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Friday, 24 May 2013

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt.8

grasping concept

Written by Mathew Naismith

Grasping the Concept of Acceptance: It would seem, by the feedback I’m getting that this concept of acceptance is understood within its substance but is nonviable because it seems so ridiculous to expect anyone to actually carry out such feats especially when you take into consideration the amount of conflicts we have today, the conflicts of today seem insurmountable but are they?

Let’s look at conflicts that we have, what are they & do we need to be in conflict to live a happy full life? Conflict are only of the mind not of the spirit therefore is a mode of thought only, what if you changed that mode of thought to a less conflictive mode, our whole existence would change because our thought mode has changed, conflicts have everything to do with the way we act, think & run our lives.  We are brought up to conflict with any differences we might have to the rest of our world/environment, we are conditioned to be non-accepting to anything which isn’t of the same through our cultural & religious practices & beliefs. It’s not our own personal conflictive personality that is non-accepting because we are not born non-accepting, non-accepting it is instilled in us from a young age through a variety of ways & isn’t who we really are.

If you could think back to when we were an infant you would find out that you were a lot more accepting than in adulthood & the reason for this isn’t because of the contrasts in our world around us but the mode of thought we projected upon this diverse world. Did or would have you looked at a foreigner in distaste or see your grandparents as being old & decrepit?  The answer is no not until we become learned in non-acceptance do we think in this mode of thought.

When we become conflictive we lose this happy full life through the actual act of being non-accepting, being non-accepting & in conflict will never lead one to a happy full life but away from it.

Instead of looking at everything around you as being different try looking at it as just being consciousness because that is what everything is just pure consciousness not some individual difference to us. If we only see dissimilarity around us we will never be out of conflict & conflict is only a mode of thought that we have taken on to live by nothing more, it’s not who we really are, in other words we are not being ourselves through these mode of thoughts but just the mode of thought itself that we have taken on as being who we really are.  In fact by taking on an accepting modes of thoughts isn’t quite who we really are but it’s a lot closer than being non-accepting because all accepting is our true spiritual nature before we became human, it’s our truer self.  Shouldn’t we logically be trying to bring more of our truer self forth instead of growing away from it? This is debatable as I will explain in pt.9.

mode of thought2

The Influences of Different Modes of Thought: As I said non-accepting & being conflictive isn’t who we really are as it’s the influences of the mode of thought within our culture & religion that dictates this to us as being who we are.  Look at the main influential mode of thought these days which is consumerist materialism. Let’s take a look at this consumerist materialism, we consume what we desire either it be foods, sex, drugs & other consumable pleasures thus we have become a consumerist & materialism is a desire to own & the more we own the more we want to keep up with our new social status thus we have become materialistic, it would seem there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but there is.

Consumerist materialism is all about desire but what about the things that come into your life you don’t desire? You will obviously conflict with these because it’s not on your list of desires & the more one gets into consumerist materialism the more you will conflict with the things you haven’t got on your list of desires.  This sounds ridiculous but if you think about it for a moment & look back to when you were young, what was your first desire? To be fed & when you weren’t you became conflictive & cried, you became an instant consumerist but this isn’t the same as consumerist materialism in adulthood because of the main reason it was a need not just a desire but none the less it’s still conflictive so as a human we are going to be naturally in conflict.  The main difference between our natural & desiring non-acceptance & conflictive mode of thoughts is obvious, one is a need & the other a desire & the more we desire the more conflictive we become.

Go back a thousand years ago in human history, most people on Earth where happy to just exist & most of them did just exist without any major thought of desiring for more than what they could have, they were more accepting however they did desire more if they didn’t have enough to exist on which happened a lot because you had those in power who desired more & more & this more had to come from somewhere.  It’s these people in power that our mode of thought of consumerist materialism of today has come from which is highly conflictive which so much relates to what’s going on in the world today.

Our mode of thought is who we are at that point in time but it’s not who we truly are, who we truly are is accepting just like we were when we were in our infancy stage, we are not born to desire or to have a biased attitude as this all came after we learnt about our cultural & religious modes of thought of the time. I was brought up in a cultural society to be non-accepting of foreigners which is but one mode of influential thought that I would or wouldn’t take on as my own mode of thought.  In the end I decided against this taught mode of thought but if I didn’t I would be even more in conflict than I am today. Non-acceptance makes no sense but on the other hand acceptance makes all the sense in the world.