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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Complete Surrender, an Enlightened State

Written by Mathew Naismith

Is enlightenment sought in only desiring or even needing to be in a state of enlightenment? Given that desire or need is of the noise around us, this is instead of quietness, is desire or need to stay or even seek this state of quietness not still of the noise? I will explain.

I was often accused of being very quiet in my younger days, when I desired or needed to be within my own quietness. The noisier or chaotic my environment became, the more I desired and needed to stay within this quietness, this is until I surrendered myself to the noise.

It has been said to me and a lot more people think this, that I am not truly spiritually aware because of my surrendering to the noise. I was once in a group of people who were quite spiritually aware, other people interacting on the forum within this group not so aware. I was asked why I interact in the way I did with the people on the forum who were not as aware. I simply answered that these people are no less worthy to interact with on their own terms than interacting with you on your own terms. The more aware this group desired to stay within the quietness they have found, this is instead of not desiring nor needing to be in any state, is still of the noise. To surrender to the noise as well as the quietness is the surrendering to all of what is, not just to what we desire or need.  

I wrote the following to a couple of people recently.                 

Taoist wisdom helps keep me balanced with the rest of life.

“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you.”

“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.”

Yes, I speak a lot for those who speak the loudest, to help quell their thoughts. I often speak a lot in quelling our thoughts of opposing life, this is to surrender to life. Yes, there may come a time that I will surrender to
the opposing side of life. Within this moment all will be seen as I have surrendered to all that is. A state of neutrality.


I was a member of quite a number of Google communities on G+, many of the opposing views to the other.

My own group is obviously going to be different to other groups that are not so much about honesty, but about serving the ego or the group itself for example. We are still very expressive of the tribe mentality obviously, where one tribe is different to the other tribe and it's this difference we focus primarily on still. This is instead of observing a difference but the difference still makes no difference, for all the tribes belong to the one tribe in the end anyway.

When tribes only focus or see the differences between these tribes, dishonesty will abound primarily because of bias. Of course there are groups more focused on honesty than dishonesty and visa-versa but in the end it is still one tribe. The problem with the tribes of dishonesty is they don't and won't see it this way, that we are really all one tribe no matter what our differences are.

So many people have the idea of enlightenment is to desire or have a need to be and stay within the quietness. Once sought, one must do everything to stay within this state. If you are unable to spiritually, not necessarily physically or mentally, stay within this state of enlightenment (quietness) when of the noise, the chaos, you are not enlightened nor of a true sense of love and light. The reason for this is simple, needs and desires are of the noise, not of the quietness, so if you desire or need to be in this quietness, you are not truly of a state of quietness or enlightenment.

You simply surrender yourself while sacrificing your needs and desires. Yes, your body and mind needs sustenance to survive, surrendering also means to surrender to your needs and even desires, in other words surrender yourself to the noise, however, one must also be of the quietness. Sounds stupid doesn't it, how can one be of one thing and of another? Simple, you surrender to your body needs and even desires, the noise, while spiritually surrendering to the quietness, a state of no desires or needs. A complete state of surrender and yes, this means to surrender to emotions like hate, this doesn't mean you become hateful though, I will explain.

I have hate groups from atheism to New Age spirituality who hate and/or despise me with a passion, I am way too honest and open in the way a number of isms and ideologies are being used and abused. I am simply not fond of abuse period, to me there is no sense to it, especially considering our present circumstances in the world. I embrace their hate and/or disdain, not because hate groups show how different I am to them, it is because I surrender myself to their hate. If they feel they need to hate me or have disdain for me, I surrender to these emotions, to do otherwise would be of their hate, of their noise. You see, you don't have to be of what you surrender to, just accept what you have surrendered to exists, no more, no less.          

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Living in the Quietness of Timelessness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is sort of going on from my last post titled Inspiring Confirmative Video as this lovely published video depicted quite a contrasting existence between being in time to being in timelessness. Allowing time to influence us without the awareness of timelessness has indeed given us the illusion that this is all we are however I don’t believe time itself is an illusion for the main reason nothing can be created in timelessness. There is no starting or ending point of creation so we wouldn’t be able to even experience illusions as illusions also need to be created.

