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Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Written by Mathew Naismith

So what happened to all the predicted positive loving spiritual manifestations once again, in a year of predicted great spiritual evolutional change? Bewildering isn't it? 

Firstly, try to understand, it is not all about the human self becoming enlightened or becoming ascended in some way. As a lot of people say, it is the soul having a human experience, which means life is really about the souls transition, not necessarily the human self's transition. Don't get me wrong, the two can go hand in hand, meaning, as the soul becomes more enlightened (aware), so will the human self. The problem is, most often the human self will become more unaware, not more aware. We often expect and even demand that we feel good all the time, for this is what spirituality is about!!  

This expectation is simply created when we start to feel good in a chaotic abusive reality. Because we start to feel good through becoming more aware, we then think this is what spirituality is about. We then deliberately ignore all the deemed negatives in the world to feel even better, for only through doing this can we feel even better. This is while other people in the world are far worse off, mainly because they are being ignored themselves or their situation is deemed too negative to become aware or stay aware of.

If you look upon the abuse in the world and all you see and feel is negative vibrations, as opposed to your own vibrations, this is anything but positive, of love and light or of God. How many people look upon the violent destructive sun as simply being negative, a negative we must ignore to be positive? If anyone in the world is suffering even more because we want to be positive, I wouldn't myself call this positive. As I stated in my last post, often highly abusive energy forms will often deceive to obtain what they desire for themselves. This often entails to deceive people into feeling good while being abused and the abused eventually becoming abusive themselves. Ignoring the negatives in the world is highly abusive to energy as a whole, especially if this is done to simply make ourselves feel even better and better.

So being positive is ignoring all the suffering in the world so we can feel even more positive, this is so we can manifest a more positive loving reality!! This really makes no sense to someone like me.

As of the sun, that is far more violent and destructive than man is at present, don't look at man as being negative, look at man as simply lost within his own creation, for he really knows not what he does. How often do you look at a person lost in the bush, (forest or wilderness), as simply being negative? So why express disdain towards the human collective consciousness lost within its own creation? When you go into the bush and get lost, you have created your own environment to become lost in; the collective human consciousness is no different to this.

People like me don't expect or demand to feel good, however, we also don't expect to feel bad either for there are no expectations or demands. Not an easy thing to express in a reality such as this, where we expect or even demand so much from our environment. If you had any idea what actually exists as a whole, you wouldn't expect too much from a reality such as our present reality. In actuality, you would go with the flow more and not critically judge so much of this reality as being simply negative. Just by the reactions of people towards this reality, people like me know how aware or unaware people truly are.

Energy; such as our environment, which includes our body and mind and the universe as a whole, is not there to serve our desires or to be abused, it is there to simply be experienced. Of course abusing this energy will create a different experience than working in unison and in harmony with this energy, it is all apart of creation.

So what actually occurred in 2018, who benefited from 2018 spiritual manifestations?

Countries like Yemen and Palestine don't think much of what spiritual manifestations have created in 2018, in saying this, multinationals, Arabia and Israel certainly benefited by these manifestations. This reminds me of the time when certain North American Indians got together to pray and chant (manifest) for peace, they were of course massacred by a Christian cultured civilised people!!

These Christian cultured civilised people also saw themselves of being of love and light, a civilized people as opposed to a barbaric (negative) people trying to pray and chant for peace and the acceptance of being of equal quality. It is not the first time a certain group of people have deemed everything not of themselves as simply being negative!!

In 20189, try to stay away from the deceit of everything not of yourself is negative, therefore suffering should be ignored at all cost to create our own perceived and desired reality.

This is funny, I am an advocate against abuse, but I don't critically judge abuse as being simply negative, end of story, to manifest my own desired reality.......          

