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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Analytical or Intuitive or Both?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Hopefully this going to be a short post on the difference between being analytical, channelling and our intuition.

I’m not sure about other people who channel, I do at times myself tend to analyse what I don’t quite understand what is being channelled through me however I very rarely research on what I’m going to write about before I write it. At times I will conduct a little research on the net while writing but rarely beforehand, this is to get a handle on what I’m writing about because sometimes I have no idea what I am writing about while I’m writing.  I suppose what I do is analyse what is being channelled through me at times, I actually at times doubt what is being channelled through me.  I will also at times conduct research for confirmation for my readers as well as for myself.

Recently someone said to me I’m analytical as opposed to being intuitive in the way I see different angles to certain topics.  I have had a number of people say to me in how I look at everything analytically; I’ve also had people say that I have conducted a lot of research on some of my posts before writing them.  There is a big difference between zoning out and analysing. Many times have I been around other people and I’ve just zoned out and others around me think I’m in deep thought.  When I’m zoned out it’s more to do with feelings than analysing a situation, my eyes will become fixated on something or my eyes will wonder quite amiably about sort of collating these said feelings so my mind can recognise and accept such feelings as being real. I suppose you could say by collating such feelings is being analytical.

I don’t however see a problem in being analytical, many spiritually aware people have read numerous books and gone to various workshops, this is being analytical. I do have to admit, I have read very few books on what I write about including topics on spiritual matters, I tend to rely more on actual experiences and even more on channelling these days.  

Many spiritually aware people have names and titles for their guides and entities they channel through, I don’t because it’s not necessary for me. To give anything a label is analytical which helps the mind to confirm what the mind is collating otherwise we might not mentally register such feelings but some people like myself don’t need to do this.  

In one way or another we analyse, if we see a difference of any kind like one day to another, we have made a deductive analysis or see the difference from an aware person to an unaware person, this is all deductive analysis so that our minds can register and collate what we are feeling.   To do well for the world we must allow our minds to become familiar with what we are feeling and to do this we must analyse but there is a fine balance in this, if we are too analytical we will miss the point and if we are not analytical enough, again we will miss the point.  We could say if we were totally intuitive without having to analyse this wouldn’t and couldn’t miss any point but it does, in being human, what would the point in being human then?  If you stop yourself in judging/analysing one day from another you have stopped a lot of our inbuilt human feelings from being expressed, how suppressive is that?  Could you imagine not looking at a butterfly as being beautiful, to acknowledge beauty you have made a deductive analysis believe it or not.   Yes our egos don’t want us to believe we are making a deductive analyses in relation to the butterfly because we think we are better than other people who deductively analyse!!  For starters, to see a difference between an analytical mind and an intuitive mind is a deduction, a true intuitive person will not and cannot become aware of such differences otherwise you are being analytical and not a true intuitive person!!

A true intuitive person will see no differences in anything because they intuitively know everything is of the same, it’s the mind that tells us one is different from another like an intuitive person is different from an analytical person or a butterfly is different from a ant.  No matter what our egos try to tell us, we all deductively reason in one sense or another, the trick is to find a balance between the two or become totally intuitive so you see and feel no differences between the two like an ant and a butterfly.

I like being expressively human so I will stick to trying to keep a balance between being analytical and intuitive.