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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Spirituality & Euphoric Inducement

Written by Mathew Naismith

It would seem since the dawn of man in certain spiritual practices drugs inducement has been a part of inducing certain objectives either it be a coma like state or euphoric state of consciousness which seems to reconnect us to consciousness (God) itself for whatever reason. Because we live within a chaotic existence drugs that induce euphoria seem to be needed & many people around the world today are doing just that.  It would seem the less accepting we are the more we need drugs to induce euphoria mainly to feel good in a world that we don’t accept in some way however we can become quite consistently euphoric if we accepted more within our lives quite naturally. The info in the link below is a good indicative of how to attain a natural euphoric state of being without drug inducement.

Extract: The risks associated with drug induced spiritual experiences are too great so it is advisable that people use natural method to achieve such states. There is no spiritual experience that is produced by drugs that can’t be induced naturally. The problem that most people have with following a natural method is that it takes a good deal of time and energy. This is actually beneficial though, because it ensures that the individual is more ready for these experiences when they happen. Some natural methods that can be used for achieving spiritual states include:

The next link is just on the meaning & the effects of euphoria however it clearly shows that we can become addicted to natural euphoria as well.  Extract: Endorphins play a role in the reward system which may cause a chemical addiction to consistent exercise.

This to me just doesn’t relate to just physical exercise, spiritual practices are an exercise as well that can also induce endorphins which allow us to experience & perform in a more enhanced state of awareness; this is commonly called the zone. Extract: Euphoria has also been cited during certain religious or spiritual rituals and meditation.

Neuroscientists know that endorphins that are produced naturally or unnaturally can induce euphoric sensations however they also state that is all they are, euphoric states of consciousness that give us delusions of one kind or another. My query is, when a sports person experiences the zone induced by euphoria which is induced by adrenalin they at time perform way beyond their physical or mental capabilities, is this not also the same with people who are spiritually practicing in certain practices that induce endorphins that make them feel euphoric as well as it’s all to do with intense exercise?

Spiritually aware people who experience the zone induced by euphoria can also perform supposedly way beyond their capabilities just like sports people can experience however the big difference is one is based on mental & physical exercise & the other on spiritual exercise, why would one be accepted as plausible & the other not? Yes the neuroscientists seem quite correct within their assumptions that we can produce endorphins which produce euphoric sensations which for a sports person can mean performing beyond their supposed physical & mental ability, (performing in the zone); however they seem reluctant to state that spiritually aware people exercising in spirituality can also perform beyond their supposed abilities!!   

Three questions that spiritually aware people I feel should be asking themselves here, is a natural addiction better than an unnatural addiction, just because the side effects are different between natural & unnatural addiction can natural addiction also have their own unwanted side effects & most importantly, what does an addiction denote? Addiction to me usually denotes a fixated attachment, not something I would want within my spiritual practices however if one is aware of the addictions of certain experiences within spirituality unwanted addiction shouldn’t be a problem; spirituality after all is about awareness.