Friday, 15 July 2016

In Conversation With A Volcano

Written by Mathew Naismith

You're probably thinking, "What is Mathew on about now in relation to talking to a volcano,  he couldn't be talking about actually having an intelligent conversation with a volcano, is he for real? He has to be delusional". In actuality, I perceive it being  the other way around, we are, in our so called awaken state, deluding ourselves to what is and isn't real. I do find it interesting that one of the definitions of delusion is of the following, "The act of deluding; deception by creating illusory ideas." I am within this post going to portray that it's our perceived awaken state that is creating illusionary ideas.

3rd Dimensional Intelligence: Yes, I did have a vision of having an intelligent conversation with a volcano and no, it wasn't the 3rd dimensional aspect of the volcano I was actually having a conversation with, it was the consciousness behind the volcano that I was in conversation with, a consciousness not limited and hindered by 3rd dimensional aspects.

First of all I will insert what prompted me to have this vision of talking to a volcano, the following was given to me to read from a very good friend of mine. I should warn you, the word God is used a number of times. The way I see this is that God isn't some biblical representation of this kind of consciousness, it's a consciousness that represents the purity and intelligence of our truer being. The word love is also used on a number of occasions. I think what love represents in this article, isn't the love that we perceive, it's a love that goes beyond the boundaries and limitations of 3rd dimensional perceptions, basically, a purer representation of love, ourselves.  

Look at how man measures intelligence, it's primarily based on 3rd dimensional perspectives void of any influence beyond these aspects. This basically gives us false perception of what is truly what, any perception not primarily based on 3rd dimensional aspects, is usually deemed as being unintelligent and even delusional. The aspects have to be within up down, back and forth, right and left, in other words limited to certain aspects/perspectives.

I see it like this, once a consciousness, collective or not, limits itself to certain perspectives/aspects, it becomes unintelligent, not more intelligent, and the more a consciousness limits itself to certain perspectives/aspects, the less intelligent it becomes. Basically, the consciousness of man is dumbing itself down, in other words its becoming less intelligent, not more. It's part of the false prophet age where people's consciousness become more fake, basically, unreal, an illusion brought about by a consciousness deluding itself that consciousness is limited.

How many people believe that our sleeping state is less real than our awaken state for example? Our sleeping state represents perceptions far beyond 3rd dimensional limitations, however, our sleeping state can become that influenced by 3rd dimensional perspectives, that this unconscious state can also become primarily conditioned to 3rd dimensional perspectives. Basically, we can become fake in our conscious and unconscious states, deluded in thinking to certain limited perspectives, remembering, delusion means to deceive through illusionary ideas and perceptions.

My sleeping state is far more representative of my truer self than my so called awaken state, conscious state, this is because there are no limitations within my dream state unless my sleeping state is influenced by my limited awaken conscious state.                  

Manifesting: What do we most often manifest and what predominantly influences our manifestations? 3rd dimensional perspectives and perceptions, we are most often unable to manifest in a very real state of being, meaning, our manifestations are limited to 3rd dimensional aspects and perspectives. What if I told you that if we were to manifest, absent of any influence from 3rd dimensional perspectives, that we would naturally manifest an existence way beyond our 3rd dimensional perceptions. What would be created is a 3rd dimensional reality but a reality based on perceptions beyond 3rd dimensioanl perspectives.

Human consciousness thinks of itself as being more intelligent than any other form on the planet, within this perception, it is unable to create anything but what perspectives it perceives. Is such a consciousness able to have an intelligent conversation with a volcano for instance? No, because it can't perceive that the consciousness behind a volcano is conscious to start with, it's certainly by no means intelligent especially compared to our own consciousness!!  There is no way that human consciousness, in it's present form,  could ever possibly imagine any other consciousness being more intelligent than itself, certainly not the consciousness behind a volcano for example. I should state this same consciousness is within everything to do with nature, Mother Earth/Gaia.....

