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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Understanding The Spiritually Aware

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's absolutely mind boggling and daunting to anyone primarily of materialism, scientism  and physicality, that any other reality from this physicality is delusional, especially realities that are non-physical within their representations. The mind for starters cannot exist outside from the human brain, the brain creates the mind, not the mind creates the brain. It's delusional that the mind (consciousness) could create the brain and that the mind (consciousness) can exist outside the physical brain matter however.

Spiritually aware people have a perception of a reality that is not of this physicality, it's the reverse perception of a person who is primarily of the perception of physicality, nothing else could possibly exist but a reality based on physical perceptions. This reverse perception by spiritually aware people is based on the kinds of concepts shown below.   


Extract: A group of international physicists have announced that the concept of a human soul may actually be measurable by quantum physics, and have suggested that the human soul has a quantum state just as real as ‘wave-particle dualism’.    


Extract: This is consistent with a new theory of consciousness being advocated by physicist Sir Roger Penrose and Dr. Stuart Hameroff. Penrose and Hameroff a;sp suggest that consciousness is something applied to the brain, not generated by it.


Extract: Yet whatever ideas are put forward, one thorny question remains: How can something as immaterial as consciousness ever arise from something as unconscious as matter? 


The following has no religious undertones, I feel it's stating that everything has a conscious consciousness behind it.   


Non-physicality: This is but a few examples of why spiritually aware people feel that physicality is not the only reality that exists, in actuality, physicality could be but a by-product of these non-physical realities. Just because we are unable to measure non-physical realities using physical means, doesn't make them non-existence, this is where our own intuition and feelings come into it. It all makes sense, to measure anything of a physical reality, you use physical means, to measure or become aware of non-physical realities, you us non-physical means. To a spiritually aware person, their is no question that non-physical realities do indeed exist.  

Now what about these delusional spiritually aware people creating realities based on non-physical realities, it's all about love, peace, meditating, oneness, tranquillity and so on, it's all delusional is it not as they themselves create these realities?

Did we not create our own modern day reality through conscious thought and reasoning to create the physical reality we have today? Why couldn't a non-physical reasoning process create non-physical realities that are just as real, if not more real, than the creation of physical realities?

To a spiritually aware person of peace and love, the physical world around them is anything but peaceful and loving, so to put balance back into their lives, they create realities that are based on these things lacking in the environment around them. This of course gives them a feeling of balance which helps them better cope with the environment around them. It's also psychologically beneficial to balance out an obvious destructive reality with a constructive reality.

Creation: There is of course a question of creation, to a spiritually aware person, everything was created from this non-physical reality/consciousness that has been proven to exist as shown above. It's the brain that was created from a non-physical entities, not the brain that created these non-physical entities that are usually judged as being delusional.

In actuality, spiritually aware people know that all of what is physical, was created from non-physical entities, a consciousness (mind) that has no physical representation of form except in relation to physical realities. Basically, it's physical realities that prove that  non-physical entities and realities do indeed exist, not the other way around, in the existence of physical realities.

It's funny to think, it certainly looks as though the brains mind was created from non-physical means, a consciousness of creation, this means physical realities prove the existence of non-physical entities and realities, a consciousness void of physical form....          

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Benefits of Being Spiritually Aware

Written by Mathew Naismith

Recently I had a sort of scary life threatening moment and when I realised I could die, and even die quite painfully, a total sereneness came over me, my awareness has never been tested to this extent before. This incident was quite confirming, it’s always nice to get confirmation in what we are doing and thinking at times.  

The realisation of possibly dying and dying in pain, brought about a sereneness I get when I’m only totally within my own space, a point when I’m connected to my inner self away from my human self.  I knew I didn’t fear dying but, because I have had a few of my own friend’s die of cancer, I didn’t quite know how I was going to handle dying in pain, recent events confirms how I would react and be within myself.  

Because I go along with the flow, I go along with whatever is happening around me, I’m not always in a serine state of consciousness, for example, we have an annual pub crawl (fest) in the town I’m living in, I attend this function and yes I drink alcohol. I don’t try to judge one action being above or below another either it be spiritually orientated or not, I’m happy going along with the flow, to a certain extent anyway. When you are automatically, without any intention what so ever, impelled into such serene states of consciousness from a non-serene state of consciousness, it’s quite noticeable, your attitude and thinking changes quite dramatically.  

Depending on the moment, I can go into a serene moment at a flick of a switch, this of course depends on my intentions or if I have any intentions at all. This is because intentions can hinder one going into these serene moments mainly because we are usually thinking when having intentions, it’s best to put all human thoughts in standby, if possible, as all thoughts are produced by having intentions, in other words don’t have in intentions of having intentions!!  

