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Monday, 5 October 2015

Healing a World in Disharmony

Written by Mathew Naismith

My wife at present is reading a book titled, Your Hearts Desire. This book is basically about manifesting for your dreams and desires, it also explains that your hearts desires cannot be manifested through a controlling ego.

Desires: One of the scenarios used in the book is to do with how this person wanted to go to a ball but this person had no one to take her. This person was told to visualise being taken to this ball by a particular man. This of course occurred otherwise she couldn't have used this scenario in the book. You might think her desire were fulfilled but it wasn't, her need was fulfilled. To me, a manifested desire is about control but a manifested need is a totally different story.

So what has this got to do with healing a world in disharmony? Plenty, if everyone only manifested for a need, there would be no desire of wars and other conflicts. You might think, if we were being used and abused by a monocracy/bureaucracy, that we would have a need to conflict with such control. The point is, if everyone was living for a need rather than a desire, these controlling forces wouldn't and couldn't exist within such a reality in the first place. Could you imagine a reality not dominated by some kind of monocracy/bureaucracy, we certainly haven't within this reality as a collective experienced this as yet.  

Controlling: You are not being controlling when you are manifesting for a need, on the other hand you are being highly controlling if you only live for desires. In actuality, you are being controlled by a controlling ego if you exist in this way, if you exist entirely by a need, you are not being controlled and controlling, you are just being for a need. In a sense, being controlled by the ego manifests control within our ego self, we then become controlling ourselves.

There is at times a fine line between desire and a need though, the scenario in the book, to me, tells us of a need even though this person desired to be taken to the ball by a particular person. Would not the person who ended taking  her to the ball also desire to date such a women? There was a need that obviously needed to be met through a desire from both parties, in this case, desire was used to fulfil a need, the desire was not in control, the need was. A controlling ego doesn't want to manifest a need, a controlling ego always desires to manifest for a desire, a controlling ego can also trick us to believe we are only living for a need when it's purely of desire. The intentions of a controlling ego is always of desire.  

A controlling desire will always create a destructive reality, this is wholly due to desires always having a need to desire more and more. This isn't the same when existing only for a need, once a need is met, that is it, full stop unless we become desiring. When this occurs, this is when the ego is in control of us which then manifests us to become controlling ourselves.

Intentions: I think we need to get away from intentions altogether, desires are all about intentions but needs aren't. You might think you have to have intentions to put food on the table and a roof over our heads but it isn't, this is a need which takes basic instincts and intuitiveness. What we are basically doing is replacing intentions of desires with basic instinctive needs, in actuality, by living for a need rather than a desire is getting back to our natural selves. It's not natural to desire more and more until we destroy ourselves or others altogether, no other from of life on this planet does this, even a mindless virus doesn't do this intentionally but man often does this through a simple process of desiring!!

We might think if we took intentions out of our lives, we wouldn't evolve or even cater for our needs, this isn't the case at all. It's quite amusing how the controlling ego keeps deceiving us in this way, all what would happen is our controlling desires would be replaced by basic instincts and intuitiveness once again. Indeed, our controlling desires have replaced our basic instincts and intuitiveness and we wonder why we live in such a destructive reality. Our natural instincts tell us that it is pointless causing conflict if it has nothing to do with our basic needs.

Yes, it's difficult for a lot of people to perceive the possibility of existing without any intentions what so ever, this is all to do with a controlling ego that only wants to serve it's own desires. Can we imagine existing in a reality totally void of  intentions? To me it's obvious intentions would be replaced by our basic instincts and intuitiveness, this of course would create quite a different more passive reality in my mind. Of course a controlling ego doesn't desire this as it would no longer be able to fulfil it's never ending desires. I also think a mind controlled by an ego is incapable of perceiving a world totality void of intentions, such a mind couldn't possibly imagine such an existence, in actuality, a controlling ego wouldn't desire to imagine this in the first place.

A controlling ego hell bent on feeding it's desires cannot perceive a world not in conflict and disharmony in some way, however, a lot of spiritually aware and harmoniously loving people can. Because a controlling ego is unable to perceive such an existence, it naturally manifests a world of conflict and disharmony. Yes, I did say natural because it is natural for a mind controlled by ego to create/manifest such a world.

Are spiritually aware and harmoniously loving people wasting their time trying to bring about a more harmoniously loving world? Not at all, what these people are doing is showing that we can indeed live in quite a different world than what we have manifested. We are showing that a harmoniously loving reality, void of any kind of controlling ego, can indeed and does exist.  It's hard to imagine a magical world like this but they do indeed exist.      

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Learning to be Unintentionally Humble

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had an interesting request recently from a very good internet friend of mine:  Hi Matthew,
I was wondering if you had any posts about Intention, something that would answer questions for beginners. Like, what is it and how can one use it to better one’s life. Is there a prerequisite concept needed before one can understand Intention?
If you can, can you share with me and ThunderBearVoice via a post?
Thank you.

Any explanation about intentions is going to be a little complicated especially when we take in spirituality into the equation; this is mainly due to various practices used within spirituality, some use intentions other don’t.  In the main however most spiritual practices, especially eastern practices, take us to think less, meditation is but one of these practices and so is chanting as they both make you mentally focus on one factor. This allows the mind to stop thinking about everything else by focusing on one factor only, in this case our breathing or our focus on certain words spoken.

Intentions = thinking process + planed goals + future and past + purpose +control + empowerment

Intentions take a thinking process to bring to fruition, intentions cannot exist without thinking, in other words we cannot think without having intentions, this is due to the thinking process being all about intentions.  If we are all about intentions within our spiritual practices, we are not into practices that try to get us to think less, intentions are also all about a past and future so practicing in intentions also discounts spiritual practices like living in the now.

Intentions however have their places within spirituality, usually to do with the psychological issues, for example, if one finds this reality to be unsavoury in some way, they will need to first use intentions to meditate or chant more often, “I have all intentions to meditate more often every day to dispel any unsavouriness in my life”. Intentions are about us taking control of our psyche so we can seriously begin to meditate or chant, it’s basically to do with empowering ourselves.    

Un-intentions = thoughtlessness + goalless + only the now + purposeless + humbleness   

Spiritual practices like being only in the now and thinking less are without intentions, you can’t have intentions and seriously practice in these spiritual practices, the less intentions you have in life, the better you can seriously live just in the now. However, the more intentions we have, the less likely we will be able to live in the now and of course intentions mean thinking more and the more intentions we have, the more we are thinking. Obviously intentions totally negate spiritual practices that teach us to think less and live in the now. I do feel a  life of un-intentions can only be spiritually practiced successfully if one doesn’t have a problem with the world or life itself or whatever, in other words one needs to have a psyche that is well balanced that allows one to focus better.

