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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Cooking by Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

Like last night’s dish, writing about cooking by spirituality is a knew occurrence for me, mainly because I’ve never made a warm salad before. I seem to be doing this more often these days, not just preparing different dishes than I have before but preparing these dishes without a recipe and quite successfully.

My wife is just amazed in what I can cook without a recipe at times, some of the ingredients I use my wife wouldn’t think of using together and in the way I use them, the funny thing is, never would I.  All I do is see what ingredients I have to cook with and I start preparing the dish. No I’m not a connoisseur, I’m just a carpenter/joiner who doesn’t always like cooking, I’m barely a cook.  

Being spiritually aware has allowed me to focus quite quickly at times which allows me to become connected to my inner knowing; I don’t actually prepare these dishes I have never tried before without a recipe, my inner knowing is preparing these dishes not my mental human self. 

The thing is you don’t have to be spiritually aware to prepare such dishes through the inner knowing, all what one has to do is become focused, this can be accomplished by anyone and most often is. Take a sports person for instance who gets into what is called the zone, once in this zone, they are able to accomplish feats they thought impossible for them, believe it or not scientist are no different. Why are some scientist’s better scientist’s than others? I believe it’s all to do with focus, once we focus enough, we can all become connected to this inner knowing no matter who you are.

Let’s look at meditating, we focus to get into a meditative state either by focusing on our breathing or whatever, as long as we can focus, we will become connected to our inner knowing just like getting into a meditative state off consciousness. Most scientists would absolutely deny this because it takes away from their controlling ego which is based on human perceptions not our inner knowing, the inner perception.

Saying that anyone can do this is fine however becoming spiritually aware does help with this focusing, it might not produce the focusing itself but it helps with being able to focus, this is done by simply being aware.

Aware of what? Aware that by focusing we can all become connected to our inner knowing which most of the times for a lot of us is sitting there quite dormant, it’s just sitting there wanting to be used.

Utilising the inner knowing should be natural to us but it’s not, our minds are way too controlled by the controlling factors of the ego which takes away our focus especially on our inner knowing. It is indeed wise to be aware, aware of being more than our controlling ego wants to perceive.

Supplement: I should note here, I used chicken in the dish, yes I now this is supposed to be adding to the cruelty to the world and adversely effecting my vibrations. I do not judge one life form as being more of an importance than another, killing an animal for energy to me is just as bad as killing a plant. Have you ever heard a weed scream just before you pull it out or a tree after it has been cut down? Trees take weeks to die/transform; it’s an utterly horrible sound.

I have a farmer friend of mine who got he’s farm helper to put his ear against the trunk of the tree; he then raised the axe with the intention of striking the tree with the axe. The farm helper could hear the tree literally suck in.

No matter what we do we are hurting and killing other forms of energy around us to feed our own energy, this is the way it is. The way I look at it is that everything is energy and all we are doing is transforming this energy. The energy we are killing/hurting isn’t dying, it’s being transformed and most often these transformations will cause discomfort, look at our transformation to becoming spiritually aware, it can be most painful at times. Listening to the screams of weeds in anticipation of being pulled out is but one of these energy transformations.

I don’t focus on the screaming plants or trees, what I do is passively have an intention to be aware of what is occurring during an energy transformation, this eases the stress of the plants I’m about to transform into another form of energy.  What we are doing at the moment is actively having intentions of transforming other energy forms, this isn’t very easing for the plant or animal that is about to be transformed. If we could learn to be passive within our intentions this would make it a lot easier for the things we transform around us.

Yes it would be far better if we didn’t have to use other energy forms to keep our own energy at a reasonable level, that I believe is a little further down the track for the human species.  In the mean time we do what we must do but at the same time realise all we are doing is transforming energy not destroying/killing it.