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Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Way to Healing -Visualising

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is more about how I heal or more to the point, how I use to heal when I was living a life in ancient Egypt.  In my present life, I don’t heal to any great extent but I can still visualise, to some extent, where the light is in the body, yes I did say light. No matter what it is, I don’t see it as a dark or damaged mass, the area in question just glows with white light.

This has everything to do with our mentality, not if we are positive or not. A positive person can still visualise a dark mass however a person with a constructive mentality will only see a bright white glow.  So what’s the difference between a positive thinking person and a person who is constructive within their mentality?

They are very simular however to be positive there has to be a negative, you can’t have one without the other, so to be positive you would have to judge yourself as not being negative, in doing this you have just judged negativity as being bad in some way.  A constructive mentality doesn’t work this way, it doesn’t need an opposite like destructiveness to exist, constructive thinking is just constructive thinking.  

Let’s take Hitler for example, he was very positive especially at first during his reign, I wouldn’t call Hitler a very constructive person however in his early days of he’s reign, he was very constructive to his people but not to other people he deemed not of his own.  Hitler was a very positive person but very destructive. A person with a constructive mentality wouldn’t have even thought of being this destructively positive.   

Constructiveness is obvious, you are not destroying anything or hurting anyone, positive thinking on the other hand isn’t this obvious as the example above shows.  Positiveness also takes action to formulate where’s constructiveness actually takes less action, the less you act the more constructive you are and the more active you are the more destructive you become.  Because positiveness takes action to formulate, it can be quite destructive as Hitler quite clearly showed.  

This also goes along with the push and pull effect, the more we push away the more we are pulling in, a never ending expression of action reaction, cause and effect. Positive thinking tells us to take action away from anything we judge as being negative, a constructive mentality doesn’t take any action as the less action we take the more constructive we become.  

What happens when we take less action? For one we don’t get a reaction and two we are under far less stress therefore think a lot less which quietens the mind. It’s this quietened mind that helps us to heal.

Anyone with a constructive mentality can heal but not everyone who is positive can heal!!

We have been conditioned to take positive action as opposed to being conditioned to be constructive without action, this kind of conditioning is very hard for us to let go of and this is why we have been so destructive.  Does a constructive mentality mean we don’t take action, so when others are in trouble we don’t do anything to help?  

No, it means we take constructive action in consideration of anything we might destroy within such actions. We need to realise the more action we take the more destructive we can become. Feeding the poor for example isn’t going to help the situation unless we take less action to help them help themselves; they need to learn to help themselves.  

This is all a part of the healing process, there is no negative to heal as there is no dark mass to heal so we take less action to heal not more action. The way we have been conditioned tells us to take more action which is causing even more reaction, more destructiveness.   I find it really funny how we have become conditioned in this way which keeps our mentality ignorant of any other way to exist. 

The best way I know to heal is to visualise people’s light spots not dark spots and the world itself is no different. In relation to the Middle East, a positive person will see dark spots and take positive action but a person with a constructive mentality will only see these, what positive people have judged as dark spots, light spots. These dark spots become balls of bright light. Actually a lot of spiritually aware people who think they are positive thinkers are actually people who have a constructive mentality, they are not true positive thinkers because true positive thinkers can be quite destructive.  A true positive thinker also thinks a lot, usually too much to truly heal anything.  Yes positive thinking can make a constructive difference but it’s usually only a band aide effect, it usually doesn’t last long enough to make a real difference; actually in certain circumstances it can make things worse in the long run.

How can we learn to heal through a constructive mentality?  First of all drop the positive thinking and become purely constructive, feel constructive in every core of your being. Secondly, look at people and visualise their light spots/masses, if you visualise a dark mass you are not quite constructive within your mentality. The same goes with the world around us, visualise the Middle East, if you visualise dark spots you again are not quite constructive within your mentality.  I should point out anyone can become a healer, one just needs to be aware.  