Let’s us now use examples of how we all use un-intentions and intentions in our lives. Let’s use going to bed for an example, we are tired so we go to bed, this action is quite unintentional because our tiredness automatically says to us we need to go to bed, this is done without thought. Now what if we need to be somewhere early the next day, we then have an intention to go to bed to get up early the next day.  

The interesting point in this example of going to bed is, one is controlled by a thinking process and the other isn’t.  What is making us go to bed when we have an early start in the morning?  It’s all to do with thinking processes and a future event because the future event that we need to go to bed for was firstly created by a thinking process.    

Let’s say the future event was a job interview,  this job interview is all about thinking processes, so from the start we are being controlled by thinking processes that is making us think of going to bed instead of waiting for us to get tired and go to bed.  You could say one is a natural process and the other isn’t as it’s controlled by a thinking process from the start.

Now if we look at what intentions represents, (Intentions = thinking process + planed goals + future and past + purpose +control + empowerment), we can see it’s all about control either being controlling or controlled, this is the same with being empowered within oneself or other people being empowering over us.   

Now let’s look at un-intentions, (Un-intentions = thoughtlessness + goalless + only the now + purposeless + humbleness), humbleness replaces both control and empowerment in regards to intentions.  What have we done by replacing control and empowerment with humbleness?  We have taken away any control that control and empowerment has over us, we are actually in a sense more in control in being humble than being in control and empowered.  This is mainly due to being controlled by controlling factors and empowerment, and most importantly, various thinking processes in the first place, humbleness actually takes away controlling factors within our lives.        

You might think by being humble we are being more controlled because we are not being controlling and empowering within ourselves, this isn’t true, for the main reason it takes far more control to be humble than to be dominating through controlling factors. Try just sitting there while someone is being empowering and controlling over you, it can take a huge amount of self-control and empowerment to not react. Yes we are still talking about control and empowerment but quite un-intentionally through just being humble, in this case humbleness really replaces being controlling and empowering.   

Intentional control and empowerment has a different effect upon us and everyone else, it’s still about control where humbleness is about releasing control even though it can at times take more control to be humble than to be controlling. This is all due to being un-intentionally controlling through simple humbleness. Through learning to be humble, we are also thinking less as well also through this humbleness we are focused on ourselves through self-control, not focused on what is trying to control us, this actually takes a lot less thought.

Learning to be humble automatically teaches us to be more in control, we don’t have to have intentions to be in control mainly because we know we should never be controlling of any situation.  This is where intentional control and un-intentional control differ the greatest, intentional control wants to be controlling of situations where’s un-intentional control doesn’t have a need to be in control of a situation mainly due to being humble.

If everyone was empowered and tried to take control of a situation, what would occur? Total chaos, what is our reality dominated by? Total chaos, would this be the same if everyone was humble? I feel we would all work together for the betterment of all, there is a huge deference in the outcome of being intentionally controlling and empowering to just being un-intentionally humble. To be humble doesn’t take intentions, being humble actually takes away our intentions of reacting either to ourselves or the rest of the world because it’s unsavoury to us in some way.  Just be accepting and humbleness will come ever so easily as the following will further explain.                 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Healing Effortlessly

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are numerous ways to heal individually and collectively, this is primarily due to living in time because time gives us numerous or even infinite possibilities in all of what we do. Some of these healing processes take a lot of effort and some of them don’t, so which way should we heal personally and collectively?

Personally we should go with what we are comfortable with; it’s no good going with a healing process we don’t resonate with, this could be anything from healing through active and/or passive intentions, as the link directly below explains about, or we could use a healing process that incorporates no intentions, this is accomplished through purely living and thinking in the now, the present moment.      

Extract: Your intentions play a vital role in your healing process, as a positive attitude promotes healing. This knowledge is undeniable and instinctive. Medical communities in cultures all around the world have known for thousands of years that a focused positive patient is more likely to heal. Yet using your intentions to assist your healing is not promoted in the western medical system. Why is this important aspect of healing overlooked and what can you do about it?

Healing collectively is somewhat trickier; we can’t use any healing processes that other people don’t resonate with, this is obvious in the way other people in the world shun spiritualistic practices for a more scientific way of healing and of course visa-versa.  There seems to be no way to heal the collective collectively or is there?

Let’s look at why we need to heal ourselves, what has caused us to have intentions to heal ourselves and why do we need to be healed in the first place?

What creates everything in time? Intentions, suns are in my mind intentionally created to give life, this is due to the sun also being of consciousness and any consciousness in time can have intentions and most often does have intentions.  Look at what man has created; it was all created through intentions, OK pollution isn’t intentional but the process of an intention can create pollution.  Nothing can be created without intentions either directly or indirectly.  

Everything we have intentions to heal ourselves from has been created through intentions. People can become overweight when they eat too much takeaway food, this might not be intentional by the profiteers but the profiteers do have an intention to become wealthier, overweight people are a by-product  through such intentions. We then need to intentionally heal ourselves from being overweight brought about by intentions, everything we need to heal ourselves from has been created from intentions either directly or indirectly. 

Collectively it’s the same dilemma, someone has intentions to force their own beliefs on to other nations and to obtain peace, another intention is enforced to go to war with such people, action reaction time and time again as human history quite plainly demonstrates.  How do we heal the collective from this, it’s seemingly an insurmountable dilemma?

First of all become aware of what is causing us to have a need to be healed in the first place and then act on this.  It’s seemingly going to take an insurmountable effort to curb our intentions, how is a non-intentional thinking process going to be effortless?

How many well-known spiritually aware people are teaching us about living just in the now? Living in the now is all about this present moment without any reflection of a past or future, to have intentions you certainly need a future and past otherwise you cannot be of intentions. Having intentions has nothing to do with living and being in the now, intentions are all to do with time, however, living and being in the now is of timelessness, there is no true past or future.  Take away the past and future; you take away anything needing to be healed because there are no intentions to cause something to be healed!! 