Now, if we were to measure intelligence by the level of destruction and egotism, what level would human consciousness intelligence be at? It would be at the lower end of the scale, in actuality, it's hard to imagine any other consciousness of a lower level than human consciousness. We are indeed at the lower end of the scale, not the other way around, we in turn manifest at this level, creating a reality depicted by the level of human consciousness being expressed, of course it's going to be highly destructive and of course any other higher consciousness will in turn react to this destruction with the same.

Don't get the wrong idea here, there is no higher consciousness getting back at us, it's just that we are living within this higher consciousness thus naturally create and manifest what we express. We are indeed existing within a more aware, intelligent and wiser consciousness, it's just that we are asleep dreaming in 3rd dimensional aspects and perspectives. We are certainly not awake in our perceived awoken state and that our sleeping state is imaginary, there are too many limitations to our perceived awoken state to be real, it's indeed but a dream/imaginary.

If we communicated with this higher consciousness, and yes even reasoned with this consciousness, what we would create would be beyond our wildest imagination. Instead, we often manifest for material gain or a gain that is primarily based on 3rd dimensional aspects, the finite instead of the infinite. Try for one moment to imagine what we could create if we manifested using infinite consciousness instead of the usual finite consciousness. Imagine a reality void of deception that creates illusionary ideas and perceptions, magical comes to mind.

I should also state that there is no true higher consciousness, it's just that human consciousness perceives in this way, a consciousness of the perspective of levels, in other words limitations. We are all of this higher consciousness, it's just that we need to awaken to this........ 

Monday, 5 October 2015

Healing a World in Disharmony

Written by Mathew Naismith

My wife at present is reading a book titled, Your Hearts Desire. This book is basically about manifesting for your dreams and desires, it also explains that your hearts desires cannot be manifested through a controlling ego.

Desires: One of the scenarios used in the book is to do with how this person wanted to go to a ball but this person had no one to take her. This person was told to visualise being taken to this ball by a particular man. This of course occurred otherwise she couldn't have used this scenario in the book. You might think her desire were fulfilled but it wasn't, her need was fulfilled. To me, a manifested desire is about control but a manifested need is a totally different story.

So what has this got to do with healing a world in disharmony? Plenty, if everyone only manifested for a need, there would be no desire of wars and other conflicts. You might think, if we were being used and abused by a monocracy/bureaucracy, that we would have a need to conflict with such control. The point is, if everyone was living for a need rather than a desire, these controlling forces wouldn't and couldn't exist within such a reality in the first place. Could you imagine a reality not dominated by some kind of monocracy/bureaucracy, we certainly haven't within this reality as a collective experienced this as yet.  

Controlling: You are not being controlling when you are manifesting for a need, on the other hand you are being highly controlling if you only live for desires. In actuality, you are being controlled by a controlling ego if you exist in this way, if you exist entirely by a need, you are not being controlled and controlling, you are just being for a need. In a sense, being controlled by the ego manifests control within our ego self, we then become controlling ourselves.

There is at times a fine line between desire and a need though, the scenario in the book, to me, tells us of a need even though this person desired to be taken to the ball by a particular person. Would not the person who ended taking  her to the ball also desire to date such a women? There was a need that obviously needed to be met through a desire from both parties, in this case, desire was used to fulfil a need, the desire was not in control, the need was. A controlling ego doesn't want to manifest a need, a controlling ego always desires to manifest for a desire, a controlling ego can also trick us to believe we are only living for a need when it's purely of desire. The intentions of a controlling ego is always of desire.  

A controlling desire will always create a destructive reality, this is wholly due to desires always having a need to desire more and more. This isn't the same when existing only for a need, once a need is met, that is it, full stop unless we become desiring. When this occurs, this is when the ego is in control of us which then manifests us to become controlling ourselves.

