. To me, each dimension has it's own mentality, the Mayan Indians in central America have pointed this out. We are entering the feminine from the masculine, there is an obvious difference between the masculine and the feminine mentalities, one creates a robust mentality while the other creates a more delicate mentality, yin and yang. 

3D Witch Hunt: I think everyone has a right to think as they like and to express this thinking if it doesn't hurt anybody else, however, some people don't think we have the right so they force their own views and ideologies upon others. This occurred quite recently to me. I had a conversation with another person who was highly aggressive and abusive, he didn't like my view in my post about 5D mentalities. He was notably very abusive and highly deceptive within he's remarks, all he did though was prove my point about 3D mentalities being of self-deception and ignorance.   
In all, it's important we are able to freely express ourselves especially if it's not hurting anybody else, so many times have I seen spiritually aware people railroaded by certain people who dictate to other how they are allowed to express themselves. This kind of mentality so reminds me of the mentality of  religious extremists, you have to think like this or else. In my case, I was only subjected to extreme abuse and continuous harassment but it's still a witch hunt which shows certain forms of mentalities just haven't evolved over time.

I inserted the discussion in this post but I decided to remove it, I found it too aggressively demeaning and harsh to share, however if you want, you will find this discussion on Our Humanity Google community under the heading of 5th dimensional mentalities.

Yes, witch hunts are still going on today, their either cutting off heads, blowing up innocent people or being extreme within their abuse and neglect of other people. The thing to remember,  these people are reacting in this way because any other dimensional mentalities other than their own is a threat to their unevolved antiquated mentalities, the more they react to other views beyond the 3rd dimension, the more I realise we are on track. This kind of reaction only confirms that our views beyond 3rd dimensional mentalities are spot on.

There is another thing to remember, anyone who can only perceive through 3rd dimensional mentalities, can no way see beyond the 3rd dimension, they are literally quite unable to. This gives me more appreciations of myself being able to do this, I just can't perceive being only able to perceive in 3D but this is the only way some people can perceive as shown in my recent conversation.

Which hunts like this can only occur through deception and ignorance, this is why you won't experience witch hunts in a full 5th dimensional reality, the mentality of witch hunting just can't exist within such realities.      

Dimensional Mentalities: I did however find this conversation quite constructive to my ideas of 3rd and 5th dimensional mentalities. To me this conversation quite clearly shows an obvious difference between 3rd and 5th dimensional mentalities, this however isn't saying my own mentality is of the 5th, it's just I'm wised up to the difference. I should also state; this doesn't make 3rd dimensional mentalities wrong in some way either, it's just showing an obvious difference between certain mentalities.

What I am saying is, the difference between the dimensions is mentality, each dimension has it's own unique mentality, it's actually the mentality that creates the dimension. For an example, I once tutored disabled people, their perspective on 3D was quite different to the average person, they had very little perception of 3D, however, some of them showed a  better perception of dimension other than and beyond 3D.  The reason was obvious to me, they weren't influenced by ego, therefore, they were not receptive to self-deception and ignorance. When you take deception and ignorance (ego) out of a mentality,  you are going to end up with a totally different mentality than that of a 3D mentality.    

To me the 5th dimension is all about taking the controlling ego out of a mentality, however, this doesn't mean taking the ego out altogether,  just the controlling factors off the ego.

3rd dimension = a controlling ego
4th & 5th dimension = non-controlling ego
6th dimension = virtually no ego what so ever

To me, the 3rd dimension is influenced by a controlling ego, the  fifth dimension however is about being influenced by an ego that is no longer in control, it seems that each dimensional mentality is created step by step.  One dimension is of the controlling ego, the next dimension is void of a controlling ego, and still, the next dimension will be virtually void of the ego altogether. Could you imagine a mentality no longer influenced by any kind of ego?

I should say here, this is only my view on the dimensions, as of always, I could be quite incorrect so please don't take what I say about dimensions as gospel.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

New Age Spiritual Witch Hunt

Written by Mathew Naismith

It’s been interesting conversing and exchanging thoughts with Eastern minded people recently, it has confirmed and elaborated on what’s going on, for me, in regards to Western style spirituality. The Western   ideological perception of spirituality isn’t quite kosher by the sounds of it. It is being looked at as being in line with consumerist materialism which is based on self-serving, how could unconditional loving egoless spiritually aware people be self-serving?  Before I go on I should also say that I was also caught within this trap for a while in my life, it’s quite a common occurrence by the looks of it in the West.  

Let’s first take a look at what we demonise, everything that doesn’t serve us in finding utopia or give us feelings of utopia at the personal level like the ego for example, what is different from the dark ages when we demonize what doesn’t serve us in our own quest  and negates our ideological principles to now. Let’s take a look at the contradictions of new age spirituality which is the driving force behind our demonization. We judge judgement and the ego period as being what, so how can we judge judgment as being wrong in some way if we are non-judgmental in the first place?  A contradiction in terms!!

Recently I also had the misfortune or fortunate, depending in how you look at it, to come across a few self-confessed unconditional loving virtually egoless people, they, by just reading their cover, seem genuine within their perception of themselves until one has the audacity to refute or threaten in some way their ideological perception of themselves in anyway.  All one has to do, at times, is look at this reality in a positive way like with the ego for example, how could the ego be a positive trait in anyway?  What usually happens is the claws come out or your ostracised in some manner or your bagged and not usually to your face or at times all the above.  Is this a true sign of spiritual awareness?   

Soul Love:

The person will start to accept who they are and let go of any hurt, anger and negative feelings that they had towards their life and people and they will gradually go through a healing process of their heart, soul and mind. The person will suddenly start seeing the world in a different way and their previous views and opinions may change drastically. A spiritual awakening can be very life changing for a person especially if that person was not spiritual to begin with.

Interesting isn’t it that we in the west are firstly unaccepting to who we are and refute any claims to being any part of what we detest in others as we become more aware. We must remember here, if we detest a certain human trait like the ego for example, we are in fact detesting this in others. No wonder we bury our heads in the sand in the west, any sign of what we detest in ourselves and others goes against our ideological perceptions of what spirituality is about.  Spirituality is about acceptance and then changing what’s not serving us from within without demonizing anything however all what we are accepting in the west is everything that serves our desire to feel good, anything form this is usually demonised in some way.  

The Witch Hunt: So what am I referring to a new age spiritual witch hunt here? For one I don’t see much of a difference from our reactions today  to the dark ages accept were not allowed to actually burn people at the stake who don’t conform to our own set ideological perceptions of spirituality these days however we do ostracize and bag people who seem to be a threat to our ideological perceptions in the West.  The witch hunt of course is deeming anything that doesn’t conform to our ideological perception in what spirituality is about when true spirituality isn’t about bagging anything especially the ego. True spirituality isn’t about judgement period so how come we are being told to straight up judge judgment and the entire ego as being bad period in the west in some way? In the East the ego is accepted being a part of us straight up and is changed from within by becoming aware of its controlling nature, that’s all, it’s not demonised and shunned within ourselves and others.  

We need to, in the west in particular, stop the witch hunt and blaming for in this only chaos will reign which of course is what has happened since the dawn of man to one extent of another around the world. We need to be more positive and accepting of what we have at the moment but for some reason that seems to be impossible for a westerner to do even in the new age spiritual scene so they demonise what doesn’t serve them personally.  This continuing demonization affects us all!!