It takes little effort to live and be in the now, all it takes is to drop your intention which is all about a past and future, all this takes is to think differently, instead of thinking in time, we are now thinking in timelessness.  To a person who can only think in time, this is going to seemingly take a lot of effort but it doesn’t once you realise you truly are eternal. This doesn’t just take being aware of being eternal but knowing you are eternal. Being aware that intentions are only of time also helps in this process; we are indeed timeless sources of conscious eternal energy.

Once you drop intentions and only live and be within the now, this very healing process of living and being in the now will become quite effortless individually and collectively.   

Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Shining-Inner Glow

Written by Mathew Naismith

I would like to firstly convey that I’m not directly referring to Stephen Kings, The Shining, this post is more in line with the inner glow that a mother to be will experience at times, or more precisely, the glow that you will get in spirituality.

Not all mothers to be will glow; this is due to a number of factors usually associated with intentions of the mother to be or other people’s intentions around her. When a mother to be glows is this intentional? There are no intentions, it’s just a natural process brought about naturally. Notice a mother to be who really glows, it’s a show of pure instinct without having to manifest such instincts, now notice a mother to be who has to intentionally manifest such instincts, the shining is less noticeable in this case. Now this shining comes from within, either you be an expecting mother or a spiritually aware person. We constantly allow external sources on a daily basis to hinder this shining within ourselves, this is due to using external sources to manifest our desires which takes the shine off our glow.  

The shining isn’t just to do with healthy fit people either, many people who are terminally ill will experience this shining, this inner glow, actually anyone at any time can experience this shining. There doesn’t seem to be any factors involved here that causes such shining to occur but that’s not true, the shining always comes from within to start with.

Take a mother to be, what actually causes this shining, this glowing that seems to come from within?

Yes its natural instincts but what is actually causing these instincts to come forth, the inner glow? Creation itself, being a mother or a mother to be can be very spiritual; some fathers actually feel this as well and can also shine. Take a spiritually aware person who is well connected to the inner self, why do they at times really shine, I’ve experienced this myself and I know a number of other people who have also experienced this shining.  

Speaking for myself, when I shine, which is noticed by a number of other people around me, it comes without any intentions what so ever just like a mother to be.  I don’t shine a lot however, this is the funny thing……….I intentionally stop myself from shining for various reasons which I won’t go into, actually we all stop ourselves from shining in one sense or another.  

How do we unknowingly stop ourselves from shining?

What do intentions create?  Anything from something being destructive to constructive, it takes thought and at times an immense amount of thought to create this destruction and construction. Anything manifested is of thought and at times an immense amount of thought with a high level of intentions. Think on this, what has all this got to do with quietening the mind and being in the now, the present moment?

Can you see how unintentionally we have lost our shining, our inner glow? You can’t be manifesting anything and at the same time be in the present moment, being in the present moment isn’t about thinking and it’s certainly not about intentions which is all about the future. Yes these people will feel good within themselves and seem happy and content but this isn’t the inner glow I am talking about, the inner glow can only come from internal sources not external sources like something intentionally manifested that makes one happier. 

How many times has a mother to be intentionally fallen pregnant to feel happier and give herself more fulfilment in her life?  These mothers to be don’t always glow, and when they do, it’s not the intentions that is making her shine but her natural inner instincts which automatically happen without intentions.  You will notice any mother to be who has fallen pregnant with the firm intention of making her life more fulfilling won’t shine as other mothers to be do without these intentions.

Looking over the net, we don’t seem to be able to fully let go of the ego which is all about intentions and manifesting for our own desires,  we are again using spirituality for self-gain.  It’s strange to see that one moment one is talking about living in the now and the next moment talking about active intentions and self-manifestation. This is like thinking a lot but at the same time trying not to think, you can’t think and not think at the same time in the present moment, it’s either one or the other.  

Can one be into self-manifestation one moment and the next moment be just in the present moment, the now?

Yes, this however is counterproductive to being in the present moment, you are either being in the present moment or you’re not, within that present moment at that moment.  These two spiritual practices of intentional self-manifestation and the now produce quite a different existence; one is of thinking the other isn’t, one is of the inner glow (shining) the other isn’t, one is of intentional gain and the other isn’t and so on.

So how do we change our existence to a more constructive existence without intentional manifestations?

Could you imagine if everyone just stopped with their intentions, there were no intentions by anyone, what would happen, or more precisely, not happen?  We wouldn’t have conflicts and destructions; we would have utter peace and internal utter peace which I feel would in turn bring out our inner glow, the shining.  

OK, a lot of us still seem to be choosing to go along with intentional manifestations and that is fine, that is but one way to exist but you can’t at the same time desire total absolute peace and harmony while intentionally manifesting, it’s again one or the other. 

Once we become the shining and bring out this inner glow, all of what we need will just befall upon us without any intentions what so ever.  This isn’t saying we shouldn’t have intentions to become the shining, it’s saying the shining will just come automatically when we drop all our intentions.  You must realise you are already what you desire to be, to realise this you need to stop thinking and having intentions instead of trying to stop thinking while having intentions, this is highly counterproductive to the shining.  To stop having intentions and thinking is an intention but it’s a passive intention which leads to having no intentions in the long run, to me self-manifesting isn’t passive.

My own shining just comes to me without any intentions what so ever and so can yours, be an expecting mother and glow. Don’t laugh at this, we can all be expecting mothers and glow without a doubt.          

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Being Spiritual in Oneself

Written by Mathew Naismith

To me it’s important that we become aware of the difference between being spiritually aware to being spiritual in oneself, there is a fundamental difference between these two states of existence. It’s amazing how many people who use these two states don’t realise they use these two states or they try to use them in unison, this is why it’s become apparent to me to again try to explain the difference between these two states of existence.

The following was a reply I received in regards to my last post, it made perfect sense, spiritual awareness, as opposed to being spiritual in oneself, is about the collective learning to live within each other’s space. I however still sense a misunderstanding of what being spiritual in oneself, being in one’s own space, is about which is quite understandable, this is why I feel I need to explain this a little better than I have previously.       

You said "one’s own space"
Spiritual awareness to me is to all be in each other's space without harm 

My Reply

Yes that's correct, spirituality is to do with the collective collectively, however, being spiritual in oneself, which is being in one's own space, is quite different for a number of reasons.

Spiritual awareness is a lot of times about active intentions than passive intentions, this means we are living for a future, being in one’s own space is being spiritual in oneself,  this is all about living in the present moment only. When we have intentions to meditate for example, especially for a reason, this is about the future and at this point you’re not living in the present moment, in other words being in one’s own space.

