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Thursday, 11 July 2019

A Re-Emergence of Wealth

Written by Mathew Naismith

When I look around our present environment, what I can see is a material re-emergence based on how good the ego feels. In all honesty, this is anything from materialism to spirituality. The accumulation of material/physical wealth isn't just to do with monetary gain and the power this kind of wealth gives us. Material wealth is also to do with how good a wealth makes us feel, for example, excessive compulsive exercising or always lusting after the feeling love gives us.

At no point do people like me expect to feel good all the time, of course if I was to become enlightened, feeling good would simply occur in any circumstance I find myself in, as such. It is completely impractical to think within a natural environment, such as Earth, our solar system, galaxy and universes, to feel good all the time when our main focus is on material wealth. I think if material man, the ego man, could change all the natural cycles to suite their ever lusting desire of material wealth, they would. This is while disregarding all other entities within the universe itself!!

While reading yet another article on a person who was an excessive compulsive exerciser, who nearly lost their own life as their cortisol levels were 20 times higher than normal, you realise stress is a big killer. I have lost count how many health fanatics have died of a heart attack or cancer. The stress exerted to obtain material wealth is often very expensive, if not to you, to someone else or the environment as a whole. Look around at how expensive the collective human conscious ever lusting for material wealth is upon our planet at present.

However, there is another kind of wealth that isn't expensive, in all honesty quite inexpensive except for the ego losing control, immaterial wealth. Yes, enlightenment is of this immaterialism that is stress free to an ego not in control, of course if the ego is in control, a huge amount of stress is exerted but this is transitory and of finite existence. Even a sense of enlightenment, not actual enlightenment, will create a balance in any environment no matter how material/physical the environment is.

So how many of us desire to fleetingly stress out our controlling egos, forgoing the lust for material wealth?

Yes, there is also another re-emergence of wealth, a wealth that is not material but very much immaterial, the material presence of people like me show this. It is simply to give an opportunity for balance between the material and immaterial. An example of this balance can be seen in, for example, Taoism or Hinduism, where the balance of material and immaterial wealth within a natural material environment is exemplified. Actually, a lot of ancient teachings not controlled, therefore distorted, by material wealth are of this balance.

It is important to balance out the material with the immaterial, and visa-versa, in a material environment, especially when the lusting after material wealth has created excessive imbalances in such an environment.