So what are we talking about here in relation to illusions, what are illusions of time? Visualise consciousness within it’s totality, a rock for instance, now for example visualise human beings being a grain of sand within this colossal consciousness (rock). Every grain of sand within this consciousness (rock) is a minute part of consciousness within time because time fragments consciousness by breaking up the rock into individual pieces so each grain of rock/sand is able to experience it’s own consciousness. Time gives us the illusion that the rock is fragmented into individual parts but in timelessness it’s still a rock within it’s totality.

Spiritual awareness gives a more collective view of ourselves, we are now a larger part of consciousness/of the rock than we were before becoming spiritually aware & the more aware we become the bigger the grain of sand or portion of the rock/consciousness we become. It’s important here not to think of consciousness as being physical in form in anyway; we are after all just a vibrative mass. We are made up of a collective mass of vibrational frequencies that is all!! If we can perceive ourselves not being just this crude matter but an intertwined mass of vibrational frequencies understanding what is being portrayed here will be a lot easier.

As explained in older posts of mine, different vibrative frequencies are able to influence other vibrational frequencies like with cancer for instance. Cancer influences our own vibrative frequencies causing a disruption to our own frequencies. Each cancer has it’s own vibrative signature which of course is going to affect a different part of our body because each portion of our body is vibrating at a different frequency which gives it it’s form. This is a very good reason why we have always looked at vibrations to help us heal like with praying, chanting, herbs, meditating & even using musical instruments & now modern science is looking at vibrational frequencies in the healing process. In physical form we are always influenced by other vibrative frequencies around us no matter what, consciousness itself is no different when fragmented within time. By becoming spiritually aware we are forming together & influencing a greater mass of vibrative frequencies, we are becoming less individualised by fusing parts of the rock/consciousness back together again.

This is normally achieved through realising we are immortal first of all which means we are not just of time & of this fragmented rock/consciousness but of something immortal & of timelessness but most of all we are the collective consciousness itself within it’s totality.  Within this collective consciousness lies serine quietness mainly because there are no conflicting vibrational frequencies influencing each other to be something different to what they are for the main reason the rock is whole again within it’s totality even though the rock is built upon with different frequencies like our human body. The rock itself has no other rock/consciousness to influence or be influenced by thus pure serine quietness befalls upon the rock/the consciousness of man. This is pure unadulterated oneness brought on by living in the quietness of timelessness.   

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Time is of the Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

Anyone living in complete quietness within themselves isn’t going to find this post interesting as it’s focused on inscribing further awareness onto the mental physical self however anyone who isn’t aware or are unable to sit within one’s own quietens this post might be quite beneficial. Actually most of what I write about comes from this quietness, all I am doing is relaying it on. 

Time is of the ego, anything beyond the influence of time has no ego to contend with, how could it when we have no past or future for contention, this is inner sequential quietness within oneself? However people like myself don’t judge time being bad in anyway, it just is because it is & because we are all of light & enlightened if we can we will be expressive hopefully without judgment.  If we judge that too is accepted because we can, as enlightened beings, express such traits as we all obviously have otherwise we wouldn’t be here to begin with. So sit back & enjoy the ego of time in how expressive & creative it is without too much judgement if one can as too much judgment can be quite disruptive as we have seen throughout human history.  Awareness of such traits is vital if we want a more peaceful existence.  

The following is a reply from a person who queried me about my post titled Slowing Down Time, it’s funny how one thing can lead to another!!


Oh...very interesting topic.
There are many theories for this.

At every year end or on the first day of a new year, we see or hear people saying, oh how fast the last year went. You see 2013 year went faster than 2012. And we may here almost same expression by the end of 2014.

Why people pereive this fastness in time that elapsed recently?. There are many theories , but here you have presented Ego theory. It could not be explained on this or that basis.

We sense our time in relation to the pace of events occuring around us. When a city guy goes to his village , he perceives time running very slowly. And when a village guy comes to a city he perceives his time is too fast and he says "I could not explain how fast today went".
In city life we see everything moving faster buses, cars, trains and even people hurry in getting into their works. In villages we see bull carts, slowly walking animals etc. We actually relate these external things with our inner clock.
One good example is- our time during the exams. When we are about to enter into examination hall, and we left with few things to read or revise we see how faster that time goes. Even during such instances all of our collegues are busy in revising and reading beside us. So naturally we perceive that our time is running faster.
Another example, when we are sleeping in home, especially during the times of fever. I observed one thing. During such fever periods, the only communication we have most of the time is our ceiling fan. When the ceiling fan is slow, we perceive time as too long to go. We may feel bored of this sudden slow timing. Apart from that this painful fever episode makes us to feel one minute as many minutes.

