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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Being Fully Aware

Written by Mathew Naismith

For a person interested in becoming spiritually aware there are a number of pitfalls one should be aware of, one is thinking we are truly aware when in fact all we are only aware of is what serves our needs & desires.  These pits that we find ourselves in are hidden quite well within our journey to enlightened awareness brought on by our emotional response to certain desired feelings, once we start feeling good & all we desire is to keep feeling good is a good indication of falling within one of these pitfalls.  You must ask yourself at this point, am I completely aware?  The answer of course would be no because all you’re truly aware of is feeling good & feeling good isn’t being aware of everything within its totality.

True awareness like true oneness takes in being aware of everything. We could say here while in a state of unconditional love for example we feel totally aware even of all the bad things that are going on however again this is another pitfall, we are knowing & but we are not aware of what’s truly going on, there is a fundamental difference here between knowing & actual awareness.  This is like someone knowing all but doesn’t know how to wisely use this knowledge effectively, how is one to use this knowing wisely without true wisdom?  Knowing in the same context does not give you automatic awareness. 

Being egotistical humans we want to believe by knowing we gain awareness & wisdom & the more we know the wiser & more aware we become. You must ask yourself, why is man in just a big a mess if not more of a mess than ever but in turn our knowing is much more than ever?  Yes we are aware of more because of this knowledge but is this true awareness?  In fact man is only aware of what serves him like consumerist materialism for example which makes a consumerist feel good. This is in line with a spiritually aware person only being aware in what serves them; in either case are we completely aware?

Last night I had a dream of the most unbecoming people one would want to know, these people actually exist within this reality today, I felt every moment of what they did. I have actually in the past felt exactly what the perpetrators & victims were going through when a crime was being committed & yes it is quite unbecoming however if I buried myself in unconditional love I wouldn’t be truly aware of these happenings. Again in oneness states of consciousness you know what’s going on but you are truly unaware of what’s really going on because all you are feeling is oneness. Feeling of oneness doesn’t  mean one is truly aware obviously however actually being at one as opposed to just feeling at one, one can feel everything in what’s going on including all the unbecoming things, this is true oneness. 

Becoming all unconditionally loving seems to be the answer, how more positive can one be & the more positive we are the better this reality would have to be? We have been trying to do this in this way for centuries now with very little effect. The American Indians did this in the early 1900’s & were slaughtered & this is but one of many circumstances in where we thought positive thinking/praying would help & in fact the opposite occurred.  The answer of course is becoming truly aware of all within its totality not just the things that make us feel good.

How is becoming basically personally aware of all the horrors as well going to help us? Once you become aware to the extent you feel loving & unbecoming feelings even at the same time you become truly aware of all. Let’s ask here, what happens when you become aware of something frightening? It becomes less frightening & the more aware you are the less fear you portray until you no longer fear unbecoming feeling. You could say, when we are all unconditionally loving we feel no fear, which is correct only because we have made ourselves unaware of such things. Once you truly become aware of anything unbecoming this weakens the effect of such things.  True awareness itself is reality changing without physically lifting a finger because awareness is reality & the more aware one is the truer & more balanced the reality will be.