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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Existing Without Control

Written by Mathew Naismith

Indigo: How can we exist without some form of control? The answer is simple, observe children that are brought up in an environment void of the conditioning of control. In my case, the children I observed where what is known as indigo children, indigo children being of our more natural abilities void of egotism. When you take egotism out of our conditioning, you will notice our natural abilities will automatically came back, this is to me is what is known as indigo children.

In my observation of these children there was no control, especially between siblings and peers. Yes, parents of these children were seemingly controlling through their protection and teachings but this isn't control, it is however a natural cycle of protection and teachings very much like the rest of the animal kingdom.

In a herd situation, you seemingly have dominant male and female presence, to anyone brought up with controlling conditioning, this dominance is going to be naturally presumed as control when all it is, is an indication of protection and teachings. I think an indigo family unit is a very good indication of a conditioning that is actually void of actual control.

Natural Cycles: Now the difference between the rest of the animal kingdom and man is egotism which brings on an urge to take control, this is instead of existing by natural cycles. Any form of egotism wants to take control, it basically doesn't like being influenced by natural cycles, this is quite different in a true indigo family unit and the rest of the animal kingdom and this is another thing, our egos don't like being connected with the rest of it's natural environment either. This kind of mentality is sadly enough worsening, this is especially apparent in the way we are destroying the rest of the animal kingdom and the environment as a whole, if it can't be used to our advantage, we destroy it, if it can, we destroy it through controlling it to serve our egotism.

What I am saying here is, any form of control indicates egotism, not just the  ego, however, it's important not to confuse this control with our natural abilities of protecting, teaching and nurturing, one is of ego, the other of egotism. This also includes protecting, teaching and nurturing ourselves, I think it's important to understand this.

When we learn from others to better protect, teach and nurture ourselves, we are actually going with the flow of our natural cycles, this however changes if the protection, teachings and nurturing are more about control. In other words, when the protection, teachings and nurturing are more based on egotism than ego, this is a good indication of a conditioning purely based on control.

A Controlling Substance: In actuality, the less control we express, the more harmonious will be the reality we create. In the animal kingdom, when an animal isn't being hunted or hunting or influenced by other natural stressful occurrences, they exist in pure bliss, however, a human being conditioned by control, can never exist in this kind of pure bliss, why? Because the ego has a never ending thirst or desire for more and more, the more it desires, the more it destroys and controls.

Feeding our egotism through control, will only create a very fleeting transitory bliss, mainly because anything usually created through control, is in rejection or opposition to the natural cycles we exist in. One thing to consider here though, it's also natural for egotism to reject an existence controlled by natural cycles, this kind of existence however will create quite a chaotic existence as you could imagine. Any other force in oppositions to these natural cycles, will naturally and automatically create realities of chaos.

But we don't desire this kind of reality, so what do we do, we still use control to create a better existence, it's however quite obvious this isn't working because we are still using the very same thing that created the chaotic reality we are trying to change, control. This was going to naturally occur because we are conditioned from birth to control and be controlled.

It's strange to think that the people who desire to change this reality into something more constructive, haven't learnt from their environment, it's control that has caused us to create a chaotic environment in the first place, you can't use the same thing that created a chaotic reality to create a more harmonious reality. We might think here it's all to do with the way we use control, the thing with control is it has nothing to do with protecting, teaching and nurturing, yes, the ego will tell us otherwise but our environment, when observed void of controlling conditioning, tells us something quite different, usually the truth that the ego doesn't like and will most likely refute.  

Now we might also think the weather, like the animal kingdom, is all about control and controlling us but it's not. The weather is all about a natural cycle, this is until man influences this cycle through his controlling conditioning that is. Yes, the weather is influential but it's not influentially controlling, the weather isn't trying to influence us for it's own means, it's just going through it's natural cycles without any intentions. This is another big difference between man's controlling conditioning and the rest of creation, no other part of existence exists purely based on intentions. I think it's worth being aware, even when we have intentions to create a better existence, we are still trying to control a chaotic existence to suite our own desires.

I look at control as a controlling substance like alcohol, illicit drugs or smoking, they are all based on control, the funny thing is, we haven't got control, the substance we are feeding our desires with has. In our case, it's egotism that has got control as soon as we use control to control ourselves and the rest of our environment.

Yes, I look at control as a intoxicating substance because it's just as highly intoxicating as alcohol, illicit drugs or smoking, especially when used excessively, which is usually brought about by our reaction to something in life. Basically, as we use alcohol, illicit drugs or smoking in reaction, we also use control in the same way and  the more we react, the more intoxicated and  drug-addicted we become to control, it of course makes us feel so good!! It's really advisable to stay well and truly clear of control to create a more harmonious reality in my mind, just go with the natural flow and forget about what egotism is trying to sucker you into is my advise but as usual, I could be quite incorrect here.

If our controlling conditioning instantly disappeared, this reality would turn into a reality quite unimaginable to a lot of people, it would feel like pure bliss. This reality for some people already exists, it's not a fallacy or wishful thinking, it's a reality based not on more control but less control. You take away our controlling conditioning, you take away the chaos in our lives, it's as simple as that.