Once again while going through recent events, this sereneness came quite unintentionally, it’s like it’s inbuilt into me to automatically react, or more precisely, be quite nonreactive to certain events in one’s life no matter how life threatening these events seem. The reason I said nonreactive is because that is what an nonreactive (unintentional) state of consciousness feels like, it’s a state of total sereneness without any intentional reaction what so ever.

Why does a life threatening event in one’s life bring about certain serene moments with certain people, why do we react differently and why do some people go into deep depression and anxiety?

It’s pure and simple fear but what makes us fear?  Intentions, I had no intentions of living any longer and I obviously had no intentions of fearing to physically suffer in pain, there were no intentions of anything but to just go with the flow of the present moment, in other words there was no other moment in my life but of dying. Death luckily enough to me always signals a new beginning not an end, we never truly die, death is a delusion brought about by intentions of living as opposed to dying.  Death isn’t an illusion, however, it is a sign of transition but because we think life is living and death isn’t, we have intentions of always trying to live; we have deluded ourselves to think life is in opposition to death when all what death is, is a transition to what we have judged as living.

Are there any benefits of being spiritually aware? Well to me that is obviously a very silly question as it would be for a lot of us……

Friday, 21 November 2014

Assisting the Whole Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a reply to my post titled, Is the Human Race worth Saving, I found in profound so I thought I would share it with you.

When we really really save ourselves from our very created prison, we are saving not only the human race but the entirety without limitation or boundary as all our senses, sensors and sensed are free altogether. 

Indeed, it's an illusion if we think we have saved ourselves when others are still to be saved, it's all or nothing.

The funny thing is, I was thinking of writing about how I’m always surrounded by people who need help in one sense or another, some of these people in a serious way. I thought if I was to only manifest for my own desires, these people wouldn’t have me around to help them.  We can’t always be around the people that make us feel good, this to me is self-indulgent however at times we do indeed need to move away from people who are highly destructive within their mentality, this is self-preservation not self-indulgent.   

The strange thing is, the more spiritually aware I become the more people I attract that need some sort of assistance either that be minor or something quite more serious. Yes I could sit within my self-manifested world of bliss and ignore all the cries for help, and I have done this to a certain extent in the past, but Eddie in my mind is correct, to truly save ourselves we need to all be saved as one entity not separate entities.  I think this is what Eddie is trying to make us realise within his messages, we do indeed need to just wake up out of our sleep.

Because I’m quite often jovial, my presence is enough at times, you don’t always need to do something deliberate to help others cope better, actually at times being more than just ourselves could make things worse at times.  

The people who become spiritually aware, and are here to assist, will attract vibrations that need assistance to become more constructive, this can vary greatly from work colleagues, clients, family and friends who put other people down to make themselves feel good to people with serious mental  problems.  Becoming spiritually aware does have it’s responsibilities, which like I said, at times I have myself neglected however one should never allow others to feed off of you . This means assisting people to assist themselves not assisting people to the extent that they become totally reliant on you.  Allowing other people to become reliant on you isn’t helping you or them, yes it might be nice for our egos but you’re not really helping anyone but your ego.

I had a lass from Asia come to me recently conversing about how a white Australian keeps putting her down, she is quite aware of the situation because she realises this person is the one with the problem not her. I think her Buddhist background has certainly helped with this understanding.  This lass didn’t need much of an assistance just conformation in the way she saw the situation. Anyone who uses other people to make themselves feel good in anyway needs understanding, an understanding by us that they feel that insecure and inadequate that they need to put other people down to make themselves feel good.  This isn’t a very good way to exist and yes they too need our assistance and understanding, it’s not easy living in ignorance especially when you don’t realise this!!

I have also attracted people with serious social and/or mental problems; does this mean I’m only manifesting likeminded people? Not exactly, I have myself worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life; other people’s problems have always been a part of my life. I certainly do believe it's an illusion if we think we have saved ourselves when others are still to be saved, it's all or nothing.

I also have a number of nurses in my life and other welfare workers and people into yoga and Reiki and so on, what I have manifested is a life to assist others not to just assist myself.  Don’t get me wrong here, assisting yourself is vitally important, like I said it’s self-preservation but one, especially if you are spiritually aware, need to understand we just can’t help ourselves and neglect the rest of our self, it’s all or nothing. We do indeed need to become more responsible, not just for ourselves but for the whole of ourselves.  