I think it’s important that we become aware of the difference. In the west we seemed to have mixed different spiritual concepts into one and expected them to work properly, you can’t be just in the present moment and have active intentions at the same time, one is about the present moment and the other a past and future. When you are in the present moment that is all that exists, there are very few actual intentions in this state.   

Is one state better than the other? No, they both have a purpose; one is about the collective the other about being in one’s own space, this however doesn’t mean being in one own space isn’t about the collective, if we all learnt to be in our own space, our existence in this reality would change quite dramatically but that is very unlikely to happen for reasons given in the post.  

You are utterly correct in my mind; spiritual awareness is about the collective and learning to live within each other’s space, on the other hand, being in one’s own space is more to do in being, not learning to be, but actually being in each other’s space, there is no learning because you automatically just be. The reason for this is we have little to no intentions and if we have little to no intention, we are only living in the present moment, living like this instantly  takes control away from the ego, you still have ego but the ego no longer has control.


Spiritual awareness, as opposed to being spiritual, doesn’t work this way, you still have intentions like bettering yourself in any way for example, being spiritual in oneself isn’t like this, there are no intentions of bettering yourself, it’s all about just being what you are not what your intentions make out what you are.  Intentions can indeed mislead us by taking our focus away from just being who you are, the past or present isn’t who you are and intentions are all about the past and future, however, living only within the present moment is who you are I believe.

So why doesn’t being in your own space seem conducive to the collective, it’s only about one’s own space after all is it not?

Being in your own space is more about a different collective than the human collective, it’s about a space that everything is connected to as a collective, a spiritual collective if you like as opposed to just a human collective, it’s this oneness we most often hear about and in this state we automatically become a part of the spiritual collective. In this state you become aware of what the whole human race is doing.  Spiritual awareness is more about the human collective and bettering ourselves at a human level through being spiritually aware, this of course also takes in being aware of being in our own space as well, that is why I think it’s important that we understand the difference between these two states of existence.  

I’m never in a pure state of just being as I’m never in a pure state of intentions, however, I try to be aware of how a mix these two states together and especially aware that I can never try to use these two states at the exact same time, I’m either in the present moment or I have intentions at any given time.       

Monday, 19 January 2015

The Bliss of Being in the Present Moment

Written by Mathew Naismith

“There is nothing more soothing than being in the moment of love and beauty void of any intentions what so ever “.

I shot consecutive photographs of a lovely sky as the sun was abating, not knowing what was actually in the photographs; I shot these photos just before Christmas and I never knew one of these shots had a heart silhouetted in the sky while taking these shots.  

The funny thing is I took consecutive shots and only one of the photos had this heart silhouetted in the sky, this was quite strange for this kind of cloud pattern because this kind of high level cloud doesn’t move all that quickly. There were no intentions by me to take a shot with a heart silhouetted in the sky, I saw a lovely sky with the sun abating quite low in the horizon and I shot consecutive photos ignorant to the heart in the sky.

The one thing to be aware of with intentions is it’s always in reference to the future; it’s only conducive to aims or plans, it has nothing to do with just being within the present moment.  

What we western people seem to do is try to use more than one spiritual concept at the same time that, at times, can be counterproductive.  Can anyone be within the present moment (now) and also be of intentions? Trying to live by these two concepts at the same time is indeed counterproductive; they can actually cancel each other out depending on what kind of intention we are using.

Because active intentions is more about forcing a plan or goal rather than going with the flow, active intentions can be highly counterproductive to being just within the moment, this isn’t the same with passive intentions. Active intentions are also more likely to be in retaliation to a situation in life like being more positive than negative; this is good except we are still being judgemental of what we have judged as having less value.

Passive intentions is more about allowing a plan to come together rather than forcing it, passive intentions allow us to mould such plans within our present moment (lives) without creating too much trauma. Passive intentions are also not about a retaliative reaction to something we have judged as unbecoming for some reason, this is why, if we need to have intentions, passive intentions works more with the present moment rather than against it.

If you are going to live by the concept of living in the now, it’s advisable not to have too many intentions.

What is also counterproductive in the west is judgment, it is a good idea to lesson our judgments and especially being judgemental, this again is determined by what kind of intentions we are living by.  A lot of people actually judge judgment as being negative therefor unbecoming in some way; this is brought about by active intentions I believe.  We are not supposed to be judgmental but we judge being in judgement quite severally.   

You don’t get this reaction with passive intention, passive intentions is about accepting judgement for what it is, just a different path to follow without judging this path too harshly as just plain negative.

Particularly in the west we need to be aware of the counter productiveness of what certain concept are going to have with each other, yes we have a huge array of spiritual concepts to follow but I think we need to beware of mixing and matching these concepts together, it is in my mind adding a fair amount of confusion into our lives rather than taking this confusion away.  

Self-empowerment is always conducive to future plans but while we are being so self-empowered, we are not living within the present moment and within this stillness of the moment.  Self-empowerment takes a lot of active intentions to bring about, this stops us from experiencing the very moment we are in and experiencing what living in the present moment can give.

Yes it might feel we are in the present moment while being actively intentional but that is not the case, you can’t live for the future with intentions and be of the present moment at the same time, just something to ponder!!   

There is nothing like living in the present moment, this is one path, there is also nothing like living with active intentions, this is another path, each path has it’s merits and is only a path for us to follow or not, they are not bad or good, negative or positive, they are only paths we can either follow or not.  It’s advisable not to try to follow two paths at the same time that can be quite counterproductive to each other, follow one path or the other for they are only paths, there is nothing to judge but of course being in judgement is but another path not to be judged.  

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Inner Self-The Observer

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve had some interesting physical occurrences happen to me recently , it seems to have everything to do with synchronicity, however, this post isn’t about such occurrence but what these occurrences have made me aware of recently.  Synchronistic moments like this aren’t all to do with the experiences from the moment we experience the synchronicity, they can be about what we are going to become aware of because of such experiences.  If we allow it, each experience allows us to build upon an awareness that at the present moment we might not be aware of but become aware of in another present movement.  

Another present moment isn’t in the future, it’s all in the now, however, because we exist in time, each moment is separated by time making it another present movement even though it’s only of the now.  If everything was truly of the now in time, we would know all there is to know right now in the present movement, this of course isn’t the case in time, how many of us are aware of everything within it’s totality right now?  This is where I think synchronicity comes into it, it gives us more synchronicity with the present moment, the now, by allowing us to become aware of things in the present moment. 