Intentions: I think we need to get away from intentions altogether, desires are all about intentions but needs aren't. You might think you have to have intentions to put food on the table and a roof over our heads but it isn't, this is a need which takes basic instincts and intuitiveness. What we are basically doing is replacing intentions of desires with basic instinctive needs, in actuality, by living for a need rather than a desire is getting back to our natural selves. It's not natural to desire more and more until we destroy ourselves or others altogether, no other from of life on this planet does this, even a mindless virus doesn't do this intentionally but man often does this through a simple process of desiring!!

We might think if we took intentions out of our lives, we wouldn't evolve or even cater for our needs, this isn't the case at all. It's quite amusing how the controlling ego keeps deceiving us in this way, all what would happen is our controlling desires would be replaced by basic instincts and intuitiveness once again. Indeed, our controlling desires have replaced our basic instincts and intuitiveness and we wonder why we live in such a destructive reality. Our natural instincts tell us that it is pointless causing conflict if it has nothing to do with our basic needs.

Yes, it's difficult for a lot of people to perceive the possibility of existing without any intentions what so ever, this is all to do with a controlling ego that only wants to serve it's own desires. Can we imagine existing in a reality totally void of  intentions? To me it's obvious intentions would be replaced by our basic instincts and intuitiveness, this of course would create quite a different more passive reality in my mind. Of course a controlling ego doesn't desire this as it would no longer be able to fulfil it's never ending desires. I also think a mind controlled by an ego is incapable of perceiving a world totality void of intentions, such a mind couldn't possibly imagine such an existence, in actuality, a controlling ego wouldn't desire to imagine this in the first place.

A controlling ego hell bent on feeding it's desires cannot perceive a world not in conflict and disharmony in some way, however, a lot of spiritually aware and harmoniously loving people can. Because a controlling ego is unable to perceive such an existence, it naturally manifests a world of conflict and disharmony. Yes, I did say natural because it is natural for a mind controlled by ego to create/manifest such a world.

Are spiritually aware and harmoniously loving people wasting their time trying to bring about a more harmoniously loving world? Not at all, what these people are doing is showing that we can indeed live in quite a different world than what we have manifested. We are showing that a harmoniously loving reality, void of any kind of controlling ego, can indeed and does exist.  It's hard to imagine a magical world like this but they do indeed exist.      

Saturday, 7 February 2015

To Manifest or not to Manifest??

Written by Mathew Naismith

That is indeed the question……..

Well not for everyone, when we see something good, that also makes us feel good, we run with it without question, this is normal human behaviour and this is quite plainly shown through our reaction to consumerist materialism for example.  A lot of people have just run with this way of life without questioning it, of course if they questioned it they would find it’s very destructive to our wellbeing. So is there any connection between spiritual manifesting and materialistic manifesting?

The following was in reply to the very question of spiritually manifesting.  

The problem with manifesting is cause and effect, push and pull effect, action reaction.

By pulling something in to push something out causes an effect and a reaction, how do we get around this? 

The universe itself is based on action reaction and so are humans, to manifest anything is in reaction is it not?  If the sun dies, what reaction does this cause, if a sun is created, what kind of reaction does this create?

The point is our truer nature isn’t governed by a universes law of action reaction; it goes way beyond this, trying to manifest anything in reaction is just going along with the laws and influences of the universe not our truer selves, in this we are totally governed by time when our truer nature isn’t of time. 

So how do we get around this? Try not to manifest anything in reaction to something else, just be aware of a more constructive existence; it’s all to do with pure simple awareness.

A problem for starters represents a reaction, we have caused this problem to occur through a reaction otherwise we wouldn’t have a problem.  I don’t have a problem with spiritually or materially manifesting, that is just a personal choice we make that builds upon a reality and this is the point.

We want to build upon a more constructive reality but we are using the same old tools of manifesting  but in a slightly different way, instead of materially manifesting we are now spiritually manifesting, we think this has got to be a lot better!!  