Most often you don’t need to do anything to help others but be who you are as a spiritual aware person; this can be enough at times. If you are attracting more and more people who need assistance as you become more aware, my advice would be to assist them to assist themselves.  In the welfare arena we always (only) assisted people to assist themselves, being spiritually aware is no different in my mind, if a person is persistently destructive within their ways, go into self-preservation mode and pull away but ever so gently and sincerely.  Depending on how connected you are, you will do this anyway; actually these people who are persistently destructive will pick up on your vibes and move away on their own.  This will only happen if you detach from them completely, if you are still reacting to them, they will hold on to you no matter what.

Is it easy becoming spiritually aware? It is certainly not an easy path to follow but as we become more connected, that path becomes a lot easier to traverse as we become more aware, really, this is not an illusion, it does indeed become easier and more fulfilling.  

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Spiritual Difference in Perception

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post has come about through my involvement in a discussion about atheism & spiritualism & seeing how different we are in our perception to each other because of our beliefs & concepts.

Different Perceptions: It is amazing while in conversation with spiritually aware people, agnostics, religious people & atheist of course at the same time how different we perceive the world & ourselves. This discussion that I’m still involved in has over 556 comments with an amazing number of different perceptions being portrayed & we express ourselves so differently & to a spiritually aware person all these different perception are neither right nor wrong but just different & accepted because spirituality is all about acceptance. This of course should also include accepting those who display animosity or anything else that is ego driven but of course being human that isn’t always the case. As for myself displaying animosity & many others traits conductive to the ego all I can say is I’m accepting & content with my human self , my soul self is a magnificently beautiful entity which I also accept but my human self has precedence. 

If you can’t be accepting & content with your human self you can’t be accepting & content of others, yes spiritually aware people can display love & understanding of other people’s perceptions & personalities but we usually can’t accept them for who they are & usually we try to change them which can be against their will. What we are usually trying to change is their use of the ego or of using the ego period & when we can’t change that we ignore them which of course isn’t very accepting. 

There is obviously a significant difference in our perception to each other which can at times lead to us showing some sort of animosity of some kind or ostracizing or ignoring others which of course isn’t a very good display of spiritual acceptance however if we are aware enough we can learn from other people’s & our own animosity but we learn very little from ostracizing or ignoring which a lot of spiritually aware people display at times. It is fear in being fearful of displaying fear or anything else of the ego & most human beings display these tendencies a lot.

Acceptance Breeds Awareness: It is obvious that a spiritually aware person is going to perceive themselves & the rest of the world quite differently to atheists for instance just like what has been presented in this discussion about atheism & spiritualism.  There are spiritually aware people, religious people, agnostics & atheists still discussing their own perceptions even after certain displays of animosity like rudeness, name calling, personal inflammatory remarks & so forth, in all a total disagreement of each other’s perception but the amazing thing is we are still discussing them in relevant peace which is a great display of spiritual acceptance.  You could say by not agreeing to each other’s perception were not being accepting but we are for the most, we might not be totally accepting which is nearly impossible for humans to do but we are accepting of each other’s display of rejection otherwise we wouldn’t still be discussing our differences in our perception to each other.   

For a spiritually aware person becoming aware, accepting our human self becomes a nightmare & in fact a lot of us clash with our human ego selves denouncing it in any way we can which of course denotes conflict. Gee we do it the hard way sometimes!! By doing this we can’t accept this in others either so what we do then is hide within likeminded people, in others words we surround ourselves with likeminded people but by doing so have become quite unaccepting of others unlike us which again denotes conflict. Is this any better than what is in main stream society today? No because it still denotes conflict. What we need to do is stop being fearful of our human ego self & accept it for what it is & have the awareness of our soul selves. In some cases becoming aware of the soul self isn’t going to help because as I have discussed in previous posts we can, at the soul level, take human fixated attachments with us from life to life & the more fixated the attachment a souls has the harder it is going to be for the said person with such a soul.

The next step is to become aware of the inner self. This can be confusing because I even at times refer to the soul as the inner self but really the soul is only a doorway to the inner self, it’s not actually the inner self, however!! What I refer to the true inner self is the collective consciousness. The soul is solitary until it becomes aware of the collective consciousness & once it does this it can become of the inner self.  So what this means is a soul that is unaware of the collective consciousness isn’t of the inner self but is still a doorway to the inner self however a soul that is aware of the collective consciousness is of the inner self.  What does this make the human self who is aware of the collective consciousness?  Unless we can display our knowing of the awareness of the collective consciousness we are still of the human self however a little more wiser & knowing for it. ‘

