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Monday, 25 February 2019

To Be Spiritual in Essence

Written by Mathew Naismith

"Essence is a deep word: it drives our souls and is the engine which our spirit revolves around. Essence transcends each of our stories and follows us no matter which forms we may take. To see and accept the essence of another is to have power in how you work and flow with another. To embrace your style is to never work against yourself. Essence can have other meanings, but for a human being, this definition of style is one that will take you far."

A part of our own spiritual essence is to observe, at times without participating in what we observe, and accept the essence of other people, animals and the environment as a whole. Spiritual essence is about observing the connection with other essences with the environment as a whole. How many spiritual people feel this essence where non-spiritual people don't? Being spiritual is really to do with your own spiritual essence and the connection this has with all other essences within the environment. Yes, the perception of a God also gives us this spiritual connection that all is connected even when perceived to be separate. Sorry, but the perception of God is not disdainful to me in anyway. 

A lot of spiritually aware people think we should simply observe as this is a more spiritual. To accept that everything has a connection is spiritual, this means accepting being a participator as well, for there is no observation without something to observe and visa-versa!!

How many spiritually aware people desire to separate themselves from the present participation, the present reality?  A lot of people but you need to understand that our own spiritual essence is not comfortable being this out of balance, in fact the more of the spiritual essence we become, the less we desire to feel out of balance with the rest of our environments spiritual essences.

Yes, as we become more of the spiritual essence, we desire to feel more balanced with our environment, not less balanced. However, you come to a point where you also observe, in the absence of desire, that accepting the present reality as it is, is just as spiritual if not more spiritual no matter how imbalanced it is. Once our desires (ego) no longer control us, we are free to observe and participate in all of what creation is for what it is, not what we desire it to be. This simply means any true spiritual person can exist in any environment. Many of us today are a good depiction of this.

In my early teenage years, I had a choice to either become more of an observer or become more of a participator. Even though I had to endure discomfort from a chronic injury from six rears of age, I chose to be more of a participator than an observer. The trick in this is the ability to observe your own participation but also accept simply being a participator at times. I allowed my participation to be free of my own observations thus allowing me more freedom to express myself as a participator. To be honest, even if we know it or not, a lot of us are doing just this, allowing our own participation to express itself without the influence of observation from any source.

I don't find it strange that while we are being observed by the authorities within our participation, a lot of us react differently to if we weren't being observed. Why do multinationals do as they please? Because they have a perception they are not being observed as they have no authority above them observing them. They would indeed change the way they participate when observed by a higher authority, this is why many of them stay ignorant to any other higher authority observing them!! Actually, a lot of people do this, stay ignorant to any other higher authority or consciousness observing their own participation.

Of course if you are spiritual in essence, it seems no amount of observation will change the way you participate in life. Actually, knowing you are being observed influences you to become more of the spiritual essence within all things. However, you will find when you come to a point of spiritual growth, you will accept participating while not under the influence of observation just as much as accepting being influenced by observation. It is amazing how people react when they truly believe that God, a higher authority, is observing there participation. This of course changes when the Church or sect becomes the higher authority!!     

Hard to imagine isn't it, that a person of true spiritual essence accepts participating as much as observing? This is only hard to imagine because many of us desire to be and feel a desire of being spiritual in essence only, in all honesty, desires and feelings have nothing to do with spiritual essence. A truly spiritual person will not desire to be in any one state over and above other states no matter what they feel or desire. Of course feelings and desires are of participation which is as accepted as being totally egoless!!

In a reality of imbalances, you will desire to feel balanced; this is so natural for a person spiritual in essence. Once you connect, not only with your own spiritual essence but with the spiritual essence of your entire environment, you will see the balance within the environment. It is like looking at the small picture, your own spiritual essence, as opposed to looking at the big picture, the spiritual essence within all things.

Should we accept the imbalances that are created in the absence of perceiving that we are not being observed by a higher authority? Let's be honest, why are multinationals so expressive of imbalances? They perceive they are not being observed for only in knowing we are being observed do we express more balance. How many criminals act more in a balanced way within their present environment when being observed? How many religious people, who believe in God, act differently when God is the higher authority, not the churches or sects? If you don't accept being part of this imbalance, it is most likely you are a part of bringing human reality back into balance with the rest of the environment. To bring natural balance back in human reality, we must also accept being non-accepting of being imbalanced as well, a true sense of acceptance.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Truer Essence of Our Being

Written by Mathew Naismith

Love and light is the true essence of our being where ignorance and chaos are but fleeting moments of our ignorance to our true being. Ignorance is of time and because it’s of time it’s not eternal like our true essence or our inner selves, ignorance is but a fleeting moment within our whole eternal existence but we have allowed it to control the collective.

This post was inspired by a bloke called Roger Hamel as most of my posts are inspired by others.  Roger talks so often of the essence, our truer eternal selves, and how this essence quite automatically transforms anything not of our true essence by simply pacifying all before it. There is absolutely no push and pull effect involved, which of course causes more chaos, but a pacifying effect.  This pacifying effect of our true essence I feel is what gives us love and light, as soon as you feel this love and light you know or should now you are connected to your own true essence.  

Indeed Roger, once we become in touch with the essence of our being, the essence itself pacifies the ego to the extent it is no longer in control. You could humanly say the essence takes control but it doesn’t, it just pacifies all before it.  

Does time have to be of ignorance? If we can only perceive ourselves exiting in time, yes ignorance has to be of time in this case but if we looked beyond existing beyond time, ignorance doesn’t have to be of time as we have become aware of our eternal selves, our truer essence selves. It does take wisdom to acknowledge that we aren’t just of time; we are indeed eternal beings of light and love.

I have stated in replies to others, we first of all need to be taught about wisdom before knowledge; you can know all the knowledge in the world and still not know how to use this knowledge especially constructively.  I feel we can also mistakenly confuse knowledge for awareness as awareness to me is more about wisdom not just knowledge, you can gain knowledge without being wise but can you gain awareness without being wise?  True awareness incorporates wisdom; true wisdom wouldn’t use knowledge destructively as there is no point to destruction, true wisdom is very constructive as it’s of our truer essence self.  The only way we can destroy is within ignorance and the reason ignorance destroys is it has no wisdom.

It takes awareness to realise we need to be taught about wisdom before knowledge as wisdom is of our true essence selves, it’s love and light which is very constructive.  We as a collective race have done quite the opposite, relying on knowledge without wisdom which has created chaos and destruction.  If we bring no light within the shadows of ignorance, we will stay ignorant no matter how much knowledge we obtain however bringing forth our inner wisdom of light and love will change this quite significantly.  Once we start delving into our inner wisdom, we become quite automatically of light and love, our truer essence selves.   

So in all what is the truer essence of our being? It’s being aware and aware that wisdom is only of light and love, it can never be of anything else but light and love and once we bring this wisdom forth, we of course quite automatically bring forth light and love dispelling quite automatically anything pertaining to ignorance.  The passive influence of our essence selves is quite remarkable, without effort, or a push and pull effect, our truer essence selves transforms all before thee, you could quite easily say it’s quite magical and mystical.  Our truer essence selves is awareness and wisdom which can only be of light and love.

Spiritual awareness isn’t just about acceptance but being aware of our inner wisdom of light and love, spiritual awareness is about being aware which helps us break our attachments and fixations to anything pertaining to ignorance like how controlling the ego is for instance under the influence of ignorance.  Our truer essence selves passively negate any controlling factors of the ego changing the ego into something more passive and constructive.  Spiritual awareness in all sense is about our inner wisdom and once we bring this forth, love and light will quite passively negate anything ignorance stands for.