I wasn’t clear until recently what my life has been about, well up to this extent anyway.  I had a choice in my mid-teens if I was going to take the spiritual path of awareness or the ignorant path of just being humanly expressive, I took the latter.  Now up to this point I could ask any question and get an immediate correct answer, I was pretty well connected.

At this stage in my mid-teens it was obvious, to me now, that I did not judge that living in ignorance was any better or worse than a life of spiritual awareness, I did not judge one being better above the other.  Living in this ignorant state wasn’t a problem for me because I didn’t judge one path being better or worse than the other, it was simply just another path.  

The interesting thing was, when I made this decision I had a chronic injury with an associated chronic pain, I knew if I followed a spiritual path of awareness, this would greatly help me with my physical and mental traumas but I still chose a life of ignorance. The strange thing is I didn’t have much of a problem in choosing life of ignorance even though I would be expressing the ego in every sense to some extent.  See the thing is I never judged the ego or judgement itself as being bad or negative in some way; it was just another path one can follow.

The strangest thing is what I was aware of in my mid-teens stayed with me, once aware always aware or once reconnected always reconnected.  Being reconnected of course isn’t what is really happening because we never really became disconnected in the first place; the feeling of becoming reconnected is due to our ignorance of our true nature. 

Even though I chose a life of ignorance from always being connected, by becoming aware of my connectedness in my mid-teens helped me with my traumas right through my life.  This was all due to not deciding to follow the path of spiritual awareness, my ego wanted me to follow this path because it made more sense but I didn’t. You could say that by following a spiritual path of awareness instead of ignorance would have improved on my own life immensely, that of course was obvious to me at the time but what was also obvious is I had no judgment of one path being any less worthy to follow than a much easier path. 

What this has given me is at the human level of perception, is I don’t truly see anything else being any less worthy than something else seemingly more positive, this sort of judgment doesn’t come into it.  You could say if I followed the spiritual path of awareness that I would have been still humanly perceptive, however, I knew that wasn’t going to be the case even at that time in my mid-teens. 

If I followed the spiritual path of awareness at the moment in my life I could only perceive through spiritual perspectives, this would have totally taken away how I perceive humanly. What actually happened was, because I was already aware of my connectedness I perceived through both human and spiritual perspectives, however, this took me to decide to live a life of trauma in my mid-teens.   

When I write about being of fewer intentions, or like in my last post saying that ignorance is just as important to our selves (souls) as awareness, many people can’t see this mainly because they have judged ignorance or the lack of intentions as being negative or bad in some way.  Because I have done what I did in my mid-teens, I don’t have such judgment, this I believe is due to being able to perceive both humanly and spiritually.  I’m not being egotistical here, all I did is go with the flow of the path I chose.

Is bettering yourself through becoming more aware than before more positive?  Most people will say yes for the obvious reasons, we are more positive and in a much better state, better than what though?  Better than before, but isn’t this a high level of judgment, isn’t this putting one state of existence over and above another?  The funny thing is I realised I recently don’t do this except when I’m only perceiving through a human perspective which I don’t judge as being one thins or the other in itself.

In a human perspective, improving on one’s life has always been better and positive but this entails a high level of judgment and putting one kind of existence or path above another, we still have our levels of superiority. 

How do we get around this?

I know there are a lot of people who are not going to like what I’m about to say, it all comes down to intentions, try not to have intentions especially active intentions while becoming aware by not seeing that you are improving or bettering yourself, in other words don’t have the intentions of improving yourself in any sense of the word, just let it all flow, go with the flow no matter what your ego wants.  The ego loves intentions because it’s all about intentions, think on this for a moment, in every action and thought the ego has intentions. 

We can however choose to be expressive of passive or active intentions if we need to have intentions, the controlling ego is certainly more about active intentions, this doesn’t mean we should have intentions in trying to be more passive, we should in my mind avoid even passive intentions if possible.

Passive intentions = passive actions and thoughts + judgement + living for needs and desires

Active intentions = forceful actions and thoughts + judgmental + living for desires

No intentions = no intentional actions and thoughts + no judgment + living for only a need

So how do we express no intentions?

When I perceive through my human self, I express intentions, usually passive intentions but at times active intention, this is due to not judging one being less worthy than another, however, when I perceive through my inner self I don’t seem to have intentions. This is mainly due to not judging one life experience or path being less worthy than another.  Lessoning intention has to me everything to do with not judging any part of life any more or less worthy than another; my inner self just doesn’t judge in such ways, it observes instead.

What’s the good of observing if we haven’t got an intention to implement such observation? 

Just by observing through the inner self is enough, just through being the observer one will make changes quite automatically without intentions. Allowing your human self to become the observer through the inner self however is an expression of passive intentions; in this case we have an intention to allow our human self to observe. If we only perceive through the human self and are in judgment, we will need to still express intentions, try being aware of your passive and active intentions while remembering that the ego is all about active intentions.

Humanly it comes down we have to express intentions either we choose to express these intentions in a passive or active way is up to each individual, however, I think it wise to be aware that the ego is about active intentions. My advice is; if you can’t observe through the inner self try being only expressive of passive intentions, this will at least get us away from the controlling factors of the ego.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Pure Simple Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith

The name Rupert Spira came into discussion recently, just be awareness, no more no less. I don't agree with all his views in totality but yes he is brilliant. Just being simple awareness, how do you get people to acknowledge this? 

Actually you don't, just being in this simple awareness is intentions enough, actually there are no intentions in being this simple awareness that Rupert relays onto others.

The reason most of us don't understand this simple concept is we are being too intentional I believe instead of just being aware without intentions.

Why do we have intentions, what is their purpose then?  I think it’s to be expressive of awareness instead of just being awareness, it takes intentions to create from this pure awareness, pure consciousness.  You and I have been created from such intentions and so has the universe, we are therefore being the expressions of this pure awareness/consciousness, nothing else.  

I think being this expressive of this pure awareness/conciseness is just as important as being aware of pure awareness/consciousness, why would this pure awareness be so expressive of itself in realities like this one if it wasn’t a part of what it is? It all has merit in my way of thinking, how do you judge one part of consciousness having merit and another part not? The answer is you don’t but if we do we are just again being expressive of this pure awareness through intentions.

We were born (created) from intentions caused by an interaction of vibrational energy; this means intentions are just as important to us as being unintentional which this pure awareness/consciousness is. What I feel is causing us chaos and destruction is we have become too intentional without balancing this high level of intentions with being aware also of our unintentional state, this pure awareness.  This I feel is due to us being ignorant to our unintentional self while existing as an intentional being.  

