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Saturday, 15 June 2013

For the Enjoyment of Life a Spiritual Journey

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post was inspired by a person going by the user name of ShuanM865, the following link is what inspired me to right the following.

Seriousness: I have had many moments when I will smile or laugh at myself & at first I didn’t know why, I soon found out I was taking life way too seriously. We are brought up to take life seriously for if we don’t we will probably end up out on the streets or even worse. This type of existence is very hard to evade unless we live as a recluse or hermit or at least on the streets, we are forced to make money to survive so how is one able to be there true selves in this existence & enjoy life for what it is instead of for what it isn’t?

What it isn’t is serious unless we want to play out a serious dramatic life which is obvious most of us did others wise we wouldn’t be here.  Life is about enjoying ourselves even when going through adversities the only problem is the reason we don’t enjoy ourselves through adversities is we have allowed ourselves to become entrapped by taking life too seriously all the time.  What life is, is a game or a joke which is what I feel when I laugh at myself out of the blue, I know at that point I’m taking life too seriously. Like with everything balance is the key, a balance between taking life too seriously & not seriously enough so how does one accomplish this?

First of all don’t fear fearing, embrace fear but before we do this we must realise who we truly are which is a very powerful being especially when we have our guides by our sides. Many times have I been saved by my guides when asleep & awake, in a conscious & subconscious state so in fact we have nothing to fear but fear itself. 

Learning Through Our Dreams: In my dreams I will go into the dark looking for whatever is in there without fear or little fear & in actual fact I don’t mind fearing because I embrace it & enjoy it for what it is which is nothing serious just a feeling.  We must keep remembering in our dreams we are what makes our dreams if we wish to be frightened that’s what we will be & if we fear fearing we will be frightened of anything within the dark but also the light if it’s something that is unpleasant in some way.  We are so often told to rid ourselves of fear but when fear comes knocking on our door again we fear it again however by embracing fear we actually control fear & whatever is giving us fear.  

In our dreams we need to practice this, go into the darkness realising nothing can hurt you as it’s only the fear itself than can hurt you however don’t go into the dark with an aggressive &/or destructive attitude as this will rebound on you very quickly.  Go into the darkness to enjoy what is in there & after a while of doing this you will find that the darkness won’t be as dark as it was when you feared it, when you embrace the dark you embrace fear & yes conquer it if that is your desire.   

Now for me I have more trouble in the light of my dreams because I’m taking life too seriously still by exacerbating my daily traumas, I don’t fear fear or the dark anymore but I do take my daily traumas too seriously which is a part of a game I’m playing in other words I’m acting out my chosen role in life.  This is a different fear which is of the light & yes in my dreams I have feared the light for the main reason I usually hide in the dark away from people of the light which is represented by my daily traumas, I’m in fact hiding from my known visible traumas however this is what I have chosen to do to date. So how do we get rid of our daily traumas? Do exactly the same as we did with the dark & related fear, embrace it or accept it for what it truly is a joke, something that we don’t have to take seriously because we are all very powerful beings as we are the ones in control not anything else especially fear unless we desire it so.  

We can have a lot of fun in our dreams once we embrace fear, the dark, light & our daily traumas instead of looking at them in distain because distain breeds more fear.  Another way of breaking down fear is approaching fearful animals in our dreams like sharks & snakes for instance, look at them not as a dangerous animal in fear but as just another spiritual energy form & realise  we are the ones who have the power. Dreams are a very good way to break down any fears we might have through life. One other thing with dreams is if we don’t like an outcome of a said dream change the outcome after awakening to a more favourable outcome, this works all the time, you can even do the same through everyday life, imagine a different outcome.

Once we embrace & take control of fear in our dreams the skies the limit even to the extent of astral traveling all we need to remember is we are very powerful beings in our own right & with our guides by our sides, which everyone has, we are invincible & eventually this will filter out into our daily lives which will help us conquer our daily traumas.  The biggest trick is don’t take life overly seriously in this lies fear, we are all meant to be enjoying life believe it or not, not just fear it!!

Shades of Grey:  Earlier on in the year I experienced a state of consciousness that I saw everything as shades of grey with no form this also included dead space as it too was represented by shades of grey so what is this conscious state of shades of grey?   I’m only presuming it was a reality not just of no time& space but from wince everything was created from as the shades of grey represented no opposing polarities thus no conflicts of any sort & no ego tendencies. Not noticing any form within this state because of everything was as one as it was all somehow integrated as one also gave me the idea this is where everything evolved from, nothing at all was opposing anything else as it was all moulded as one which I refer to as pure consciousness.

So is this pure consciousness truly shades of grey? No, the shades of grey we identify with while in this state of consciousness are there just for us to identify with otherwise, especially as humans, we wouldn’t comprehend the existence of such consciousness as we needed something to relate too but something that wasn’t one nor the other or opposing but as one with a slight difference however none the less as one in unison. This brings up something I read about some years ago about a man who was propelled into a reality to be told certain things about life itself. He was on a beach with the surf rolling back & forth under a sun lit sky, he was told this isn’t where you are but we needed you to be in a place you relate too otherwise you wouldn’t comprehend what is happening & miss the messages we are about to tell you. I can’t remember the messages he was told to relay back to us but to comprehend anything he needed a place he could relate too which is similar to being in a conscious state of just shades of grey as it’s still something we relate too.  Why the difference to a beach & just seeing shades of grey? Conscious awareness, the more aware one becomes the less definition everything one has or opposing polarities one will see, this is brought on by seeing everything as one.

In this reality we see so much opposing forms like black & white yin & yang/male & female & so forth, they are all opposing because that is the way we like it or wanted it to be otherwise it would be as it’s all a part of the game/joke that we have all created for ourselves to experience different holistic & individual realities & what a game/joke it is. This is funny, we shouldn’t take games or jokes seriously but we take life seriously, you have just got to wonder!!