One more example, during our jogging session in Gym. If we pre set our jogging time as 20 min, we see as we jog, the pain in calf muscles increases, and breathlesness increases, and at very peak, nearing to the end of 20 minutes, we really wait for early completion of 20 miinutes. In such situations we feel the time is running slow. Because our intolerance of excercise wants it faster to happen.
Overall, time is always the same. The situation, the need, the surroundings etc influence our feeling of time perception.

Thank you.

G'day virinchi sharma

It's an interesting subject that keeps coming up for me in recent times.

We must ask ourselves what is time? Like with everything else I believe it's consciousness so if consciousness can change why not time. We must now ask ourselves what is ego? Again like with everything else it is consciousness so what is this consciousness? Vibrational frequencies & because these frequencies in time seem separated one vibration can have an effect on another vibration so one kind of ego vibration can be affected by another vibration in time.  Most of these vibrations we have of time are ego based, actually everything of time is ego based I believe however if we go out of the influence of time we would most likely find the ego doesn’t exist.

A villager comes to the city, time seems to be going faster because what is around the villager? Ego upon ego & the more we have to focus on, it would seem, the faster time goes by. How much is there to focus on that is ego based in a village compared to a city. I came from the country myself, town life was hectic to me & my family & yes time did fly by.  

This is the interesting bit; in the country we seem to have a lot to focus on like the different trees, flowers, scenery, animals & so on but once we focus on our surroundings time goes by slowly still, isn’t this too of the ego? Yes but the vibrations in the country are a lot more consistent with each other plus each vibration, like & bird to a tree for instance, are vibrating a lot slower themselves where’s everything within a city has quite a different vibration to them I believe.  

Time going by quickly hasn’t just got to do with the ego itself over all but how fast or slow the ego is vibrating, it all comes down to how fast or slow a vibration is vibrating at to how fast or slow time goes by I believe.  

Further reference:

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Quietness- A Supposition of Uncontrollability

Written by Mathew Naismith

Believe it or not spirituality isn’t about more control but less mainly because control denotes a controlling ego which sort of makes no sense especially when we need control to just meditate.  At the human level we are controlling & seems like the only way we can obtain anything which is going to be beneficial to us & at the human level of understanding that is true however spirituality isn’t just about what is at the human level.  Once we fall within our own quietness we are no longer just at the human level of understanding so in this state of consciousness is everything uncontrollable because we are not controlling ourselves?     

This is an interesting question because I can neither say no or yes to this question for the main reason once you obtain true inner quietness within oneself control isn’t needed which also signifies that the ego is no longer needed or even exists or shouldn’t especially if we are within a true state of inner quietness.

Again this is funny, because at the human level of understanding we think if one isn’t in control they have to be not in control, out of control, but that is what our human conscious understanding is telling us, in other words the controlling ego wants us to think there has to be a yin to the yang.  Once we start to experience true inner quietness there is no yin & yang’s believe it or not & this is why so many people have trouble understanding most concepts of spirituality & inner sacred quietness.  For these people to understand these concepts they need to beware of the controlling factors of the ego that the ego is telling us there has to be a yin & yang because we need control like to succeed in our endeavours with meditating for example.  Having knowledge of meditating isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be!!  

Knowledge is a controlling factor of the ego as well, the more we know the more in control we feel & at the human level of understanding the more we are able to do however because it’s still all about control we are not within our own quietness & it’s within this quietness we will obtain true control even when it’s not controlling in nature.  Most of the times while in this quietness we are quite more accepting than in our human state of understanding  & the more accepting we become the more quietness will befall upon us & of course the less we will use human conscious understanding on its own.  How do we obtain quietness without some form of meditative state?  You don’t but the less controlling we are about mediating the more successful we will be mainly because we will have no expectations driven by a controlling ego, just let yourself drift without any thought of control even of your own breathe.  It is also important to realise meditation isn’t about control just like spirituality isn’t supposed to be about control, we don’t meditate to take control but to release it.