I think it just takes us to be aware of our intentional state of consciousness as much as our unintentional state of consciousness, it also takes us to realise one is no less or no more important than the other while in an intentional state of existence.  This is due to it all being of this pure awareness, this pure consciousness.

Pure awareness (consciousness) = un-intentions + our spirit self

Ignorance = intentions + physical self

So where does the soul come into it?

I believe the soul  can be a mix of both our unintentional self and our intentional self, the reason I think this is the experiences I had with actual ghosts in the past, they were still interacting and reacting to physical life, which refers to intentions,  but they were also obviously not totally of this intentional (physical)existence either.

The soul to me has a sole purpose; it’s a vessel or an energy source that allows us to be expressive of this pure awareness either as ghosts or totally in physical form.  To me there is no mistake in us being here, what is the mistake is us being unaware of our pure awareness state while being expressive of this awareness.  

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Is God’s Consciousness Objective or Subjective

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should point straight out that this is a scientific/psychological way in looking at this question, this doesn’t infer that every other concept, religious/spiritual or not, is incorrect. This however is going to upset a number of people who believe God is just all loving, this is only my view and shouldn’t be taken personally, we all have our own views that don’t fit in with other people’s views, it’s no big deal.

I stated in my last post, “This however doesn’t mean objective consciousness doesn’t play a part in creating a reality; the objective consciousness gives a bases for subjective consciousness to create from.

What is this objective consciousness that gives subjective consciousness to create from?  In my view it’s what many call God.  What I mean by objective is this objective consciousness is unbiased; it has no preference of one over the other which also means it can neither be of love nor hate.  This is inferring that God isn’t of love, so where does this love come from?  From ourselves and each other by having intentions to either express love or hate. 

By being subjective we are the one’s doing the creating however we don’t at this point in time physically create universes as such, this means we are not the creator  but only a part of the creator. What is this creator?  To me it’s objective energy without intentions but without subjective consciousness it can’t create so how could this objective consciousness be the creator?

It’s not, not on it’s own, it needs interaction of energy to create like matter and anti-matter for instance, however, I think without this objective unbiased consciousness we wouldn’t have anything to create from.  It would seem all forms and sources of energy is the creator not one particular energy source either it be objective or subjective.  This actually makes this objective and subjective energy we call God a super consciousness not just a God of man.  We seem to have taken this objective or subjective as this God instead of looking at both objective and subjective conciseness energy sources as God, the creator of all.   

It makes sense to why we would take an unbiased (objective) consciousness as being of this God, in this state it has no bias or prejudice, it’s quite impartial, this explains why human can do as they do, be expressive of any kind of emotion either it be constructive or destructive.   

Now in certain religious/spiritual concepts and beliefs, God is all loving so God can’t be just objective consciousness (unbiased) to be all loving; this means God would have to be subjective (bias) instead of objective.  I don’t think this is the case for the main reason we are able to be expressive of all of what consciousness is either it be destructive or constructive.

So which one is this God’s consciousness, subjective or objective?  To be all loving it’s subjective but to be unbiased it’s objective, however, if we bring together these two different concepts of God together from different religions and spiritual beliefs, we actually end up with a super consciousness of neither one or the other but all of what is.   

Does this also mean this God’s consciousness is of hate? Only through our own interactions but it’s also of love through our own interaction, this is why I think it’s important to understand our intentions which determine our interactions which again determine what kind of reality or existence we will experience.   If we all truly believe God is all loving, that is the kind of reality we would experience, this of course hasn’t happened, this is wholly due to our intentions while believing God is all loving.  To believe in God you had to believe in particular religious concepts, this is where I believe our intentions have interfered with creating a more loving existence; we have disdain for other religious concepts and doctrines. This of course has determined our intentions which have created numerous wars and conflicts.

In all it’s all up to us what we create from this super consciousness, becoming aware of our intentions is vital for us to create a reality that is going to be more harmonious. I think we need to understand and become aware of our intention more than anything, a good start is to ask yourselves are my intentions subjective or objective or both?  

Monday, 12 January 2015

You Can Only Create Realities from Subjective Intentions/Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post came about through a discussion with another person in regards to scientist Robert Lanza and his theory of biocentrism which supports a consciousness existing outside of the human mind. What I have done is relate subjective consciousness to active intentions and objective consciousness to passive intentions.  This post will probably be a little too heavy for anyone who is only into passive intentions.   

Extract: “Humans use aesthetic rules for defining truths, including what is good and evil, what is moral and immoral. Common rules include conditions of beauty, symmetry, color, tone (light versus dark), fashion and order.

Even if the rules were valid, it would mean truth is subjective. If truth is beautiful, your definition of what is beautiful differs from others' definitions. Further, an individual's perception of beauty changes with time and experience. A culture's perception of beauty changes with time. Compare the depictions of the desirable feminine body from 1450, 1850, 1950 and this year.
Cultural definitions of 'objective truth' are formed by cultural sensibilities, including fashion, politics, gender, race, beauty, geography, self interest, desire for social order, etc. There is no indication these are identifiers of objective truth, or are even related, but they are still used as criterion.”

It is obvious that physical subjective thought/consciousness creates realities either that be created through active or passive intentions, would not a non-physical consciousness also be able to create such realities?  

Let’s ask another question to define this; can a reality be created without a subjective consciousness when we have physically proven, through our own human intentions, that you can create realities through subjective thinking/consciousness?  Try creating a reality without subjective consciousness; it’s virtually impossible as I will explain further.    

Now let’s see where passive and active intentions fit with objective and subjective consciousness.

Passive intentions are about intentions that are not forceful and domineering, this means passive intentions are more about objective consciousness. If we tried to create a reality based primarily on objective consciousness, it wouldn’t evolve because of it’s passive nature.  To force an action you need subjective consciousness to do this.  This however doesn’t mean objective consciousness doesn’t play a part in creating a reality; the objective consciousness gives a bases for subjective consciousness to create from.

For an example; actual spiritualists don’t express active intentions, they are very objective within their consciousness, it’s the interactions of other consciousness’s that are subjectively responding to such spiritual people that cause an effect.  If this objective spiritualist was totally on their own, they couldn’t create any kind of reality without subjective intentions.        

 It is obvious going by this that passive intentions or more of objective consciousness and active intentions are more of subjective consciousness.   