It is easy to get positive thinking mixed up with constructiveness, they at first seem to go hand in hand, the main difference is, one takes action to formulate and the other takes far less action, one takes more thought,  the other far less thought. One should ask, which one is more truly of the spiritual and of the inner self?      

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Focussing Our Intention.

Now & again I will come across a post that sticks out for me mainly only because I resonate with it, I thought I would share my resonation with you today.   

The Following post was unearthed from the succeeding site address:

No one wants war, no one wants conflict, no one wants poverty and still these exist. As fast as we try to eradicate those things that hurt us, they are replaced. As Neale Donald Walsch says “How is it possible for 7 billion on the earth to all want the same thing and to be unable to get it?”

We know that we want peace, health, harmony, friendship, abundance, a life free from excess worry, love . . . I have begun to think that knowing what we want is not as effective as focussing our intention on what we want. I know that I prefer peace to war but do I really focus on peace and intend it to happen? I can’t say that I do. I think I just hope it will happen.

When I try to focus my intention on something as large as peace, I find that picturing it in my mind is very difficult for the reason that when a formless, faceless concept is placed under a magnifying glass it can only centre on a small shred, a tiny area, and it is difficult to know what to home in on. What would be the defining picture of peace that I could focus on with the intention of bringing it into my reality? Where shall I focus my intention for peace? Do I focus on a part of the world or on personal experience? Is there a focus which will bring about peace more quickly or easily?

If all of us around the globe focussed on peace we would in all likelihood be picturing different things. And here I believe lies the crux of the dilemma. It is easy to picture war. The images are often on the television and in the newspapers. Mud splattered men standing in desolate fields, weapons at the ready – I can picture it. Now let me picture peace . . . Mmm.

When every newspaper and news programme presents us with more of what we do not want, we find it difficult to imagine what we do want and visualise it clearly with energy and vigour. It is like asking someone not to think of the colour red, which is ofcourse the first colour that will spring to mind.

And if we have difficulty envisioning peace, then what about abundance, or love?  Don’t we have the same dilemma here? Let’s not think about recession – oh dear, too late.

When I focus on peace I have decided that I am going to zoom in on a potter pottering in a shed, fashioning clay, humming along to a song on the radio, not minding whether it is sunny or raining outside just losing themselves (or is that finding themselves) in a perfect, infinite moment. One image of peace. One image, one part of a collage of peace being focussed on around the world.  Perhaps this is the beginning of a new art – zoomed in images of ordinary lives being lived in peace (or in abundance, or love ...  ) there’s a thought.

Pretty good ay & you would have noticed this lass has also written a book as well, if it’s like the many posts I have read of hers it should be worth a peak.

Envisioning:  I thought I would add my bit as well, as usual.  If you could envision looking back onto the world what would it seem like with everyone visualising their own interpretations & desires of what the world should be like, it would be quite chaotic & what does this world dominated by, chaos!!  But of course if we did this more collectively we wouldn’t manifest such chaos, religion/spirituality have tried to collectively to do this ever since the dawn of man so what’s going haywire when we desire & pray for one thing but quite the opposite keeps occurring?

A number of things are happening here, the ego for one. Even in a collective group people some people will still visualise something for their own benefit or desire which of course adds to the chaos, there is also something else that is happening here as well to do with visualisation. When we see God or an angel for example we will all envision these images differently to others to one extent or another, no wonder the world is in chaos.  I think Carolyn has nailed it here within her post; it’s all to do with our own individual visualisations, now how the heck do we get around this? It’s as simple as bursting out in laughter, instead of visualising try feeling.  Spirituality is all about feelings not visualising, visualising/envisioning is very human & most of the times our emotions & ego will distort what we are actually visualising but on the other hand feelings, once mastered, can’t be fooled by such human tendencies.

We visualise because in a logical set minded world this makes more sense to just feeling something as it’s a part of our five senses & if it’s not a part of our five sense it can’t exist but of course being spiritually aware people we know better. Don’t think for one moment you have anything to prove to anyone including yourself, this is your ego telling you this!!  The ego has its advantages but it also has its drawbacks, just be aware of this & you will do fine.