The reason I said we will obtain true control  is that is what it feels like in this quietness state but not exactly alike mainly because there’s no big deal, the only reason we feel we have more control is we are more accepting mainly because there being no yin & yang therefore no controlling ego. There is an ego present however because one can’t be aware of oneself being aware without an ego telling us so however it’s not a controlling ego.    

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Delusions of Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

Delusions: I was talking to a bloke recently about oneness, enlightenment & wisdom & we disagreed with each other on our own evaluations of such things. This bloke seemed to get upset after a while as he said a few things he really shouldn’t have said. This same bloke said he has had experiences of being of awareness itself. I know for sure that if anyone experienced such things they wouldn’t be lashing out at others in any way because this kind of experience is life changing in its totality.  A person who has experienced such occurrences would smile within themselves & say something wise using very few words. There is a huge difference to being of awareness to just feeling of being of awareness, was this delusional? We all go through delusional episodes while becoming spiritually aware that’s just part of it but we don’t like to egotistically acknowledge such occurrences.

There are spiritualists in India who do lash out at people physically but these people are spiritualists & live their lives totally in a spiritualistic reality not in a consumerist materialistic reality. Why do these spiritualists lash out? To become disconnected from their spiritualistic state of consciousness for a few moments as it’s pretty daunting being in a deep spiritual mode all the time for a human being. This is going to sound strange but if I had a choice I wouldn’t become spiritually aware, I would have liked to have stayed ignorant of such awareness but after experiencing even one enlightened experience it does change one’s life somewhat for good. Why do we become spiritually aware? In my case it was helping dilute the hardships I was going through at the time & it did work, a lot of people today are doing exactly the same thing, it’s helping to dilute the hardships & aggressiveness of the world but what is actually behind this attraction to spiritualism? Ego, we wish to better our lives instead of staying humble & accepting of what we are experiencing.  Here we are denouncing the ego on one hand but on the other hand we are using the ego to better ourselves in some way.   If we think we have dropped the ego we are deluding ourselves. To be a true spiritualist is to be humble & accepting in every way, completely egoless.    

Illusions: The concept in thinking this reality is just an illusion nothing more worries me, we started off with the concept of many Gods & Goddesses & then we got the true concept in my mind of oneness under one conscious source (God) but now we have the concept that everything we are experiencing is an illusion which represents separateness again, we have gone back to the concept of many & varied forms of God's & Goddesses but in a different way.

We have many realities thus many separate illusions but it is also said these illusions came from many minds not one mind as in one God. In this concept, each reality of illusions has been created by a separate creator (God) but there are many realities therefore many God's & Goddesses.

The reason we have taken on this concept of illusions is because we are still trying to find out who we are & where we come from, why do we have to be something & come from somewhere?  This is human logical thinking that everything has it's place, reason to be & a starting & ending point but why can't it just be? Everything we are experiencing has always existed because we are talking about the eternal which isn’t dictated to by time, the eternal is of no time & starting or ending point, God (one mind) just is.

The eternal God (source) isn’t of time therefore illusions don’t exist but neither do realities, wrong or right, starting point or ending point & so on so if they don’t exist what are we experiencing, it must be an illusion? The paradox is illusions don’t exist either, it just is but being logically minded people we can’t accept this. So thinking in logical form to find substance & reasoning is it one mind therefore one illusion so it’s still an illusion? No because everything is a part of that one mind & anything that one mind can think of exists. Where not talking about a mind of fantasies & uncontrollable emotions but a calm collective mind here, we tend to keep making the same mistake that everything has to think like us plus we are talking about a universal mind of no time. Time gives us illusions & realities, wrong & rights, starting point & ending point & so on which gives us diversity however, this is the paradox, because no time exists as well there was no starting point with the creation of time, it always existed as well. Yes this is saying illusions have always existed as well which leads us to the cruncher, when you have seemingly two opposites coexisting at the same time they cancel each other out so in fact neither illusion nor realities truly exist however in time they can because we separate them in realities of time.  As long as we only think in time instead of the eternal we will have separateness & illusions.

To get to a true spiritualist state of awareness in human form we need to just let it be within our own quietness, don’t try not to think just think in quietness & within this quietness you will be told what you need to know not know what you desire to know.  It just is!!