This means even though objective intentions are the bases for creation, they actually don’t create themselves, creation obviously comes from subjective intentions.  

Now what type of reality are these subjective intentions going to create?  This depends on our active and/or passive intentions, a more active intention is going to create more change but passive intentions are just going to go with the flow of life not against it. Passive intentions actually mean making less changes to the environment as a whole including ourselves. 

Take a science discovery for example; they are supposed to be produced by an objective consciousness without an intention, as soon as this discovery has an intention, it becomes subjective.  At this point it can either become passive or active within it’s intentions, in other words destructive or constructive, the atom bomb is a good example of a subjective intention becoming destructive.  To create anything from objective consciousness you need a subjective consciousness to do so no matter what. 

Objective consciousness is just sitting there for any subjective consciousness to create from, it's motionless until we give it intentions, in other words motion to create.      

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Which Intentions are Right?

Written by Mathew Naismith

In a human perspective we need intentions to learn and evolve otherwise we wouldn’t evolve, yes if we were living by no or few intentions we wouldn’t destroy as much as we do with our intentions but we wouldn’t evolve either, does this mean intentions at the human level is a must to evolve? This is not an easy question to answer, the answer is yes and no depending on which perspective we perceive by.

At the human level, the human perspective, it is obvious to us we need intentions either that be bad or good, destructive or constructive intentions, these intentions assist us with our growth in nearly all aspects.  I did say nearly all aspects; the one aspect that human intentions don’t assist us with is spirituality, human intentions make it hard to become in tune with our inner self, our inner knowing, this is because our inner self isn’t of intentions when our human self is, there just not in tune in this situation.    

At the human perspective there is bad and good, destructive and constructive intentions, if we only had good intentions wouldn’t this be better than not having any intentions at all? The problem with good and bad intonations is who judges what a bad intention is and what a good intention is?  Every religion and spiritual concept has good intentions to the believer of these religions and concepts, which one is truly good or bad?  We might judge that a constructive intention is good and a destructive intention is bad but again by whose standards? The human perspective certainly isn’t an easy one to figure out, it’s actually quite chaotic.

Now let’s look at this question through the spiritual perspective. There is no judgement of bad or good or even what denotes destructive intentions and what doesn’t, all what everything is, is an experience, just a  different way to be expressive. At the human level we judge destructive intentions as bad but at the spiritual level it’s just another way we are able to express ourselves.  

So are human intentions a must for humans to evolve? Yes in sense, it’s one way to evolve but what has been shown is that this way creates chaos and the more intentions we have the more chaos we create. This however doesn’t take away that human intention do indeed assist us in evolving but at what cost? Evolving in this way destroys a lot in the process and could even cause the demise of the human race, what would be the point in evolving in this way if it’s going to cause our demise?

Very few people throughout human history have chosen to live by no or very few intentions; to me it’s certainly worth trying on a collective scale.

I thought I would share an interesting discussion between me and another person on the topic of intentions.        

Hi Mathew! This has really jumped out at me, your comment "but we also chose to try to dominate Gaia instead of just living with Gaia" ..  I wonder if this is the intention behind the intention, our wish to exert dominance over our surroundings/our own experience, when really we are swimming against Gaia's tide. I wonder how this affects our free will to set our own intentions for what we think is our higher good, if it isn't necessarily true . . .

My reply
You obviously know this, you are indeed this connected. Good point, the intention behind the intention.

Gaia has an intention; this is obvious however we humans exert our own intentions over and above Gaia producing even more intentions which are not natural with the current environment we are experiencing. Yes indeed we are swimming against the tide or the flow of natural reasoning.

Another good point, how indeed does this affect our free will over all!!

Expressing such dominating intentions would have to affect our free will in every way, this is due to not just living within the present moment but in the past and future as well. We try to exert or influence the past and the future when there is only the present moment.

Exerting our intentions over and above Gaia seems like we are expressing free will when all we are doing is taking away what free will Gaia gives us. All we are truly doing is what our controlling egos want us to do which isn’t about our higher good; we truly have no free will under this influence.

Gaia is about being expressive without the control of the ego; we couldn't have more free will living with Gaia if we wanted too.

Hmmmm, are you channelling as well, you to me certainly seem connected in some way Carolyn!! 


Hi Mathew! Thank you for your reply - very profound and it makes perfect sense! Also I don't think I am channelling! - ha! having said that I get strong prompts and, answers to questions - I am trying to follow the guidance which is not always easy but I now think that if I can align my own will to the will of God/the Universe/Source, that everything will flow smoothly and effortlessly to more joy and harmony!  xxx :)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Living without Intentions

Written by Mathew Naismith

Sorry for going on about intentions and un-intentions but a few people are interested in this topic so I thought I would go a little further with this. This is not an ideology or a concept or anything like it and it’s not anything new, living without intentions is something various spiritually aware people have been doing all along especially through spiritual practices like meditation, praying, chanting and so forth.

So what would it be like living without intentions? 

Let’s go back to early man; if man was content without any further intent to improve on himself in certain ways or had no intentions of ownership, what would the world today be like?  The funny thing is the world would be somewhat more pristine than what it is now and it would be far less chaotic, yes you would still have animals and the environment reacting between and to each other but the world as a whole wouldn’t be as chaotic and as soiled to what it is today. In other words without man intentions, the world would be much more at peace and in harmony with itself.  Does this mean man, no matter what, would cause chaos and soil environment? Well no, it’s man’s intentions that cause such degradation not just the presence of man himself.  If man learnt long ago to live without intentions or very few intentions, physical life would be somewhat different to what it is today; I actually think man could have improved on the already existing chaos instead of adding to it. 

You would think without intentions we wouldn’t have progressed at all but that isn’t actually the case, for example, man wouldn’t have had intentions of ownership and destroyed the environment for this ownership, the world would be still quite pristine and certainly not over inhabited.  Indeed we wouldn’t have all these possessions and acquired human knowledge that we have today without intentions however I do think we would have obtained something far more valuable, an awareness and wisdom through being unintentional within our thoughts and actions.

Man has the idea to progress and to obtain knowledge we need to do this through intentions; this is the only way that most men know how to obtain such possessions, remembering man also treats knowledge as a possession.  This is quite different when living by being unintentional within our actions and thoughts, you never own anything including knowledge and the way you obtain knowledge is quite different as well. There is no truer knowledge than inner knowledge and that is what I think most spiritually aware people tap into especially when living without intentions.  Through being unintentional, we actually quite automatically improve on ourselves without actually intending to do so; this is due to being more in touch with our inner selves.  Human intentions actually hinder us from becoming in touch with our inner self; this is due to our inner selves not being about intentions but about going along with the flow of things.  This is saying that human intentions are not in tune with our inner self which makes it a lot harder for us to become in touch with our inner self.  