No matter what we become aware of awareness helps us understand ourselves & each other better either it be in science or spirituality it’s all about awareness & in trying to understand each other’s perception just like we are doing in this discussion on atheism & spiritualism, we become wiser for it because “wisdom is the final destiny of awareness”. 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

True Wisdom, Not for Everyone

Written by Mathew Naismith

“One must be wise in ones knowing to gain wisdom”.  After reading how someone on Indigo Society was going through a tough time with the awareness process I stumbled across this quote I wrote up a while ago, I thought this quote says it all in a nut shell. One must be wise in our own & every bodies else’s knowing to be of wisdom, this isn’t saying we should be understanding of all just wise enough to accept other peoples understanding but also wise enough to help in their misunderstandings, this by far isn’t an easy life to lead while becoming spiritually aware.

I’ve inserted the said thread below with the associated link.

I have been in hard times with interpersonal issues and family issues, and a lifetime of misery. I asked God, universe, to show me what life is. Humble me lord I said, I am so tired. I know this sounds dramatic, and it is. But I said it, and I meant it. I prayed with every layer of my soul to see the humanity in all. To find rest, and dont get me wrong this search never ends. I prayed to be shown the value of life. Because frankly I did not use to value it whatsoever. I prayed for God to destroy me, make me new. I said GOD PLEASE I BEG YOU ERASE ME, I CANT DO IT ALONE. And I screamed inside. And then I started seeing floaters in my vision, and flashing lights. I have been paranoid alot of my life of a brain tumor. I matched alot of symptoms, and I told God I have hate in my heart for you for the possibility of this being true after everything else.

Basically I created my worst nightmare in my head, I made it true in my mind, and I accepted it on MOST levels although I was always afraid, and I felt the SENSE of death, its dread and its fear, infinity. And then I realized in my heart, life is a privilege, and it is so so sweet, and so so short. I should be thankful for the beautiful 19 years I have had here, and then I thanked God for my life. The pain, the good. just, life in all its forms. And I realized in my heart that Death is always there, it merely raises and lowers its head from time to time. Death is your constant companion. I am not sure if I even believe in reincarnation anymore, I don't think I believe anything. I dont know much of anything, I know how I feel, I know my thoughts. I know I am here, right now. I feel like a blank slate, a canvas. A canvas open for whatever paint life throws at me. And I know I have felt the power of universe and I bow to it without question. And this life long lone wolf, this predator I made myself has finally found a team. Team human, I am shedding this byproduct life of being told who I am. I felt compelled to share this so here it is, and as to do I have a brain tumor? I dont know, I went to the doctor and they dont think so, they think its my thyroid and they took blood. But I cant really know, I can only hope that I will continue to be allowed on this ride. Because this shit is out of all of our hands everyone. So thats it, Much love. Much respect. And thank everyday for showing itself to you.  
Written by ZIGMAN

My reply as follow:

G'day ZIGMAN......Becoming spiritually aware isn't an easy road to tread & neither should it be however if we live for the now the road we tread will seem a lot less bumpier. Becoming aware doesn't just entail us becoming aware of all the nice things but all the not so nice as well I'm afraid but once we get to a certain stage of awareness all the things we struggled through seem lame, " why was I struggling with such things"? It's the struggle that makes us aware & knowing which is very much like a spoilt child, if we spoil them what awareness do they have to a child who isn't spoilt? The unspoilt child is going to be far more aware & knowing the same with adult life. One other thing, to me there is no such thing as death, all it is is a change from one energy form to another, we are infinite within our soul....Love Mathew

It is extremely difficult to be wise within our knowledge while feeling so much of everything & that is why spiritual awareness is a difficult path to follow & at the end become wise within our knowing, not everyone makes it to true wisdom but of course we don’t have to either.  People of true wisdom once they reach a certain point of spiritual awareness are special because they have done the hard long hoe for us; it is not necessary for all of us or is it even possible for all of us to obtain such wisdom. Life is all about living within our chosen path, yes we have our own free will to do as we please at the soul level but once we leave our path we immediately affect other people paths as well not just our own because it’s all connected, I don’t think this is wise or just/moral thing to do as it affects to many other souls.

What we need to do is be content in just being wise enough to acknowledge true wisdom from others anything other than this can be of the negative ego which of course will again hinder & limit our awareness, this is why so many people are having a hard time of it, we are trying too hard to be something were not supposed to be.   Acceptance & contentment play a huge part in following a spiritual awareness path with relative ease, no spiritual path is easy but we do make it a lot harder than it should or could be at times.  

No one in their right mind would follow a path of true wisdom on purpose if they knew what was to follow with such endeavours unless that was their chosen path to begin with.