Right throughout human history we have pulled something in to push something out, this has always caused a reaction. You could relate spiritual manifesting to the creation of a sun, which creates life, and materialistic manifesting to the dying of a sun, destroying life. This isn’t far from the truth; however, we are still causing a reaction which causes further reactions. Spiritually manifesting supports and creates life but in doing so there is always a reaction to this, this universe is a good example of this, now look at what it created through this reaction, it created life but it also created destruction, action reaction.

Manifesting anything isn’t long lasting, it’s not eternal.  Yes spiritually manifesting will improve on our lives but will this manifestation last? No manifestation lasts because it’s all based on time, you cannot get away from manifesting anything which is of time therefore ephemeral (fleeting). Yes we could just once again look after our own selves and manifest a better existence for the rest of our lives; this to me seems a little self-centred though.

So how do we create an existence that is going to last if we are not going to manifest it, as any manifestation is based on time?

Stop thinking we are of time, out truer nature isn’t governed by time therefore manifestations, but we are hell bent on manifesting everything; no wander everything we have manifested has never lasted. Spiritually manifesting is no different to any other manifestation; it’s all governed by time.  

Instead of allowing the universe to govern us, I think it’s about time we became aware of being able to govern the universe, this can only be obtained through pure simple awareness of ourselves beyond time and manifestations.   

Friday, 4 April 2014

Spirituality and Manifestations

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is more to do with an observation than an actual insight or channelling in regards to manifesting however I do get feelings of alarm bells going off when mixing manifested desires with spirituality. At best spirituality is about living for our needs as opposed to desire, there are many actual spiritualists who have very few needs and the less needs they need to live by the less controlling the ego is.

I’m coming across time and time again spiritually aware people or self-proclaimed spiritualists coxing others to manifest for their own desires as opposed to needs.   It is actually surprising how little one needs in life to be happy, it would also seem the less needs you live your life by the happier you are especially for a spiritually aware person.  However we are not just talking about living our lives by our needs but desires here and of course the more you need and desire the more controlling the ego is.

Now all this self-manifesting is supposed to help the collective, by feeding our own desires we are changing our vibrations to something more positive which in turn is supposed to help the collective, this to me sounds awfully egoist. What is the mentality of a multinationals? It works by the exact same principles, by building up my own empire I am creating jobs thus assisting the collective but of course our spiritually aware egos just don’t want to see the similarities here between multinational desire and spiritual desire.

It all comes down to one’s own perception, a spiritually aware person can’t or won’t see the similarities between  one desire to another, however the funny thing is, multinationals can see these similarities.  You just wonder sometimes who is more aware!!  

So we are conning ourselves that, if we manifest for our own desires we are serving the collective, this is supposed to positively change the collective vibration to something less chaotic. Why is piracy, greed, slavery, promiscuity and so on becoming a lot more prevalent?  It is obvious the more we feed the self-serving egos desires the more chaotic life will become.  

What if we decided not to feed our own desires under false pretences as mentioned above, what would happen to the collective vibration? For starters you wouldn’t have people manifesting for their own desires thus feeding their own egos, the controlling factors of the ego would diminish somewhat. This in turn would create a collective vibration of living for a need instead of desire.

If we all lived for our needs, as opposed to desires, you could say this is going to cost people’s their jobs and financial security thus adding to the misery. Yes that is what we presume however I believe we will be happier mainly because we need less to live by.  Once you stop feeding the ego it’s desires the less chaotic life will become quite automatically without effort. Ask yourself, why is it so hard to be spiritually content and happy? The harder it is to be spiritually content and happy the more I feel we are feeding the ego it’s desires, I believe manifesting for our own desires is falling into the self-serving egotist trap.

Once I sit within my own quietness I’m aware that I have no desires, absolutely no desires what so ever, now you can’t get more at peace and content than that however when I allow myself to desire again I am no longer content , funny that isn’t it!!  

Self-manifesting for one’s own desires makes one feel good only because of the effect it has on our brain chemistry, when we are talking about the brain we are talking about the mind being the master again. As mentioned in previous posts, the mind is ego so of course it’s going to want to feel good however this kind of pleasure is transitory mainly because we need to keep feeding the ego it’s desires.