 I think this gives a pretty good idea what life would be like for us and everything else if man wasn’t so intent within his intentions.  I also think if man wasn’t about intentions, he could have been more constructively influential on the already existing chaos instead of destructive through adding and creating more chaos. We indeed had a choice and we chose, we chose a life of chaos and degradation when we could have chosen a life of utter peace and harmony.  It’s by no way too late to turn things around but to do this we must all become more aware of what our intentions actually create.

I received an interesting query in relation to my last post I thought I would share.  This post in particular was brought about by other people’s perceptions not just my own; it’s a good indication that the collective is indeed becoming more aware and in synch.

wow! so much to think about!
My immediate thoughts are: perhaps intentions are mistaken for more earthly goals. . .  Is there perhaps a 'higher' strata of intention that we might use to create a better experience for all of us?  Is acceptance the opposite of intention? I am also thinking about the Taoist belief of action through non-action . . .  Mathew, I love this, thank you!

My Reply
I think there are higher consciousness's than ourselves that use intentions but probably quite in a different way to ourselves. Humans use intentions quite intensely which is why we create so much destructive chaos I feel.

I'm actually suggesting that we lesson the use of intentions as much as we can which will hopefully lesson the chaos in our lives.

Is acceptance the opposite of intentions? A very intriguing question to ask Carolyn.

I've been about acceptance for about two/three years now which has noticeably lessened my intentions. I don't think acceptance is the opposite of intentions as such but it certainly lessons the effects of intentions by being more accepting of our environment. When we are accepting, we don't react as much; acceptance does indeed seem to automatically lesson the use of intentions. 

Action through non-action, indeed.  An action depicts an intention however through this non-action we are truly not reacting at all, we are merely in action to stop reacting, once we are aware of what our actions produce, we automatically stop reacting unless we want to continue to react that is. 

I recently wrote about living without intentions, it gives a brief depiction of what it would be like without little or no intentions; we could have indeed assisted Gaia instead of destroying her.

Gaia is of intentions but it’s very much different to man’s intentions in that Gaia’s intentions isn’t about dominance, power or control, it’s about an intention to evolve, that is all. You could certainly say that Gaia’s intentions are of this higher consciousness.  It’s not of various and numerous intentions like man but very few intentions. We chose to live with Gaia but we also chose to try to dominate Gaia instead of just living with Gaia. 

I do indeed love other people perceptions, you certainly add to the awareness of it all. 


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Healing Ourselves through Being Unintentional

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was a little bit surprised of the reaction my last post received; I didn’t think this post would be well received at all mainly because we are taught from birth to have intentions. Life itself, without human influence, is about intentions; it’s about surviving under the influence of the physical elements surrounding us and when we add man to this equation, these intentions boomed which in turn created even more chaos in the physical world.  Life itself is about chaos because it’s always about intentions however the difference now is we seem to live wholly by intentions which in turn creates even more chaos. 

Politics is driven by intentions and so is religion as is of science, it’s all driven by intentions to do one thing or another usually in reaction to something else which creates a never ending action reaction effect, this of course in turn creates even more chaos and in my mind we certainly don’t need any more of that.  The thing I’m becoming aware of now is more people are moving away from anything that creates an intention either it be knowingly or unknowingly, I truly didn’t know this within myself until recently.  I was only moving away from people and situations that live by intentions. At first I thought I was just moving away from destructive influences that were always trying to influence my vibrational signature, trying to influence me in a destructive way.  I wanted to become more constructive within my mentality; this isn’t easy when around people who have a destructive mentality. This was obviously an intention; I was reacting to a situation that no longer served me.

The truth is I was adding to an already existing chaos when I was trying to move away from this chaos, this added to the chaos that was created through my intentions. Yes I felt better within myself but I felt I still wasn’t there, I was aware that the chaos was still present  around me and could at any time within my weakness come back into my life.

Being aware of my own intentions gives me a different perspective; I am no longer trying to rid myself of chaos and even intentions but to just become aware of my intentions and what they create, within this awareness we automatically dispel any intentional reaction.  This of course can only work if we truly want to let go of our intentions in the first place.

The less intentional we become the better the healing process is, this is because intentional acts are always in reaction to something else, by pushing something away, like chaos for instance, we are causing a reaction that now needs to be healed.   

We could say by pushing the chaos in our lives away we are healing; this is still an intentional act which can cause a reaction (chaos).  By becoming unintentional, we automatically heal because we are not reacting to a situation or another person, the healing process isn’t an intentional healing but a healing that is brought on by being unintentional without an action reaction effect.  

I now smile at people who express intentions consistently, they are not aware of what their own interactions are creating and adding to. I still express intentional reactions but I am now very aware of what these intentions create, my intentions have certainly dropped off quite significantly thus taking away the bite of the chaos surrounding me within this physical world, I no longer have an intention to rid myself of chaos because the chaos surrounding me is far less prevalent through being unintentional.

You could say this post is intentional however it wasn’t mainly because I didn’t really intend to write it, it was an unintentional act. This post was brought about by an interaction with others in relation to my last post so it has to be intentional would it not because it’s a reaction?  In my last post I mentioned about being unintentional and still being able to be interactive with others without intentions, this is a good example of this.

I did not intend to react, this quite automatically came to be however I did react to previous reactions by writing this post in reaction, this would have to be an intention by me would it not?

Two people are having an argument, one person quite automatically hits the other quite unintentionally which has now added to the chaos, is not my reaction in producing this post the something, it’s an intention even though it wasn’t written intentionally?

Being unintentional within my actions came quit automatically even though it’s a reaction, the reaction was automatic and not intentionally induced, in other words I went naturally with the flow of things.  Are two people having an argument to start with unintentional and natural? No one enters into an argument unintentionally even at times this might seem to be the case and no one unintentionally hits another person, the actions are in direct reaction to a circumstance, there is nothing truly automatic about a situation like this.

The more unintentional we become to more automatically things will occur around us without having such intentions of such things happening to us. This is very much like the synchronistic moments of time people can experience, everything just comes together in synchronicity, being unintentional has a similar affect, our needs just occur without an intention.