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Monday, 19 May 2014

Awareness of Mental Suppression

Written by Mathew Naismith

Being involved with a number of forum sites & Google communities, allows me to experience a huge cross flow of people and their views. At times these people influence me bringing forth more of what’s in me as I do with them. Recently I came across a lass of the name of Mimi who has once again inspired me.

Mimi Lam
Wow thank you for explaining, for me it was a process of becoming freer and becoming more childlike and spontaneous . I guess we all have different lessons. Have a good day

This is interesting mimi.

In the west women aren't as dominated, they are allowed to be a little more expressive. Freeing yourself from this mentality would bring forth more expressionism; this would have been a huge wow for you.

Freeing ourselves from any suppressive mentality connects us.

Both my parents were highly aggressive, I could write a book titled Guns, knives, brass buckles & soap. The soap seems lame but is was just as deadly.

Once I freed myself from this suppressive mentality I became noticeable connected. Sadly enough not all my siblings became freed from this mentality, one of my brothers is still heavily addicted to drugs to no doubt drown out this suppressive mentality.

Any mental suppression takes us away from being connected; churches & their religions can do this that is why so many people are leaving the church. New age churches are becoming more popular because they are less suppressive.

Spiritually aware people are naturally reacting to mental suppression.

I might write a post about mental suppression.

This is of course why meditation, praying, chanting & so forth work, they release us from various & numerous mental suppressions, no wonder we feel better for this.  Yes we could use drugs, and indeed we do use prescription and illicit drugs to release ourselves from mental suppression, however these have a short term effect plus they also have harmful side effects. The only long term side effect from meditation, praying, chanting & so forth is happiness, contentment & a re-connectedness to our inner selves.  

Without practicing in these or any other spiritual practice, becoming spiritually aware is also of releasing this mental suppression. Going to church, mosques, temples and so forth also work in a similar way so no wonder we turn to spirituality, it’s a suppressant easing the effects of mental suppression.

Thank you Mimi for inspiring me in writing this post, I’ve never directly written about mental suppression & suppressants before, much blessings Mimi.