I personally know a few millionaires; to feel good they need to keep accumulating wealth and once that wealth diminishes, even slightly, they become depressed again. This is exactly like being addicted to drugs, once the endorphins within the brain diminish so does our happiness but only if we allow the ego mind to be the master.  

Sitting in one’s own quietness, you don’t rely on the mind to keep you happy and content, yes what you feel within this quietness does produce happy endorphins however the ego mind isn’t in control and the master here, you are!!    

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Something to Be Aware of Spiritually part 2

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve had some interesting responses to my recent post titled Something to Be Aware of Spiritually on other internet sites so I thought I would share them here on my blog.

Mike Holm
For every truely enlightened person how many others are not? The very systems of gov we live in go against enlightenment

My reply:
This is the fundamental problem Mike, we think there’s a problem so we try to fix it & inadvertently manifest more of what we are trying to fix. The more we try to counteract something the more real & extreme that reality is going to be, we are actually creating more of what we are trying to rid ourselves of & the world the way it is today reflects this.

By seeing a problem in the first place we are actually creating a problem or opposing force, be accepting thus less conflictive & believe it or not things will change automatically. We create through our perception; our perception has created this world the way it is at this moment because we can’t, while in this 3rd dimensional thinking process, perceive anything more like the ego for example. We see the ego as being negative in some way so that is all we will perceive thus create.

There are very few truly enlightened people Mike, to be truly enlightened one would have to accept all for what it is, not many spiritually aware people are doing this as they are either trying to denounce the ego & escape the so called illusion or both.  This world isn’t or doesn’t have to be as bad as we perceive believe it or not!!  

Matthew T.
My, my, I love your perception in the holographic mind of ours, all what we think and observe is based on what we can accept as sensible or reasonable, this says that a lot because what we see as something that is there and us needing to fix it it will continue giving us the idea we need to fix something, when we realize, we are understanding it is all that we accept and therefore we end doing things that are not there because we are trying to accomplish something but we are doing them because we know the goal is already there we just know it is more important to live out through the achievement than try to achieve it, or we will always have a reason as to why some one has to do this or must understand this.  Anyways, I love your post, also tell me if you understood all that I written just now?  Have a nice time naw! ~:-)

Mathew Naismith
+Matthew T. The more we try to fix it the more it becomes reality which is quite obvious in my mind & yes you make perfect sense, obviously I did as well to some extent.

It's not easy putting quite different thoughts/feelings & perspectives into words.

I preach/tutor acceptance but a lot of people don't read all what I have to say on this matter because they think I'm actually talking about accepting the world for what it is, to a point I am but acceptance is the key to true harmony & eventually the world will change without forcing it to change through disdain.

In acceptance we have no disdain or opposites opposing & everything levels out automatically. :-)   

I feel because of the 3rd dimensional thinking we are still looking at things in disdain & expecting a positive outcome, this is an illusion because it won’t happen, for ourselves as individual’s yes we will feel better but where there is one reaction another opposing reaction is created which is quite evident in the way the world is going today so what is the answer? Look at everything as a perception or how we imagine it to be, now for a positive thinking person you will automatically see a different perception to what we are brought up or conditioned to perceive. We will no longer look at the ego as just a negative human trait or this reality an illusion that we must escape from but look at everything in a totally more accepting way, acceptance doesn’t mean we should accept all the chaos & mayhem but at least we are no longer opposing it & believe it or not our reality will change according to our newly found perception, it is that easy!!

I go too far with acceptance as I love acting out the ego in many ways as it’s all a part of consciousness to be experienced however I also am aware we can’t keep going the way we are because it’s obviously going to end up quite bad for this species. Acceptance changes things from within where’s an opposing force only adds to these things causing more chaos not less!!