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Monday, 24 November 2014

Are We Going Against God’s Consciousness’s Nature?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’m having a really interesting conversation with other people on the question, “Is the human race worth saving”, so I thought I would share my recent replies in relation to this topic to give an idea in where this simple question is leading us too, are we going against God’s consciousness’s nature? This has everything to do with human nature of self-preservation and God’s nature of the preservation of all it creates.  

I think it's against human nature to say no to this question because human nature is all about self-preservation but is saying no to this question going against Gods nature?

Would God, or the consciousness of God, want the human race, through it's own self-preservation, want all other of God's creations destroyed by self-presentational humans, is this natural in God's nature for human to do this? I very much doubt it but it is human nature to say no so why did so many say yes?

I could be wrong but I think this has something to do with God's consciousness not human consciousness in saying yes to this question. We are becoming more aware of our destructive ways to everything else created from God's consciousness’s, it's not natural to destroy everything else of God's consciousness for self-preservation.

In all I agree with Lilo, this isn't saying we are right however, it's just saying there are other things of God's consciousness that needs considering here other than human consciousness. We do indeed need to consider all other species.

I should also mention I said yes to this question for reasons already given however again this is all to do with self-preservation which is of human nature. Don't get me wrong, I almost said no to this question, I think it's going against God's consciousness to destroy all else of God's consciousness for the sake of self-preservation of one tiny part of God's consciousness. Yes I believe human consciousness is but a grain of sand on a beach in comparison to all of what God's consciousness is and represents.

Am I allowing human nature to overrule God's nature in answering this question by saying yes?  Most definitely but I do this with reservation, am I willing to sacrifice all else that is of God's consciousness for the sake of human consciousness? It would seem so and in doing so I'm going against God's nature however there is a slight chance we just might get through this.

What is going to happen if we somehow get through this? In my mind we will take on a totally different more constructive mentality, a creative and constructive mentality a lot closer to God's consciousness that will preserve all else that is of God's consciousness, not destroy it.